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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2019 4:30pm-4:45pm CEST

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it's person to face it's about topics that affect us all. climate change and the turn. only in sense that. this is the day of the news asia coming up told me terrorism while the u.s. and taliban discuss 2 patrols of dog off consequence before suspend don't talk about attacks in 2 cities in afghanistan how credible are these talks and is the taliban in complete control also coming up. university and school students of hong kong to join pro-democracy rallies a day off to avoid of clashes between police and protesters police say more than 50 was arrested over the weekend but what happens to justice in police custody one
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activist tells us. i'm british manager welcome to do the news asia it's good to have you with us. a 9th round of talks between the u.s. and taliban representatives has ended in doha without a substantial agreement but the u.s. side say they are caught at the threshold of an agreement that could see the u.s. pull out from the country the final details are still unclear but what is clear is that the taliban on hunting around waiting for the day over the weekend they attacked the cities of condos and. in the north of the country a can do there's already been attacked twice before in the last 4 years so what is the taliban game plan the double correspondent. for that the taliban spokesman so hampshire hin in doha. is the.
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issue. that's going to be heard in the division who knew who the who the we and. the long just the consumer of the u.s. is that he used to not follow him into the center of the new system so that's the main the same. size you have to consider. to do this when these are all i think the rule. of the state with incomes. well joining us for more is due to a correspondence under appeared as man has been following the many rounds of talks in doha under welcome now the by the americans we're talking to the valid one in doha you have the taliban that i can do cities over the weekend in afghanistan is the taliban essentially controlling the narrative in doha from a gun and i think that trying to very much but what you must keep in mind is
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afghanistan was the world's deadliest conflict in 2018 and chances are that it will remain the words debt in this conflict in 2902 because despite the peace talks or framework agreement talks in doha the fighting hasn't stopped afghanistan is still essentially a country at war and yes we have seen the taliban attacking. over the weekend fighting is still ongoing in other parts of the country too there is no clear front line so civilians get caught in the cross-fire time and again with taliban attacking the riches and cities but also you know rates by u.s. forces and afghan forces at the same time so it's really a country at war essentially but it's also you have a situation in which you have 2 parallel tracks you have talks going on in doha and then you have this violence on the ground clearly both sides have a lack of trust when it comes to each other in this environment whatever deal is
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agreed in-door have any words agreed what the chances the the elements offered will be implemented i think that's 2 separate things essentially because what we have seen at the moment is talks between the taliban and the united states about on the one hand troop withdrawal that is the main taliban dumont and on the other hand a break with al qaeda and other elements of terror in afghanistan that is the main u.s. the monster that they can pull out troops in faces whatever comes of to a comprehensive cease fire in traffic and dialogue the other 2 elements though is still have to start those. we'll have to be implemented and if everybody will be on board whether there will be disgruntled members of the taliban then maybe joining you know the afghan version of the islamic state that remains to be seen it doesn't mean that in the case of the framework agreement between the us and the taliban that we will see clearly
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a peace blossom you know the very next day so essentially what you're saying is that the framework agreement that is under discussion in doha is essentially something that serves more the u.s. interest and the taliban interest than the of i would say yes because the americans especially president trump have a very keen interest on pulling troops out you know he's also campaigning he wants reelection and if he manages to pull troops out of course that would be very rare way received in the united states whether this is a good or a bet thing for the people of afghanistan it's an entirely different story because what we need to see is really intra f. can dial doc we need to see the f. can government and the political elite opposition forces sit down with the taliban because that is where a peace deal lies and sundra do you think very briefly that the of gun government if it does get involved in the bogs at some point there could be some agreement down the line with the part about well obviously the draft agreement which is on the table we don't know the key to its was shown to the afghan president in the
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meantime and he's now considering how to proceed and i think in the end it would be for the sake of the afghan people a good move if he would agree and if the taliban would agree to an interest in dialogue because that's what is needed to bring peace to afghanistan under bridges one thanks very much for that i'm sure we'll be speaking sean about these talks. or into hong kong now where hundreds of school and university students return from some of break to hold rallies and pro-democracy demonstrations on monday these follow another weekend of violent protests which saw police clashing with protesters and making arrests when these actions over the past 3 months have been criticised by pro-democracy activists as violent and brutal and many have taken it upon themselves to monitor law enforcement offices. he's a familiar face among people him democratic lawmaker luncheon taking notes this protest isn't authorized police have made clear anyone taking pot faces arrest. but
