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not only animals will be sent. to. the lions share. of the conservation of. the state of the news life from the european union on a collision course with brazil's right wing president has a record number of wildfires in his country's imus and rain forest of rage out of control a new leaders describe it as an international crisis and threaten to block a trade deal with south america a mass president also takes power match also on the program the french city of
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pierrots a troll's demonstrations ahead of the g. 7 summit this weekend protesters want the leaders of the world's leading industrialized nations to step up that action against black church. i'm filled welcome to the program but the old right wing president shi'a balsa naro is facing a growing pressure after several european union leaders describe the wildfires burning out of control through swathes of the amazon rain forest as an international crisis a record number of fires have brought destruction to one of the world's largest ecosystems since president also took office in january now he says he's considering bringing the ah me. these are the worst fires the amazon basin has seen since records began in 2013 the dry season is only just beginning in many places it
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hasn't rained in weeks brazil's president has been blaming n.g.o.s with no evidence he now says the blazes may have been started deliberately hypocritical about it there are cyclists or car drivers out there who stop at the side of the road and light fires that stretch for over a 100 meters that's college amateur footage shows fires along highways through the anis and media reports say families organized what they called a day of fire earlier this month. satellite images show dozens of fires were started on august the tents farmers often destroyed rain forest for cattle grazing on thursday both an hour and france's president manuel michel exchanged critical comments on twitter france says it will oppose an aid trade deal with several south american states and that's brazil takes action and both france and germany said that address the issue of the amazon at the upcoming g 7 meeting as it is meant to go when the g 7 gets together this weekend the chances of the firm belief that this
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current crisis in the amazon rainforest has to be dealt with. so the french president definitely has the chance on his side. both sonora has called discussing the amazon without representatives from the region colonialist but with more leaders calling the blazers an international crisis the fires appear firmly on the agenda. german chancellor angela merkel has joined emmanuel mccraw in calling for brazil's files to be on the summit of the g 7 to be on the agenda of the g. 7 summit france is hosting the raising of the world's top industrialized countries and the coastal city of paris secures there is high as activists say gather they described global poverty as another kind of 5 threat in the world the summit promises to be a challenging in addition to brazil's wildfires and g. 7 leaders will consider a diff issues including migration us around relations and international trade. d.w. correspondent gail mathis is at that time guide us through the coming days welcome
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go so emmanuel mccraw and i'm going to machall say they want the brazil fire zone the g. 7 the gender i can this meeting actually do anything to address this crisis. for the french president has already said a number of bullet points a number of suggestions you'd like to discuss with the other leaders of some of the richest and the most influential nations in the world who are coming here for the g. 7 meeting in beer it's how he wants to resolve that crisis one steamy has in mind is the reforestation program that could be financed by some of these wealthiest nations but also what is on his mind is putting more pressure on brazil and in that respect you also have to see this idea that he could block the free trade deal that brussels recently hammered out with these so-called markers through estates of which brazil is a part and what you have to understand here is that if one european nation does not
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rectify that deal that has in principle been agreed it means the whole deal is that . the main issue of this weekend's g. 7 was supposed to be fighting inequality oxfam is saying that the climate crisis compounds inequality so how will leaders be trying to get to grips with that. now the french president has as if you want as a precaution seeing that donald trump walked away from the final declaration on the last 7 meeting in canada has skipped that final declaration this communique as it's called is here and still he wants to reach a tangible results and so he has invited african nations leaders from egypt and book enough fossil will be here he has put a number of hours of sensible topics on the list how africa is dealing with women female entropy nurse in particular how could they be given more credits all sorts
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of things including the environment he'd like to discuss these things in order to move things forward what you can't help but notice is of course the fact that by broadening the agenda it really makes clear that the g 7 is no longer a forum where the world's problems can be solved because of the french president broadens the this agenda really so that some results comes out of this meeting seeing that the 7 leaders do disagree on so many things now they have the host city barrett said seaside town quite brisk quite rich white affluent jason and jade summits have been quite violent in the past how well prepared is the city. extremely well prepared i went through a walk through the town which is practically a ghost town people have not been allowed in the residents have been given our critic h. taishan card some 13000 police forces have been deployed in town practically one
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for every 2 citizens in be a ritz the beach has been talked it's it's completely empty so strong police presence in order to make sure that this meeting is not to start to have matches she said in berets thank you. now is take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of people have marched in out of jury in cities and towns to call for free and fair elections and an end to military influence in the government algerians have continued to push for political reforms after mass protests for the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika in april. the u.s. supreme court says justice ruth bader ginsburg has undergone treatment for a malignant tumor in her pancreas the court said no further treatment was needed at this time it is 6 year old justice ginsburg is one of 4 left leaning justices the 9 member court. u.s.
