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the body.
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we still need out is to hear in the future. can make music so new to town upon folds. and will new technologies expand our son income. brain behaves and journey into the future of listening. in. on. the our streets rising the fight for civil liberties and of my mum when there's a flood the water comes up to our waist to close faster everyone but. the lack of water is an equally dangerous. haystack you can see people myself so they can plant crops and find to meet. floods and droughts will climate change become the
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main driver of mass migration you can write any going to if not if you want them probably most of them to. the climate exodus starts september 5th on d. w. . much of it can. join linked from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of easy to our website deputed comes much coffee cup join us on facebook at g.w. africa. trade. dominated the g. 7 summit especially the latest escalation in the us china trade war are weighing on talks india reds and own stock markets without. asian and european share starting the week in negative territory. also coming up indonesia prepares to close down one
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of its most popular tourist attractions the island of commodore to give the rare commodore dragons time to recover from too much human interference. welcome to business i'm going to jones and berlin good to have you with us our stock markets from asia to europe has started the week after friday's escalation in the us china trade war hours after beijing announced plans to increase tariffs on thousands of american goods president said he was hyped charges on chinese imports not talks among the world's leading economies at the g. 7 summit over the weekend seemed to have done little to calm the concern over the future of the world economy. president trump touched down in beer it's seeking backing for his trade war with china but with growing fears of its effect on the global economy than his threats of terrorists against some of those around the table he was unlikely to get it the president has warned host country friends he'll
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increase charges on french imports including wine in response to that digital tax which will hit big u.s. tech companies do you use the summit as an opportunity to stand behind its member state if the u.s. impose a star with. the e.u. will respond in kind. as the u.k. prepares to make its way out of the you the british and american leaders discussed post brics trade and enthusiastic boris johnson talked up the chances of a quick deal. well the americans are very ambitious to get this done but you know as fast as possible they were really want to results you know within a year i suppose in by and by that's a jewel july the summit has also seen the u.s. and japan agree to core elements of their own traipse deal with the japanese buying up some of america's leftover projects. i'm sold as a result of the dispute with china. at one point president trump appeared to admit
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to having 2nd thoughts about his escalation of the trade war with beijing the white house has since clarified saying his regret was not pushing tariffs even higher. but now we know that the 2 sides are apparently talking again well for the very latest let's cross over to these all who is keeping an eye for us on the g. 7 summit in periods so many topics but certainly trump and trade conflicts seem to dominate the agenda and we seem to have another development that we've seen before namely the 7 equals g. 6 plus one. yes donald trump just threw us another curve ball we're already at the point saying what a horrible washout off the meeting in a lovely place actually as you can see behind us bought nothing new movement on trade trump is absent and movable as all this but then just half an hour ago he
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stepped out here and gave an impromptu press conference where he said yeah we will have a great talk with china very soon and just things will be well and we'll have a breakthrough and we are ready to resume negotiating with the chinese about the future of our mutual trade so i mean just talking about backtracking it doesn't even describe it because yesterday night everybody was ready to say for heaven's sake western leaders have tried to sort of implore trump don't continue like this don't do this the world economy is suffering all of our economies are suffering and trauma didn't seem to listen whatsoever we heard the quote of yes he was regretting not having started the trade war but the very opposite off that not having slept even the high of terrorists on the chinese and now he just goes the other way so the problem here is that the worst enemy as we all know of. economic development is
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uncertainty and that is what donald trump trick creates here constant uncertainty but is there thank you so much for you inside from the g. 7 in berets. and joining me here in the studio and i was fed and fission a professor of economics and economic policy at the university of applied sciences for engineering and economics here in berlin now that we've got that one now and. now you've been following obviously the g. 7 summit and what we've just heard what you make of all that. but no i'm actually positively surprised in a sense because the news you get from your roots are. more constructive than we might have expected last week and in particular bite of expected last friday when this escalation of the chinese u.s. trade conflict went on. so what i'm making of it is in
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a way that it confirms the. intention of trying to destroy everything that is somehow multilateral and to basically bring everything down on the buy that are a basis we've seen the positive or positive relationship between trump and johnson which is certainly not a surprise but we've also seen that the relationship between the u.s. and japan is moving forward in a way so everything on a bilateral basis seems to be fairly smooth but on the multilateral basis trump seems to few away incarcerated or he seems to avoid these multilateral situations and that what is actually in a way the implicit outcome we might take from this whole summit and that of course poses problems certainly for the sides who would like to act on a multilateral level like the european union we know that france and that was also discussed at the g. 7 says they will impose taxes on tech companies predominantly u.s.