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still his head another defined figure in the crowd. no longer weeks of violence of shots at his faith in the police he's come here not to make noise but to act as a witness to what he says the nightly injustices i think it's my duty to monday to be low in force my off the police force and if they try to. make it and they skews to a way to address me then i could only defend myself in the court. he knows all too well the risks he's taking on friday 3 of his fellow lawmakers were arrested for that alleged role in protests. then there's the physical risk to each was back in july protesters were attacked by a gang of men at the u.n. in a train station and i was
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he was among the 1st on the scene live streaming for he saw a social media was going up to it i was leaning over the it was was he finally was was. he was left with a fractured wrist and a cut to his face he says police failed to stop the attack oh my god but i really would be best by the police or attacked by the king's terrorists again . it's just not the letter i have to concern any more i too good of a phone call people destroyed. oh it's best to fight for democracy or phone call and . evil law. it's not long before reports of clashes
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outside the government complex coming and he's on the. during the week this is off this it's a day he can only stand back and watch as the chaos unfolds far from the front lines but close enough to witness as molotov cocktails thrown from one side take gas and water cannon on the other he regularly post updates on his social media using his platform to edge tens of thousands of fun of us to stay safe knowing that for some it will be futile another night of violence just beginning. johnson young is a pro-democracy activist and he joins me now from hong kong johnson as far as i understand you were your son for us to drive and after your lose you spoke about the hospital protest and so for the hands of the police what did you experience while in custody. so there are some for abuse is several categories off it says
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1st of all there are all these where you will be abusing people they were swearing at people with eating there in the detention center and secondly people were locked out in a car that was transformed into a detention center and it was life verity truth decrease ousia is people were not allowed to lie on floors there's no place for people to sleep so people have their lives on the 4th just to take a wes and we were locked up for almost 47 hours 48 hours and also there were intimidations to our family members to people what they can say to their home to your house. and the scariest people including my family and then. what does that do you think behind this monitor of detention. so tension i was arrested for so times and this esteemed most high conditions that i have every effort experienced and i think the reason is the police want to intimidate
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people and used as how rosman to feed her passive patient people actually in my case is not the worst i heard about such of views and social rosman inside intentions there are also we poor as saying detainees were beaten by police when they were detained in the detention center so now it is not just how osman the police are folly political and they are accusing the rights of the people to teach are a pass at a patient what does that. about the we the government is looking of these protests is it more often annoying or the problem for the government instead of a political one it is still a political one because the government the 1st they want to calm down the situations by using minute by using police to the special people but now they found the fall is not working so they ask a late and as
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a way to deter president patient then not taking then not thinking. they are not making peace for their people and no they are not making concessions of the people and that's why the escalating violence they are arresting people are arbitrary the we just we've see the poor in there possibly there are hundreds of of wes and right now all together from june to now there are more than half an 100 already and people are still getting out west and how ross and by the police don't some young thank you very much for joining us from hong kong. and also another weekend of unrest in hong kong today president bush goes a twin bed hospital. in sort of out of the ritz pro-democracy protesters the leader of that's going to accept it but. the fact.
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we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters. made for mimes. and gemini. at any time kind of place easy names. kept out of the back of the squad songs to sing along to see this to come from soup
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. for. interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive in german to frame a 50 w. . markets are grappling with new american tabs and chinese counter so is the well. any closer to a trade war resolution or are both sides just giving in. also on the show is the rain forest just a commodity bloggers and mining companies are combing through brazil's rain forest for an indigenous villages stop them and protect their lands. and we'll show you a clever new solution for cleaning up oil spills and pollution at sea.
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this is business asia how the office in berlin welcomes the u.s. china trade war escalated over the weekend with both sides slapping fresh tariffs on the other's exports and there is no deal in sight in case you've lost track here's a quick update this weekend the united states imposed levies on an additional $112000000000.00 of chinese exports while beijing is countering with troves on $75000000000.00 u.s. dollars in goods smart speakers headphones and shoes are among the chinese products to be more made more expensive by the new u.s. tariffs meanwhile will hit u.s. crude oil with a 5 percent tariff it's the 1st time or has been targeted in this dispute.


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