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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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haagen mauer has a passion for metalworking and he's optimistic he shrugs off the bureaucracy and the slow data connections and plans to keep expanding anyway. and english couple has unearthed of thousands of ancient silver coins worth an estimated $6000000.00 a haul discovered with a metal detector includes rare pennies stating back to the iraq following the norman invasion of 1066 the discovery was made in the southwest english county of some us it shocked the coins be declared a national treasure the couple and the landowner would be entitled to an equal share of their present day value. makes me want to start digging around somewhere to that's it for me and the business team here in berlin as always thanks for keeping his company.
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i'm secure in the by a more tolerant and in the end is a me you are not alone and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this.
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with the smugglers were lions of the bee what's your story. i'm a woman i was and women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. thought you are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become sitting. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. hello welcome to arts and culture sweden has just announced the film it's putting forward to be nominated for best international feature at the oscars its star rector arkin is my guest in just
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a minute also coming up. on a grand scale city's made out of cardboard of a speciality of french artist bolivia gold's tights. and a visit to berlin is on the world in our alternative tourist guide planet. but we begin with the film and then we danced written and directed by swedish filmmaker 11. let's have a quick look at a scene from the movie. or do you know. i'm a doctor or it's a sudden. through a whole rounds of memory of city of stuff. the film is a long story that takes place in the world of traditional georgian which is a big. culture. and
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i'm joined by the writer director of the film. first of all welcome a new must be very excited about the oscar. thank you for having me and. i believe if we can go park the oscars a next february we might get there but let's go back a few years because i believe this particular incident was inspired to make this film tell us about it. in 201315 young kids in georgia decided to hold george's 1st pride parade. in tbilisi the capital and they were there was a counterattack organize a counter demonstration organized and they were attacked and the images you know are cable out on all the news channels and i saw it in sweden and i thought. i didn't like what i saw and i thought you know i should do something about that
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about that topic so that was sort of like the inspiration for the film and then sort of give us a brief synopsis of what the film's about well basically i would say it's a coming of age story about a young downstair at the georgia national ensemble which is a very strict conservative. place. and they he you know falls in love with another guy and it sort of becomes like a catalyst for him to i think in the end discover his own artistry i think you know it's a film about breaking the norm sort of yeah ok and i mean this seems to be george or seems to be the seems real still to the gay rights is this why you made the film in the georgian language yeah i mean i think the setting of the story certainly you know if it had been said in sweden it would have been the same story so you know there was something there that i wanted to. discover and sort of delve into.
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georgia you know it's sort of complicated i think it's a very polarized country at the moment and it's very divided on one and you know you have the younger generation who's very you know. liberal and they really you know one something else and then on the other hand you have sort of a you know there's the lists or whatever you call them let's see another clip and this is where the head of the daunce academy appears to men sort of question the main actor that. god did it. because one is censored. with until she lived. parody cartoon. yeah.
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constitutes. a steady stream. you can feel the tension. i believe you when you went to film in georgia you have sort of give the authorities there another script will give them another impression of what the film was about i mean we didn't you know actually give them a script but you know we had to film in some place you know were a little tricky to get into had they known exactly what the film was about so you know we had another official plot for the film that we were some sort of you know. in some places and in some places you know we could be totally open again it's about the division i was talking about and did you actually have problems if you have problems when you were that we did that we did fortunately we know.
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some locations where we're supposed to film would you know just suddenly disappear and you know we couldn't film that as they were renovating and things like that so you know we never nobody officially told us you can't be here because you're making an l.g. bt film but. just quickly want to mention benny andersson of abba was one of the producers but is he interested in georgian traditional dogs . i think he probably is his you know he's a patron of the arts. i know that he actually 20 years ago did a george cd with polyphonic choir singing so he has a little it is but actually it's son who is the producer from from. well he's a good producer. a lot for the film you cross your fingers for the all screens you very much. thank you very much about so great film you've got thank you robin.
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the main roll material used by french artist olivier. is cardboard boxes he makes what can only be described as all works. just cardboard bits of tape and he needs a lot of help so invested the people of la in france to construct buildings they know from their own city to create a temporary town down of the city's hall. from cardboard boxes tape and lots of helping hands are all the techniques for his monumental art this is urban art nother kind of 14 cardboard buildings up to 27 meters tall and weighing one and a half tons each he's having a city built within a city on the waterfront in the after friends his largest cardboard creation to date does that make him nervous. we could build
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a lot more here without. the conditions actually make me more nervous than the construction itself. that was almost completely destroyed in the 2nd world war later french architect. designed housing for around 60000 people a masterpiece of urban planning. drew inspiration from the heretick site for his cardboard installation. you need to do a fascinating work and a bit like being an architect. i have kids and as a boy i myself used to play with this. you can be anything you want to a little kid a ship an airplane whatever. these monumental cardboard.