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tech companies the u.s. is now if you do that we will put tariffs on french products wine in particular in the united says ok if you impose taxes or tariffs on france the e.u. will stand together we will retaliate are we looking at a new sort of trade will brewing here. at 1st i would hope that they stay together the e.u. being by nature a multilateral institution. i would hope that the use tense together and it's not too wide it as in other questions like the the rain forest thing for example. but yes i could imagine that a new conflict is brewing up. trump is steering in 2 directions and he will probably try to award a massive conflict in the year 2020 so there is some hope but it's not really clear it's not really clear but what we know is that asian shares certainly took a beating this morning things africa somewhat by now but they did take
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a beating china's 111 year low and that of course with those latest escalation in the trade war between the u.s. and china are hong kong's hang seng index dropped 3 percent in morning trading the shanghai composite was down 1.4 percent and japan's nikkei dropped sharply as soon as trading began ending down 2.2 percent south korea's cost b. was also in the door drums closing $1.00 and a half percent lower so all of that the markets certainly struggle with what's going on but now we know that trump saying you gretz not imposing high tariffs and saying that beijing called him and that a deal could actually be within reach. a real rollercoaster and sunday there joining us from the frankfurt stock exchange as he does can investors actually still keep up with all these rapid changes. why the day certainly is difficult for the markets as you can see from the dax behind me it started in the negative
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then suddenly just went up and recovered the losses of donald trump did say that china called him but there is a sense of loss of confidence in what donald trump says and that's the reason why the investors feel that both sides have not been actually dealing with this trade war the way it should be dealt with in fact one of the analysts also remarked the best thing that donald trump in fact can do to ensure that there is stable it in the market is to keep quiet and that effectively means to keep away from twitter because there is growing uncertainty the markets have suffered because of these tweets coming from donald trump every now and then and there is no end in sight to that right as is a fun day there from the front. thank you defending officially in the studio we got 20 seconds left any anything to add to what you just heard. i think we have to be clear that this whole situation of uncertainty already hurts the global economy
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it's not only if an actual increase of terrorist hits it's already hurting and this is what we should be worried about it. from the bill in an even city of applied sciences for engineering and economics thank you so much for your time. komodo dragons are the world's largest living species of lizard they're a major tourist attraction while than 170000 tourists traveled to the indonesian island last year alone too much hectic for the rare animals authorities say they have to save komodo dragons from extinction and that is why indonesia plans to close the island to the public next year. they're the world's largest lizards the endangered komodo dragon can grow up to 3 metres long and weigh more than 70 kilos around $10000.00 tourists come to komodo each month just to see the massive creatures but all the attention can sometimes be too much for the dragons that's why indonesia plans to close the national park next year i think is close to 3
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because it's like destroying. the station of like to try going in the village where it's good is it close to something yes maybe like resorts. feel something that doesn't belong to the nature it's a great. many of the people on comeau do agree after all the government's plans include moving some 2000 of them off the island for resettlement for others the park and the dragons are their livelihood. but we've been living in harmony with the animals for years we don't want to move also my ancestors graves are here what will happen to them. our livelihoods depend on selling souvenirs so if they close the island how can we earn money.
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the indonesian island east of bali lives off tourism and as well as forming the komodo national park it's a world heritage site. that we want to transform this place but we need planning models for how to manage the forest and how to improve conservation to make the island attractive for tourists it has to be professional and up to the standards of one of the real wonders of the world. my how. the closure of the komodo park is scheduled to last a year the 5000 komodo dragons can enjoy 12 months of respect from the tourists who can return in 2021 the dragons will be waiting. your world wind tour through the business world this monday morning from mean the team in berlin thanks for keeping us company.
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and i'm just on the ground news delusions on the coasts closer to voice his approach hopefully still affects us all. should climb a strange and the return of the it's only dream since check out.
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i'm not often come out of the gym well i just sometimes i am but i said nothing when. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes a quiet spot in your thinking seems the country that i'm. needed so you can pay for this crime and there you go it's all about a new i'm rachel join me for me for joe from the. post. nick kids lives in kenya it's the city which has come to symbolize the rise of the far right in eastern germany the demonstrations took place a year ago now people in kenya it's an across the german state of saxony are going
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to the polls to elect a new state parliament moment i still haven't decided who to vote for in the parliamentary elections. it may be a state election but it's attracting interest across germany the right wing populist a.f.d. party hopes to come out the big winner saxony must decide which direction it plans to take and so does nick at c.s.k. . nick has been doing martial arts since he was 8 years old he specialized in m.m.a. for mixed martial arts. cultural martial arts has probably contributed greatly to my self-image it's given me a lot of self-confidence in dicey situations where you're inclined to panic or the adrenaline starts pumping. the panic or that doesn't happen so much now
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because i just know the situation better. can't. we can't see eskies 28 years old 5 years ago he opened his own martial arts studio he knows the german m.m.a. scene well and he says it's closely connected to the neo nazi scene especially in eastern germany. help i'm sure the worst case i've experienced was at a competition and where people always booed the foreigners during the finals the crowd chanted who nara short for the right wing group hooligans nazis racists. this video is an ad for the well known right wing m.m.a. event camp dinny balloon or fund of the need loons it's an annual meeting for right wing extremists in saxony disguised as
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a sporting event nick and his friend david know all about fight of the need looms which right wing parties use to attract new voters. the blame of the trouble is it's a recognised and consciously public right wing event they're not stupid they promote it like a normal and a finds them but what doesn't belong to the sport is the showing of symbols that are. playing for them who are. the hang of the show and they hang up flags which really belong to the right wing scene. the problem is here and the problem is they mix their politics with the martial arts. the politicians make appearances and try to manipulate people the way mentions when you put real a lot of you hear that politicians come and make speeches fishing for votes image that nick was born in kenya and has spent most of his life here he's encountered nazis outside the martial arts scene too even in school he had to be careful who he
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made friends with the. in my youth i naturally had a bit of contact with them at school too short in that bunch and you had to decide on your attitude towards them. firstly one of them was really into grated into the neo nazi scene so my attitude towards him was clear. in my no one he could never entirely avoid contact with neo nazis in his youth he did try to stay away from them he takes us to the place where a german of cuban descent was stabbed a year ago here is to get things this is the memorial for daniel h. who was murdered here on august 26th 2018. or more than his death made headlines across germany so did the demonstrations afterwards around the col marks monument one of the city's landmarks 5.
