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the data we use live from berlin india's prime minister narendra modi praised this in space engineers and calls for optimism as the country's lunar mission appears to fail ground control lost contact to the victims ladder shortly after it and turns its final descent to the moon surface but not all hope is lost also coming out. turkey threatens to pull out of a deal with the e.u. and to reducing the flow of migrants president and on says he'll allow free passage to millions of refugees wanting to go to the e.u.
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if the world and particularly in brussels doesn't provide more support. plus working out like in general the science fiction franchise star wars has fueled a light they were a jewel in trend in france that the country's fencing federation hopes will attract more young people to the sport. i'm nichelle fairly welcome to the program. it was an ambitious plan from the get go india wanted to be the 1st country to shed light on the dark side of the moon the sun ray on 2 missions set out in july to explore the uncharted territory of the lunar south pole but shortly before the scheduled touchdown the space center and bangalore lost contact with the lander now mission control is trying to figure out whether the spacecraft crashed or landed while no one was watching. the
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devastation at india's space agency as the scientists news contacted the chandrayaan 2 only seconds before its landing. the spacecraft was meant to become the 1st ever to touch down on the unexplored south pole of the moon the indian prime minister in the random o.t. came to see the landing from the control room later the phone come solitary worse as he addressed the nation. on earth few of us that doubt of the nation by the way we read our way. it is sold out or 3 inserted a d.v.d. read over to scientists who hired and bar. on one of the most ambitious mission of over space program. victim very low voice
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but. we really need to cover more ground on. the landing of the spacecraft was also broadcast live on television across the country tensions were running high ahead of the event the chandrayaan 2 was successfully launched in july after a previous attempt was called off due to technical problems. chandrayaan which means moon craft in ancient sanskrit spent the last few weeks traveling to what's the south side of the moon. on monday the landing robot vic separated from the craft ahead of its planned touchdown it was supposed to measure the surface and locate water deposits india would have been only the full scan tree in the world to achieve a controlled soft landing its previous mission in 2008 and it with the spacecraft probe intentionally crashing into the moon. for now india's invitations to become
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a global space superpower appear to have suffered a setback but scientists hope to get the communication to the spacecraft back up and find out what happened. let's get more on this from d.w. delhi correspondent michelle gys while michelle prime minister modi has been talking to employees of his country's space agency all we know is the loss of contact doesn't mean the mission has failed as or any more information. well nichole yes the reiteration here is that just because israel of the space program or for india lost contact with the land it does not mean that the entire mission has failed and this is primarily because this mission was in chief parts there was an orbiter orlando and a rover the rover was hoping to explore the southern pole of the moon which is so far not a part of the room of the moon that has seen
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a lot of exploration they were hoping to map out for more proof of water ice but the orbiter is still in function and will continue to orbit the morn for a year so the information that they received from the operators what they're banking on now of course if it had successfully landed on the moon india would have just been the 4th country after the us russia and china to do so so this is being seen as a blow but the country is rallying behind the space mission and congratulating them on a mission that was at least partly successful just how significant would it be if this mission indeed turned down to have failed maybe also emotionally for the country well definitely because this was something that india and the indians had been watching closely there was a lot of enthusiasm in schools amongst children amongst space and towards just and many common civilians as well so this is this could turn out to be a disappointment of the mission has to really feel it's true is still analyzing the data for all of that they do have but there's another aspect to it and that is that
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the indian economy is struggling there's been massive job losses there's the government has come under a lot of criticism because of the economic struggles going on in india right now g.d.p. figures abysmal and as a crisis in question we because of which india is receiving heavy criticism some critics found that this was basically another distraction tactic and perhaps the potential failure of this mission will bring back attention to the beauty of the of india's governance is going so why did india say they wanted to go to the moon in the 1st place. well the call it's important to note that the focus off and our space program for the longest time has been to help the people on the ground there's been a lot of contributions made towards me to logical predictions of contributions made that help agriculture so these recent forest to space was the 1st time india was trying to compete on an international platform and oft cited figures that this
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mission was just $140000000.00 which is a fraction of what the us spent on the apollo mission another figure that's often cited is that the fact that this amount of smaller than what was spent on the last 2 engines movie it was important for india to show itself as a space bar in that way and india continues to be ambitious they did quote it has sent one mission to the more earlier it sent a mission to mars and it plans to have a manned mission. to the morning by 2022 so the ambitions continue but of course there's going to have to be more investigative investigation introspection perhaps more investment to make sure that such missions continue to be successful in the missions as well in delhi thank you very much. let's now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world hurricane dorian is heading towards canada after making landfall in the u.s. states of north and south carolina howling winds and heavy rain knocked out power
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to more than 200000 homes and left many submerged in the bahamas at least 43 people are confirmed dead and hundreds possibly thousands are missing the survivors are anxiously awaiting a. leaders of 7 countries and south america's amazon region have sealed a pact against the destruction of the rain forest at a summit held in the colombian city of lateesha they agreed on measures to preserve the river basin but clashed over cooperation sovereignty and venezuela's exclusion from the talks the meeting was called after a surge in wildfires in the region this year caused a global outcry. britain's upper chamber of parliament the house of lords has passed a bill to block a no deal brags that on october 31st in another blow to prime minister boris johnson opposition parties have again refused to grant him an early election.
