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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 28, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin britain's prime minister boris johnson takes a dramatic step he says he has asked the queen to shut down parliament until just a few weeks before princess the opponents are calling the plan dangerous and a dark day for democracy. also coming up it is this vision time in italy political parties must reach an agreement on forming a new coalition government or the country will face fresh elections and polls say that is likely to put western europe's 1st all right government in power. talks yes
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102 years old and still teaching the poor only for lennar may open the file and find out why his life is still going so swimmingly at such an advanced age. i'm sumi so misconduct thank you for joining us it's being called an explosive announcement british prime minister boris johnson says his government will shut down parliament until 2 weeks before britain's exit from the european union a plan now for october 31st opponents call the move undemocratic saying it will give lawmakers less time to potentially pass legislation to stop a no deal bragg said but johnson says the suspension is justified as i said on the steps of st we're not going to wait until october the 31st before getting on with opera. it's to take this country forward and to do that we need new legislation
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we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that's why we are going to have a queen speech and we're going to do it on october the 14th and we've got to move ahead now with a new legislative program. is very good math is in london with the latest cyber get what does this all mean. it sure is an absolute determination on the side of boris johnson and his government to make bragg's it happen we have to keep in mind that on the bad the faster tobar this is the deadline this is when britain is going to leave the european union and boris johnson is just so determined to make this happen he said do or die we are going to leave and by restricting parliament's time he makes it very very difficult for them to come up with anything that could stop him can stop the u.k. from leaving the state so he increases the pressure. of just also one day when it
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comes to the negotiations with the european union to actually say we are going to leave so you really don't have a lot of time to to give me anything new any changes to to the withdrawal agreement that has been negotiated with the european union which she wants to have changed increasing the pressure on the e.u. to give them some changes and then increasing the pressure towards holliman to actually to actually accept these changes and get anything through so he's just stepping up a notch his efforts to to leave the e.u. with a deal but he's also prepared to leave without a deal if that all that is fruitless there during the statement from boris johnson earlier a journalist asked him expose explicitly if this is a move to prevent a parliamentary debate and let's listen to what he set. that is completely true if you look at what we're doing we're bringing forward
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a new program croyle hospitals and making sure that we have the education funding that we need and there will be ample time on both sides of that crucial october the 17th summit and taught in parliament for m.p.'s to debate the e.u. and all the other issues so there we have a very good course on saying there's plenty of time to debate do you think lawmakers are likely to see it that way. well i mean we've already from a position to view it as a declaration of war against parliament they point out that boris johnson and his leave campaign have always maintained that leaving the youth is taking back control of the british parliament that they see a sovereign and for him to basically stop parliament from. is what the speaker of the house of parliament. himself was normally supposed to be quite. a
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constitutional outrage so it really is. like a declaration of war for these opposition and pays what. doing. is there any way for lawmakers especially those opposition m.p.'s to stop. on october 31st. it just becomes very very difficult for them we have seen that they have been meeting yesterday and they have been trying to come together and trying to agree on a strategy they don't have the same ruthlessness as the government they find it very difficult to agree on something they have come up with a tentative plan trying to legislate for the government not to leave without a deal which is what they want to prevent at any cost but having so little time makes it even more difficult for them to agree on something so we might see
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a very tough no confidence by the opposition into the government that's what we might see as early as next week. for us there in london thank you. it is also a decisive day in italian politics the country's president has told the 2 parties they must reach an agreement today on forming a new governing coalition if they fail he will call new elections far right interior minister matteo salvini triggered the collapse of the government by withdrawing his support earlier this month. italy's presidential palace is a busy place these days. negotiators for a new at talian government left talks on tuesday with no clear signal as to whether they have reached a final agreement on who is going to be at the least next prime minister. the previous officeholder giuseppi content resigned his post last week bringing italy's
