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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2019 8:30pm-8:46pm CEST

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. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. play. the blame . game this is the news live from baghdad the british prime minister's party loses a little bit of bread said backlash scottish conservative leader ruth davidson the best that spouts side in concerns of a virus jones and spreads his plans the departure comes as anger grows over the years to jolt some sponsor suspend palmas ahead of the deadline for the britain's exit from the aid. also on the program. same prime minister
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a new government president. to form a new government this time made up of the 5 star movement on the democratic party but how stable can this coalition of old rivals bring. i'm phil gale welcome to the program in the u.k. opposition to the prime minister a surprise move to suspend parliament is growing boris johnson faced another setback today with the loss of a key party player ruth davidson has created as leader of his conservative party in scotland citing family pressures and her opposition to bracks says during her 8 years in charge ms davis and that the past is resurgence in scotland winning vital seats kept the national party in power on wednesday mr johnson announced that he would suspend parliament for 5 weeks between september and october he says the
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brakes necessary to allow the government to develop its domestic agenda opponents say it's an undemocratic attempt to stifle debate before britain shed departure from the e.u. at the end of october more than $1000000.00 signatures were gathered within 24 hours against the forced recess of parliament many britons are furious with their new prime minister boris johnson. including businesswoman and antique breaks at activist gina miller she has launched legal action to defend the rights of parliament in the courts. we're not questioning whether having that power using it is illegal or not what we're questioning is that the use of this power in parliament for such a long time 5 weeks greg said hardliners however don't understand what all the fuss is about jake a priest told reporters the move was democratic.
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behind the scenes at westminster opposition parties are forging alliances under great pressure to try to politically thwart johnson's plans they are focused on bringing forward legislation to prevent a no deal breakers that. will use every policy device that we possibly can and this is if it has to include at some stage a vote of no confidence that's will still be open to us that will be on the table what we won't do what we won't do is allow boris johnson to act like a dictator. but politicians only have 4 session days to get any measure through parliament it is a tight race against time so how are you kerry's latest political spasms being viewed by you did w correspondent bads riggers joins us from brussels welcome bent so britain's new prime minister says he wants a deal with brussels but his actions indicate that he's heading for no deal will this hardball push brussels towards reopening negotiations. there's no real
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heightening of the upper tides to negotiate to respond a strong enough that this new drama which is unfolding and in london the chief negotiator of the european union mission on the treated he was not given to british the mons and t. is asking for viable solution for the irish border to keep this border open after a break said and if those johnson has a workable proposal how to solve this problem then let it grow it said mr bundy but so far johnson has only said he wants the backstop this irish border reassurance policy to be removed from the whole brics it was through all agreement he said that in a phone call just 2 days ago was the job of the commission president so the game of chicken is still on let's talk about the stop all not issue of perhaps
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a border on the island of ireland mr johnston says the u.k. will not put in a border so if the u.k. doesn't what will the e.u. do. under e.u. law the republic of ireland would be obliged to protect the new external board of the e.u. but the irish government already has said we will not do that either so actually the day or the day off the regs that nothing will happen on the board it will remain open and then will come a point in time where the commission biz say we have to do something on this border because we have to to protect the internal market of the you it would still be some weeks i guess until this actually something happening but nobody wants to install equipment on the board a boat oppose because this put these steps allies in the northern island and may also lead to violence is so there has to be a plan b. but nobody knows exactly what the what that can be at the moment so given where we
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are with this game of chicken being played. presumably the e.u. is now preparing for britain to leave without a deal briefly from actually that the actually the e.u. is already preparing for a year now there are many agreements in place to keep planes flying and trucks rolling through the u.k. but these are only agreements designed for 3 or 6 months and then something has to replace them and nobody knows what happens after the break said will there be negotiations at all because boris johnson said he will not pay the divorce bill and if there is no money there will be no talks the european union said then read it in brussels thank you. it's a way where the country's president is given the prime minister just had become tight the green light to try and form a new government is the latest chapter in a political crisis that was triggered when the country's far right interior minister taro salvage me pull his party out of the former ruling coalition to
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former rivals the anti establishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party will now attempt to join forces to avoid an email action and leave salvaging out in the cold. he exudes call but just said vicomte has been on a wild ride 3 weeks ago he lost his job as prime minister when italy's governing coalition fell apart now he's been tasked with putting together a new government. the country is in a very delicate phase we must put the political uncertainty triggered by the government crisis behind us as soon as possible we're facing critical economic problems. but i think the clinically should. the new coalition partners the antiestablishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party make strange bedfellows many italians don't see the marriage lasting long. lines ok we're not going to get to that i think this agreement is
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a bad thing you know like them because they have hated each other for a long time and now they are forging an alliance so i really don't think it's a clever thing. some of them being the not very sure because i don't think they will last.


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