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gets a warm welcome from the german chancellor during his 1st visit here since taking office he doesn't get what he came for a promise to reopen breaks in negotiations but he does get a task find a better solution in 30 days i'm sorry so much content berlin and this is the day. i. i. sat in the u.k. wind the deal we can all accept. the current. agreement so we do need that backstop removed. as it doesn't look at it is the expression of an unsolved problem we can do the shopping done because that is the phrase i want to come to you might also be able to solve it in the next 30 days so why not believe
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me and you should have very little blistering 200 letters that's the 30 day supply understood you are greatly on my mood happy with that. also coming up on the day no deal no denmark the u.s. president cancels his state visit after the prime minister called his offer to buy greenland absurd she says it's a question of respect. you're not talking to me you don't get to the united states of america you know dr the united states that way at least on the day they can read the united states with a statement how would your. a warm welcome to all of our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and across the world tonight we start with the next chapter in the brags that saga british prime minister boris johnson came to berlin looking to woo chancellor angela merkel to reopen rights in negotiations johnson said he does
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think there is room to still find an agreement that suits both sides the german chancellor said the e.u. is open to suggestions on how to solve the big sticking point how to avoid a hard border on the irish island and she hopes a solution can be found in 30 days here's a taste of their joint press conference the back story to that particular arrangement which i do think has grave grave defects for a democratic country so every democratic country i like the u.k. that plainly has to go but once we get rid of it if we can change it then i think there is the real prospect of making progress very rapidly indeed some backstop has always been only last resorts if we don't need this last resort i don't know if we're saying we might find that agreement in the next 2 years but i'm sure we'll find it in the next 30 days why shouldn't we own that would take a big step forward and. chief political editor has been following the breadth of
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talks and sent us her take on merkel's apparent 30 day deadline. well to me it actually seemed like a spontaneous comment by the german chancellor and she clearly has also been in the past with comments we've seen in the past also her annual press conference where she did make that comment that that issue should simply be resolved in the backstop is off the table so she believes that the solution can be found to the issue of avoiding a hard border and to me it sounded like she spontaneously meant to mentioned a 30 day period that is something boris johnson described as a blistering timetable but the question is of course well why not if there is common ground the 2 leaders now have a de facto deadline that we will all be watching very carefully to work with we will be of course be reassessing how far they've come in finding some kind of common ground. let's get more on this now with alex forrest whiting did abuse greg
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that analyst is with us here in our studio hi alex what do you make of marco's apparent a 30 day deadline well i agree with mikhail of that that it does it did team runs or throw away comments but it is clear that machall had said similar things in the past including this week where she talked about practical solutions being found to replace that so-called backstop the problem is 3 years on and the have been no alternative arrangements as as they're called by the likes of boris johnson there is nothing that can ensure that there is no harm in ireland and something that can protect the peace process and on and both of which are very important so macko here perhaps rather cleverly throwing it back to boris johnson and saying look i'm open to anything we all are you it's your job to come up with the solutions to this and how about you do it say in 30 days so the ball is in his court now did we hear any
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indication form or strength of what a possible alternative to the backstop could be it has been asked this on many occasions before he became prime minister and since becoming prime minister and again today he was very vague he was talking about that being technology lots of ideas he referred to a report done by one of his ministers but we actually didn't hear anything that was concrete he did. agree with angela merkel that it should be the british to come up with some kind of solution and actually laying the blame at his predecessor to reason may's feet for not pushing for these alternative plans being put in place to prevent this stop being such a problem in trying to secure a brics it deal but we should say this was boris johnson's 1st trip to germany as prime minister and he is a very different character than his predecessor theresa may let's take a look at a clip from earlier. we in the u.k.
