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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2019 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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wow yes i think for us it's because we can actually do this for 3 reasons number one there's a 0 tolerance to this issues especially in the us it. people are speaking up as monday to have reporters just speaking on behalf of others there is also an increase out when less as 2 steps can be taken there's information now people know that there are numbers to call to hundreds to for people to reach out offices to go to police stations that have changed police officers the law to enter these cases so as soon an increasing reporting and then there is the political will to fight this menace in lagos state and i daresay in some more states in nigeria so with the political will increase and access to. information and 0 tolerance was seen as steady increase in reporting of these cases. that really sounds incredible i know that with your work and your organization you work with
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a lot of victims people who've been in the situation and you help them on their way out talk to us about some of that work you doing and perhaps some of the preventative measures as well that you're employing yes yes of the as well like a one stop shop where legal assistance to go support psychosocial support we come in in terms of emergency where we need to rescue women all children that are being abused there's also empowerment a good majority a of the survivors of domestic violence are financially dependent and you have to use as a government is there to ensure that these women are empowered so our system on general to heal and so will we we look at it for me holistic perspective and that is why we have different people on the team providing support to see to survival's we believe greatly in convention if we're able to prevent will not have to respond and so we do a lot of i hope you see. a vocation for children a vacancy for their ends trainings and we're privileged to have recommended
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policies that have now been accepted by the government most think most recently we have it and the book is the program we do with. because you know we need to start to promote positive must community if it will to address boys from the young age we are we empower them to be on bus to dos we believe that who calls that to see if we dock surely the condition of these offenses in the 1st place and so we have what we call king's love initiative as a 2nd just call levels when we are in power boy this stand up for girls for some form of gender equality are we all that you know with this information the boys will not begin to calm day or the boys or men that perpetrate this violence so look at. from always possible lucent just yesterday when we started our journey is for religious institutions because in nigeria live girls live just institutions are the
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really just clerics. most of the cases go to bill before it's us government. loan or civil and in the thank you. thank you samaritans. now a traditional sports lost in time has returned to the central african republic people have stopped playing the game known is because of the country's precarious security situation now it's being revived by some gang into the c.s. thanks to allow in the contract. it's fast and rough whacking a homemade puck with thin sticks requires shaft reflexes speed and team skills the aim of the game is to stop the puck coming to a standstill in your half of the pitch for some watching this traditional game triggers memories of happier times isn't a trick is but it's a game that was played during initiation rites it's
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a game that united people which reminded people of the values of community life so now we're thinking about how the values of the game can help rebuild our country is . traditionally people played the game of against neighboring villages but when the central african republic spiraled into violence in the early 2000 sometimes animosities were played out on the field. at some point the game got too rough sometimes the children would drop the sticks and downs out the owners of the other children the parents would say i don't want you playing that that's what and bob disappeared until now. recent relative calm has allowed to return. to school that we had started to play when we were children says it's a joyous sport that you know it's that's what i like about him bubba. as more and
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more neighborhood matches bring up players hope for us popularity to spread. the love that's it for now from beat everything is africa you can catch all our stories on our website facebook page and even now with images of prehistoric rock odds and engravings around africa there aren't quite as old as the fossilized any of that they should be ancient traces of africa has gone off the next time either.
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i'm secure in the they were that hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore who was injured that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story ready ready. i'm with numbers and women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story your train always understand this new culture. another visitor another yes you want to become sitting. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. on. a low welcomes arts and
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culture sweden has just announced the film it's putting forward to be nominated for best international feature at the oscars its star actor there on arkin as my guest in just a minute also coming up. on a grand scale cities made out of cardboard of a speciality a french artist believe you. and a visit to berlin is on the world in our alternative tourist guide planet. but we begin with the film and then we danced written and directed by swedish filmmaker 11. let's have a quick look at a scene from the movie. you know. i'm a doctor it's a sudden. through a whole round so there are the city itself. the
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film is a long story that takes place in the world of traditional georgian which is a big. culture. and i'm joined by the writer director of the film. first of all welcome a new must be very excited about the oscar. thank you for having me and. i believe if we can go back to the oscars a next february we might get there but let's go back a few years because i believe this particular incident was inspired to make this film tell us about. 201350 young kids in georgia decided to hold georgia's 1st pride parade. in tbilisi the capital and they were
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there was a counterattack organize a counter demonstration organized and they were attacked images you know are cable out on all the news channels and i saw it in sweden and i thought. i didn't like what i saw and i thought you know i should do something about that about that topic so that was sort of like the inspiration for the film and then sort of give us a brief synopsis of what the film's about well basically i would say it's a coming of age story about a young downstair at the georgia national on some world which is a very strict conservative place. and they he falls in love with another guy and it sort of becomes like a catalyst for him to i think in the end discover his own artistry i think you know it's a film about breaking the norm sort of you know ok and i mean this seems to be georgia seems to be it seems real still to the gay rights is this why you made the film in the georgian language yeah i mean i think the setting of the story certainly you
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know if it had been said in sweden it would have been the same story so you know there was something there that i wanted to. discover and sort of delve into. georgia you know it's sort of complicated i think it's a very polarized country at the moment and it's very divided on one and you know you have the younger generation who's very you know. liberal and they really you know one something else and then on the other hand you have sort of the you know this is the left's or whatever you call them let's see another clip and this is where the head of the daunce academy appears to men sort of question the main actor and they're. going to.
