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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2019 7:45pm-8:00pm CEST

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bus we begin in paris and a brand new museum that will open to the public next week the music live across the old topography the museum of the liberation of paris is dedicated to the 2nd world war more specifically to the resistance of the french people to the nazis it opens this weekend in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of paris in 1900 fold which is that noblest that just cut a great parish is now free and get a free pass. 25th of august 944 a day the french will never forget. after 4 years of planning and 20000000 euro a new museum in the heart of paris is finally ready to open its doors to the public . private $7000.00 artifacts from world war 2 will be on display. for
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military equipment to everyday civilian items. and the pistol of the famous resistance fighter. but the star attraction of the museum is the underground bunker of one of the key leaders of the french resistance . his son john hopes that his story will resonate with younger generations. since he was here that for a week the battle was the lead commanded commented on orders were sent out. to reports came in for all those men who under my father's orders led the insurrection. if you like to. the museum also office an interactive historical experience in the bunker using virtual reality. pairs deputy method culture chris of gerard hopes that these heroes will inspire people
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to continue fighting for democracy democracy something you have to actually. discuss protect and take care of so this museum is absolutely necessary for the knowledge of these sort of spares and the young generation to think about their own city. entrance to the museums permanent collection is free. it's grand opening this weekend accompanies liberation anniversary events around the french capital. the israeli singer tenderize is one of the most sought off the sopranos in the operatic concert while today she has played old a major opera houses at least it seems so the list is very long but i can ask if there are still and still any more to come and she's my guest in just a minute 1st though let's find out more about her and of course in that stunning voice. soprano can rice says this was one of the
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highlights of her life so far performing at the christmas mass in the vatican before pope francis. it's a very special moment for the israeli born singer even though she is jewish. as the daughter of an opera singer and rice's introduction to the arts came early on she learned piano ballet and then started singing 2 after training in new york she moved to germany to sing at the bavarian state opera under renowned conductors zubin mehta since then she's performed at many of the world's top opera houses
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winning critics' praises and audiences adoration. i. thank you and then rice is in the studio with me now well. still other houses you'd like to call. absolutely event with the mates not so much where to sing but what to sing roles that are interesting for me for example i would love to sing going on from the need or juliet couple it in one take. you know i've sung set in the night the royal opera house which was a fantastic experience and i love don giovanni but not done on that yet however
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there are also new roles in the future and some by for example and in. the rake's progress which is also a new study for me because i've never sung stravinsky you do sing so many styles a. single suspicions and foibles i know that you'd like to visit the stage where your performance of before the concert that's kind of understandable actually but other ones yes you can reveal yes absolutely so since the very beginning. i carry with me what we call in hebrew. and the know can you see it it's here on my on my wrist and it's the sign of the hand so and debt keeps me safe that's my. keeps away the bad stealing yes i am very spiritual and very superstitious and i usually
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feel when there are good vibes or events bed vibes. are so are you seeing all the german breakfast t.v. program and our do a bit of singing so i want to ask you how do you sing so beautifully at 6 o'clock in the morning i have to admit my agent had to drag me out of bed really convinced me to do it because it was even before i was a mother so i used to wake up at 9 o'clock in the morning that day i had to wake up at 4 and it's. was painful ok. mates of the great maestros even mason was a mentor for you many many years ago and you still perform with him today how significant has the support from such a great man be i was 19 when my estimate of 1st heard me in israel and he told me you have a great talent you need to go and learn and coming
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a few years sing for me again so he gave me the most important thing is that someone so big really believes in your talent and you know inside you that no matter what happens i will make my way because i'm set on it i'm set on this on this target and then most of the most of the big roles i've sung for the 1st time were with maestro meant to be a. door or it said he lines on giovani and later recently. and i'm very happy that in october i will have the big privilege to seeing his last concert in israel as the musical director of the israel film one of the orchestra which is going to be mahler 2nd of 11 is let's just briefly sing again that wonderful voice his something from rosen cover the.
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6 6 you're you're a man to go do you sing about romantic roles do you have a favorite. i do have a favorite composer he's not a romantic composer though it's sebastian bach the reason that i love him is because for me his news it is from another world. really it's i feel so much more connected to the world or to to to go and or to an outside power which one cannot explain but his news it is mostly religious about it's true i am helplessly romantic i must say to all that the love and the heartbreak
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that i've experienced in my life we have to leave it there yourself to see slesvig host on festival good luck with that can rise thank you so much for being with us today thank you we're looking at various european landmarks in knots and culture and today we're going as far east as you can get your to the russian capital moscow and its most visited land rights. red square the beating heart of russia some say it looks most impressive at night time bathed an artificial light behind this store is the kremlin the center of russia's power its stick walls forming one side of the square. the opposite side is lined by the legendary google department store today well to do russians come here to shop. of the squares north west end is the historical museum at the other end what may well be moscow is most beautiful building the 16th century st basil's cathedral with its
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sumptuous onion domes its architect is said to have been blinded by tsar even the terrible so he would never design anything greater. red square is a landmark surrounded by monuments it measures 500 metres by 150 meters and was listed as a unesco world cultural heritage site in 1900. several 1000000 tourists cross red square each year most of them taking photos of the square home with down. a favorite backdrop is the lennon maza liam in front of the kremlin's mighty brick walls and lennon isn't just it has to. offer positive that wake up by the way that i'm going to get off. of earns a living here as a lennon double for tourists he says that over
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a quarter century after the soviet union's fall people still want to see the former communist revolutionary. new to the world to me the tourists to remember me with the leader of the proletariat who turned the world on its head they asked me. why did you do that would strip. the name red square actually predates the communists by centuries originally the russian word for red also meant beautiful mr lenin though offers a different explanation. because. it's fighting it red square is simply the in bottom and the center of moscow some of the things that happened on this where and why is it called the red square. because it used to be almost a graveyard. people were executed here and it was called red because of the blood that flowed here back then double as i let the quote from its bloody history to its
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architectural splendor there's a reason for everyone to visit red square. some also say its most beautiful in winter when red square turns white with snow. for the bucket list more on the website at g.w. dot com slash culture but after all for now thanks for watching by.
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. this is d. w. news live from but it is your opinion on a collision course with brazil's right wing president has a record number of wildfires in the amazon rain forest braincells of control in your leaders for it and international crisis wanted a new south american trade deal could end up stalls over shy of course not just in .


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