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want a deal we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do this up and us i think is the is the phrase but clearly. clearly we cannot we cannot accept. because we agree. ok we should explain that laughter to our viewers he was using a phrase that marco had originally used in 2015 and thus we can do it that she said referring to the refugee crisis it is a very loaded phrase here in germany because she's got a lot of criticism for it so if that was meant to be a joke it maybe didn't go down as well as boris johnson had hoped but merkel is certainly we should say here in the e.u. the good cops of course johnson has met the good cop here today he is now heading to france will he meet the bad cop in home well that certainly is the part that
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home has been playing over the past few months remember the u.k. was supposed to have left the e.u. in march that was then delayed until april now been delayed until the end of october and knock on has been the person particular last time around who really question whether there should be an extension and just within an hour all of that meeting that press conference between boris johnson angle americal he was saying that the withdrawal agreement should not be reopened that was the deal that was agreed with boris johnson's previous us and the e.u. should not be reopened that is what stands that on no alternatives to the obvious backstop he's talking about if there was a no deal breaks it will be of britain's own making and that whatever happened deal or no deal the u.k. would still have to pay for this divorce which is billions of pounds and there is not that much time left we're talking about october 31st how do things look now how likely is a no deal breaker that looking at this point well i still think it is highly likely
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that there will be a new deal breaks it putting aside what's going on between the e.u. and the u.k. that's just look at the domestic front boris johnson has a majority of just one so he has a tiny tiny majority of the alternatives those people who are trying to prevent a new deal brics it unites. there's talk of a no confidence vote in him by the labor leader jeremy corbyn he's talking about setting up a unity government which would then head into an election the problem is he's seen as a divisive figure many other m.p.'s from different parties wouldn't support that wouldn't support him let's talk about m.p.'s try to get hold of legislation and put down amendments talk of trying to seize the time table in the house of commons to prevent a new deal breck's it but actually downing street knows what's going on they're trying to stop that from happening and whether even those m.p.'s can get the numbers i think at the moment looks highly unlikely so it does to me like
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a no deal bricks it which obviously will be devastating for the british economy but also her economies such as the german economy the french economy and all this the not to such an extent so you can see why people including angela merkel are trying to prevent this from happening all right our break that analyst alex force weighed in with us thank you alex. well the issue of the irish border has been one of the biggest headaches and brags of negotiations essentially it is an assurance policy to avoid a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and ireland but it would involve northern ireland remaining in the e.u. customs union the fear is that a hard border on the island of ireland would reignite the decades of conflict known as the troubles. reports from northern ireland's capital. one of the most popular activities these days for visitors to belfast is
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a troubles 2 or $137.00 people hospitalized there were injuries there were people loss of limbs that were guides like paul donnelly navigate what's called a history of terror but many fear history could be repeated deadly clashes between protestant supporters of british rule and catholics wanting to unite with the republic of ireland were largely ended 2 decades ago by a power sharing deal known as the good friday agreement but now the looming prospect of a new deal breck's it could mean the return of checkpoints along the irish border and that has people like donnelly warning that former anti british guerrillas known as dissident republicans might have bandon the peace process but the end of a hard border gives the public comes a contemporary justification for their violence you know it's not just ideological it sank in the abstract anymore look at those camps along the border this is
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deferential and what they see is this part of them from the rest of it that their. worries over a hard border and the loss of other rights are compelling even some former pro british loyalists to consider the once unthinkable uniting northern ireland and the republic of ireland the good friday agreement means northern ireland can take a vote on doing just that belfast new lord mayor johnson who can wants to make sure citizens are well educated about their options while hoping go back unification his party should faine openly lobbies for that it's a cause that colored his life he was just 9 years old when he saw his father a prominent republican human rights lawyer shot dead by prove british paramilitaries despite getting death threats himself as he took office in may and you can believe the time is right to move forward. no deeper exit doesn't automatically mean that unification will happen but what i do think is that it
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means that the conversation hostile because the conversation has already started not just from people within the north but people all over the island of ireland and certainly within europe as well. 50 years after the bloodiest period in northern ireland's history a time when moralize by so many walls and gates around this city no one i spoke with believes that addressing the question of a united ireland now when they leave the country back into that kind of sectarian conflict at the same time no one is completely confident it won't. billy hutchinson city council member from the progressive unionist party served 16 years in prison for 2 sectarian murders hutchinson says he's rejected violence but he's worried others haven't what i'm concerned about is that people will try to use a result from breakfast. or from the border post as an excuse to start another war . at queen's university belfast professor colin harvey says people are anxious
