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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2019 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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just roman polanski. this is how the british parliament will look in the final weeks before the country leaves the european union and empty westminster before and that is how prime minister boards johnson wants it to be his decision today to suspend parliament for 5 weeks is completely legal and it has the queen's blessing it also has many lawmakers outraged accusing the prime minister of acting like a dictator and trying to shut down democracy is he. this is the day. we're going to wait until october the 31st before getting old with the promise is doing is a sort of smash and grab on our democracy you know as a force through a no deal exit from the european union this is really just. by primitive he
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is unelected in terms of the people of this country when you get someone a prime minister acting more like a dictator than someone who's supposed to be the center of the mother of all parliaments i think you've got to be very very concerned if m.p.'s don't come together next week boris johnson in his tracks then i think history is the key you keep democracy. also coming up a 16 year old climate activist just sailed across the atlantic and docked in new york harbor on a mission to stop climate change and she didn't leave a single carbon footprint but it is saying that 60 will have to trust the atlantic ocean to make a stand and 2 and. this of course is not something that i want everyone to do. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around. in the world well we begin the day with the
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u.k.'s new prime minister boris johnson closer than he's ever been to 2 things britain crashing out of the european union and boris johnson out of a job as prime minister today johnson announced that he will suspend parliament for 5 weeks beginning in mid september ending just 2 weeks before breaks it begins on october 31st his request today was approved by the queen and wets westminster there was more anger than approval opposition lawmakers and even conservatives accusing johnson of acting like a dictator showing disregard for parliament especially a parliament that wants to stop a new deal breaks it time is running out for parliament and it could also run out for boris johnson's new hold on power as i said on the steps of st we're not going to wait until october the 31st before getting on with our plans to take this country forward and this is a new government with a very exciting agenda we need
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a new that is station we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills that's why we're going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on the 40 he is trying to prevent parliament holding him to account and we will do absolutely everything we can next tuesday to legislate to prevent him doing that and oppose this government for what it's doing take us out the e.u. will have to deal this is an abuse of process it's whatever it is johnson ses and however he tries to dress up this is a bit trying to stop a majority in parliament coming together to avoid a new duplex it well if this is a constitutional crisis in the united kingdom will breaks it survive this will prime minister boards johnson's government survive this we've got complete coverage tonight with me here at the big table is my colleague alex forrest whiting our resident westminster insider with years of very 40. experience on u.k.
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politics and joining us tonight from pisa italy is roger can sell a former labor m.p. he is now with the new europeans that's an engine that lobbies to protect civil rights for all europeans to both of you welcome that we start with you the timing of this. it could not be worse for westminster can we believe johnson when he says this has nothing to do with breasts. no there is no doubt that boris johnson and all those surrounding him know that this has everything to do with bricks it this is these are guerilla tactics this is go in a warfare and it has all the finger marks of boris johnson's own special advisor dominic cummings he is the man who successfully led the live campaign in the brics that referendum back in 2016 the aim here is to confuse the opposition to take them off guard and that is exactly what's happened look there are m.p.'s from around 6
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political parties who want to thwart a no deal even some from boris johnson's own conservative party but so far they have spoken without a unified voice yesterday however they managed to agree that yes they would try to hold some put on some kind of legislation to force boris johnson to go to brussels to say let's delay brecht's it that however now looks much less likely to be able to happen as far as boris johnson you know he can this can be called an undemocratic move a threat to parliamentary suffering to perhaps he actually a broken the rules the answer probably is no and that is because the government is the executive they still have a lot of power over parliament because they control the parliamentary timetable this those set a president and many people are saying it's a very dangerous precedent although all the everything that he's done so for is legal as you say riv spoken several times on this program about.
