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that's you know with this information the boys will not begin to calm down on the boys or men pictured this violence so we look at one form always possible to send just yesterday when we started out your news for religious institutions because in nigeria live girls live just institutions are the really just clerics. keepers most of the cases go to belgrade for it's us government. lower level add in the thank you. thank you so much. now a traditional sports lost in time has returned to the central african republic people have stopped playing the game known is because of the country's precarious security situation now it's been revived by some gang enthusiasm thanks to a lull in the contract. it's fast and rough whacking a homemade pack with thin sticks requires shop reflexes speed and team skills the
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aim of the game is to stop the puck coming to a standstill in your half of the pitch for some watching this traditional game triggers memories of happier times isn't a trick is but it's a game that was played during initiation rites it's a game that united people which reminded people of the values of community life so now we're thinking about how the values of the game can help rebuild our country if these. traditionally people played the game of go against neighboring villages but when the central african republic spiraled into violence in the early 2000 and sometimes animosities were played out on the field. at some point the game got too rough sometimes the children would drop the sticks and downs out the owners of the other children the parents would say i don't want you playing that that's what and bob disappeared until now.
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recent relative calm has allowed to return. to school or that we had started to play when we were children says it's a joyous sport that unites that's what i like about him baba. as more and more neighborhood matches spring up play as hope for us popularity to spread. well that's it for now from beat everything is africa you think it was for us on our website facebook page and even now with images of prehistoric ross and engraving around africa there are quite as old as the fossilized skull we saw any of that they should be ancient treasures africa has found after the next time either.
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sex naked. raring to marry. if there is any erotic benefits remember you have to find it between the lines. the literature 1st 100 german streets. male and i'm gay i'm the brand new delusions i'm the spokes person divisive and set up so place for the success. of climate change and the return of the. only real
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sense check out. let me introduce myself i'm a health noack a polish filmmaker my grandfather was an ethnic german from salacious i recently found a small treasure trove in our house and cut of pizza and it changed my life. that's
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my grandfather alloys can store we had a special relationship he was an obstetrician in fact he brought me into the world . there was one thing about his past that really fascinated me he served for years in the uk during world war 2 in school we heard about the atrocities committed by german soldiers and every sunday i ate potato soup was one of them. it all started when i found this orange box 120 old for listening to rolls of film i thought these must belong to grandpa and i wondered what secrets they might hold
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. so. i decided to talk to my mother ana she is always his daughter she's a doctor like everyone in our family. i just did you see all his photos from the war are just the ones with him. not just the ones with him group photos with other soldiers standing next to cars and maybe a tank and there was a photo of a field hospital just. to research the degree i want to find out what grandpa did during the war what do you think about what this complete nicholson's. knew that i don't know maybe some people need to do something like that but i certainly don't i'm i didn't pester my parents with questions about the past in his i meant on his middle just well my mother maybe but not my father he hated that is you who spits on you and i don't. even those and. that's not unusual
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my mother belongs to the generation that was raised to not ask questions about the war. is not how we should look at home and he didn't talk about it much and when he did it was usually after a few strong drinks of a mother who was a traumatic experience and it really affected his character that. i think that if you start digging up the past it could be a sobering experience. muslim and maybe it's just better to forget it was some of the new book week to muslims but if you really are that curious then you'll just have to go ahead. still there was this is it a bit. well that i'll have to do it on my own my grandfather pasted most of his photos neatly into an album but not deeds one what's the story behind these pictures. here's
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a list of the places where he served during the war and the 1939 map of europe. french helmets a field hospital. it says here surgical training in france. or . to be photographed as russian girl did he like her or was she the 1st prisoner of war he saw. a rabbi being taken away jewish greystones as tank traps. a burning synagogue images of war and war crimes. i can see why he didn't put these into the family album. there are nearly 60 pictures of the warsaw uprising in 1944. but as always could not possibly have been in warsaw at that time he was in
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a military hospital 600 kilometers away recovering from shrapnel wounds that's confirmed in a letter that his mother sent him. my dear son i have sent you a rosary because you have lots of time to pray now may the mother of god to heal your wounds and give you comfort because your own mother cannot be there with you. my father's family is polish some of them refused to come to his wedding they had fought against the germans and now my father was marrying one. he's kept track of the family history on both sides when grandpa signed up for his military disability pension my father helped him with the paperwork. june grandpa talk about the war or you sure. i think i was the only one to talk to about it but he had some
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photos from poland and france. which was i think it's a once in your in chocolate box. with you want to go what are you talking about with that box has nothing to do with your grandpa no he's one of those who belong to my family. truck. while i got it completely wrong. this is my great uncle ship on skis elec for short he's my father's uncle he fought in the polish underground a kind of hero that we read about in school. the uncle who fought the enemy. who sent secret messages. and bravely led his troops. his code name was cure for heart like in a game of cards. snapshots from the war from the german point of view from