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about the possible impact of unification but also frustrated britain the british government has behaved recklessly and in response to play in relation to this region for some time people look at what's happened in britain. and it's been honestly balik altered disastrous mess that the british system sees are falling apart and i think there's a real feeling on this island that we need to maturely and sensibly manage and plan a conversation whatever the outcome you know find the sort of agreed way forward recent surveys suggest most people in northern ireland prefer to stay part of britain for now but those who want to united ireland say they are in no hurry expecting a chaotic to help their case. now to a fresh controversy over immigration in the us the. but ministration has unveiled new rules that make it possible for authorities to hold of migrant families
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indefinitely while their asylum cases are being considered now the real price of migrants who cross the border illegally and it replaces a previous court agreement that put a limit on how long immigration authorities could detain migrant children but trumpet ministration has been pushing to lift that limit saying it encourages families to bring their children across the border and release them in the u.s. it's expected that the new regulation will face a court challenge immediately and this is what the acting department of homeland security secretary had to say about the new rule by eliminating the incentive to make the journey of the united states as a family the new rule reduce the young president volume of family units that history in the already limited resources of our department components and put children throughout the region at risk no child should be a pawn in a scheme to manipulate our immigration system which is why the new rule eliminates the incentive to exploit children as a free ticket where as one gentleman in one of mom told me a passport for migration to united states ok we can speak to
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a lower of booker chief she is an attorney and the director of the immigrants rights clinic at columbia law school in new york she's been visiting micro detention centers at the border for several years laura thank you for joining us on our program talk to us about this new regulation replaces a former agreement that limited how long families could be detained explain to us what changes here. so none of the changes have taken place yet the florist settlement agreement from 1997 remains in effect today acting secretary mclean and held a press conference saying that the department of homeland security claims to issue final florez regulations by the end of this week we expect that those regulations will come down on friday those regulations we haven't seen them yet so we don't know what they say but last september the administration issued proposed regulations that gut the floor a settlement agreement that purport to gut the floor
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a settlement agreement the floor a settlement agreement includes 3 main components 1st it prioritises the release of immigrant children from custody the proposed regulations undermine the and would provide for the indefinite detention of children 2nd the florist settlement agreement provides for basic minimum standards of care for children in federal immigration custody and requires that the facilities in which children are detained meet state licensing requirements the draft proposed regulations do not include those requirements and 3rd the 1907 flora's agreement provides for monitoring provision so independent monitors like me and my colleagues can go into federal immigration detention centers where children are being held and ensure that they are being held in compliance with basic human dignity and the proposed regulations that were published in september do not include any provisions for independent
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monitoring as you're saying a lawyer of course nothing has come into effect yet and we've also said that we are expecting a court challenge immediately if it were to be introduced but the truck administration is saying here is that the previous laws the florists agreement encourage migrant families to bring their kids to the us and release them in the country while they're asylum cases were being processed is that true was that happening. the evidence suggests that it is not a cause and effect the administration is calling the floor a settlement agreement a pull factor that's bringing migrants to the us empirical data refutes that notion the last administration the obama administration tried to detain families indefinitely refugee families indefinitely for the purpose of deterring future refugee families from coming to the united states and seeking asylum are federal courts held that detention for deterrence purposes is impermeable in
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our system of laws and in perkel studies that were conducted showed that the indefinite detention of families during the obama years did not in fact result in dramatic drops or drops in the number of families crossing the border we mention the lore that you have spent years visiting detention centers at the border and you've detailed in speaking to media squalid conditions at some of these centers and this new regulation would apparently establish standards for conditions do you see that as an improvement as to what's there now. well as i mentioned we haven't seen the final regulations so it's hard to say what those regulations might have in them but what we did see in the proposed regulations from september is no mechanism for independent oversight in these facilities the department wants the
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american public to trust that it can self certify these detention centers as safe for children to be held in for weeks and months on end and this isn't the ministration and an agency that has proved that it is incapable of providing appropriate care to vulnerable children regular mukherjea director of the immigrants rights clinic at columbia university's school of law thank you so much for joining us on our program thank you for having me. it is with of requests surprise but i received the news that their president from his travel his state visit to denmark on the 2nd and 3rd of september at discussion . however been british about a potential sale of greenland this has clearly been rejected by
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computers in a position that i share of course. that was danish prime minister metaphysic since responding to u.s. president donald trump's abrupt cancellation of a state visit to denmark she said the invitation remains open and the danish u.s. relationship remains strong but it's clearly being tested by trump's apparent obsession with buying the danish territory of greenland as we heard there the leaders of denmark and greenland have repeatedly said the island is not for sale and called the proposal absurd for the u.s. president that was taking things a step too far. i thought it was a very not nice way of saying something big good it don't mean no this is something that's been discussed for many years harry truman had the idea of greenland i had the idea the people who had the idea all they had to do was say no we'd rather not do that or we'd rather not talk about it don't say what is absurd idea that is.