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candidates in 28 cheney just the suspicion that asylum seeker killed daniel was enough for sex and he's far right seem to take to the streets beyond hook and other politicians from the i.f.t. much side by side with neo nazis they chanted nazi slogans and did hitler salutes and attacks politicians and foreign looking passers by the police were outnumbered and overwhelmed. meek kid c.s.k. says the demonstrations changed his city since then it's become more polarized the different political camps are more opposed than ever. before and the tone encampments has become more aggressive for its divided groups of friends even my own family a bit. for instance nick and his grandparents often don't see eye to eye. well you know there is a dish today they've come downtown to have a visit with him and he gets. it off. then you can it's when it
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was still part of communist east germany much has changed since then and they don't feel safe here anymore. and it's why doesn't arts and i can't go out anymore at night i don't dare go into the city that's down it wasn't like that before don't beat around the bush it's simple everyone says it's the asylum seekers then if we had more law enforcement and police the feeling would be better but it's how you had. defeated bessel the police are getting huge reinforcements up an absolute was located where i have something against people who've committed crimes your having to be kept here to comply with some international legal practice in internet service let's go through when it's not possible to deport them to venice and for an american history. those are the ones who are a burden to us. since the here in the. us should be skipped can i was and of course
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there's no problem with foreigners i grew up in a system in a world that's totally globalized and that only functions through globalisation and people say throw out all the foreigners but our country couldn't survive without them this week so for me it's not a question of with or without foreigners things can only function if we work together on the phone to me on. nick really likes to talk with his grandparents especially about politics but he finds this sometimes intolerant though he'd never say that to their faces and in front of the camera they're all a bit reticent. this. big thing this issue put edition what do you think about the political direction changing the f.t. getting more powerful and giving the far right a boost to say thanks and you're sure of this but that also means that the people on the left will also get more organized and that would likely provoke more riots
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what would see and i thought after the election because if the a.f.p. comes in 1st protests will increase not only will people protest more. unlikely to do it peacefully which will lead to rioting but i'm pretty sure of that decision. to make and his friends enjoy a barbecue none of the my f.t. supporters and their number little chemists has a far right problem they say last year's demonstrations were exaggerated by the media they more worried about the city's image shows i only learned about what happened from the media apparently people in chemist's a stamp for next to no reason there's a bit of latent fear them this case has been exploited by all sides. but i don't think i was sure that's what it was for me it was presented in the media as if everyone in the demo was right wing but that's not how it was said the vast majority were simply concerned this finds session i found it really shocking that
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even in america poaching on kemet somewhat was happening here people must decide for themselves how much importance to place on it and that's probably why so many people myself included are afraid to let our children play alone outdoors which was once totally normal. but you're going give what you know as a freedom fighter something i feel the reporting of what happened here encampments was exaggerated or stated that it was all very extreme right wing this. for me what took place wasn't just an extreme right wing event this fall for me i don't like what's become of there was a 65 minutes is image has been damaged. it's market i've managed as well so toss it that i didn't interest the media at the time and it doesn't interest anyone now at the meeting them with me until seattle and it was a little hit skin. just ahead of the state elections the parties are making
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a last minute attempt to woo the vote is. that the social democrats stand nick talks with candidate how quickly they see this ken do you think that chemists really has a problem with racism or is it somewhat exaggerated. what is your opinion do you think you'd have to go as a standard that says i think there's no german city that's free of racism i believe that we have a big problem with how we deal with racism which is only that there are cities for instance rostock in mecklenburg for palmer which had problems with it for a very long time and also made negative headlines us.


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