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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am CEST

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later french architect. designed housing for around 60000 people a masterpiece urban planning. drew inspiration from your next go wrong heretic site for his cardboard installation. isn't so true. you need to do that again it's fascinating work and of it like being an architect. i have kids and as a boy i myself used to play with cardboard boxes but you're right i think that you get your way you can be anything you want to a little kid with a ship an airplane or whatever he said you know the truth of. these monumental cardboard concepts would hardly be feasible without plenty of help from the people of. the buildings are made of some 3000 rolls of tape and 23000 boxes far fewer than bricks in the originals to take just one week of construction not much
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to build an entire city but it did require months of planning and precision drawings much like an architect would make. the 46 year old artist's favorite piece is the tower. this is a replica inspired by st joseph's and they all have a good if year regime change now is to test the limits of the limits we're going to build it's about 26 meters 26 and a hobbled almost 27 meters high and one vents that make. the cardboard city stands for just 2 days but. then the big demolition operation begins the only piece not to be torn apart is this tower it's carefully hoisted up and carried away as requested by the people of. the demolition is. also
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a part of the only vehicles ted's concept the cardboard city is meant to be ephemeral. is already planning his next cardboard city. looks like a lot of planet in a d.-w. tourist guide for this city with a difference it features 50 berliners from around the world who've made their home here and their tips for what to see in this great city today we feature a real deep our noise and his tips for tourists is difficult to see when you're wandering around that's because it's all deep underground entry is more. has been exploring underground berlin for 2 decades he co-founded the veldt in association in 1907.
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around 8 meters below the surface of the new scene have spent years clearing tens of thousands of cubic meters of rubble. this newly built entrance leads to an escape tunnel that was secretly done to help 17 east german citizens flee to west berlin he said the most being completed but was discovered before it could be used. klaus could pin from west berlin help dig this hamel he wanted to smuggle his pregnant wife out of the spolin. this is the original tunnel from 7971 it's the only one preserved in its original state from a time when berlin was divided. at street level stones marked the location of the tunnel running under where the berlin wall. once stood
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over the whole system when friends acquaintances or relatives from west germany came to visit i never took them to the brandenburg gate instead i take them to banaue. last often they will go to platforms on all major crossings on the western side. they were so tall you could see a long way into east berlin. says he will do everything to keep clearing out his story on the ground signs he recently discovered this well from the 1863 it used to belong to a brewery and still contains water. from news starts berlin is brimming with 20th century history from the weimar republic the nazi period the post-war era the wall and then reunification we've experienced it all religion is great for learning about german history. and not just about them but under the surface thanks to take on the old and he's.
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actually there are tunnels underneath where i'm standing now they were experimental tunnels built to test the berlin underground trains originally and you can take a tour bus thanks for watching.
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this is g w news weibo from berlin tonight the battle over the u.k. opposition leader valves to block the prime minister's plan of letting the country crash out of the european union labor leader jeremy corbyn says he'll move swiftly to prevent boris johnson from suspending parliament ahead of the brakes a deadline this as the leader of scotland's conservatives resigned siding her own concerns over the prime minister's plan also coming up tonight italy's president asked for the country's old prime minister to set to form
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a new government made up of the 5 star movement and the democratic party but how stable can this coalition of old rivals really be and it's lift for the u.s. space command the united states takes one small step towards the creation.


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