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in critical economic problems. but a sense of when it could be should. the new coalition partners the antiestablishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party make strange bedfellows many italians don't see the marriage lasting long. lines ok let's listen to get to that i think this agreement is a bad thing you know like them because they have heated each other for a long time and now they are forging an alliance so i really don't think it's a clever thing. some of them being the not very sure because i don't think they will last long. because the differences are obvious and i think there are huge differences in the political programs of the 2 parties. the clear loser so far is far right league party leader matteo so vini he pulled the plug on the last coalition by removing his party's participation he was widely seen to be angling
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for new elections but the new coalition puts a vote off for now i mean pick you up i would then go through those who are afraid of elections can run away for a month 6 months or a year. but not forever. the only thing that unites them is their hatred of the league. the drama is likely to settle down in the coming days conte said the new government's most urgent task is to come up with a budget for the coming year. that will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world greece is prime minister submits attackers is on an official visit to live on top of the agenda for his talks with chancellor angela merkel is athens designed for war reparations to greece estimates that germany or is it at least 300000000000 euros for world war one and 2. dorian is having for florida after blowing
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through the u.s. virgin islands without causing any major damage currently a category one storm dorian is forecast to become a highly dangerous category 4 and could hit florida late on saturday residents of the states are stocking up on sandbags fuel and food supplies and the state's governor has declared a state of emergency. brazil's president john bolton out of his bond land clearance files in the amazon for 60 days now the ban comes after increasing international pressure to quote some of the worst fires in the amazon rain forest for years. now applause cheers and crowds a way to gratitude a new goal last night the arrival of the environmental activists mark the end of a 15 day scene voyage from europe she and her team wanted a high profile low carbon way of making that want to trip raising awareness of the threat of climate change united states is new territory for the swedish teenager
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and it's not necessarily sympathetic to colds. reporter well you know blue cross is here with a look at what is likely to be waiting for welcome to the studio. so how has. trip been received well we saw on the video a small but but committed group of supporters waiting for her as she pulled into lower manhattan with signs and cheers about 200 people but there's also plenty of reaction online we have the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace welcoming her to new york saying in a tweet welcome to new york gratitude and the determination and perseverance shown during your journey should in bold in all of us taking part in next month's climate action summit we must deliver on the demands of people around the world and address the global climate crisis of course some criticism as well of this what many people see as a p.r. stunt there was a harvard harvard political scientist who tweeted a few days ago while she was still on her way this is
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a $4000000.00 pounder about $4800000.00 vessel used in the world's most exclusive sport do you really think making action against climate change appear something only the point one percent could afford is the best way forward going on to say maybe instead of going around the world in a boat you should just stick to skype fair enough but of course just because it's a p.r. stunt doesn't make a distant gen. u.s. it was a p.r. stunt to raise awareness of climate change and to drum up support for the upcoming un the un conference which it's done so it does look going to climate change agenda face something of a challenge and you know well that's for sure i mean here in the european side of the atlantic ocean gratitude burger and fries future movement are household names there's been huge amounts of media coverage following weeks and months of friends for future protests among students in the u.s. it's a little bit it's a little bit less popular gretta is not so well known for his future not so well known we actually have a map from the fridays for future pro protests website you can see europe on the right us on the left and as we zoom in we can see just how cluster how many fridays
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for a future of events of any kind there are on the european side and how spread out out they are and fewer they are in the u.s. there's of course some reasons for that european countries are smaller easier to organize and smaller countries but it is important to point out that on the u.s. side we see them clustered around the coasts around cities where democrats liberals people who are climate change activists tend to live. ok let's let's just hear a quick bit from gratitude. is strange everyone always asks me about donald trump. but i mean my message for him is just listen to the science and he doesn't do that no one has been able to convince him about the climate crisis you see then why should i be able to do that so i'm just going to you know focus on. spreading awareness and that people in general will start caring and realize
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how big a crisis this is so going out to regular people not donald trump who's on the record not being such a fan of climate action just today it's reported that his your as environmental protection agency is loosening regulations on methane that's the 2nd most dangerous greenhouse gas when it comes to climate change among other rollbacks in industries which many in these industries are actually against they want the stricter regulations and we know how important this is because the i.p.c.c. the un's a climate change panel of scientists just came out with their key points that are going to be discussed at the u.n. report just to give one big point the scientists say that if we don't keep warming to below 2 degrees celsius by the end of the century we're looking at 280000000 climate refugees and we're already at one degree with you know a blue cross like you. volcano in the italian island of storm bonnie
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has erupted for the 2nd time in 2 months this video was captured by boats as a state the massive plume of ash that drifted over the internet in some sources say no it was injured an explosion caused no significant damage to property travel to the op and set temperature restricted as a precaution. is d.w. news coming up next in business africa and gaza and there is a real shortage of young people who are willing to get into cocoa fog we'll tell you why that was a tough piece of business i forgot coming up next i'll be back at the top of the hour for some protests.
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it's coming. from the detention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to sing the bridge click some dough from him bolts from 250 feet marking on the 4 inch of discovery. expedition in boyd dino. looked into the foot is the game here for detail the trip to talk about. coverage. 3 more for. the people we have cancun let's have a look at some of the other much surrounding the still shaking in their food the green a sigh of relief so you don't want to. just go with. t.w. .
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the u.s. wants 400 years since the 1st slave ship to run from africa historians where you sense a chapter of history from a new political and economic standpoint. and a taste. trying to get a new generation excited about the job the payee is anything but excited.


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