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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2019 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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security question mark in isolation. to not have to keep so much money john and i think people have to be a solution my name is a mechanic and i work at g.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm liable lola thanks for joining us a political earthquake is looming in east germany state elections will be held in brandenburg and saxony and the right wing parties there are set to make huge gains poll suggests they might even come out on top well party leaders of the far right a.f.d. or alternative for germany are drumming up support with nationalists and antique
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refugee rhetoric those who oppose their policies are determined to stop their rise . so what is fueling this shift to the right well since the country's reunification and many people in germany feel they are treated as 2nd class citizens young people are also leaving to seek opportunities elsewhere and the region of lucy brandenburg is about to be dealt another blow the mine which is one of the region's biggest employers is slated to close for many voting for the anti establishment will give them a platform to be heard. many people in brandenburg sluice a shia region depend on the coal mining industry for their livelihoods but they're worried because germany has decided to phase out coal fired power plants germany's far right party is tapping into this fear. local a.f.d.
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candidate stephan could get ski who currently works in a power plant himself says other parties have no plans for one coal mining is history. and it's me what kind of a crane doing it or what sort was it again. works as a technician in the local coal power plant. lately he's been concentrating on a political career. he's hoping to win a seat in the upcoming brandenburg state elections. they kicked him out 10 years ago i would never have dreamt of going into politics and being involved in such things so i could have chosen to spend my time fishing or walking the dog or going to lead an easy life. and being a member of the f.t. that makes things difficult because people are hostile towards the pardon you're frightened of. but it's the a.f.d.
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that's known for inciting hostility on this stage is campaigning for the f.t. in a small rural constituency the turnout is much higher than expected. a f.t. politician quite frequently oh and party co-leader alexander garland are in attendance they know just what people want to hear. different our own culture is vanishing in public life every day that will science make us feel homeland is disappearing refugee show does open up next door we see women in veils and more emotion. and hardly anyone speaks german on public transport anymore that's why germany's fate lies in the hands of a.m.d. voters. mad and i'm a damaged ladies and gentlemen if the f.t. gets into power we will resume control of our borders. most difficult it also knows how to win over locals. boss is the
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funniest question i was asked was what i think of climate activist predatory bag i was outraged and then i simply said i drive a 5.5 liter v 8 with 388 horsepower so can we just skip this question. thank you thank you a f the politicians from berlin together with stephan could have a strong influence on these voters. by a good bit fuses are pretty talks like an ordinary guy. there as have their own parliamentary way of speaking. but convinced he talks like a normal guy who works in a power plant and people like that but. many people in brandenburg appreciate the party's rhetoric after the collapse of communist east germany many people moved to the west those who did not have felt at a loss but now the a.f.p. has entered the political landscape it denies climate change stokes xenophobic
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sentiments and has been linked to me a nazi yet despite all of this the a.f.p. is projected to win the brandenburg state elections. few people here are willing to comment openly on the a.f.d. success. story was that depends on what they want to achieve that's not clear yet so i guess we'll only find out once they're in power or when they have influence but then it's normally too late. despite these misgivings the party is expected to win over voters from all the other parties except for the greens who even score points on the issue of climate change in the coal mining region party member schmidt can only guess at why the a.f.p. is so strong and brandenburg. doing ok really and that's why they're prepared to take this my political gamble. unemployment isn't just 3 percent here national oh gosh that's it suddenly people are turning to be going
