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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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in parliament ahead of the break sit deadline johnson surprise move is fueling outrage across the u.k. and today there was a fresh setback for the prime minister ruth davidson quit as leader of johnson's conservative party in scotland citing family pressures and her own opposition to bracks during her 8 years in charge davidson led the party's resurgence in scotland winning vital seats that kept the national party in power the prime minister johnson announced that he would suspend parliament for 5 weeks between september and october that announcement came yesterday he says the break is necessary to allow the government to develop its own domestic agenda opponents say it's an undemocratic attempt to stifle debate before britain's scheduled departure from the european union on october 31st. more than $1000000.00 signatures were gathered within 24 hours against the forced recess of parliament many britons are furious
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with their new prime minister boris johnson including businesswoman and anti breaks at activist gina miller she has launched legal action to defend the rights of parliament in the courts. we're not questioning whether having that power using it is illegal or not what we're questioning is that the use of this power in probing parliament for such a long time 5 weeks greg said hardliners however don't understand what all the fuss is about jacob reese mog told me porter's the move was democratic. behind the scenes at westminster opposition parties are forging alliances under great pressure to try to politically thwart johnson's plans they are focused on bringing forward legislation to prevent a no deal breakers that. will use every palminteri device that we possibly can and if it has to include at some stage
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a vote of no confidence that's will still be open to us that will be on the table what we won't do what we won't do is allow boris johnson to act like a dictator. but politicians only have 4 session days to get any measure through parliament it is a tight race against time. well can the people can westminster do anything to stop a suspension of parliament my next guest says yes you could dixon is a campaigner an author who has written extensively on briggs and he joins me tonight from france good evening to you hugo you wrote today that the prime minister boris johnson will regret the day that he suspended parliament tell me give me that the how when when will that happen. well i think the reason is because what this move has. been like in the lead trick shot which has galvanized opposition to the new prime minister forrest johnson until this moment i think the chances were moderately good of stopping him but the good thing on something which
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is considered by many reasonable people in the center of politics to be absolutely outrageous i think gag parliament's important national issue frankly since the 2nd world war but what's happened is that there are much stronger when a fault is against him than that was before. so as you said in your introduction the main game in parliament next week will be a party legislation that will be aiming to stop this suspension of parliament and also possibly to off or in fact to instruct the prime minister to ask the opinion for extra time not cross ounce of the e.u. to the 31st you know you said in your introduction you know very little time but because the opposition is increasing you not
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a kid i think the chances of stopping this madness has actually gone up. today you also wrote or you listed 6 way to stop the suspension of the u.k. parliament everyone just show our viewers those that they include cabinet resignations a legal challenge to the advice that was given to the queen a humble address to the queen a law banning gay sion which is the suspension of parliament an emergency law to delay bragg's it or you say that it's also possible that parliament could kick johnson out of downing street which do you think is most likely and most realistic as well as actually dr uses you're referring to the piece i wrote yes the perry and since yesterday it seems that palm and it's focusing on the legislature to prove that it's
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a new role to all the suspension the parliament and possibly also the full prime minister took off for extra time and i think that's the most promising route i would call that plan a and if that. plan b. is also a possible routes and it's actually more like it than what the few days ago and that is a kick jump from absolute downing street i think the numbers are that it jumps out of the streets the problem is that to kick them out dunning street you know i mean have to have a bit of a cult for them against and you also need to decide somebody old thomas it who you'll prepared to put into dock street and until and so as it was yesterday there was no sense from the tool i'm not even sure that there is consensus that today and that's why the letter it's a fruit it has got to be the plan a. and what about this notion of kicking
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johnson out of office and trying to force a new election isn't it true that. boris johnson could wait and call the election let's say november 1st after bret's it begins and and. as you were saying who are lawmakers going to rally around as a as a possible leader a new prime minister i mean jeremy corbin does not seem like the most realistic alternative is there anyone that you could imagine who could be a viable alternative at this point. well i think it's both of the complications that you're talking about the plan a has to be this let's just accept passing a new law to stop the suspension of parliament that would try extra time stopped by the time for a parliament and also a new law possibly to require the prime minister to ask the e.u. for extra time that would buy the whole country extra time to hold on getting
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a new referendum and a new referendum asking people whether they would prefer to stay in the loop or to crash out i think that should be and probably likely to be the main course of action that's but as you say if that fails then they kicked out boris johnson and then they have to rally around but you know that they don't rally around somebody else your rights just say that he could call the elections off to google reading left even which case that would be much point and. if they can rally around somebody else and i think that pulled in would be an option but it is not proven somebody else that new prime minister. that takes the prime could go to the european union to angola markel and for on the other $25.00 leaders to say please give us extra time so we are told the selection or possibly
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a referendum of it i've read it and that's why i think it's right that n.t.'s are now focusing on this. and that's what jeremy called it was saying softer news but we will definitely see what happens between now and the end of next week dixon joining us tonight by skype from france either thank you. thanks. well italy's president has given prime minister do separate conte the green light to try and form a new government it is the latest chapter in a political crisis that has triggered that was triggered when the country's far right interior minister materials of any pulled his party out of the ruling coalition 2 former rivals the antiestablishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party will now attempt to join forces to avoid a new election and to leave solving the out in the cold. he exudes call the gist of it conti has been on a wild ride 3 weeks ago he lost his job as prime minister when italy's governing
