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this is the w.'s live in the european union on a collision course with brazil's rightwing president has a record number of wildfires in these countries amazon rain forest rage out of control leaders describe it as an international crisis and threaten to block and a new south american trade deal unless president calls and take firm action also on the program the french city of directs trolls demonstrations ahead of this weekend's g. 7 summit protesters want the world's leading industrialized nations who are attending to step up that action against climate change. show and hong
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kong but demonstrators form a human chain across the chinese territory to press her. pussy. i'm at the gulf season's final tournament the fine line between affection and frustration. to this. is the way. i'm feel gail welcome to the program. pressure all brazil's right wing present giant balls that auto is growing after several european union leaders describe the wildfires burning out of control through the sway of the amazon forest as an international crisis a record number of fires have brought destruction to one of the world's largest ecosystem since president balsa who took office in january now he says he's
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considering bringing the army in. these other worst fires the amazon basin has seen since records began in 2013 the dry season is only just beginning in many places it hasn't rained in weeks brazil's president has been blaming n.g.o.s with no evidence he now says the blazes may have been started deliberately hypocritical about if there are cyclists or car drivers out there who stop at the side of the road and light fires that stretch for over a 100 metres that's quality amateur footage shows fires along highways through the anis and media reports say families organized what they called a day of fire earlier this month. satellite images show dozens of fires were started on august the 10th farmers often destroying rain forest for cattle grazing on thursday both in r. and france's president manuel michael exchanged critical comments on twitter france
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says it will oppose an trade deal with several south american states and that's brazil takes action and both france and germany said that address the issue of the amazon at the upcoming g 7 meeting as it is emerging go when the g 7 gets together this weekend the chances of the firm belief that this current crisis in the amazon rainforest has to be dealt with. so the french president definitely has the chancellor on his side. both in our house call discussing the amazon without representatives from the region colonialist but with more leaders calling the plays as an international crisis the fires appear firmly on the agenda. let's take a closer look at this with peter collett karts he was britain's ambassador to brazil from 2004 to 2008 he joins us from london welcome to d.w. president also lara says his country a lot of resources to control these fires when the french president describes the situation as an international crisis president balls that are of calls him a colonialist so he doesn't want international help what does he want
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well i think we can see from president bolton aryans attitude that he takes some much given priority to development including development of the land that are in the in the amazon and to development further of brazilian agriculture over what the external world would probably like him to do which was to pay more attention to environmental present preservation not be. so he doesn't see this as a major crisis but as the major crisis of the rest of the world does. and i think that's true. but i think the rest of the world would be. would be advised probably not to. try to just pressure him from the outside and say this is a global crisis you have to do something in order to save the world. the brazilian react very i didn't like it prickly way to that kind of attitude what we found in
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the past is that it's actually much better to appeal to their interest in preservation of the amazon which you both about agriculture but it's also very seriously about rainfall in the southern agricultural lands of both brazil but also also argentina room and paraguay. stonework and they make their brazilian separately we have france and ireland saying they will block trade deal between south america so mark mirka so a trade block and the new unless brazil takes firmer actions what is the likely response to take from brazil for that well i think they won't be very happy by that about that i think there are clearly advantages for them in particular for the agricultural industry in the e.u. mergers will be always has been signed but i think they will rather react badly and
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say fine if you don't want to sign it we've been dealing we've been trading with you were a number of years doing very well in our agricultural sector and we'll live with out there the opera few more years i think you much better to try and i think appeal to their self-interest but also to make it clear that we're not going to cut off aid to environmental projects but i think i think both norway and germany have threatened. you know the world you've got to keep talking and you've got to bring them along and you've got to make them see even quite difficult characters like her at the bottom arrow that there are some self-interest for them in not letting destruction of the amazon go any further. one wonders then where the scientists in brazil and the rest of the world have been when president bowls are was was loosening environmental protections in his country it's seems odd to say to him after the fact that these fires are burning this was a bad idea i'm sure there were voices raised before he started along this path