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populist government to a swift end after just 14 months in power. context used his interior minister matteo 70 of wanting to rule by himself. we don't need a man with absolute power. but people with a strong sense of responsibility. i mean salvini the leader of italy's right wing likud party told senators he triggered the government crisis because he wanted to bring about snap elections. before they. will do everything that i did all over again thank you. thank you. everything with a great strength of being a free man. it means i'm not afraid of being judged by the italian this
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was the. his supporters have been out in force chanting elections now elections now solving his bid for power comes amid high poll numbers reflecting widespread support for his tough stance on migration. if the 5 star movement is unable to secure a coalition deal italy's president is expected to call an early election for november. and we can speak to journalists in rome now so the 5 star movement has the most seats in parliament and has to find a majority by the afternoon what is the latest that you're hearing there on negotiations but what we do know is that representatives of the 5 star movement as well as the center left democratic party talks right now to try and work out some kind of a deal they have that didn't put in place by the president. what we do know is that
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divisions to remain but to clearly on the roll that you rejected my hope will play it any kind of new government now he's the leader off the 5 and the current deputy prime minister so there was a lot of attacks by the by and the 5 star who went on the against the democratic party in the past and so there are factions in both parties that want to have absolutely nothing to do with the job that we've already heard such as representatives of each party saying well if this coalition is formed i need to talk to you all to get this so i'm not mad state though what is motivating these parties is that it's their desire to ensure that salvini and his the party does not return to fatah and to hope for any kind of elections and the instability that will create so much develop this currently holds will be taken all that if the different political factions and montes unfold and nice expected to make some kind of statement as to what's going to come out of this how we could go to elections all
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i'm going to see this new coalition formed either later today or tomorrow the same way you mention the far right lead leader matteo salvini his plan was to force early elections how has this been working out for him. well the question remains here in italy as to whether this was a gross miscalculation on sell beanies part i mean really or was it the wrong step to do a bad time he perhaps in deciding to pull the plug on this coalition at this point in time we have seen certain polls saying some support for him has dropped as a result of this i think many italians are tired of elections tired of turning to boats and concerned about what this instability will mean in terms of the situation of the economy in the country and so perhaps this was a mistake on his spot or if i told could there be new elections at the moment it seems some like there will be some kind of coalition but we'll have to see what
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comes out of talks between the 5 star movement and the democratic party and what decision much the relative a journalist seem good in rome bringing us today thank you seem a. let's get around about some other stories making news around the world brazil has backtracked on the offer of aid for the amazon wildfires by the wealthy g 7 countries after the president called on his french counterpart to apologize for an alleged insult for taking the money a spokesman said tuesday brazil would accept foreign aid provided it then controls the cash. you see 2 explosions have ripped through separate police checkpoints in gaza city killing 3 policemen and wounding passers by the hamas controlled interior ministry there declared a state of emergency there was no claim of responsibility but the blasts were reminiscent of previous rounds of infighting between hamas and other islamists. 2
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people have been confirmed dead in japan as heavy rains pounded the southern island of authorities told hundreds of thousands of residents to leave their homes and their plan slides and flood warnings weather officials say the rains are the region's worst in 15 years. they are on opposing sides in the war in syria but turkish president met with russian president vladimir putin on tuesday both insisting they want to defuse tensions in syria's northern province russian backed syrian forces have stepped up their campaign against rebels their opposition forces holding it reportedly lost at least 50 combatants recently sense of has also forced thousands of civilians to flee. i do nestles keep trying and his family are finally safe all 7 of them beneath a top hole and in a big room in the extreme heat but anything is better than a life surrounded by falling bombs. the family fled to the north of syria from the