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a bit mad or taking risks but some of the rules are in prison for what to order. for us. because there is a danger that should the a.f.d. win the election its extremist faction could gain control but that doesn't orange deafen kubicki. i could leave at the drop of a hat if the party develops in any negative direction but i doubt this will happen exactly what it all weakness. polls suggest that the f.t. is not only set to make major gains in the upcoming elections in brandenburg but also in the state of trickling in and saxony as well as hand of has santé even turkey is more than 10000 years old but is now at risk of being submerged under water not by the climate crisis but by a planned project the turkish government wants to flood the historic town to build a down that will generate electricity for the country's east and that means people like him are are being driven out of their homes and one of the world's oldest
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inhabitant settlements. a brand new bungalow development is a rare sight in economically challenged southeastern turkey. a man and his mother are moving into one of these houses soon but they aren't looking forward to it they have to move because a new dam is being built and their old home in has some cave valley is going to disappear. the locals will have to relocate to new house and cave which is higher up. what's the use of a new town if the cost is the destruction of history and culture because of my absolute of course. we've become homeowners here but at the same time we've lost our rights. when one. has sent on the tigris river is located in an area with some of humankind's oldest settlements the valley
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has been inhabited since the 3rd century the assyrians romans and still jews all left their mark historically significant mosques and tombs have been moved to an archaeological park. so far has been case $3000.00 inhabitants have made a living from tourism you did a man offers guided tours and sells bush shores but he says once the valley is flooded he'll be out of a job and there's no work for him in a new house and cave. even before moving in we had to pay 5000 euros for repairs of the house at the same time tourist numbers are already declining there used to be 20 people selling brochures you know there's just 6 left. environmentalists and archaeologists the world over have spoken out in a bid to save hassan cave and european finance or is withdrew from the dam project to no avail. the police forcefully crushes local protests
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like this year in july. after that. the locals know that hasn't cave cannot be saved but what does the future hold for them politicians promise all will be well once the project is completed good bushman you know this will be europe's largest reservoir with new towns along its 170 kilometers and like this side and they will be fishing and boat tours to get the you know. the tourists don't seem too keen on returning to his son caves to go fishing in a reservoir. i think that this is what heritage is so watered car charger until now electricity is who are to do it all in and destroy the water at that. restaurant owner bulent masset and doubts that tourists will keep coming instead of the cooling tigris river bank his new shop is supposed to be
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here in new house and cave but so far there is neither electricity nor water and that's not dylan's only concern. what are you the jazz. for the more she does she was so good as you can hear will start from scratch again. wait and see if anyone comes. and then we'll make our final decision yes. chiton hear that a man would love to continue showing the local limestone caves to visitors the oldest ones are said to be 3000 years old and served as tombs. later they were inhabited even up until the 1970 s. but only a few caves will remain above the water level. children wonders why this hasn't led to more global outrage. but no scientific in that this doesn't belong to the people of hudson cave to the us or
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turkey or thought me to the iranian song we can go for it belongs to all people after all this is the cradle of humanity a lot of area. but for now it's a new housing development instead of limestone caves for chatting here getting there he's brought to saplings from the valley and planted them in front of his new house. it might well be all he'll have left from his old home town once his son caves disappears forever nowhere is the climate crisis more evident than in small bard norway it's heating faster than anywhere on the planet well that's according to a report by the country's environment agency and as the arctic ice melts travel agencies are offering tourists one last clint's of the winter wonderland but the cruise ships they come in on are only exacerbating the problem.