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billionaire industrialist david koch has died at the age of $79.00 he was a controversial financial backer of conservative political causes and candidates and coke and his brother charles transformed an oil producing and refining company into one of america's wealthiest multinational. that of the mediterranean where 356 migrants have been alive to disembark a multi anding the latest on passed between european union governments and engineer rescue ships the migrants will be relocated to 6 other countries france germany ireland luxemburg portugal and romania or have another weeks long standoff is now over the european union seems far from a solution to this recurring mediterranean drama. there is not a lot of breathing space on the ocean viking where migrants waited for almost 2 weeks at sea water and other supplies have been running short but now the ordeal has come to an end the people on board have been allowed to go ashore in malta they
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will then be distributed to various e.u. countries that have agreed to take them in as a reason of ours we feel relieved that a humane solution has now been found for the 356 people on board the ocean viking. but this can't stop here i must find a way to stop situations like this from happening again. the ocean biking is run by the aid organizations doctors without borders and s.o.s. mediterranean their crew has been reporting to berlin via video conference and they described distressing conditions onboard and passengers suffering from severe trauma we have also spoken and trees injuries those who have experienced or during their time. at the hands of traffic groups and criminals they are being exploited. only described as torture the ngos believe that despite the dangers at sea migrants will continue attempting
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to flee across the mediterranean and as long as they do so the ngos have said they will continue their rescue missions. because this year alone by the middle of august almost $600.00 people have died on the central mediterranean route. and we will not just stand by and watch while people drown who could have been held and who need to be rescued. or the passengers on the ocean viking the nightmare is over for the time being but the drama of the rescue at sea is not over in the meantime a solution still has to be found for each individual ship. populations have been given greater protections and effort to hold that dramatic population decline. the conventional international trade in endangered species or cite ease has agreed to regulate the buying and selling of giraffes and their body parts giraffe numbers in africa have shrunk from more than $160000.00 to just under 100000 in just 30 years
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. to raf's they're both majestic and lovable perhaps even more so with the one key in fact such idiosyncrasies make it easier for researches to recognise their old buddy has. to be in a really wild place and to have such a close connection with individual wild animals that you might be looking at them from one side and you already know when they turn around what you see on the other side just like knowing a friend. and indeed a friend for life. john daugherty 1st came to sam burrow national reserve 21 years ago as a carpenter and a pretext for getting up close to his favorite animals. now research he knows africa's giraffe population as a whole has shrunk by 40 percent over the last 30 years. during the lifetime of the oldest giraffes here in somebody's national reserve. 7 out of 10 of
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the species has disappeared poaching is one of the main culprits giraffes are often killed to eat when other food sources are running low but the some blue tribe who live near the park stopped such poaching long ago thanks partly to education work by john's colleagues tribal elders have noticed the change in stocks to. be very nice to be many giraffes here now there are far fewer of them. without giraffes there would be fewer tourists and less income for the somebody who sells 70 is. but tourism comes in different forms it also includes trophy hunting which is legal in southern african countries like south africa namibia and zambia. this american woman for example shot a rare giraffe in south africa she defended her action by saying her hunting fee
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was help maintain giraffe stocks that's a view shared by many southern african governments john daugherty says that's unacceptable and he's not alone the southern african development community now wants trophy hunters to prove that their hunting went in danger animal stocks i'm personally very pleased opinion was divided but i'm delighted that site has come to what i think is a very sensible decision that will help african countries faced with declining corrupt populations to save for all of us for the future. the hope is that such measures will prevent giraffes from experiencing the fate of so many species that face possible extinction. and support the international ice hockey federation has suspended russian international evgenia nets off for 4 years after he tested positive for cocaine it's not so far all the doping test ice hockey world championships in may and 37 year old plays as a forward for the reigning stanley cup holders the washington capitals is. 21 goals
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during the championship season. on friday nights ponders legal action dortmund came away with a win against a plucky promoted side coloe thanks to 3 late goals glogova scoring started in serge 9th minute but dominic stressed that because he's had to produce dortmund waited until the 2nd half to come a life of jaden sunshine firing and rocket after 17 minutes and ashraf had kimi appointment late to stay just a few minutes from the time i go i'll say sod the 3rd injury time to round out the 3 bomb squad. that is your mind about top stories this hour brazil's a right wing president just jam both america is facing growing pressure over the wildfires burning out of control in the amazon rain forest to several european union they describing the situation as an international crisis for france and
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ireland of threatening to block the trade deal with south america them out marcos all countries over both of the homes approach to environmental policy. they don't do the obvious issues with national do a lot up to the next world news of the top of the hour i've heard that. sometimes books more exciting than real life. raring to. go. what if there's no escape. list. german my street. takes it personally with
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a $150.00 people and stories that make it so special are you ready.


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