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south of. their house had collapsed in the back abdul's leg was injured one of his daughters was killed. imagine your child dying in front of your eyes and you can't do anything you can't carry her away i can't describe what kind of feelings 1st. since the end of april syrian forces had bombed the south of italy government troops are also on the ground despite a ceasefire. the province lies in the north west of syria on the border with turkey it's the last rebel stronghold turkey sides with the rebels and has a rated observation post in it that. turkey already controls areas in neighboring provinces it's from here they wish to keep kurdish forces in the north east of syria in chick russia syria's closest allies also involved in the
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offensive it has taken part in iraq and provided special forces. 400000 people have fled the fighting and they're now on the move north many are stranded in refugee centers like the at my camp in cramped quarters and without knowing what comes next. i don't know as a kid and his family want to flee to turkey or to europe in hope of a better future. they have a better life than the children go to school our children have nothing no proper food no clothes no school nothing at all. nothing. but the road to turkey is blocked like so many others across syria millions of people are tracked living in fear of yet more attacks from the year. you're watching d.w. news still to come on our show as an international convention on endangered species wraps up in geneva will explain why this author could be at risk of becoming
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extinct because partly due to social media. but 1st after 14 days at sea swedish climate change activists gratitude burke is about to arrive in new york now she's headed to a un environmental summit and she wanted to travel without leaving a carbon footprint so the 16 year old or she began her transatlantic journey from plymouth in the united kingdom and went over to the over the atlantic to new york in some fairly rough conditions. racing across the atlantic to fight climate change in the yachts that leaves no carbon footprint to to him on a mission to change the world and get to the u.n. climate summit in new york without flying. but it's not all been plain sailing. we're doing it in. love and not. a real
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love on the moslim so let's go very wrong the highway here. the 16 year old set off from the southwest of england 2 weeks ago some criticized what they saw as a publicist stunt but to make no apology i mean i am not telling anyone what to do or what not to do i'm just doing this because i want to do this myself and i am one of the very very few people in the world who actually can do this and then i think i should take that chance to do this. last year gretta to newburgh began fridays for a future each friday the swedish teenager would skip school in order to. campaign against climate change from outside the country's parliament has school strike soon spread around the world. and so did tom message she is now the young
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face of environmental activism. it's been quite a journey for 2 in bag and with the united states now in her sights this is just the start. cumin tsar exploiting the planet's animal and plant species and that's putting them at risk of extinction that is the message from the convention on international trade in endangered species representatives from 180 countries have spent 2 weeks forging an agreement on how to regulate the buying and selling of species under threat take the mako shark for instance this is the fastest shark in the world but human appetite for its flashin it spins means it is quickly disappearing from our oceans at the convention delegates agreed to better protect it from trade and commercial fishing they've also voted to protect some species you might not think are under threat like 2 kinds of author here's more.
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they may be really adorable but they news cheeky little creatures are in danger conservationists numbers are declining and the species could one day be extinct one of the main culprits social media images such as these that generate a demand for offices as pits. and striving and acceptability of having a pet when someone creates a false narrative on their instagram accounts about how great it is to have a pet by showing cute videos cute photos. glamorizing what is one fact it's the animal suffering animals you might not even imagine could be endangered in fact giraffes for instance particularly in parts of west central and east africa they're threatened by habitat loss drought and the tried in body parts for the 1st time the countries have agreed to regulate the stright not ban it. and that means all
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international trade in giraffes will now be regulated by the treaty to make sure any trade whether it's trophies or products is sustainable and legal but when it comes to elephant ivory and ron i horns global trade is outrightly legal and it will stand out why some southern african nations had wanted to sell government aren't ivory stockpiles but others successfully argued that could fuel demand and illegal poaching the un has warned over a 1000000 animal and plant species face extinction environmentalist believe much more needs to be dumb to stop a decline in biodiversity that they say is unprecedented. and the environment reporter jennifer collins is in geneva for us hi jan so the conference there ends today what has been achieved for wildlife protection in general. well there's really been a big big trend towards more protectionism so restricting trade banning trade in