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one of these photos have to do with elec did he steal them. to be taken photos from a german so that he didn't steal them that way i don't know how he got them. to just buy to find out. bribes or look at going to go right ahead most people. fortunately elex sister christina is still alive my father calls her and tells her i want to meet or. maybe she knows something about the photos and can tell me more about how. she lives in just a whole book the city was occupied by the germans just 2 days after they invaded poland. elex resistance group was based here. i think i'm on the right track down. some of
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the photos were taken here. i only see great and christina at family weddings and funerals this is the 1st time i've been to her house. my hips hurt i got psychotic. and my back is killing me kind of us a visit they go. just like us and. richard and christina my father said i should come talk to. me that you're going to move in with your sport as mr talked you know. you should talk to me and you were saying that. ok yes i'd like to talk to about a heloc as to what he did during the war. so just give us his main task was to keep
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track of the parachute drops that were organized by the polish government in exile at the mountain you get the time and place usually a forest and then organized the pickup i want to be able. to stand this pile of rubble look this like yours a piece of one of the parachutes to repaint the color of the materials had great colors that would be used to make clothes out of that was so confusing to me as this is part of. the composite like back then. here are the dance and the ones i was on the way to school it was a secret school so i wasn't just set off by the underground polish home army. eats the skin off kind i was crossing the square and suddenly the germans showed up. some of the i was a raid they shoved me into a truck. and took us to the old school and yes in the street. they were going to
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deport us to germany i mean as a forced laborers. i cried my eyes and i'm sorry yes i was 14 years old and i was being sent to germany. i cried like a baby one of the germans took pity on me he brought me to another room and told me to stop crying he said they wouldn't take me away they'd make me a waitress at the gestapo canteen medicaid or the guest that gestapo. now you and then. knight but then my brother guys were just going to the home army. face so mom i have a i kept the aprons has a souvenir they're all faded. the tailor made them for me because
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you couldn't buy things like that anymore those who were the euro group says there's no trust that i should have that i've still got a few other items saying that you don't think that you know that it's going to be one of these when you work at the gestapo canteen it was you know they said you were there you know right if there is a life and you kept track of the prisoners because if they're upset after the germans arrested someone i tried to find out as much as i could in my mind you could join she was upset that's. incredible my great aunt was forced to work for the gestapo at the same time she was working for the home army and she was just 14 . christina told i like what she could about the prisoners. he passed along the information in coded messages. or asking just one nugent scheme henrich. elec also sent his sister on missions through the city
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carrying messages or weapons. and she'd been caught she could have been executed. which he is i came here to talk to you about this box of photos on the next give the interests of not me and i know when a leg was in the resistance he lived with a married couple who disagreed to hide him. the man called stephan also got so worked in a photo circle and he took the photos and developed the whole of all the good. stuff and ascii work with l. ike in the resistance. 75 years ago this was the largest photo store in chester hope everyone had their photos developed here including the germans. stephan osteen
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and a man names for their scheme made on authorized copies of their photos and passed them along to l. and. now i'm going to meets for their cities grandson pavol. with you because you know i'm a. stickler good questions this photo with a rabbi is from the chester home again but this. is this imo not his name. so this will be thought this is the school lot of us nagorski. you know you know here's another one of the from us a good steak in the same place most of these are good you have this photo to write this was my cousin something that's yours and this one's mine he said look there's an x. mark on the back of bush. there's little is up from it on the same paper they're both a bit overexposed in the below this one's overdeveloped but see my grandfather used to make 2 sometimes 3 copies for the german customer from soft and from the
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resistance. what is this russian girl thinking. and if this woman realized what was going on around her. the rabbi looks afraid probably for good reason. this classroom was converted to a jail cell on the wall there's a quote from little as mine come from. you know age of racial poisoning a state that preserves its best racial elements will one day become master of the world. the box has pictures from all over your. i figured
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out that this is the school in the austin of course because street police battalion number 310 from the iranian border or stationed there but they were not traffic cops they were there to impose german law and order with deadly results. they did some research on the web and then decided to visit the police college or run in bourg just north of berlin. feeling make huge as an expert on battalion 310. that's not looks like russia. maybe he can tell me more about the photos. here. that's the problem it's definitely a police officer you can see the german eagle insignia raised by oak leaves homes. from other parts of europe. this is so just that
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is this is the big question i have been trying to find out. about my family and how it survived the war why he. as a thing that we are fighting about as there are lots of photos of prisoners and detainees and scenes of deportations with the scene so i think the photographer was recording events for posterity by as he would inform people it was that would give information to the relatives about the person's fate when he had water. and then these photos document war crimes and the unbelievable destruction that took place he is that was the grounds they were intended to be used later as evidence and to help bring the perpetrators to justice. but i'm going to take these photos. why he collected them. and those who are using i have no idea or syria the ones that show the germans deporting people from warsaw are valuable as evidence.
