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took off the launch pad in texas this was a low altitude test with the craft slowly rising to 150 meters it's then propelled itself to a landing pad where it touched down after a couple of minutes it was powered by the company's new rockstar engine which plays a key role of musts and visions up to 7 bucks would be used to propel his mars bounce. face flushed. 600 schools. the 1st climbing lesson. doors grand moment arrives. to join the ranks jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. in a ranting returns home on t w dot com tanks.
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and. rodeo riders are preparing for their next contest. getting a grip right can make all the difference between potentially life or death. here in brazil they call rodeo the most radical sport in the world. and understandably so because a long tradition here and as a professional sport odd as what is being crowd pleasing spectacle. will promote them at the edge of their job was it was with the ethics training ethics of. athletes who are willing to risk all.
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for a fistful of. deceased how could i give it up it's rodeo that has made me who i am today. this is how their careers started chasing calves. it was the same for from london advice as a child on this ranch. michigan it all started as a game when we were kids we used to herd the calves in the cage. and when the adults weren't looking we used to ride the cows.
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the farm workers son has grown up to be a rodeo champion even if he might not look like when it 1st class. he's won dozens of competitions and is one of the best for a zillion riders were and now he's a major contender for the annual world championship title. mounting guy in the south brazilian hinterland. half a 1000000 visitors flock to the agricultural show here every year including cowboys their fans and their future successors. the traditional cattle market is the genesis in still the centerpiece of the trade for. the further along people are standing in line for the rodeo show the highlight of the mering got an agricultural show for fernando this could be his ticket to the world championships in the u.s.
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his boyhood dream. the level. that i remember the agricultural fairs of my childhood. i came here to see cattle and horses and of course the rodeo writers. now i'm one of them it's fantastic lego's but. here comes. the having to make dating name research is sultan. or islamic state. the writers don't know which bull they'll ride. only 4 percent of all bulls are aggressive enough for rodeo competitions. they turn to a unit close to one time a draw decides which rider will mount which animal. needs to win here in modern go to take part in the world championships in las vegas if you can master these especially fierce bulls to learn more points on the world ranking list.
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this rodeo is a sport where you went on one day and lose the next general says but you can't afford to think about failure. you have to conquer the ball mentally if you want to win the me. i will mental preparation is just one of the rodeo rider is tasks as the excitement reaches a fever pitch. the cowboy outfit his obligatory. lack that they use their knives to roughen the braided rope. treat it with resin to maintain a good grip for fun and oh this procedure is part of his job. those of us that only god decides which task is given to us it's my mission to ride goals i owe everything i am to rodeo. i was there for. the was before the men's rodeo starts it's the women's competition
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the pure speed rush was rodeo as a spectacle generally associated with the u.s. and mexico but nowhere will you find more enthusiastic fans than in brazil the country plays host to over a 1000 tournaments. i think late at night there's nothing better than going to a rodeo with the family i love it to me and i think that i've been coming here every year since i was a child. the flag of the rodeo is now by us we brazilians our nation loves rodeos we love horses that's why we are ranches good. amid the hustle and bustle a silent prayer some on the protagonist's. gree
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are done tonio with the blond hair has just recovered from a serious pelvis injury. is a good friend to friend on dos the riders recite the christian lord's prayer together as they do before every competition. that. 2 i've. not. unlike god in your lives here can personally step in to protect the riders. he's one of 3 son of a he does lifesavers. this is why i rode cars as a young boy but then i got scared. and 8 years ago i met a lifesaver here who had managed to make himself a career in the us. and i immediately fell in love with this job. that i want to save other people's lives i see. him.
