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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is. democracy activists after months of police arrest a prominent protestors including. with inciting people to join. them . the government is back. on the program. german chancellor angela merkel faces a rough week with regional elections in 2 states which are expected to.
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be. a welcome to the program as in hong kong have begun targeting some of the most prominent pro-democracy activists protest leaders joshua walking and i can remember serbs arrested by police today and then released on bail 3 pro-democracy lawmakers were also detained as part of this crackdown on a protest movement that has seen violent clashes hundreds of arrests and the recent arrival of troops from mainland china. emerging from court defiant. joshua long and agnes child present themselves to the waiting media with a message for china and the world. we show no surrender and i urge international communities to send a clear message to
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a presidency sending ships or using emergency order this is not the way out we will continue our fight no matter how they are rest of course who us. the pair were arrested early on friday and charged with organizing and participating in an unauthorized assembly those charges related to a demonstration back in june when protesters blockaded police headquarters but activists say the arrests are an intimidation tactic ahead of a planned rally this weekend one that has not yet been banned by authorities. police deny any link. the elocution that we tie in our rest is totally false. or indeed the public all the events every weekend in the past of 2 months or in. so making the arrest today does not make any indication basically millions of people have joined the protest since they began in june over a controversial extradition. violence has escalated in recent weeks police have
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deployed rubber bullets batons and tear gas while protesters have thrown rocks and molotov cocktails last weekend police used water cannon for the 1st time over 850 people have been arrested but protesters have vowing to continue with an expanded list of demands including democratic elections and independent inquiry into the police response i'm dropping charges against all those arrested since the movement has no official leader has activists say that high profile detentions will not stop them when the government go hard that we go hard so the hong kong people are seeing really clearly so we are. the government please respond to the 5 the months as soon as possible although. otherwise people may be using some more radical ways or more hard way to respond to the response of the the test of that protection comes on saturday when activists decide whether to defy the police ban
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on them march with neither side backing down and maybe the confrontation ahead. doubly correspondent is in hong kong and sends us this. small protests like this one follow another meant to stay in this protest movement these people chanting 5 for freedom 5 for hong kong now some 900 people have been arrested over the last 13 weeks but the sweep of these high profile activists over the last 24 hours have left many of these protesters shaken but it's also caused a dark shadow on the days ahead a big march had been planned for tomorrow but organizers had to cool it off after it was banned by police some protesters a scrambling to find legal ways to circumvent the ban but there will be those who are still willing to take to the streets tomorrow that anger fueled by the arrests today undaunted by police warnings that taking part in summer is protests will be
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breaking the law with a general strike planned for monday and tuesday it seems these arrests have done little to subdue this protest movements. held in hong kong those arrests are being watched closely in other parts of the world was a meeting of e.u. foreign ministers in helsinki and i asked the blocks top diplomat for her reaction to the situation hong kong appears to be escalating there were arrests of pro-democracy activists who have now been bailed to vote evidently the authorities are trying to prevent more protests i understand this was discussed briefly here today can you talk about your concern for the folks here and minister harvesters has anything to thank you definitely the developments and you know congress specially for these last hours are extremely war and. we expect. to respect the freedom of assembly expression and association as well as obviously
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the right of people to demonstrate peacefully and we will continue to follow very closely. opinion but also you quote the nation with the member states you foreign affairs chief and rick of more greeny honest take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world of the world health organization says that congress the bowler death toll has now reached 2000 with 1000 people infected that makes it the 2nd largest outbreak on record but meanwhile officials in neighboring uganda confirm to you case after a child tested positive after arriving from congo. florida's governor is urging residents to bradley before hurricane dorian hits the state early next week currently a category 3 storm is forecast to become a highly dangerous category 4 by the time it makes landfall and the governor has imposed a state of emergency. where you are just. trying
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to answer his gratitude taking part in friday's future protests with american schoolchildren outside you know recently she's going to new york it's really teenagers due to speak at the high action singing a month to cross the atlantic from britain. to avoid the carbon cost to fly to the u.s. . but germany's foreign political party the a.f.p. or turn it in for me is expected to make a big gains in 2 states elections on sunday in saxony their polling just behind bank of america center right c.d.u. things look even worse for the governing party in brandenburg the social democrats is a look at how things stand in these 2 states. 2 eastern german states are going to the polls and the federal government is holding its breath as the surge of the far right populist a.f.d.c. could really shake things up saxony dresden is the capital germany's eastern most state has about $4000000.00 residents and is doing rather well economically with