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seven-up they shipped people off to the camps. and a lot of them never came back. thank you. now obviously. so here you are. german troops both s.s. and very marched down the warsaw uprising in just 63 days. more than 200000 people were killed 100000 were deported for forced labor and 60000 were sent to concentration camps. somewhere in this crowd is my grandmother hanya my mother's mother her brother was killed in august 1044 just after the uprising started in an air raid. in
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september her husband was shot and killed in october she was deported. after the war she married how loyce my grandfather. now like was just 30 years old when the war ended younger than i am now. there was something else in that box besides the photos i still haven't been able to watch the 2 rolls of 16 millimeter film. i've taken it to a photo lab to see if they can help me. sleep good i wonder what the film will show. to amateur pictures of german soldiers
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. scenes from the war. it's mark 1939 which means it was probably developed in that year but it doesn't show a war time scenes these pictures may have been taken in the summer of 39 shortly before the war started 4 minutes one second snapshot in time. who are these people why are they smiling and what are these pictures doing intelligence collection. i'll show them to and christina and see whether she knows . the look you know this is from l x 2 rolls of film. you know that too through school i don't
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recognize any of these people that i don't know who shot this film. you know how do the film end up in the box. no idea if there's ever going to be tooken from a german mosher possibly. look at that. my emptiness lost none of her secret agent skills let's see if we can make out the license plate number. that could tell us who owns the car. my license plate starts with s. k. s. force alasia and k. for cut off it's a 75 years ago in germany it would have been i cade. the original vehicle registration lists no longer exist but there are copies at the national library in leipsic. there are probably thousands of registrations with the sillies or prefix.
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the number i'm looking for is i k 47860. i found a copy of the list but everything is filed by the registration date. finally i find the car was owned by the shredder brothers they lived at bro plots won his parents. the car was an 8 cylinder horse a pretty cool car at the time. today is called yellin your gorup i still can't confirm that the photos were actually shot there and i still don't know why i like had this roll of film i need to do some more research. evil operate she is the director of the national archives here. is what's up with stuff up and that's the old posture asa. it's not far from here it's these days
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it's called home army street. because it is because i mean obviously on a trip of some sort it. is the czechoslovak bunker in the mountains near to it not . built to protect against a german attack it was 80. the germans annexed the sudan in land in 1938 and later took over the rest of the country as those in the bunkers ended up as tourist attractions and he thought it into effect through to the. that's an unusual development but i still want to find out who those people were and what they were doing there. was a piece of that the germans annexed the sudan inland and turned western czechoslovakia into a protectorate. so those people are visiting the new german territory. are these the shirkers. i want to find out what happened to them after the summer
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of 1939. evil helps me to track down the construction files for bra plots one. and then you thought that you're right. it's the most we've got a blueprint for building a toilet. that the sun still will and will divide i thought that's a pub that adjoins the city brewery. so what's the bit about a meal that is so that some of the shirkers own hirshberg. we can't find any more documents he's gotten you after the war a lot of east german territory went to poland including now you lenya gora with each other. if the shirkers survived the war and wanted to hold on to their brewery they'd have had to become polish citizens spend another year with us i wonder whether you've heard of the brothers applied for citizenship that's why i didn't find an application for them so i looked at some documents filed by others.
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we read some klara of strawson here by apply for polish citizenship. you know and as my last name indicates my ancestors were of slavic origins means but the one is with the fact that it was good and is that this applicant joined the nazi party in 1937 he says he signed up only because he had a government job and was never an active member in this new with us he adds that he has no polish blood. on their own live yet the authorities gathered information about the applicants by interviewing neighbors to those german and polish this application was rejected. tucson's is not yet. there are no files on the shorter brothers it seems that they had to leave their property behind probably in 1906. the poles have vivid memories of the atrocities carried
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out by the germans and they were in no mood to forgive. even still german civilians leaving poland let em pack up their things and go back on. kids c.q. we put heaters in their trucks and gave them blankets and our food. we got paid to do it. street was really. shaken i mean i was upset. when would have happened if my grandfather had not been granted citizenship in poland he would have had to leave the country he'd never have met hina the young woman from warsaw. and he never would have delivered me. i wonder whether the shorters have ever come back to visit their brewery today brought plots one is not one and today 10 families live here instead of just one.
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coming to me because i'm trying to find out what happened to the people who lived here in 1945 oh you know idea i've only lived here for 20 years i just laugh at you but you can be one of the neighbors might know about 3 come. to recognize any one. movies but that one i but then maybe. i mean i don't remember much from that time i hope it's just that one except that it's a whole lotta shutters and so you know because they spoke german so there's.


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