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every time it's a gamble to see whether he can fulfill this what. the riders are ready to go. in the starting box the main glove has to be a perfect fit if it's too tight they could get dragged along by the ball. they have to stay on the board for. 8 seconds then the bell rings. little. miss rider is made it. they're not allowed to touch the ball with their free hand otherwise they'll have points deducted. to a new post the lifesaver has his hands full. minute square yards
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turn. his injured pelvis hasn't quite healed. not a laxative or is have to prevent the worst we are gets away this time with just a fright. ah. the next rider was also handed one of the fiercest bulls in the draw. it's almost a miracle but none of them are seriously injured although cutting us does look a little worse for where. we are comes in to help his friend out of the arena. gets the 1st scare in mounting. the next step is for not.
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as. if he wins this rodeo he'll cash in on a $7000.00 euro prize but much more importantly he will qualify him for the world championship in las vegas where the winner earns $1000000.00. that could be different on those worries. he's already the top earner among his colleagues because he succeeded in qualifying for key u.s. tournaments. fernando says he only managed it because he respects every ball. there are. a great dismount and almost perfect ride.
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he was a difficult ball he didn't turn the way i like but i have to handle that i think the planet work and getting. to one of the last riders on the 1st day is rafael across. the business who was left motionless. the lifesavers protect the fallen riders as. the party mood is over for now. for. a 2nd so uncertain to. their relief as he signals he's conscious. the 1st day and so. it was a good 1st day for me but i have to do better tomorrow. for nanda was in the lead
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ahead of the finals maintaining his chance to compete in the world championships. guys surrounded my vast cornfields news is brazil's bread basket in. the countryside otoh frequented by the professional rodeo riders is right in the middle of the cornfields. they travel through the country together $35.00 weekends a year up and down brazil to places like this. so find a local you know. although as such rivals they're more like partners and often friends. i know. that the. rodeo brings us together they say. oh.
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yes in the family this is our 2nd family where with our wives from mondays to wednesdays but the weekend this is our family we are pals we help each other out. for not you. know i remember one time when fernando fell under a pole and i helped to get him out of. the boat will kick me then someone else helped me that's what i call sticking together. properly roeser comes in and joins them the rider who fell the earlier yes to put up with all kinds of jokes. so. i'm going to go boy. them with another new i have no idea. them so i was unconscious. it was an amazing i don't remember anything off trying can't box face but these boards do you know but i reckon that's just part of what is the most radical sports in the wild. the more. far away from the ranchers in the cities
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many people think rodeo is crazy. they see the sport not as radical but as ruthless towards our most. the university of barrow to his own church is hosting a conference for animal welfare activists. the lectures are about neurological studies and the question of whether rodeo and kept chasing still have a place in modern brazilian society are they in keeping with the times. who was a recipe for. newness insists that these traditions should be banned. thanks. as i did my scare but all the bull suffered broken bones and bruising and grazed skin it's
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a common occurrence that years i'm not the fact is they're disturbed behavior because they are constantly trying to behave in an abnormal just to suit this event means but i the most that a film. among those attending this lecture is politician or a dean your union or he's fighting for a ban on rodeo shows and wants to introduce a long way if you win the regional parliament. who actually still defends these events as was or is that is just the writers themselves and the people who profit and make money from the a bad experience for use otherwise are zillions are increasingly against rodeo shows.
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the breeders of course see things very differently one of the major ranches for rodeo bulls is in the federal state of south. the bulls are just getting accustomed to being enclosed in the starting boxes with the physical confinement and stress that all the stages of the tournament involve. the manager of the farmers responsible for $260.00 rodeo cattle he rejects criticism that rodeo bulls are subjected to greater stress. goals are fine with the rodeo all their joints and bones remain on heart. they're happy i'll show you then you can believe me. power always eager to show that the genitals of his bulls have not been harmed he demonstrates how the rope is strapped to cross the abdomen during the ride and apparently doesn't squeeze any delicate
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areas. doing this my whole life i take care of the animals. have anyone can prove to me that rodeo hurts the bulls i'd be the 1st to give up my job. or critics just talk but don't have a clue about how our business actually works. without rodeo here these bulls would have been slaughtered long ago. they get a special blend of feet. it's a high protein diet including corn and soy.