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saying this is a bad idea oh there were certain you know i mean there's a very well developed. science community in brazil and they're also very active do you know the concerned about the environment and indeed you know there's been a lot of pressure on the brazilian government but unfortunately he has taken the stance that. he's one of those who thinks it might be from pune view of mine if you're in a bit of a climate change denier look for you know you will with a strong parliamentary majority to ignore. those scientists who say oh this is not a good idea. when we look at the situation we're in climate change is one thing that can be talked away or something far away and in the future but here we are talking about a massive fire raging across vast swathes of his country can you see once this
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situation is resolved one way or the other can you see the president changing his approach and perhaps signaling to the farmers that we're going to go a different direction from here on. well i think the thing which would push him in that direction was more of the farmers in particular the large agro industry for doing what some of them of which is that they only also want to have sustainable agriculture and they don't believe that cutting down more of the of the rain forest is the way to go and that process all his own in the street telling him oh this is not necessarily a good idea can be helped by outsiders for instance by investors as well as government but also by both who buy agricultural products from brazil making it clear that they want green supply during rush hour and we won't start out
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won't continue buying things if this continues as ever it's all about the money really former ambassador peter a former british ambassador of brazil thank you thank you very much. german chancellor angela merkel joined president of macro in calling for brazil's files to be on the agenda of the g. 7 summit begins on saturday france is hosting this meeting of the world's top industrialized countries in the coastal city of beer its security is high activists gathered in berets and they described global poverty as another kind of fire or threatening the world the summit promises to be challenging in addition to brazil's wildfires g 7 leaders face a range of issues including migration and us happy iran relations and international trade. had d.w. our correspondent gail mathis is that fair to guide us through the coming days
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welcome gold so imagine all mccraw and anger merkel say they want the brazil fires on the g. 7 the gender i can this meeting actually do anything to address this crisis. phil the french president has already said a number of bullet points a number of suggestions you'd like to discuss with the other leaders of some of the richest and the most influential nations in the world who are coming here for the g. 7 meeting in beer it's how he wants to resolve that crisis one a steamy has in mind is the reforestation program that could be financed by some of these wealthiest nations but also what is on his mind is putting more pressure on brazil and in that respect you also have to see this idea that he could block the free trade deal that brussels recently hammered out with these so-called markers or estates of which brazil is a part and what you have to understand here is that if one european nation does not
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rectify that deal that has in principle been agreed it means the whole deal is that . the main issue of this weekend's g. 7 was supposed to be fighting inequality oxfam is saying that the climate crisis compounds inequality so how will leaders be trying to get to grips with that. now the french president has as if you want as a precaution seeing that donald trump walked away from the final declaration on the last 7 meeting in canada has skipped that final declaration this communique as it's called here and still he wants to reach a tangible results and so he has invited african nations leaders from egypt and book enough fossil will be here he has put a number of thoughts of sensible topics on the list how africa is dealing with women female entrepreneurs in particular how could they be given more credits all
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sorts of things including the environment he'd like to discuss these things in order to move things forward what you can't help but notice is of course the fact that by broadening the agenda it really makes clear that the g 7 is no longer a 4 room where the world's problems can be solved because of the french president broadens the this agenda really so that some results comes out of this meeting seeing that the 7 leaders do disagree on so many things now they have the host city barrett said seaside town quite brisk quite rich white affluent jason and jade summits have been quite violent in the past how well prepared is the city. extremely well prepared i went through a walk through the town which is practically a ghost town people have not been allowed in the residents have been given accurately cage taishan cards some 13000 police forces have been deployed in town
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practically one for every 2 citizens in be a ritz the beach has been plucked it's it's completely empty so strong police presence in order to make sure that this meeting is not to start to have matches the g 7 in berets thank you. well as you've been hearing the escalating dispute over the brazilian president's approach to the environment is threatening to spill over and have an impact on trade between the e.u. and south america the mercosur a free trade deal is the result of 20 years of negotiation but its future is now in doubt ireland and france are about the countries threatened to block it if brazil fails to address these growing environmental crisis in the. german cars could soon be sold judy free in south america a mercedes currently costs up to 35 percent more in the markets or states than in
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the e.u. the e.u. marcus or trade deal would give all kinds of european manufacturers a whole new market in south america which in turn could create jobs. manufacturing is not especially strong in argentina brazil paraguay and you are going to fourfold markets or members that opens up opportunities for the e.u. nonetheless brazil expects the trade deal to generate up to 125000000000 dollars in growth over the next 15 years marcos or states would benefit by being able to export more agricultural goods to the e.u. but this is problematic for even nations with large scale agricultural production such as france and ireland they have already succeeded in limiting the amount of beef markets or can import to the e.u. to $100000.00 tons a year as well e.u. nations still have major environmental concerns regarding agricultural production and biodiversity particularly in the amazon region that could yet scope of the