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this whole episode over trump's apparent burning desire to buy greenland has amused people the world over in denmark add some indignation into the mix. i heard it was because he couldn't buy cream and so if he starts to put. i think it's good that he's not coming and do scans rude i mean i really mean that that you can you can't do that to me it sounds like he cancelled because his feelings were hurt we don't remain and use assures that these things yes you can buy another country he just got comics and said oh well i'm sick and can't stick his yeah i don't know what i'm doing they're already present in so many other ways so i don't know why he wants to omit all that we're going to bring in this for the green and people. and nobody is. all right that was the reaction from denmark let's get the view from the u.s. state of us public fully ileus joins us from washington hi pub low what has the reaction
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been there in the states. well there has been a certain level of incredulity. you can imagine but also there has been a lot of criticism geared towards president donald trump in fact the former u.s. ambassador to denmark rufus gifford under the obama administration said that he thinks it was signed because it's just not the way you treat an ally he went on to say. he had the great responsibility of going to the danish government i'm requesting troops to go to iraq to syria and they went and they fought alongside our troops and they died alongside our troops and he was referring of course to denmark joining the anti isis coalition back on the obama administration so many here have said that it was a grave it was an error on president trump to say what he said and to cancel the
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trip to denmark considering that denmark is a close ally of the united states now it was quite interesting to see actually what the current u.s. ambassador karl a son said she said that the president of the united states values and respects denmark and looks forward to a visit in the future to discuss the many important issues in our strong bilateral relationship now also in the news conference the president well on the lawn of the white house earlier he mentioned putin and he said russia should be brought back in to rejoin the g. 8 which of course many critics have said you know instead of sort of having a good relationship with our allies he's focusing perhaps on on countries which would not exactly be the united states a traditional allies publisher think this is coming at a difficult time for the president politically and we have heard the allegation before the trump uses issues like these to distract from other troubles so is that
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what's happening here. well sumi if you'd seen the at the news conference earlier on the questions towards donald trump certainly were not pleasant for him at times he became a little bit agitated at times particularly when it came to gun control you know he he wasn't very clear exactly on what he plans to do there there were reports here in the media that in fact he had made a promise to the n.r.a. that he would not push for congress to pass stricter gun controls something which he sort of failed to he said that that wasn't true he focused on mental health issues instead and didn't really give a very straight answer on the topic there's also talk as well that the economy isn't doing as well as as many arabs don't trumpet i'd hoped and believes perhaps. the tire of them are now in place a with china having
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a negative impact on the united states he once again said that that isn't true and he said that the economy is strong but there is a feeling of there's a jittery feeling here in the united states with regards to the economy so certainly feeling at the heat on several fronts at the moment all right our washington correspondent public fully only yes thank you very much. that is it for the day but as always the conversation continues online and you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or at some ugly ass and don't forget to use our hash tag the day i'm soon is almost gone but thank you for watching and for making us a part of your day. 10000
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years of human history will soon disappear underwater. john haasan case in southeastern turkey was on a huge reservoir behind a new hydroelectric dam what will happen to the local residents are going to become ocean regions unique cultural heritage. sunshine waiting from the slums.
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i'm not going to think out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes the question that is think the future of this country that i know not time. yet. music scene from taking his grandmother down to eat it's all that ok. i'm rachel joins me from egypt from v.w. post. how does time change to. the w correspondent susan her. close to millie mood. for the various flavors of the exotic i am
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a challenge for you all very even and there are really. good fusion and fun. from street food to 5 star restaurant tasty taipei start september 1st on d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm liable lola thanks for joining us a political earthquake is looming in east germany state elections will be held in brandenburg and saxony and the right wing parties there are set to make huge gains whole suggest they might even come out on top well party leaders of the far right a.f.p. or alternative for germany's.


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