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the auto industry and high tech but saxony has also developed a thriving right wing scene a year ago right wing extremists occupy the streets of chemists for days violent crime motivated by right wing extremism is that a record high. saxony is governed by a grand coalition of center right c.d.u. and center left s.p.d. on the party the c.d.u. has led the government here since german reunification it may remain the largest party but is said to lose votes especially to the far right populist a.f.d. and state premier may struggle to put together a new coalition. i'm a democrat i'm against a minority government i've also said i won't coalesce with the f.t. or the left party for reasons of policy and personnel the rest of us will have to be able to talk to each other and be able to form a government as democrats. brandenburg potsdam is the capital
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the state surrounds berlin and has about 2500000 inhabitants brandenburg is also doing well economically if it weren't for the late night problem the mining apparatus may grind to a halt soon germany plans to phase out the coal industry which many people here rely on for a livelihood in brandenburg the s.p.d. has also been in power since reunification it's currently in coalition with the left party but surveys suggest that it's unlikely that the 2 parties can continue to govern together for. work flat out for 161820 hours a day so that the far right populist don't become the most powerful party here just like the coffee or the s.p.d. and the a.f.d. are neck and neck in brandenburg but the far right populists are unlikely to take power none of the other parties wants to join a coalition with them for years the i have to has benefitted from feelings of insecurity and of being neglected in the east it has taken on the slogans of the
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civil rights movement in former communist east germany berlin grand coalition partners the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. especially are looking to the state elections with apprehension. the s.p.d. is suffering from dwindling support and membership and the c.d.u. is no longer getting through to their core voters in the east not a good sign for angela merkel's grand coalition. the likely winners of the state elections apart from the f.t. will be the greens their forecast to get record results in both saxony and brandenburg. or they'll use chief political adviser become a curfew has been brandenburg dating the mood in the small city of koenig's best the house on the final day of campaigning. the latest poll suggests that it will be a triumph for a victory for the far right a.f.d. it triumph if it manages to beat the social democrat s.p.d.
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party which has been in government here since reunification for the past 3 decades a victory and it is literally anywhere near what is being addicted roundabouts 20 percent that makes it much harder to form a coalition here of round of antics always have ripple effect for the s.p.d. in berlin it is currently in government with angle of michael's music if you party going and if it was office now not the numbers break down because of the lexer results more like that to go listen and the final turn off your heard and come to an early end was my fault you're going to look so much you think and brand about the 76th edition of this is international film festival is underway one of the controversial highlights is roman polanski's new movie. or i'm officer and the spy which premiered an hour or so ago i was talking thriller tells a story of the dreyfus scandal which a french on the often played by
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a french movie star sean. is prosecuted and then accused of spying for the job. market watch so. i didn't lose residence cinephile scott roxboro is in venice and has seen the film welcome scott roman polanski's films always make headlines mostly because of his criminal record what do you make of the film. yet the film itself actually is quite good i mean the drive for the pair is quite well known but it's never been turned into a. a film and it's a quite compelling story about a jewish french officer falsely accused of treason and the scandal that resulted
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from that which almost brought down the government in france at the time and polanski whatever you think of the man he's a good filmmaker he tells a quite compelling story which is sort of half historical thriller and half courtroom drama but of course a lot of the talk here in venice with this premier is not about how good the film is or its qualities but about the director of itself and whether or not like a vendor should be giving a platform to a man like polanski who course has a criminal history. and he wasn't he wasn't even there for his big moment was a. no no actually no one really expected him to come because polanski as you know he was convicted of statutory rape in 1977 back in los angeles he fled the country before he was sentenced so he remains officially a fugitive from u.s. justice and is not allowed safely to travel outside his home country of france so if he came here to italy there would have been a good chance that he could have been arrested and extradited to the united states no one really expect him to come there was some talk that he might skype in to be
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able to introduce this film to the public here he didn't do that and his producer who was here presenting the film along with the actors made it quite clear they were not going to talk about polanski the man and the criminal cases against him but only wanted to discuss the film itself but of course one plans to make the movie we always have to talk about his his his his history and the infamy that falls in. venice or in the bundesliga. continued that starts to the season with a win a way to proceed bloodbath jima vento was the hero of the striker he's a hot trick to score in all of these sides goals and trying 3 of the hosts the women's lives and have a 100 percent record after 3 games and takes them to the top of the table. business is next to the d w i'm not i'll be presented.
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as being called one of the worst security has ever faced a secure sophisticated the hyping of top dog the i phones and the only high profile company to fall off that crystal coma well. in just a month or so a good. 6 make. raring to reach. if there is any product between them you'd have to find it between the lines it's. just 100 german streets.


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