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some cases we have animals that have been added to the list like sharks authors which we just heard and of course the big question has been ivory trade on elephant protection and that's revealed a really big big splash in the content of africa on how elephants should be conserved and some of the southern african states have been talking about pulling out and all this kind of sofa of psyches but of course that will be very difficult for them to do because they trade so many animals in size he is and so they could just leave because of elephants because it is kind of the only game in town but yes as conservationists in general are very happy here because they feel that trade is a driver of our county a driver of a species extinction and they feel that more protection restricting trade is often the way to go jennifer with that kind of division there among delegates how effective do you think these measures will actually be. well this
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is one of the biggest and oldest conservation agreements in the world conservation and trade agreements i should say 183 signatories to it basically all the countries in the world so for that reason alone it is very effective and of course it does really depend on how these countries implement these decisions on the ground will they actually take into account that they should be trading they should be tricked restricting trading and it does have teeth at there are compliance mechanisms there is a country isn't taking precautions isn't doing its job it can be escalated and they can actually be temporarily banned from trading any species that are on the site is listen of course countries don't want that has that could be really bad for economies where countries are very reliant on this kind of trade and so it does people in general feel it's quite an effective treaty although there are problems under combi divisions of course so if there are competing interests what does need to happen to make sure that we don't lose more vital wildlife species.
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well trade is really just war in the aspect of the debate and so he's really only covers trade of course that has been identified as a big driver of and loss of biodiversity if it's on regulation so i decided to run the site that people really need to be looking at issues like climate change has also identified in the un biodiversity report as a big driver of species extinction also. lost so draining wetland chopping now forests for agriculture and human settlements that's also a really big issue and none of those things are in the remit of such that they have to be looked up to r. and d. to view environment reporter jennifer collins for us in geneva thank you jenny. since the turn of the century the number of people over the age of 100 has risen markedly the un counts more than half a 1000000 of president but how do you get old and stay young berliner berliner leopold could folic is $102.00 and still giving swimming lessons.
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violet maybe they've also told the same teacher at the grand old age of 100 into his still given classes every week at the school in burnie. thanks swimming in his spanish. was ok to me doing sports is one of the biggest joys in life. was going to. thank you for keeping fit has certainly helped to keep leo young. the full metal worker who wanted to stay active when you talk 14 years ago. he qualified as a swimming instructor and has been teaching children ever since thank you. i just love being with the kids i do it all for free if not.
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more than a 1000 children have taken to the water to meet. kids h. doesn't bother to think of how old is leona. and how you didn't choose. but he's really helpful and very patient. if you believe exactly just like thank. you. thank you thank you. thank you get a. little blue school excel full of admiration. they're fearful it's all we're very proud to have him that he's so fit for his age he has a great sense of humor is wonderful with children along with that keeps him young and does that new york. i'm not that young anymore really but it's still in this. country yes watch i can do. pretty
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much anything if i want to get a little bit older i'm not not at all just yet. and it's children expect to see him diving in every thursday without fail. 1000. now you come in. if i can do it in the days i used to die from the 5 minutes of board. goodbye. thank you. thank you. now billionaire iran mosque's commercial space company called space x. has successfully tested and early prototype of a rocket it hopes will one day take astronauts to mars the star hopper took off from a launch pad in texas this was
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a low altitude tasked with the craft slowly rising 20150 meters it then propelled itself to a landing pad were touched down after a couple of minutes it was powered by the company's new raptor engine which plays a key role and must ambition up to 7 raptors would be used to propel his mars expects. earth minder now of our top stories here on t.w. british prime minister boris johnson says his government is the spending parliament until just 2 weeks before britain's exit from the european union opponents are calling the move outrageous and a dark day for democracy. and italy's president has told the main parties they must reach an agreement today on forming a new governing coalition if they fail he will call new elections well that comes after a far right interior minister my tail salvini triggered the collapse of the government by withdrawing his support. and coming up next our business show made in
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germany and that's in just a few minutes right here on people will be back at the top of the hour with more news to thank you for watching.
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