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get one if it's a. particular sensible she lived. parody cartoonist. you know. constitutes. a steady stream. you can feel the tension. i believe you when you went to film in georgia you had to sort of give the authorities there another script to will give them another impression of what the film was about well i mean we didn't you know actually give them a script but we you know we had to film in some places you know were a little shaky to get into had they known exactly what the film was about so you know we had another official plot for the film that we were some sort of you know.
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in some places and in some places you know we could be totally open again it's about the division i was talking about and did you actually have problems if you have problems when you were that we did that we did fortunately we know. some locations where we're supposed to film would you know just suddenly disappear and you know we couldn't film that because they were renovating and things like that so you know we never nobody officially told us you can be here because you're making an l.c.d. t.v. film let's. just quickly want to mention i see benny andersson of abba was one of the produces but is he interested in georgian traditional. i think he probably is his you know he's a patron of the arts. i know that he actually 20 years ago did a george cd with polyphonic choir singing so he has
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a little interest but actually it's son who is the producer from from. well he's a good producer are. saying look this is not where the feel you cross your fingers for the. thank you very much and that's a great film you've got. now the main role material used by french artist olivier. is cardboard boxes he makes what can only be described as all. just cardboard a bits of tape and he needs a lot of help so invested the people of la in france to construct buildings they know from their own city to create a temporary town down of the city's hall. from cardboard boxes tape and lots of helping hands are all that only means for his monumental art this is urban art. 14 cardboard buildings up to 27 meters tall
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and weighing one and a half tons each he's having a city built within a city on the waterfront in the after friends his largest cardboard creation to date does that make him nervous. a bit we could build a lot more here without. the conditions actually make me more nervous than the construction itself. that was almost completely destroyed in the 2nd world war later french architect. designed housing for around 60000 people a masterpiece of urban planning. drew inspiration from the heritage site for his cardboard installation. fascinating work and a bit like being an architect. i have kids and as
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a boy i myself used to play with this. you can be anything you want to. a little town with a ship an airplane whatever is it you know the truth about. these monumental cardboard concepts would hardly be feasible without plenty of help from the people of. the buildings are made of some 3000 rolls of tape and 23000 boxes far fewer than bricks in the originals they take just one week of construction not much to build an entire city but it did require months of planning and precision drawings much like an architect would make. the 46 year old artist's favorite piece is the tower. but 1st. this is a replica inspired by st joseph's church and they all have a. regime change now just to test the limits of the limits we're going to build
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it's about 26 meters 26 and a half of almost 27 meters high and one vents that make. the cardboard city stands for just 2 days. but then the big demolition operation begins the only piece not to be torn apart is this tower it's carefully hoisted up and carried away as requested by the people of. the demolition is also a part of the only vehicles ted's concept the cardboard city is meant to be ephemeral. cause ted is already planning his next cardboard city. looks like a lot of planet but i live in a d w tourist guide for this city with
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a difference it features 50 bowl winners from around the world who've made their home here and their tips for what to see in this great city today we feature a real deep. arnold and his tip for tourists is difficult to see when you're wandering around that's because it's all deep underground entry is small. arnold has been exploring underground for 2 decades he co-founded the event in association in 1997. around 8 meters below the surface of the team have spent years clearing tens of thousands of cubic meters of rubble. and this newly built.


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