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the animals need a lot of rest too to conserve their energy for the brief but fears rodeo rides. the value of a barrel that is performed well in the arena rises quickly then the breeder gets more bonuses from the rodeo events. founded this farm he's the most successful rodeo bull breeder in brazil. he rents out his bulls for competitions depending on the bull he gets the equivalent of about $200.00 euros per animal. but it doesn't bring in enough revenue. money with the radio bonuses because our costs of so high we have to pay for the van staff and in particular the bulls nutrient rich feet.
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owns a range of feared. but only best ones bring in profits. at the moment he has only one such bull. is the best in the whole of brazil. a lot of bunk. and has been the talk level for 6 years now. and that's twice as long as. he still is strong as a young bull. the vet comes by regularly to take a sperm sample from the bull. somebody asked to stimulate the bull from behind it's a routine procedure for the sperm bank. the objective is cross
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breeding the best animals a good young bull can be sold for some 150000 euros. never die just an inch there we crease our probability of getting a suitable product for the radio event. the aim of all around genetic measures is to cross-breed the best bowl for competitions. the furthest ball pollo ever owned was called bungee do. he died a year ago but over 2000 of his sperm samples are now available for in vitro fertilization. in a laboratory the best samples are selected and used to fertilize suitable egg cells this creates a higher probability of producing successful competition bulls. this is paolo's real business model. in the past no one knew which specimens had conceived which
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volvic in our days with in vitro fertilization we know every detail we make brothers cousins aunts and also crossbreeds among them were always looking for a rodeo pole was not some aggression and which books the best is for the. good old rodeo has become big business here. its long become the type of sport where vets are just as important as the carboys and where managers want to extract maximum profits from their animals. and. there were a few geared up all this are willing to risk their lives for a good show the. 2 rodeo is still a popular sport in rural brazil it's an event that brings the whole town together.
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but for following me to go it's all about keeping his business running. and keeping an eye on his bulls performance making sure they stay healthy in an event that is becoming increasingly spectacular and increasingly radical. and you commit your that your body in the past rodeo riding on horses was more popular but now it's bull rode it because it's small gang. yes. the bulls jump really high if they fall they riot they are very calm a lot of it is that the but then it's a battle between the bull and the rider it's you all me one of us has to lose the war. to put it on curtis it's not unusual for the ball to gain the upper hand in
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a very quick way. ah. the writers are lucky if they get away with just a bruising. the breeding costs are very high so we decided to break the fiercest ones in vitro it reduces our costs by 60 percent. it's worthwhile and it makes for a great show. i'm pretty excited now. to the. rodeo is particularly popular in parts of brazil were agriculture plays a large role. in many regions this is quite a recent development in the 1980 s. large swathes of the amazon rain forest were cut down to make way for farmland.
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the transoceanic a highway connects peru's pacific coast with brazil via the andes and the amazon and runs right through this region. truck traffic is increasing along this highway . as our cotton fields. and just a handful. they stretch as far as the eye can see. see. this is much older also home to the country's farming giants it could be described as the larder of brazil and that of the world. these cattle are destined not for rodeo shows but for export to europe and china. i'm a snare from the levy the air in the best place in the world to produce food you have
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to fall crops a year if you have enough rainfall and it's a good to great climate so you don't have strong winters and oldest season is pretty much the same all year round so. hundreds of thousands of cattle chickens and pigs israel girls men in just one of the biggest farms in brazil right now it's cotton harvest time on an area the size of a major city. the last few months have been unusually dry but that doesn't affect the genetically modified plants. our saw is getting better year after year because of especially of precision ag planting where you do soil sampling in a whole field and then you put the fertilizer on has the soil needs it based on what culture you plant a plan soya and you plant caught them and therefore you use enough fertilizer and