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people such as yourself by labor to get a 2nd bridget reformer and. you put that dream to bed now haven't you. well. i still think that that is the way forward is to do exactly as the europeans post is to. get the recruitment if it is through the house of commons on to the statute books but with a sunset cruel that would allow for a referendum on the actual reality of the withdrawal agreement and if britain voted to stay then the will it will be needed and it voted to leave a 2nd time then britain would leave on the basis of which will be cool ready beat law but for that to happen we need a new government we're not going to see that happen under the forest. for sure and
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that's why make people be m.p.'s must it is he said have additional confidence in the jumpseat of what the of then ask you what do you think do you think we're going to get that vote of no confidence being led by jeremy corbyn because a lot of people could argue that jeremy corbin is partly responsible while why the u.k. is in the position that it's in right now. well if i was in the house of commons now talking to moderate conservatives and are trying to build a consensus. which is what is what is needed. a strong and stable consensus in the center of british politics to try and rescue the situation . i think a lot of people with city brant we are starting to run our place we want to know do breaks it we don't want to see their record been down in history so i. you know i think that one has to be open to the possibility of somebody else being the prime
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minister short term prime minister while this bracks it issue gets sorted out that could be for example can be proper form with conservatives and sectarian chancellor and father of ausiello is now a member of the house. or it could be harriet harman the mother of the house the most senior labor m.p. former deputy leader of the labor party but certainly in my view the well dressed i don't require dressy action and i think that the. only route have been about the confidence johnson down and putting in government and that is to make sure that the britain avoid scenario corrected that's what i. intend and stuart to bring to the issue out what were you as a real names for
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a possible war just that the biggest problem head of time and that is a bar as johnson and his team have done here they've made it much harder if the parliament parliament the member state on the sun on it celebrates its comeback next cheese day at the moment it looks like labor going to try to call an election see debate with it so that they can try to put down legislation we talked about. and as we've heard that from roger there is the possibility of a no confidence vote however the problem for jeremy corbyn in the labor party is at the moment it doesn't look like they have the votes so if they call it and they don't win want then time is running out they are very very very difficult for those m.p.'s who do not want there to be a no deal break said as to what they do maybe they will decide to go for a no confidence vote if they win it just remember that if they win it there is still the possibility for boris johnson to say i am not resigning i will call an
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election but it will be off to put it off to the 39 you know you say they'd be on november 1st i mean there's been a lot of reaction here in europe to what happened today in london politicians they've been reacting to the prime minister's decision here in germany norbert rybka the member of the government's foreign policy commission tweeted this today in english he wrote johnson argues that respect for democracy dictates implementing bragg's do or die on october 31st i wonder how does respect for democracy go together with suspending parliament and the european parliament's chief breaks official give hope that says taking back control has never looked sinister mysel with harry he is with those fighting for their voices to be heard suppressing debate on profound choices is unlikely to help deliver a stable future edu u.k. relationship roger what are you hearing in in the you're in italy right now i mean
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they've got their own political problems to deal with but reg's it is dominating everything across europe what do you expect the e.u. to do moving forward now. in italy they just agreed a pact between the ip to democratic and the 5 star movement keep at least room right wing party absolute 0 and so they have done what is in the ukraine each day which is time together and when you come home and i'd most surprised me from whole ship members are saying what they're saying and that's very very helpful i think we need to have a voice is from europe back to back it you guessed it just what this looks like is how contradictory it is to say you want to break to orders again back in then to undermine parliament be talking to each in this very crass an outrageous way but what is needed now used to the old heads and courage
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hearts of about 40 and said to then you know in their hearts of hearts print that look for a chance and is doing it wrong it has to be struck that they have the power to stop it but it will be absolutely critical that you support a new competence in the house of commons because i fear that if the company does not take over and is not successful then it will indeed prove very difficult to stop for a chance and taking britain out of the even without the yeah and of course that vote would have to come in next week and it's one of the chances. we know that boris johnson he is betting that it will get so bad that brussels will blink 1st and will say ok we will renegotiate on the brakes and withdraw all everyone of the chances of that happening i think anything is possible but i think it's highly unlikely it's a 5 or 27 other members of the i have spoken with one voice they have
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offered that dale it was a grade by since predecessor to raise in may now obviously there are many back to tafe who don't accept it and. did not get through parliament but in a way is that the they say that they are ready for an exit of course they don't want one but they are ready for it and not just because they have to protect their own project they have to protect the single market and they have to show the world that they stand up for the smallest states and by that i mean ireland my limping a big issue in this in this whole debate last week we saw boris johnson coming here to berlin then on to paris the british press took that as a great success for johnson that possibly a new deal was on the agenda that the withdrawal agreement could be reopened i really do not see that happening roger let me i'm as big of a what. you were saying it's also about this new confidence vote happening next week and what happens if it passes and you get a no confidence vote and boris johnson says he'll accept it but he's not going to
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hold for example new elections until after october 31st which he could do will what is what legal recourse then would anyone have to stop their. well that's a related question look inside uncharted territory but i think that the role of the queen will become important i mean you mentioned in your introduction you said that the queen it approved work or expense and i think that's a little bit unfair on the queen she is advised by a pretty count so who are members of parliament and stevie and she doesn't want to appear in politics and say she has to go along really well with this it but i think in a situation where. a an alternative government is available and can be planned i don't tend to promise it could be presented to me that i think it was clear you know in a very difficult position i mean she she she should actually invite.
