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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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hardball pushed brussels towards reopening negotiations there's no real heightening of the upper tides to negotiate was forced on snuff that this new drama which is unfolding in london the chief negotiator of the european union mission he treated he was not given to british to mons and t. is asking for why of a solution for the irish border to keep this open after breakfast and if those johnson has workable proposal how to solve this problem then let it grow it said mr bundy but so far as johnson has only said he wants the backstop this irish border reassurance policy to be removed from the whole brics it was through old agreement he said that in a phone call just 2 days ago was a joke of the commission president so the game of chicken is still on let's talk about that backstop all not issue of perhaps
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a border on the island of ireland mr johnston says the u.k. will not put in a border so if you can't doesn't what will the e.u. do. under e.u. law the republic of ireland would be obliged to protect the new external border of the e.u. but the irish government already has said we will not do that either so it actually breaks a day or the day off the wrecks and nothing will happen on the border it will remain open and then will come a point in time where the commission both say we have to do something on this border because we have to to protect the internal market of the you it would still be some weeks i guess until this actually something happening but nobody wants to install equipment on the border border posts because this would disturb allies in the northern island and may also lead to violence is so there has to be a plan b. that nobody knows exactly what the what that can be at the moment so given where we
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are with this game of chicken being played presumably the e.u. is now preparing for britain to leave without a deal briefly from actually the actually the us already preparing for year now there are many agreements in place to keep planes flying and trucks rolling to the u.k. but these are only agreements designed for 3 or 6 months and then something has to replace them and nobody knows what happens after the break said will there be negotiations at all because boris johnson said he will not pay the divorce bill and if there's no money there will be no talks the european union said then read it in brussels thank you. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a former leader of colombia's the militarized fark rebel group says he will launch a new military offensive against the government a found the markets accuses the colombian government of violating the 2016
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a peace treaty signed with fox ending decades of civil war. brazil's president in our has reportedly signed a decree to ban burning in the amazon rain forest according to local media this comes after increasing international pressure to quell the high number of fires many of which have been set by farmers as i attempt to clear. in frankfurt germany a man suspected of killing an 8 year old boy by pushing him onto the tracks in the city's main train station has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital at the city's prosecutor said rufus necessaries the man is a danger to society the 40 year old suspect is thought to be suffering from schizophrenia. now to indonesia where police say demonstrators have set fire to a government building in papworth province the region has been rocked by protests for maybe 2 weeks have now agreed to investigate reports of a racist attack by security forces that is believed to have prompted the unrest
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protesters in the country's eastern most province say police hold racist abuse at them accused accusing them of desecrating an indonesian flag one soldier and 2 protesters have been confirmed dead in the resulting clashes in a region that has long struggled for its independence. the indonesian region of papua plunged into chaos again in the largest city jayapura protests to set fire to government buildings and attack businesses throwing stones shops and hotels. early a students from power are also vented their anger on the streets of jakarta. their process was peaceful. but their demands were clear. they want an end to what they say is racism by the indonesian security forces. but some also calling for papa to break away from indonesia
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a country they became part of 50 years ago after a disputed referendum. i'm much happier when students in indonesia won independence for popular that is our 1st demand. and secondly there was racism in the city or by security personnel. but out. of the protests 1st started nearly 2 weeks ago after videos were circulated on the internet showing security forces calling papuans students monkeys and dogs. the rallies turned violent as protesters an indonesian troops faced off to try to stop the unrest the government shut down the internet the security forces are now also investigating the allegations of racism. we already investigated several people and 7 people are under intensive investigation but we still have not declared which one is the suspect. but many of the demonstrators say
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this is not enough and i determined to continue to push for change and what they say is justice for the people i know applause cheers and crowds away to gratify in new york last night the arrival of the environmental activists mark the end of her 5th day seeing a void for europe she didn't take wanted a high profile low carbon why of making odds at monte trip raising awareness of the threat of climate change united states is new territory for the swedish teenager and it's not necessarily sympathetic to course the w.b. 40 well you know blue cross is here. with a look at what is likely to be waiting for welcome to the studio. so how. tripp been received by always on the video a small but committed group of supporters waiting for her as she pulled into lower
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manhattan with signs and cheers about 200 people but there's also plenty of reaction online we have the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist welcoming her to new york saying in a tweet welcome to new york gratitude and the determination and perseverance shown during your journey should embolden all of us taking part in next month's climate action summit we must deliver on the demands of people around the world and address the global climate crisis of course some criticism as well of this what many people see as a p.r. stunt there was a harvard harvard political scientist who tweeted a few days ago while she was still on her way this is a 4000000 pounder about 4800000 dollar vessel used in the world's most exclusive sport do you really think making action against climate change appears something only the point one percent could afford is the best way forward going on to say maybe instead of going around the world in a boat you should just stick to skype fair enough but of course just because it's a p.r. stunt doesn't make it disingenuous it was a p.r.
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stunt to raise awareness of climate change and to drum up support for the upcoming un the un conference which it's done so it does look good on her climate change agenda faced something of a challenge and you know well that's for sure i mean here in the european side of the atlantic ocean gratitude burger and fries future movement are household names there's been huge amounts of media coverage following weeks and months of friends for future protests among students in the u.s. it's a little bit it's a little bit less popular greg is not so well known for his future not so well known we actually have a map from the fries for future pro protests website you can see europe on the right us on the left and as we zoom in we can see just how clustered how many fridays for future of vents of any kind there are on the europe. and how spread out they are and fewer they are in the u.s. there's of course some reasons for that european countries are smaller easier to organize in smaller countries but it is important to point out that on the u.s. side we see them clustered around the coasts around cities where democrats liberals
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people who are climate change activists tend to live ok let's let's just hear. from the 2 and. it's strange everyone always asks me about donald trump.


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