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trade deal. let's have a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world russia has launched the world's 1st floating nuclear power plant over the next 3 weeks the academical number not a model solve i will be towed across the arctic ocean to pay back in russia's far east where it'll provide power for about 100000 people environmentalist have criticised the plant as unsafe. well to has agreed to allow the 356 migrants stuck aboard a rescue ship to disembark after 6 european union countries agreed to take and then you know ship the ocean viking rescue the refugees from boats of the coast of libya . u.s. billionaire industrialist a david koch has died at the age of $79.00 he was a controversial financial backer of conservative political causes and candidates he and his brother charles transformed an oil producing and refining company into one
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of america's richest multinationals lives in the. this is g.w. news life from back then still to come and take you to the gulf season's final tour the interests walk the fine line between perfection and frustrating parts to the face coming what is on the way. first a range of refugees in bangladesh are refusing to go home to me and ma a u.n. monitors attempt to return about 300 refugee families a failed on thursday when no one showed up to go back the fear of return persists after more than 700000 jeff led a brutal army crackdown in manama 2 years ago thursday's attempted repatch action was actually the 2nd time the un has tried to return them under a deal between bangladesh the government of me and my religious fears are perhaps perhaps best articulated and what one of them told the w in cox's bizarre if they
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force us to go we will die. there is smoke in the refugee camps of cox's prison but i'm not. as room is spread that they would be forced to return to yemen mall attention is because here kaya mongering to refugees in baghdad however am i hearing that of the. fathers take their daughters clothes off. and then rate them in front of their parents the whole of right my one daughter there where did. this woman is referring to the brutal crackdown by myanmar's military 2 years ago hundreds of thousands of ringler fled to pack in the texts this week almost 2500 of them went formed at their names were on a list of refugees selected fully pagination to me and mom and ladette she government officials drew up the list it was up to the un to break the news to the rescue teams. mohammed it came as
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a shock if you look. at how our lives and belongings will be in danger over there and our children and wives won't be safe if they force us to go we will die. out looking girl one of several ethnic minorities in me and mom but the government there does not recognize the most full citizens they have faced decades of discrimination and times violent repression and not allowed to travel freely the lack of access to basic services and ma has promised to provide them with housing and id cards but no one we talked to believe he'll go to his assurances. many was so frightened that they spent the night before the repatriation with their friends when the mountain surrounding the camps. said wandered around all night too terrified to return to this. day go i heard they would take us today i got so
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scared i was afraid they might force us. promise they won't force anyone to leave and the u.n. insists repatriation must be called entry into surveyed refugees to determine whether they want to return on this 1st day of the petri asian not a single refugee it greed to give home as long as me in must government cannot prevent root run full rights of the regime it's unlikely any of them would change their mind. 30 years ago today estimated 2000000 a stone ians that vincent lithuanians a human chain across their 3 countries to protest against soviet rule the demonstration became known as the bold take away now pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have drawn inspiration from the moment with a peaceful protest of that. supporters in the chinese ruled the tariff reform the 30 kilometer long line snaking through the city and these are the latest in almost
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3 months of anti-government demonstrations triggered by a bill that would have an extradition to mainland china that bill has been suspended but protesters are demanding further reforms. the correspondent charlet. has been following the process protests for us from hong kong. this street behind me was absolutely packed with protesters many of them on the no i'm chanting pro democracy chong some had patches over their eyes and a sign of solidarity with one young woman whose i was severely damaged in one of these protests it was a really quite peaceful and uplifting process that we saw today this is the latest iteration of what we've seen is a constantly evolving process in the past we've seen violent street clashes now purchases seem to be moving on to prove that they are capable of being peaceful and
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that they can still get broad support here on the streets in fact the promotions for this human chain of events urge the people taking part to be peaceful and to cause as little disruption to the peace to the to the streets as possible and that's what we saw here this evening. shallots also filled in for some from hong kong but the protesters have had their old ones demanding more independence from beijing in the north west and in john provinces china's muslim minority the weakest of facing an uncompromising clampdown from the ruling communist party human rights groups estimate that since 2017 more than a 1000000 weakest have been detained in term and camps like these often leaving their valises without any clue as to their whereabouts. or to draw attention to their plight some weak of families and turning to social to a social media platform best known for lip sync and funny means didn't lose alex