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you back to promise to try to form a government and i think that boris johnson too i said wouldn't put it possibly i'm sure you're quite right he would strands of it but i think the idea of. the government being voted down in the house of commons one of many to no confidence because you consent about nadya's breaks it and then she used to leave office and to allow a new government if there is a support for that government and the new prime minister in house who comes to take office and then the last pursued a policy. kind of government a vote of no confidence i think we would then be in uncharted territory i think we would see. an outbreak of civil unrest i think it would possibly see a general strike i think we're going to be see the bonds in the streets and i think the situation is going to become very tense and there has to be a way of calming things down there has to be a way has to be found to. to make
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a compromise to find a way for them to bring the country together again and that's you know they did it the way that have chris johnson and his team are trying to pursue it he had to start but a new government has to be brought in flynn that has a big. but it is and i was told that it is ironic isn't it that at the end of the day it could be up to the queen what happens yeah well i mean already she's being brought into this not just from what she's had to agree to today when the likes of jacob very small. city who is now the leader of the house of commons flew to morrow yes there's no way she is right now so that's already happened but the fact that leaders of the opposition parties are also demanding a meeting with the queen to talk this through so already she is involved in this whether she likes it or not and that is pretty much on precedented you know the
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gravity being pulled into politics is very strong at the moment that is for sure all right roger it is all in italy tonight alex force one here at the big table with me to both of you thank you for helping us trying to make sense of what is a complex and complicated story thank you. you're watching the day still to come he is 102 years old and still teaching children how to swim we'll meet this man named lisa who lives right here in berlin and find out why his life is still so. swimming. going since with. well after 14 days at sea of swedish climate change activists gratitude she has arrived in new york city she made the journey in order to attend the u.n.