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chemical. other plants and insects die. the genetically modified plants and the controversial we kill or agent life was sitting there supplied by month santo and its parent company buyer. the biggest possible profits are made on all sides. much of it also means the forest but that hasn't existed for around 30 years now. everything possible is extracted from the ground in this. bio ethanol is being produced for fuel. and this is the man who owns it all you know that you know france that's the son of a struggling immigrant from germany who found his eldorado here. like a $987.00 i started my own business with just $600.00 in my pocket. and
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i started selling cement and other materials. and. then we planted soybeans and produced biodiesel. years and. now we're the 1st ones to produce ethanol here it's on all the media. you know is now ahead of the 3rd biggest agricultural firm in brazil and is very well connected including contacts high up in the government. there's a reason for his wealth but he manned for resources from eastern asia. most of money you know soit goes to china. i feel there was up i said you know out of my business you need a major chinese investor has just got on board lobel plant. that was the chinese buy from us because we have a lot of space and farming area we are a major producer because our natural conditions are ideal for farming. and we have
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plenty of watches there with us to so was there. in those workers are cheaper most of them were lured here from the poverty stricken northeast of brazil to work in the agricultural heartland with his rodeo tradition they earn their monthly minimum wage the equivalent of 280 euros. for these expensive fields stop is where other people have begun fine. ending knew were earning a few dollars with what's left of the rain forest. bloggers seem to be everywhere in brazil's amazon rain forest although most of these operations are illegal they're not exactly conducted in secret.
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the rain forest is visibly shrinking at the same time brazil's agricultural areas are growing unable in the country to serve the worldwide need for food. the amazon rain forest the world's biggest green long is also suffering in the far west of the country and the federal state of could act close to the border with peru and bolivia. do this with you dustin bonus from the workers union for years she's been keeping track on how international logging firms fell rain forests timber without permits fucking things it is the only ones who manage to get timber out of the region are big companies they're mostly not from
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our region as far as i know most of the what is taken abroad it's a small farmers who lose out when we need to ember we have to buy it somewhere else that i did not pay my bad effect on but i. do as we journey has lived with and from the rain forest for as long as you can remember. she works as a rubber tapper she used to work on a plantation but today she works in a dedicated area of the amazon rain forest. using a special tool these slips 20 centimeter long grooves into the tree trunks. then they collect the sticky white latex out been there cops drop by drop. oil last daily kitty i was born here and grew up as
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a rubber tapper just like my 7 siblings does not demand has fallen though and today we only supply one condom factory jobs. the rubber tappers need an intact rain forest it's the very bases of their work that. for years they've been fighting against the ruthless exploitation of the forests and against the large scale farmers looking for even more grazing land. bucolic calm of the brazilian far west is deceptive there's a brutal battle being fought here. anyone who interferes with the interests of the landowners can end up paying for it with their lives such as the assassinated chico mendez the legendary leader of the brazilian rubber tappers studio sweeter and her fellow campaigners are certain that the danger is just as big today for those who
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dared to challenge the powerful landowners. who does this people are afraid to join our union. because a lot of previous members have been murdered. mohammed said scares people who does business there but i'm not afraid. although i have already been threatened to a lot of. a man told me i talk too much just like the murder chico mendez and me just was this volume was good that we should majestic voiding. not everyone. has the energy to keep up this fight poverty levels are very high as well as dependence on state welfare programs. the same goes for the family of 7 a disorder. the familiar program allows me to go shopping every month and it comes as electricity and war to say nothing would be possible without this support.
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solely always has to calculate how she'll get through the month. since her husband left she's lived in this tiny space with her 3 children this is also reality in rodeo crazy brazil. at the same time the pace of deforestation is growing by the year 3 d. as leaches shows us one of the giant amazon forest trees this fate has already been decided by the timber industry. here is another example where it's already been marked it'll be chopped down so. this means fewer jobs for the rubber tappers and a smaller and smaller longing for the world. we're back in modding. a world away from the land conflict outside the city.