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forrest whiting can tell us will welcome alex so what are they doing well it's called take talk and it is a video sharing app that you can download onto all smartphone and allows people to share very short stories around about 15 seconds long and often put to music it's very popular with teenagers who would like chiffon and quickie videos but obviously this is not a tool fun because these people are showing videos over week is who they say have disappeared and those posting the videos themselves have superimposed themselves over at these images and as you can see from some of the shots hey you the people posting them are crying because obviously they are missing their loved ones there now to talk says it's uses data is stored outside china so it can't be accessed by chinese authorities but those posting the video is a still taking
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a risk because china clamp down on anyone it sees a spreading online room as a what it deems is fake news of china says that these people are not in detention centers these are vocational training facilities that's right and china is actually being criticized for its proper. ganja campaign over this so for example they've invited journalists into some of the so-called centers where they apparently store week is enjoying themselves we can see the these pictures now and chinese state owned media also posted this months on both facebook and twitter of these so-called folk training facilities with the aim to prove that week is are happy and gaining useful skills and also there is a facebook at that's been doing the rounds from the beijing backed global times and it quote a malaysian diplomat saying that the young camps were an effective way to counter
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extremism and terrorism about meanwhile human rights watch says chinese authorities are committing human rights abuses in the region of the most that they have seen in the country for many decades and this is a busy week for china when it comes to reduce inflammation come that's right we've seen hong kong where again china has been criticized when it was discovered that chinese state controlled media had been spreading some of this dissin from ation about the hong kong protest is a journalist looking into looking into that that's where they found these these twitter and facebook campaigns about the week is now twitter itself has said it will no longer accept advertising from state controlled media facebook has not but it says that it will investigate any post that is flagged up to the up to it that is seen to violate the company's policies over this. force was a thank you. sport will start with golf
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tour championship or teed off on thursday in atlanta georgia where the winner will receive the fed ex cup which comes along the sports largest apparent $15000000.00 season ending torment as a new format this year more points collected over the season the better your school few of the top players gathered in atlanta need the payday but goals contrived season finale offers enormous prize money in place of any real prestige justin thomas was leading the fed ex cup and therefore start the tournament 10 under par but could only shoot level par on thursday that meant world number one brooks kept who was able to catch him reigning p.g.a. champion kept going to share the lead with thomas and zander soulfully in the chase for the astronomical us thank you rory mcilroy is a shot further back from the top and set to add to a season best 13 top 10 finishes. as for japan's number one
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headache you might see more patience was required to work his way up the leaderboard. this part for birdie at the 7th tested said patience but after what seemed like an eternal wait he was rewarded eventually. and remains family in the hunt for the mother of all paydays. now here's a reminder of the top story this hour pressure on brazil's right wing president trackballs not his growing of the wildfires burning out of control in the brain farts of several european leaders describe the situation as an international crisis from some of them to threatening to block into south america trades deal over the president's approach to environmental policy. coming up next here on
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details because saving south africa's 2nd native plants tops the definition of teacup africa i'll be back at the top of the other good. luck.
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ico africa. the bigger animals are trying to lot of attention but don't overlook these little flowers very endangered sure. you can do something to protect them. and. we presume free success stories from south africa. identifying rare plants replanting them creating an urban oasis.
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she said meeting. of the agenda global inequality the crisis with iran and international trade. donald trump spent with his host french president michel and the trade war with china can derail everything. the british prime minister might use the occasion 5 great press and show. reporting from the g 7 meeting in p.r. it's life for d.w.i. news. how does time on tanks fare. d.w. correspondent susumu her. coast to basically good. place for the various flavors of the exotic crazy i am
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a challenge for you all very him and they're really putting up the confusion and the fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st on d w 5. it's no secret that our planet's resources are dwindling that's why i environment show gives you ideas on how you can protect major welcome to you coffee. in a new good nigeria and a warm welcome for me to you and hope that you stay with us for the next half hour on the phone from johannesburg and south africa here's what's coming.


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