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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2019 1:30am-1:46am CEST

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come to the right place. 16. if. you don't know it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why i'm do this because we can't stay venezuela. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. facebook's facing trouble again this time in the form of an anti-trust investigation it states want to know whether facebook has been bad for consumers. and german chancellor i'm going to bellicose visit to china draws to a close overshadowed by sensitive themes like the us china trade war and the unrest
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in hong kong. and kerry problem at the heart of the wool industry we'll tell you why the country shepherds are taking a stand. this is the w. business i'm joined now the milan in berlin welcome facebook's troubles in the united states are mounting an alliance of 8 states plus the district of columbia announced an antitrust probe into the social media company the new york state attorney general lateesha james said in a tweet that the aim was to find out whether facebook quote endangered consumer data reduced the quality of consumers choices or increase the price of advertising this follows an announcement from the justice department that it would also be conducting a competition review of online platforms. joins us now from wall street if this probe finds that facebook did indeed behave and
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headed if the what could happen to facebook then could it be broken up. well this is really tough to say at this point we haven't seen a case like this in those proportions since a similar case against the microsoft of 2 decades ago and big then it took years before we had an outcome overall and there is this discussion quite often and openly if facebook became too powerful especially with the acquisition of instagram and what's up but microsoft for example big then they have to change some of their business practices so i'm not quite certain if the company really will be broken up at this point and as i said to will take years before we really know what's going on in any case leave them to some brave new world of regulation now what will this level of regulatory scrutiny mean for the world of tech at large understand that
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alpha that has also been receiving some scrutiny from the deal a j. yes actually on monday there might be appropriate formally started by the attorney general of texas also joined by a couple of other states here in the united states also untrue trust case and the big question of those companies became too powerful almost not fully like and this is something we have to live with and that's going to continue for quite some time and we hear it more and more often from the public from regulators from politicians those companies might have become too powerful but as i said those cases they take time that the companies themselves they probably will go into appealed so that it's a development that's going to stay with us for quite some time and you'll be following it with us to there and wall street for us. germany's chancellor
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is on a 3 day visit to china to kick it off. for a european investment deal with beijing and an end to the u.s. china trade war meeting with chinese premier she said it's affecting the whole world and she urged resolution lee however chose to focus on germany telling merkel he hopes the country will accept more chinese companies and loosen export for certain but he went on to once more say that china promises to open up its economy even further. to german business view with regards to china could be summed up as one of huge opportunities coupled with huge challenges one of the main worries is china's new social credit system as well as its own citizens but chinese government also evaluates companies using a point system and penalizes things it doesn't like german companies fear it's becoming a method of blanket surveillance and they say the system is not a clearly nor transparent be regulated. the internet is also
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a bone of contention foreign companies in china still have complete access to the world wide web but beijing plans to introduce laws to curtail or potentially shutting down google or twitter in china. and the old problems with fair play and market access are still prevalent despite repeated promises of improvement german companies say they are still discriminated against in china the chances for major concessions in these areas have never been as good a trade war with the u.s. has china under pressure economic growth there was a direct order low in the 2nd quarter so there's a serious need for foreign investment. it's a rare commodity that the shepherds of the mountain kingdom of lies do to provide to the world market their animals will and mohair keeps necks and hands warm and cold winters western luxury brands are eager to get their hands on the stuff but lately business has been bad as
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a new law forces the shepherds to sell to one broker exclusively one from china many are saying he won't have it. is better known for its tall mountains and a vast number of sheep but now there is a small revolution taking place in the tranquil mountain kingdom a year ago a chinese entrepreneur was granted the valuable monopoly for trading war and since then farmers say that they are not being paid among them is caught saying mature sure he has become the leader of the protests. big. greed and corruption. of us is political because a politician order is the. for the people the chinese broker stone she lives in the most expensive hotel in the capital mosque and never goes out without his bodyguards we confront him with the sheep farmers accusations. we think
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so all these problems and there we have finished the payment to the fatherless. and now the follow us is a happy with us what is strange is that this warehouse is nearly empty we are told that many farmers refuse to deliver their wool here the chinese company seems to have excellent contacts within prime minister thomas to barneys alba soon to convention party it is guarded not only by private security forces but also listen to policeman and beijing apparently also plays a role the chinese embassy has tried to make its influence felt but the trade minister strongly denies any corruption. yeah he said what they're doing is right you have to protect these gentlemen is doing she didn't know it so the government over this will do with food that means that. they went to china to ask these gentlemen because many just yet. but it's not just the shepherds who are
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suffering mohalla feet moti army is a wool dealer but for the past year he's been unable to sell his stocks because of the monopoly. i have had to lay them off that makes me angry when they get into countries which is a very unfair they changed the legislation to be able to build an 8 that i do not accept that at the beginning of july thousands of shepherds marched to the parliament in the capital it was one of the biggest protests in the history of lawsuit 2 they staged their protest in front of a parliament building funded with loans from china and built by chinese companies just like the new exhibition center and the residence of the prime minister. in the evening we sit down with quote sang the shepherds and the organizer of the demo suddenly it is announced on the evening news because of the protests licenses have been granted to other brokers but kut sang still does not believe in a breakthrough. for 2 for this.