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another cruise ship arrives at midday. and the tourists come pouring in to long as valid by archipelagos largest settlement they come looking for a little adventure for their photo albums and souvenirs from the arctic. but local resident and editor in chief of the local paper hilda her speak is anything but happy to see so many tourists they can be a nuisance. people get annoyed when they come up to the houses and look into the window through the windows are used to take pictures too close or don't like the feeling of being curiosities in their own city we live there. still the locals are willing to put up with quite a lot from the solvent tourists arctic holidays are a business prospect for the future there is room for growth but not necessarily in
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the summer season so we try to spread it throughout the air and also to make the vessels especially the christmas will stay longer when they come. along you know a boon has had to reinvent itself it was built on coalmining but those days are almost over. and the people sense climate change is a threat here there is more rainfall and less snow the ground soaks up the rain like a sponge and eventually the steep slopes give way. houses once stood here at the edge of town in 2015 they were buried in an avalanche 2 people lost their lives. now there are plans to move the little cemetery west along you know boone the most recent landslide in june 28th just barely missed it. the church has to be really sounded the foundation has to be made so of course the real sense of insecurity is
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we don't know what it's going to look like to live here. in some year. and i suppose the uncertainty is what makes it really difficult. christiane and her family used to live right by the water's edge but they had to move to fjord hardly carries any ice anymore in the winter so the wind drives the waves against the sure. that children learn from on the field hasn't been frozen over for some time we used to be able to drive across it on the snowmobile but not anymore you can see how radically the glaciers have retreated. cristiana who is concerned about the future. their concerns are shared by a group of international researchers on an excursion to the barren wilderness of the dixon fjord 60 kilometers north of long. he expects the species. to form a condition have
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a higher chance of establish and fared better so i think those that are really suffering will be those really high arctic specialists. the entire new lead to go now. scientists are unable to predict exactly how rapidly climate change will affect the arctic sensitive ecosystem but the winter wonderland that was supposed to attract numerous tourists to smaller in the future could gradually be disappearing. about johansson is also worried he needs paying guests. he makes beer for pubs and hotels in the world's northernmost brewery he thinks the climate crisis debate. as exaggerated he says in the end they always find a way. it's 90 percent yes
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yeah right near the end that kind of story is still good for us to talk to hopeful that. they are surviving. survivors human he's right here morse chuckle. or. forget the truth yes. but what will look like then and how will life in the archipelago change. builders who speak thinks new opportunities will open for a long yahoo and in the future. also they said this is a small city there where you get to experience mental things very easily it's a small area at think so is it 2 to 5 there are lots of possibilities to. this it that. cruise ship sets out to see again the tourists take their impressions of with them
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and the locals are left to wonder about the best path out of the past into the future and what new challenges lie ahead. 30 years ago the iron curtain fell in europe and the cold war between the and the west ended so what is life been like for people in the former communist countries since then the last part of our series takes us to romania where the ways of peaceful revolutions in 1909 took a violent turn hopes were high when the regime of dictator ceausescu was brought down down lonny it was part of that uprising but now he feels let down by the lack of progress. when the revolution broke out in december
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$989.00 down voiding out was in the thick of it at this barracks in toggle vish to romania's hated dictator nicolae ceausescu and his wife elin out were on trial. a young prosecutor at the time cross-examined the couple. the couple of the couple which osha's cheska was a dictator if you consider all the atrocities he committed but i'd say only one charge was possible for the crimes against humanity. and there's only one punishment for that you hope for the 1st record for a minute to. the church's coups were executed immediately after the trial they had no chance to appeal which had little to do with the rule of law but after the short trial broadcast live the shooting in the streets stopped the death toll had already reached 1000. prosecutor down boy insists his summary
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execution was justified. he points out the bullet holes where the ceausescu's were shot against the wall. but 30 years on he's still waiting for a truly fresh start for romania. janetta. it's time for the new generation to follow their feelings and begin to build the rule of law that young people back then gave their lives for their pick at it sure but a ship a threat a source of pure sacrifical to marry the style of. today's ruling party the so-called social democrats have repeatedly countered demonstrations for the constitutional state with violent suppression in august 2800 protests turned into bloody clashes. since then took arrests victoria square has been the scene of continuing protests this time actors theater workers and artists have gathered to demonstrate after the government drastically cut funding for the arts. among them are actor young cademy
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true and his son under a young manages the bucharest national theatre his son is a businessman and politician for a new opposition party. young kid i meet who is known in romania not only as an actor he was one of the rebels who announced the victory of the revolution on television in december 989 spotted by. a matter was today he's disillusioned saying the revolution has been robbed of its objectives sentimental to me. it really discussed me to see how today's policy makers change the laws it will we've got have a little while to look at it. those in charge are really doing whatever they can to escape justice and keep the money they've stolen or what have you guys use these shuffle and it's a lesson will be the cisco that's not what we fought for a lot then plus i just wish we could finally live in