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the agricultural show is mushroom into a fully fledged festival with over 1200 exhibitors. follow a meal you know is usually in attendance when his balls are participating in the rodeo even if now he makes most of his money not from rodeo but from selling his best breed. i. think. it's time for the grand finale the last round of the contest. the rodeo riders are celebrated like olympians as the game of spar about to begin. the in the lead is among those on the podium.
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most of the rodeo riders are deeply religious. many of them have worked their way up from humble backgrounds i have riders like on the dion or more times a rodeo superstar 3 times world champion and although not retired he's still the darling of the audience in brazil. the thought i had died in the united states live a single. life before the final i have a single win. on the down no gives his backing to young talent like found not go. oh he's too much several minutes left and i'm guessing yes he's going to be at the world finals this year let's have a test for the old 7 i believe so i'd say it's very good it's
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a bit bloated at length and his focus is a witch. hunt for now no needs or good 1st run it. by. a clean dismount with no points deducted. the and i know let's make out i drew a good ball i made the most of my opportunity to get it but we still have the final round i. think comes on you a blink from mondo's biggest threat by the local hero from guy was a perfect ride on a raging bull was.
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other favorites don't fare as well. on the animal dies former world champion is also brazil's top rodeo functionary he wants to make the sport better know. the way you promote the right there is itself that links itself with don't promote them as that which is their job wasn't what we promote them best it's training and things that the right is for a cowboy in the sand and. now comes where ya d'antoni knows last chance at winning the tournaments. his rope is covered in resin. in the middle of the ride he loses control was he can't stop that.
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he gets kicked hard by the ball. and despite getting back on his feet he collapses a few seconds later. the reno holds its breath. and today on i was worried. i. riad has to go to the hospital he's seriously injured. but tough call for fun and oh. he still has to do his final ride. in a stadium another says the show must go on. the
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railing and loses a fight. credits to local favorite stars. i. was last performance i. i. i the winners purse this tool box set and a prize money of 7000 euros. but now for number one the other riders find out that their friend has died while still on the way to the hospital.
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not the 1st and surely not the last man to lose his life in this radical sport. for the entertainment of others. we are antonio's death has shocked opponents of the rodeo 2. if you stay here that's the risk they take you can get injured or it can even end with someone dying in public at an event that is meant to bring joy it turned into a tragedy like abuse but i usually set up
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a silly good enough if that's if you know some of them i finish it the mississippi and our society a lot of people are unaware all the time volved behind the scene is that. the events are dressed up as amazing spectacles. but the suffering behind the goal is affecting more and more people who are against aries a space was just go to practice if we wanted to do this no dignity in this is the right as think they can become big champions and the manages seller does if it were normal sports as if it was suck little swimming it was for t.v. this is in space a feature of all not the cell. shortly afterwards along with his wife and daughter hundreds of fellow riders more we are on time. you.
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friend under has decided to take a break from rodeo riding. working with his extended family on his parents' ranch he tries to process his friends. it's a feat that threatens him too if you continues. to michigan because of. the tournaments i came here to my parents' place i should get a says all of them when it was 6 o'clock in the morning. my mother was crying. no i don't have this offshore she asked me to finally give up rodeo. but
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i can't. go see if you want rodeo has got me where i am today she go and shit will pop up does she. a radical scored in the wild west or brazil. cisco india. chinese life presidents of a small village in russia. and plant $111.00 tree is put every kill. on every venue in a male dominated society. a very special celebration of life.
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30 minutes total. ready bold moves all crazy business. no risk no gain some cap projects can out and boost the economy while well considered ones fizzle out or end in tears. at some transformational moments in the history of economic activity. made in germany if not even a double. coming . from the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. too soon will bring to the comic some though from the old school $250.00. marking the financial discovery
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. expedition the boys. play. this is the interview news live from berlin britain's prime minister boris johnson takes a dramatic step he says he has asked the queen to shut down tara went on till just a few weeks before bragg said opponents are calling the plan outrageous and a dark day for democracy. also coming up italy's that it's decision time in italy parties must reach an agreement to for.


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