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concepts would hardly be feasible without plenty of help from the people after. the buildings are made of some 3000 rolls of tape and 23000 boxes far fewer than bricks in the originals they take just one week of construction not much to build an entire city but it did require months of planning and precision drawings much like an architect with. the 46 year old artist's favorite piece is the tower. this is a replica inspired by st joseph's church in the mail every few years the germans now have to limit the limits we're going to build it's about 26 meters 26 and a half almost 27 meters high. the cardboard city stands for just 2 days. then the big demolition operation
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begins the only piece not to be torn apart is this tower it's carefully hoisted up and carried away as requested by the people of. the demolition is also a part of the only vehicles ted's concept the cardboard city is meant to be ephemeral. only because ted is already planning his next card city. looks like a lot of planet but is a d w tourist guide for the city with a difference it features 50 berliners from around the world who've made their home here and their tips for what to see in this great city today we feature a real deep my honors and his tips for tourists is difficult to see when you're
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wandering around and that's because it's all deep under. entry is more. has been exploring underground for 2 decades he co-founded the. association in 1997. around 8 meters below the surface on of this news team have spent he is clearing tens of thousands of cubic meters of rubble. this new rebuild entrance leads to an escape tunnel that was secretly to help 17 east german citizens flee to west berlin he said almost being completed but was discovered before it could be used. klaus could print from west berlin help dig the tunnel he wanted to smuggle his pregnant wife out of east berlin with an organ
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this is the original tunnel from that plane 7971 it's the only one preserved in its original state from a time when berlin was divided. at street level stones marked the location of the tunnel running under where the berlin wall once stood when they hear the 1st one friends acquaintances or relatives from west germany came to visit i never took them to the brandenburg gate instead i take them to banaue. often they will go to platforms on all major crossings on the western side . they were so tall you could see a long way into east berlin. says he will do everything to keep clearing out his story underground signs he recently discovered this well from the 863 it used to belong to a brewery and still contains water. from
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its starts berlin is brimming with 20th century history from. the weimar republic the nazi period the post-war era the wall and then reunification we've experienced it all were lane is great for learning about german history the look of toil if i'm at the end not just above them but under the surface thanks to mom the old and he's taking. actually there are tunnels underneath where i'm standing now they were experimental tunnels built to test the burthen underground trains originally and you can take a tour around that's it thanks for watching.
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this estate on the news coming to you live from berlin leaders of the pro-democracy movement in hong kong are arrested joshua wall is one of those taken into custody for allegedly planning on authorized protest to morrow's planned demonstrations have been called off but locals say the arrests could invigorate the movement. what
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some are calling it epidemic of violence against women in latin america we'll tell you how one mexican city is responding. and. that influential president lee heard this announces he is quitting the software called. dispute about the coaches to be behind his decision. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us police in hong kong have arrested several activists in the pro-democracy demonstrations that have roiled the territory over the last 3 months one of them is joshua wolong a veteran activist and co-founder of pro-democracy group demo sisto authorities say wong and others are being investigated for their role in an unauthorized protest in
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june when protesters blockaded police headquarters police also arrested and each am the founder of a band pro independence party. was one of the student leaders of major pro-democracy demonstrations in 2418 he was released from prison in june after serving a 5 week sentence related to those protests. over the very latest let's bring in our correspondent our correspondent charlotte telson pil who is in hong kong sean what does the arrest of these prominent activists mean for the pro-democracy movement. but of course this is going to be a big blow to activists who are taking to the streets night after night 13 weeks is also clearly going to concern a lot of people who are on the streets that's about the legal challenges that they
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could face for processing now the activists who've been arrested or accused of taking part in the an authorized protest and inciting illegal protests and the concern over that is so great you organizers of the march for its march have called it off citing the physical and legal safety of those protesters having said that they the people that have been arrested a nazi leaders of this protest movement they were back in 2014 now although this movement is largely leaderless so i think what we'll see is these protests will continue now continue to be organized by individuals who are organizing these separate protests weekend after weekend here in hong kong so it seems the police are cracking down harder how are the people of hong kong reacting to the news of these arrests. well there's a lot of anger on social media at the moment that's also in light of the fact that 2 activists will say beaten up yesterday. apparently with baseball bats no rest
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have been made in that case that's something that's really concerns people there is the general feeling that hong kong authorities are cracking down on them a lot of people do you appear to want to take to the streets again to voice their anger but this protest i has been banned and now cooled off but some are your thoughts not to say that people won't take to the streets anyway and of course on monday we've got that massive strike that's planned which sectors school students and university students are also planning to take part in say we are going to see another few days of unrest here in hong kong ok the police though have issued a ban all marching and all busy assemblies does the law set things up for another massive confrontation. potentially of course we have seen protesters coming out despite the fact she is have been banned was interesting about this particular ban though is that this is