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it could take months before new traders can so wall until then it remains the chinese monopoly the shepherds will still be rebels defending the room calls. now to some of the other business stories making news. chinese internet conglomerate is to buy luxury goods platform for $2000000000.00 the purchase is part of attempts to secure a nice segments of the online retail market. china's central bank has loosened its reserve prime requirements for commercial lenders freeing up a $126000000000.00 for lending its latest effort to stimulate a slowing economy. the e.u. has responded to pressure from the european steel industry by reducing
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a rise in the quota of foreign steel allowed into the block from 5 to 3 percent the sector has called for increased protection to 2 u.s. tariffs on steel. in a highly competitive global market that's long saturated innovation is the key sound sun has promised to usher in a new age of foldable is in the smartphone sector the 1st of its kind of a global and south korean store is from tomorrow and presented at the e-file consumer electronics show here in berlin. one touch on this smartphone turns into a tablet the samsung galaxy fold is one of the novelties at europe's biggest consumer electronics show after lengthy delays due to cracking screens the model goes on sale this month the price a hefty 2000 euro's. when you wipe me out and you can see like content is just incredible so. divisional cues coming from social media videos even the audiophile
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it's just incredible i think as we break the pound reason new technologies mean for factories will point and she was using it in different ways. here at i.f.a. you can try out all the new high tech stuff nearly 2000 exhibitors are showing off their products including t.v.'s that are bigger sharper on hooked up to the internet of things another trend smart home appliances from a customized refrigerator to a wardrobe that also cleans your clothes welcome to the future competition among the manufacturers is intense but trade conflicts and fears of economic slowdown mean selling the future is not all a breeze. thanks for watching. what
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keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how's mr comfort. my name is dr carson because i talk to me because. i watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to go ahead. stay tuned and let's all
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try to stay. calm d.w. . the literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see as the kids find strength growing up their own. might try. to show. you the books on youtube. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word of the biblical nico is in germany too but. why not learn with telling. us it's simple online on your mobile and free. t.w. zener ning course week german made easy.
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where is home. with your family scattered across the globe. to. turn back to the roots get minutely. the charge family from somalia live around the world to them one of them needed urgent assistance a. family starts october 8th on d w. hello there and a warm welcome to news from the world of arts and culture of this guy german rock veteran barack features big in the show today as he opens a new exhibition in and we'll get the lowdown on that and on these other stories. the impact of epic science fiction saga star wars on popular culture still
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resonates today in france the force is protection really strong and it's fuelling a lightsaber during trend. and in our series planet berlin we need an all among goalie an ex-pat who's warming up the german capital with finest kashmir from her homeland. well outside germany people might struggle to understand his significance spot barack 73 and still rocking is a living legend in this country he was the 1st guy for instance who dared to make german language rock music and he pioneered a certain political stance unique in its critique of post-war german division well that's why a new exhibition of his art work in lights is a very big deal and he opened it as only does rocking for world peace.
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rock star you don't.


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