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environmental summit and she wanted to travel without leaving a carbon footprint that's hard to do when you're going from plymouth in britain to new york in the united states the 16 year old beginner transatlantic journey as i said in plymouth traveled across the atlantic in some fairly rough conditions she addressed cheering crowds of white after arriving let's hear what she said. well all of this very overwhelming and the ground still shaking for me. so i want this thing everyone so much everyone who who is here and. everyone who was involved in this climate fights because this is a fight cross-post this across continents. that was. speaking just a few moments ago in new york city our correspondent. standing by there in battery park in new york just a shell away from where. just. i mean let's just
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talk about the image that we just saw here we've got a 16 year old who just spent 15 days in a boat crossing the atlantic no carbon footprint and she just told this crowd of cheering supporters that it was insane that a 16 year old had to do this. absolutely brant you know she she does not mince her words that's for sure she she said it like it is and. what i suppose many people really respect her for a lot of her supporters a lot of the young people young and old in fact who are joining her in her fight against this you know climate change this climate crisis she went up there to rapturous applause when she came in here she's just still at the hind me in the boat and a lot of people were cheering her on and giving her a lot of support and you can just see that at this is
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a 16 year old who has really left a huge impression across the world for what she has done let's not forget she has crossed the atlantic ocean and just such a young age and all because she wants to highlight the climate crisis yet she has made a huge impact especially here in europe everyone knows the name but that's not the case in the united states is it. no you're absolutely right one thing that has really shocked me here is. a lot of people didn't really know who. and what she was doing they heard about it a lot of people came to me today and a lot of the other journalists and here who were waiting for her to arrive asking us why we were here when we mentioned her name some people have never even heard. her name but then even just looking at television and reading in the press it wasn't as widely covered but it appears that younger people really did know that she was coming because of course they're you know more clued in will say on social media
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a lot of people get their news from you know instagram and twitter and facebook and and it was sort of very evident in the people who were down here waiting for. you know a lot of young people teenagers young adults who had come dine with their parents or come dine with groups of friends. but like i said the majority of the media who were here today were definitely from outside the united states and there has been criticism what. she's doing and how she's doing and talk to me a little bit about the blowback that she's got. yeah you're absolutely right i mean a lot of people were criticizing her for. coming over here. both that we're seeing behind me at but then asking how is it going to go back to europe and how are the crew going to travel back and criticizing for the fact that you know they're going to be traveling back on a plane but you know she essentially just sort of a critic said not left off she just said she's going to focus on what her mission
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is and she even had words for president donald trump and it was quite interesting she said listen to the science and she said you know if no one has been able to convince him about the climate crisis on the urgency why would i be able to on her focus is essentially on getting people talking about this climate crisis and focused on what the real issue is here which for her is that something needs to be done on her generation the people i was speaking to to today were saying the exact same thing that they are the ones who are going to suffer the consequences of climate change. in new york city. pablo as always thank you. well since the turn of the century the number of people over the age of 100 has risen dramatically the united nations counts more than half a 1000000 from terry n's alive right now well we know more and more about how to
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live longer but what about growing old and staying young well here in berlin you could ask 102 year old leopold right there you could ask him if you catch him because usually he's giving swimming lessons. by like maybe they've also told the same teacher at the grand old age of 100 into his still given classes every week at the school in burnie. swimming is special. but this approach to me doing sports is one of the biggest joys in life. but. keeping feed has certainly helped to keep e.o. young. the full metal walker one to stay active when he retired 14 years ago. he quantified as
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a singing instructor and has been teaching children ever since thank you guys but just not being with the kids i do it only for free. cannot be. more than a 1000 children have taken to the much of. his speech doesn't bother to. how old is live. and how you didn't choose. but he's really helpful and very patient. if you need. egypt thank. you. thank. you and egypt's. new school next hour full of admiration. all we're very proud to have him 50 so fit for his age he has a great sense of humor and is wonderful with the children obama got keeps him young
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and does it look. i'm not that young anymore. but. yes watch well i can do pretty much anything if i want to get a little bit older i'm not enough to tell him just yet and it's children expect to see him diving in every thursday we don't fail. now you come in ok pick up a conduit you in the days i used to die from the 5 minutes aboard the good bye. good genes so all right the big someone's down the conversation continues online the finest news you can follow me in print off t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll
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transformational moments in the history of economic activity. made in germany next on. entering the conflict zone confronting the powerful. north atlantic treaty organization nato has just started 70th birthday but it wasn't a happy was my guest this week here is nato headquarters is rose gottemoeller the organizations deputy secretary general who is she now acknowledged the great so serious splits in its unity conflicts of in 16 of detail. in the hour surprising people fight for civil liberties and of a moment when there's a flood water comes up to our waist when you close faster everyone. but
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a lack of water is an equally dangerous. place and keep you see people non-self so they can plant crops and trying to meet. floods and droughts when climate change becomes the main driver of mass migration you cannot write any up are going to if not if you want the problem or the people. for climate exodus start september 5th on d w. no guts no glory no risk no reward or how about this one you have to speculate to accumulate the world of business is full of that kind of advice madcap crazy out on
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