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a ban on a rally organized by the civil human rights fronts that the people behind the massive peaceful rally are you this once month which they say $1700000.00 people took part in that went that proceeded without any real binding and then they were behind the big process that happened back in june so we are expecting people who despite this ban to take to the streets once again but of course with heightened concern about what that could mean for them legally and of course physically as well protesters here say that police are becoming increasingly violent in their handling of these protests. thank you very much t.w. charlotte chelsea fill in hong kong. some of the other stories making news around the world today british opposition leader jeremy corcoran says he will introduce a bill to block prime minister bourse show. from suspending parliament until mid october just before britain's planned exit from the e.u. more than a 1000000 people have signed an online position opposing the suspension which
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critics call an undemocratic attempt to stifle debate on rights. brazilian president. has signed a decree banning burning in the amazon basin this comes after a growing international outcry over the worst fires in the region in years the e.u. has warned if free trade deal depends on action to tackle the blazes. and president trump has canceled a planned trip to poland as a hurricane heading for florida has increased its in strength residents of the state are preparing for hurricane dorian a category 2 storm expected to reach wind speeds of up to 165 kilometers an hour when it makes landfall the weekend things. out latin america the deal the struggle to deal with the high incidence of violence against women there in some countries more than 50 percent of married women say they are survivors of violence by their husbands one city in northern mexico is responding
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with special police team the w.'s a taurus as visited water is on the u.s. border and sent us this report. and he is a policewoman in the mexican border city of juarez. she's part of a special task force designed to eliminate domestic abuse we respond to imagine she calls week at least a dozen of them in a single shift. the 1st order of the day is interviewing witnesses. has a 1000000 residents and the highest rates of violence against women in all of mexico over 100 women were murdered here last year alone and yet he suffer domestic violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend so she has a special sensibility toward other abuse survivors such as this 15 year old girl whose partner is 17. this is good that every level of argued about his behavior
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he's very aggressive suddenly he started beating me up pulling my hair and strangling me. by the time and yelling at her colleagues arrive he's long gone the officers can't arrest the offender but they take time to talk with the survivors making sure their children are safe and explaining the women's legal rights. here. we have to make it clear to the women that they've just experienced a crime that they are victims of a cycle of violence in their families and that they need psychological attention to help them get out of the situation. it's our job to empower than. besides identifying suspects and he advises women who want to report their husbands to the police every day. women understanding what is can also turn to.
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who founded a shelter for those fleeing domestic abuse. 11 women are currently living here with their children. the women here simply exercising their legal rights by seeking prosecution. but some investigations can take up to 6 years that means offenders are free to commit violence against women in the time. meanwhile and is preparing for her next shift as a policewoman she always hopes to prevent the worst but she can't always do that somewhere in what has a woman is murdered every other day. in colombia authorities have ordered the arrest of 4 leaders of the guerrilla group fark who have pledged to resume their insurgency the militants say they will renew their fight against the government accusing it of violating a peace accord signed in 2016 agreement and 5 decades of civil war. i
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don't want this murder and 3 of his associates now have a price on their heads the colombian president is offering rewards of more than $800000.00 for information leading to their capture even marquez helped negotiate peace in colombia now he's trying to end it. well when we signed the accord in havana we did so with the conviction that it was possible to change the life of the most humble and dispossessed. but the state hasn't fulfilled its most important obligation which is to guarantee the life of its citizens i dispassionately avoid assassinations for political reasons but i thought it did because but other former fighters have declared their commitment to peace laws that were part. of the peace accord yet or embodies the long time dream of the colombian people. to put
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an end to the conflict. and play up the hope. of finally achieving peace with social justice in our country that watch out to declare battle in today's colombia is a big mistake ask your. the colombian government is taking a hard line branding marquez and his associates criminals and accusing venezuela of interfering go along the i know i said colombia does not accept threats of any kind much list from drug traffickers. we colombians should make clear that we are not on the verge of a new guerilla war against the criminal threats of a drug gang to take shelter and support from the dictatorship of nicolas maduro. this was marquez joining elections in colombia last year. i thought of going to be
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an oath to all colombians let's do everything possible so that the war does not return to colombia. picking up his guns again has only made that return more likely . that there are conflicting reports out of ukraine today about whether or not an exchange of prisoners has taken place with russia ukraine general prosecutor announced on facebook that filmmaker all legs sense all other prisoners are heading back home from russia but the office of ukraine's president says no swap has taken place since has been held on terrorism charges following russia's invasion of crimea the government in kiev is also hoping to secure the release of ukrainian sailors captured last.


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