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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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yeah but. this is d w news live from the european union on a collision course with brazil's right wing president bush has a record number of wildfires in the amazon rain forest raging out of control e.u. leaders for it and international crisis want an e.u. self american trade deal could end up stalled over diagnose and out of inaction also coming up. the french city of bear it stores demonstrations ahead all of the weekends she said and summit protesters want g 7 nations to step up their action
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against climate change your gender is scheduled to focus on the fight against inequality. us will go to the go season's final go image has a fine line between affection and frustration all to ok stop is coming up a new sport is because this want is a real cliffhanger. i'm headed home free glad you could join me international concern is mounting over the record number of wildfires in the amazon in brazil french president's money when a call has called it quote an international crisis tweeting our house is burning literally the amazon rain forest the lungs which produce 20 percent of all planet's oxygen is on fire but brazil's president. has slammed the remarks us quote
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sensationalist saying mccall is trying to make postal political gains in what he calls an internal matter for brazil. also not always he says that his country knocks the resources to fight the fire as well controversially he's accused environmental groups to soften the fires in a bid to embarrass the government effects of the blazes be felt far beyond the areas on fire. the amazon a blaze thousands of hectares disappearing every day this map shows the extent nearly 40000 individual fires burning right now. there are competing explanations for why this is happening. brazil's president is defiant he blames foreign backed environmental groups for setting the blazes to discredit him or his bit of their budget n.g.o.s have lost money without money from norway and germany they're without jobs so what do they do they try to bring me down. who what about them.
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there are strict laws in place but critics say president balsa narrow has failed to enforce them and encourage loggers and ranchers to claim the amazon basin as their own problem if you will then the problem is that the government abandoned policies abandoned know how and has an attitude of disgust towards environmental scientists and activists that means. the impact is felt most immediately by indigenous people who have made the rainforest their home for centuries. this is with each passing day we see the destruction and runs deforestation and logging. was sent because the forest dies a bit and at every moment we feel the climate changing. the world needs the forests we need it and no children need it. but both scenario made developing the
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amazon into a campaign promise one he's not likely to give up easily. well german chancellor angela merkel has joined mccall in calling for brazil's finest to be on the agenda of the group of 7 summit that starts on saturday france is hosting the summit in the coastal city of bear it's an activist there drew a link between the blazes in the amazon and inequality saying global poverty is another kind of fire that threatens the world security is high in there it's what promises to be a challenging summit in addition to brazil's fires just g 7 leaders face a range of thorny issues including migration u.s. iran relations and international trade. or more what we can expect from the g. 7 summit i'm joined now from barrett's by my colleague a org matus good to see you georg now we know the french president of money way back on german chancellor angela merkel both want the brazil fires on the g 7 agenda could the summit's
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realistically do anything to address this crisis. but it will be very interesting to see and the big question of course is will the summit speak with one voice one voice being really a big wad on the summit where there's so much disagreement now german chancellor on that subject make you she is concerned but the french president went a step further by saying that he would be ready to pluck a trade steel that the european commission hammered out for the whole of the e.u. the negotiators in 20 years with the so-called markets will states and brazil is one of them to make a trade deal with them now the friend of the french but also the irish government have set unless they see some more action against these wildfires from brazil they would be ready to pluck that straight steel is now you have to understand that the trade deal has been negotiate by the european commission but it needs to be ratified by each an individual of the 2080 you member states if one of the states
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is not ratifying the deal the deal is practically dead so it's strong was from the french president and now of course inequality is the top male topic at is as it were that's what everyone is meant to be talking about oxfam says that there is a double problem of the well the climate crisis centrally compounding inequality how will leaders be getting to grips with that. well on this i have an eye on this the 7 summit the french president took took a precaution after donald trump on the last 2000 a meeting walked away not signing a comma common declaration of mutual declaration so there would not be a declaration but the french president does want some tangible results not just on the wildfires but to particularly on the inequality in africa so a number of subjects he's invited on a number of african leaders and a number of key subjects are on the agenda such as providing more credits more money for particularly female entrepreneurialism africa providing more support for educational and environmental projects now these are just
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a few examples of the things that will happen but you can't help but absolve is that the effort by the french president to broaden the agenda is also sort of signifying that the problems of the world can noble longer be resolved by an exclusive club of of 7 states 7 states who do not agree on many things but they need other leaders to come along we're talking about that and in broadening agenda then the wall fails what else will be on that agenda where the french president met with the russian president putin so expect ukraine to be on the agenda as well and that will be an interesting discussion particularly seeing that trump wanted to readmit putin to the g. 7 something that all the others have ruled out basically and also the french president met with the iranian foreign minister so the iran nuclear deal another divisive subject will be on the agenda right carol matters in berets for us thank