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coalition fell apart now he's been tasked with putting together a new government. the country is in a very delicate phase we must put the political uncertainty triggered by the government crisis behind us as soon as possible we're facing critical economic problems. but i think them when it comes to. the new coalition partners the antiestablishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party make strange bedfellows many italians don't see the marriage lasting long. and so am not going to get that i think this agreement is a bad thing you know like them because they have hated each other for a long time and now they are forging an alliance so i really don't think it's a clever thing. i'm not very sure because i don't think they will last long. because the differences are obvious and i think there are huge differences in the
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political programs of the 2 parties. the clear loser so far is far right league party leader matteo so vini he pulled the plug on the last coalition by removing his party's participation he was widely seen to be angling for new elections but the new coalition puts a vote off for now that meant that. those who are afraid of elections can run away for a month 6 months or a year. because of all that not forever. the only thing that unites them is their hatred of the league know your they go to the league. the drama is likely to settle down in the coming days conte said the new government's most urgent task is to come up with a budget for the coming year. or is it the end of a very new peace in colombia a former senior commander of the demilitarized rebel group in colombia says he's taking up arms again against the government the militant leader who is known is on
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the move on market he accused the colombian government of violating the peace treaty with far that fark signed with the government back in 2016 that ended decades of civil war in the country where he was forks number 2 leader and was the chief rebel negotiator in those peace talks mark has released a video that was more than 30 minutes long explaining the forks new reasons for opposing the government take a listen. here mamma said. when we signed the accord and havana we did so with the conviction that it was possible to change the life of the most humble and dispossessed. but the state hasn't fulfilled its most important obligations which is to guarantee the life of its citizens and especially avoid assassinations for political reasons. are for more than this i'm joined from bogota now by brahma it was he's a journalist and a consultant for the ngo crisis is
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a group from is going to have you on the show i mean this is a disturbing development what does this mean for this peace process the new peace in colombia. well i think at columbia's unpaved road the base where us always kind of a bunk the rights of cars announcements even marcus today are a major setback for gen and most likely will such ignorance of diminishment credit that's not the implementation so far but to be honest i think concerned the security situation in a country not so much will change even america's will basically speaks and it together with some former fur commanders in the name of what we consider to further this it's these are people that from the beginning of the peace process already said that their narrow not up for it and have been joined by new recruits and to be honest of the for ex combatants quote lay down their arms it's only as in
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significant part they join forces with this this is in groups. now with the nuns from the markets it's not so much that there's a new actor in economy conflict it's basically a dissident group now with them or a clear leadership role so it gives rise to new possibilities to think of the problem and for new openness of communication it doesn't mean that there's a new actor which didn't exist over the last few years so i think now we know that the government commanders of the further political party which the still very much not for most of the peace process if they remain in focus i think. after the sugar up of today not so much will chase well what about these accusations that marcus is making he says the government is violating the peace deal betraying the peace deal is he telling the truth. is it is a sense are not new president. or supports the peace deal in his own way but
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he hasn't been has come from us as ex-president clinton assembles wells who won a nobel prize for brokering a peace between the far and the government there are many. critics that he knows doctor for not complying with a set agenda concerning brute gratian for the interests of the juices of industry groups may go groups for gay protection and also to security or combatants for it says the signing of the agreement more than under 50 x. for commitments have and the government hasn't done a great deal to really protect their security which is also the case for civil leaders including community leaders human rights activists were 500 since the senate with is doing so many international critics but also colombian diplomats government representatives and especially the far whether to me agree a group or have been a political party have been very critical. all right wrong he was joining us
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tonight from bogota colombia promptly appreciate your analysis thank you you so. well today the united states is launching a unit in charge of its defense in military operations in elder space and it has a name straight out of the science fiction books space command analysts predict that space may become an area where future conflicts are waged many believe space command is a precursor to donald trump's plans for an entire new wing of the u.s. military called space force trump says all this is needed to protect american satellites which orbit the earth to protect them from attacks. so think of that space force because the us is getting ready for star wars for real defense experts believe space is the next military frontier so it's become yet another area where geo political rivalries down here on earth are playing out of concern to the u.s. the satellites that orbit the earth they relay all kinds of information critical to
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our lives and they're an ideal military target the u.s. is worried about the advances adversaries like china and russia have made washington has a clear interest in beating weapons that could disable or destroy its satellites but it's not just about protection donald trump wants to assert u.s. dominance in space to. our foreign competitors and have already begun weaponize in space developing new technologies to disrupt vital communications blind satellites and just i mean you look at what they're doing they've given me rundowns i've seen things that you don't even want to see what they're doing.


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