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a clean decent country as it was at that event will try to get out of the role. and today gives us an example of what his father. means there's a lack of infrastructure romania has fewer highways than any other european country the e.u. funding for their development often vanished into people's pockets and i says this is just one example among many. north 95 percent of the money went to the ruling party supporters because the man and company is close to the party under party representatives the money was basically stolen. the correct back in bucharest young cademy through not only manages the national theatre but also appears on stage he'll be forced to dismiss 52 of his staff in coming weeks if the government has its way he says this kind of despotism is reminiscent of the dictatorship era. the current situation is nothing new. she says the
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ruthless perpetuation of the old communist habits. good will always danville any often visits the cemetery where the revolution's victims are buried most were under 30 students and workers even teenagers many of the perpetrators have yet to be identified for the local politician. or to this day for all these young people who were murdered in december 1909 there is still no justice. the wounds left by romania's communist era and the bloody revolution that ended it 30 years ago are still gaping wide. our last story could be a scene from a thriller around a century ago poachers smuggled 2 ibex is that belong to the italian into switzerland it was a crime that had major repercussions in fact it save the animals from the brink of
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extinction well the alpine ibex has since made a comeback in the european alps thanks to that illegal operation today as the animal scale near vertical terrain patrol is tasked with tracking them through the mountains. rather. definitely hard to spot even with binoculars. there they are. 123. ibex the kings of the alps. today he they are to be counted biologist and he is presenting an gamekeeper for peace marathon are closely observing every ibex in the swiss count on a free people walk over you what we try to catch a glimpse to at the top right below the snow female ibex can be seen with a young. moving on they keep the ibex observers on their toes.
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today they can't lose track of them. and so they followed. once a year gamekeeper throughout switzerland set off to count their ibex once they were extinct here but resettlement efforts were a success. early as present he spots the next group. but the animals have long noticed as to why they keep us at a distance. counting ibex especial as gamekeeper mounted on explains who i got for in the well they were a gamekeeper it's a pleasure having i because in your territory was a common man and you know the really exceptionally noble animals. and he is presenting records that are age one plants of the horn is enough even from a distance. so said it it looks up with the horn grows faster in summer and hardly at all in winter if you want to such bumps mean one year old bulls but until.
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then we spot the 1st male ibex though it quickly leaves the area under observation . it's quickly registered and then married then informs his colleague on the other side of the mountain that a young male is crossing the mountain ridge and that he's not supposed to count it . but say lock it so you've got 2 gold. higher and higher they go the rock face on the other side is one of their favorite spots they have counted 30 ibex in their area alone about the same number as last year. and they'll be keeping a close eye on the kings of the alps until the next count. and remove her. the latest count puts their population at around 17000 in this with mountains thank you for watching focus on europe if you have any thoughts or questions about our show do get in touch with me on twitter by for now.
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the i. cut. the a.
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some alms to comfort zones. the most of germany's foreign intelligence agency the b. and d. . from former nazi storm from the most germany's foremost honest to god nothing knew how to sell weapons and broken any laws to bring in. someone to germany secret service done by. to be in the final. game 75 minutes on d w. above response rising fight for some of
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the money above when there's a flood the water comes up to your waist close fast to everyone but. the lack of water is an equally dangerous. you get people not self so they can plant crops and fine tuning it. floods it. droughts with climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could look right any apocalyptic scenario if you want and probably most of the. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . i'm not thinking of the jet i just sometimes i am but i said nothing when the germans thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes clad in here think this loser country that i not. yet need it seems ridiculous drama they are to me it's all that they know
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i'm a joke join me to meet the german sunday w. . post to know that 77 percent. are younger than 60. that's me into me and. you know what it's time low voice is part. of the 77 percent speech obama beat. this is where you cut. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. cuts.
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cuts. load. play. this is d. w. news live from berlin a note of optimism but also a challenge on bret's or from the german chancellor after meeting with the british prime minister boris johnson problematical says a deal could still be done within 30 days but only if britain comes up with alternatives for dealing with the irish border town likely is that also coming up. a record number of fires are burning in the amazon rain forest in brazil the country's right wing president tired also naro accuses environmental high.


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