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you very much and we look forward to your continued coverage over the course of the weekend. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the wall that this hour russia's 1st floating in u.k. power plant has set off on the 3 week voyage across the arctic ocean the academic you want to solve is being towed to pivot in russia's east or provide power for about 100000 people environmentalist's have criticised the plant as unsafe. the west virginia industrialist david koch has died at the age of 79 koch was a can controversial financier of conservative political causes and candidates he and his brother charles koch transformed an oil producing and refining company into one of america's wealthiest multinationals. a relief for 356 migrants who've been stuck on
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a rescue ship in the mediterranean for 2 weeks malta has agreed to let him disembark after 6 european union countries say they would take them the engineers ship ocean viking rescue the migrants from boats off the coast of libya. a home they want to go back to the comment because they're afraid to arrange refugees in bangladesh are refusing to return to me and ma a un monitored attempt to return some 300 refugee families to the country failed on thursday when no one showed up to go back all the fear of return persists even 2 years after more than 700000 fled a brutal army crackdown in ne and mall in thursday's attempted return was only the 2nd time the un try to get refugees to go back under a red patch ration deal between bangladesh in the meanwhile government well the rangers fear is perhaps best articulated by what one of them told autism in cox's
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bazaar if they force us to go we will die or he has more now on what w.'s reporters found in the refugee camps in cox is bizarre. but i don't not. as room is spread that they would be forced to return to yemen mall attention is because here in pa you mongering are refugees and how am i hearing that of the. fathers take their daughters clothes off. and then rate them in front of their parents to hold up right my one daughter there where did. this woman is referring to the brutal crackdown by myanmar's military 2 years ago hundreds of thousands of rinker fled to back in the day. this week almost $2500.00 of them when formed at their names were on a list of refugees selected for repatch relation to me and mom an additional government officials drew up the list but it was up to the un to break the news to
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the rescue teams. mohammed it came as a shall. not have our lives and belongings will be in danger over there and our children and wives won't be safe if they force us to go we will die. out there looking go one of several ethnic minorities in me and mall but the government there does not recognize the most full citizens they have faced decades of discrimination and times violent repression and not allowed to travel freely and lack access to basic services and ma has promised to provide them with housing and id cards but no one we talked to believe it to his assurances. many was so frightened that they spent the night before the repatriation with their friends when the mountain surrounding the camps. wondered around all night too terrified to
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return to this. day we were heard they would take us today i got so scared i was afraid they might force us. i had promised they wouldn't force anyone to leave. and the u.n. insists repatriation must be voluntary and to surveyed refugees to determine whether they want to return on this 1st day of repatriation not a single refugee agree to give home as long as new months government cannot prove it will run full rights of the regime and it's unlikely any of them will change them money in the. fall 30 years ago today an estimated 2000000 estonians allow the ins and lithuanians they formed a human chain across their 3 countries to protest against soviet rule the demonstration became known as the baltic way now pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong both have joined inspiration from a historical mode movement with
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a peaceful protest of their ardent supporters of the chinese ruled territory formed a 30 kilometer long line snaking through the city it is the latest in almost 3 months of anti government demonstrations they were triggered by a bill that would have allowed extradition to mainland china that bill has been suspended but protesters are demanding further reforms. some golf in use now and the torch championship teed off on thursday in atlanta georgia where the winner will receive the fed ex cup which comes with sports largest payout $15000000.00 the season ending tournament has a new format this year the more points collected over the season the better your school. few of the top players gathered in atlanta need the payday but goals can try a season finale offers enormous prize money in place of any real prestige justin thomas was leading the fed ex cup and therefore started the tournament 10 under par but
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could only shoot level par on thursday that meant world number one brooks kept who was able to catch him reigning p.g.a. champion kept going to share the lead with thomas and zander so fully in the chase for the astronomical us thank you rory mcilroy is a shot further back from the top and set to add to a season best 13 top 10 finishes. as for japan's number one heck you might see armor more patience was required to work his way up the leaderboard. this putt for birdie at the 7th tested said patience but after what seemed like an eternal wait he was rewarded eventually. and remains firmly in the hunt for the mother of all payday as. you're
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watching the w. news from dan and i'm going to humphrey up next is business with monica joins course you can always get the latest news around the clock on our web site at is d w dot com thanks for your company. she said meeting. up of the agenda global inequality the crisis with iran and international trade. but donald trump spent with his host french president much of the trade war with china candy regular for. the british prime minister might use the occasion for his great show. reporting from the g. 7 meeting in here it's life for d.w. new.


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