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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2019 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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another twist in the trade war u.s. president donald trump says talks with china are back on he believes beijing wants to make a deal world markets rebound also coming up lifts the currency controls which have helped keep the money for leaving greece for the last 4 years of its grueling austerity. and frisk program roland welcome to the program and to donald trump's tariffs on e.u. cars might not become a thing after all at the g. 7 meeting in france the u.s. president said he thinks the u.s. will be able to reach a fair trade agreement with the european union without slapping import levies on automobiles offering a potential lifeline to german farmers and his trade dispute with china he hinted
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another term markets were happy to buy it. did donald trump's hard line approach drive the chinese back to the negotiating table that's certainly how the u.s. president is framing it on sunday in berets trump said he was sticking to the tariffs even while the other leaders appealed to him and asked him to relent then on monday trump announced that china called move the offer of fresh talks. very good. because i mean this they would be able to give you a very important. thing for you to look at your story. is why the person. is going to be great for. the chinese government doesn't seem to share his enthusiasm paging did not
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immediately confirm that talks are to take place all that emerged was a terse statement economic and trade disputes between china and the u.s. should be resolved by a dialogue but the u.s. adding further tariffs on china seriously goes against the consensus reached by the 2 countries leaders at the also g. 20 summit in homs the interests of both sites in tramples on the rules of multilateral trade and threatens the security of global supply chains. that doesn't sound like willingness to negotiate and it sounds more like china signaling a firm stance the rhetoric escalated on friday when trump sharply hike tariffs on billions of dollars of chinese imports we tell you for fresh duties from beijing. for more on the story let's bring in our financial correspondent dan scored on wall street there was this massive sell off amid donald trump's twitter town from over
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china on friday it seems the storm clouds have passed for now what are we to read them into the market a rebel. well i mean at least and there has been some relief here on wall street that we covered a little less than half of the losses that we saw on friday still if you talk to traders here on wall street they would love to see the twitter account of the president being blocked because just one tweet and the entire mood here on wall street can change once again so most people believe that a deal still might be far away but at least for now there was a little bit of relief even if you look at the companies of the stocks that did not do too great year on monday those were stocks of companies that would potentially suffer if the trade for further escalates not yet this trade just good has been going on for over a year now what is the best possible outcome at this point oh
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well i mean. what i'm hearing mostly is a truce already would be almost the best case scenario hardly anybody really believes that we will get a real deal any time soon but we shouldn't forget the next round of tariffs probably will start on september 1st the from both sides from china and from the united states and well everybody is curious if anything will change coming. first but probably we will get new terror before there might be developments and if even a potential deal. thanks for now but stay where you are. now at the g. 7 meeting friends in the united states have ended a standoff over a french text on big internet companies that's according to french president manuel mccraw he says both sides will work on having an international levy in place by the
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end of 2020 at this point france would then scrap its own digital tax and companies would be reimbursed friends earlier this year and acted 83 percent levy on the annual revenues from digital services of large companies including prominent us tech businesses president trump had threatened to hit back with import tariffs for example on french wine. back to you in new york how did the big tech companies react to the announcement. well officially they haven't commented yet on this new compromise. my call was talking about but as you said this is going to take quite a while before we will see it in practice there are a lot of things can change in between at least for now for here on monday take stocks were among the bigger winners but overall there is so much regulatory
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pressure on the big could take companies like facebook amazon or google just to name a few and go through this pressure is not going to vanish anytime soon let's go to new york thank you. and some of the other global business stories making news. alternative meat producer beyond meat will partner with fast food chain k.f.c. to develop a plant based chicken alternative the 1st a vegan nuggets and boneless wings will appear on menus in the united states is the latest win for beyond meat an investor darling already working with chains like corals and subway. british airways pilots announced friday they'll strike for 3 days of temper in a dispute over pay the strikes on september 9th 10th and 27th could affect tens of thousands of travelers the airline called the move unjustifiable and said it will refund and rebook passengers affect. confidence among german business executives
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has sunk to a near 7 year low as survey of germany's institute for economic research shows fears of a recession are growing as the german economy contracted during the 2nd quarter of this year slowing global trade has hit the country which relies heavily on x s. greece has been through years of economic and financial hardship some of which can be summed up in one figure 60 euros per day that's how much or that's how little greeks were able to withdraw from their bank accounts after the government had introduced capital controls in june of 2015 spooked by the country's financial troubles panic cash withdrawals threatened to topple the banking sector as greece recovered over time the government loosened the measure now it's set to be scrapped altogether. and historical moment for greece after prime minister kiriakou a smith
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so talk is told parliament enough business that greece was lifting all remaining limits on the free movement of capital of brault after 4 years of restrictions on. the removal of capital controls from the 1st of september marks a further return to normality for greece's economy. from today capital controls are a thing of the past. the previous government introduced capital controls in june 2015 during the banking crisis. fearing a run on banks panicked depositors made large scale money transfers overseas greeks were only allowed to withdraw $60.00 euros a day untransparent few 100 euros a month overseas banks were besieged by angry greeks who feared losing their savings. the turmoil calls the crisis in the euro zone prime minister mr tuck is described the dismantling of the banking measures as the end of a 4 year cycle of insecurity. it's australia now where over $2000000.00 homes have
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rooftop solar panels some are concerned that old disused panels might end up in landfills experts say there could be a huge amount of it in the years to come. usually jeremy hunt is installing new panels around town in darwin australia but in this case he's just removed the old ones which have stopped working now it's time to recycle them something that's not as easy as it sounds the al-ameen your friends are going to ask it and the metal can be recycled and that just leaves then the glass on the back seat with the cells to get out of the landfill but it's not good to see it's it's not what the industry wants that's for sure there is no accurate data on how much trash the solar industry is generating and it's most panels were installed in the past decade there's no time to waste these panels last 152025 years so the problem is coming at the moment there are no national laws regulating so the waste but the
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experts in australia are starting to develop the much needed plans maybe the regulation needs to require that there is a cost in that new panel that is for the collection and there are a cycling at the end of the panels at the end of last solar installer jeremy hunt want something done before his business gets a bad name for the waste it produces in the meantime he's turning a few retired solar panels into something useful tables. and finally fed in and one of the most powerful men in the automotive industry has died at the age of 82 disappearance reportedly collapsed at a restaurant on sunday night and later died at a hospital fed in peace started his career at his grandfather's auto company porsche before taking over and transforming audi and later faults is to be in this praise for reviving the company's fortunes and turning it into one of the world's
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biggest car makers but it's also criticised over the fox going to these and cheating scandal kurt when he was head of the company. oh the movie. well that's it for me and the team here in berlin for more business news check out the w dot com slash business on preschool were things.
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and i'm going to bring news w. from the bottom of this person this device is about topics that affects a whole lot of solution to climate change and the return. races scouting. and. rodeo riders preparing for their next contest. getting the grip right can make all the difference between potentially life or death. here in brazil they called rodeo the most radical sport in the world. banned understandably so it has
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a long tradition here and discipline fictional school mascot.


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