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dirty but with huge smiles the small town of boss sun southern spain has celebrated its beloved and unusual festival the custom motorists with $1500.00 participants the celebration takes place annually and a frenzy of black paint throwing the tradition is believed to date back to the late 15th century. turkey is increasingly calling into question a 2016 deal with brussels aimed at reducing the flow of migrants into the e.u. president reject type aired on as threatening to quote open the gates to allow syrian refugees to leave chunky for western countries if unger a dozen receive more support for plans to resettle up to a 1000000 refugees in northern syria turkey is warning that in light of ongoing finding in syria's rebel stronghold of it live it could see even more migrants coming across its border that these people so you there protesting out of anger and
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despair and without of peace and security there will be forced to rushed the turkish border hundreds of people from all of it you'd league have come to the turkish border to demonstrates after months of airstrikes by sunny the dispersants which are not all of we can take the destruction any longer we want to go to a save country like turkey you know i don't want to build barriers but people on stay here i hold the we want to go to europe and coals turmoil there the the threats the turkish government wants to use to put pressure on the e.u. the situation is threatening to unlock a new wave of refugees heading across turkey for europe similar to the one scene in like 20142016 the e.u. and turkey signed an agreement i could our promise to close its north and border with the e.u. and to take back refugees in return the billions in aid but president red chip type other one says those funds have not being delivered as promised he's threatening to
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pull out of the deal and reopen the root for refugees to europe it was the couple that us will short on the gutters we will be forced to open the gates. when we are promo support then we should get it. sorry the european union says it's already transferred 5600000000 of the 6000000000 euros probably just it says the rest will follow soon provided turkey keeps the border closed. in football the netherlands have a paris germany at home by winning 42 in their euro 2020 qualifier there's cannot get germany an early lead scoring after only 9 minutes but 2 quick fire dutch goals turned the game on its head in the 2nd half and although toni cole's equalise from the penalty spot for germany the netherlands had the last laugh with danielle mother and her genial vinyl doom scoring twice in the last 10 minutes to make it
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a rather damning scoreline for us. announcer finders of a different kind back in 1977 when he released the 1st part of his epic science fiction saga star wars george lucas couldn't have possibly imagined that his jet i warriors would one day inspire a new category of sport well that day has come and you don't even have to travel to a galaxy far far away and friends it's now easier than ever to channel your inner of luke skywalker since lightsaber dueling was officially recognized by the french fencing federation. this is no scene from star wars it's a real life light saber duel. in this gym in france antone local court takes on the role of a master of the dark side from the star wars saga. says i want even most this is
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the star wars event as a boy i always dreamt about star wars and playing with light sabers like in the movies no matter how old you are you can still have fun with it like in the movies is accomplished. lightsaber fencing inspired by the star wars franchise created by american director george lucas is a new trend in france on sunday local call is tipped here as the favorite. he won the previous 2 national championships this time he's going up against nearly 40 competitors from all over france for the time to win the fencer has to lead for 3 minutes straight or score 15 points a touched of the head is worth 5 points one to the legs 3 in may 28th in the french fencing federation the only one in the world to do so officially recognized lightsaber doing well just as ok we're always looking for something to attract young people any game from the star wars universe does that. we adapted it to
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fencing. this is how the favorite practices of them all this move is just for looks or to scare your opponent. onsen a local co tries to inspire others with his love for light saber fencing as a coach his club is one of over 90 across france with a total of some 2000 people fencing with lightsabers. this time on sunday look oco brought home silver but for most of the lightsaber community it's not about the medals it's about infecting others with their passion just like with the original star wars beaver. is a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you at the south indian engineers have lost communication with their chandrayaan to lunar lander the signal from the spacecraft disappeared after it enters its final descent to the moon's surface.
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and watching t.w. coming up next the world stories that we can report stay tuned for that number you can find all the latest headlines around the clock on our web site that's d w dot com. thanks for being with. cancelling. carefully. to suit me.


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