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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2019 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news a live from berlin and donald trump abruptly canceled peace talks with the taliban and us president says the move is in response to a taliban attack in kabul so is this the end of the peace process that's been looking to wrap up america's long campaign in afghanistan also coming up russia votes in regional and local elections around the country but concerns that the
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opposition is being shut out are threatening to overshadow the ballot we'll get the latest from moscow and. i have tomorrow. off the little dr ahmed joker takes the golden lion award for best movie at the venice film festival will find out more about the title role for 4 months that has all the critics very excited. i knew cubes mckinnon thanks so much for joining us. it's a potential blow 3 to ending u.s. engagement in afghanistan president donald trump says he's canceled peace talks with taliban leaders at camp david which was supposed to be taking place today at tweets the president said that he had scrapped the secret meeting off of the taliban claimed responsibility for a car bomb in kabul that killed
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a dozen people including an american soldier the u.s. and the taliban have been missing since last year in the hopes of ending the afghanistan conflict. the body of an american soldier returns home sergeant ileus but i thought peace aged 34 was the 16th u.s. service member killed in afghanistan this year and one of a dozen people who died when a taliban car bomb exploded on thursday near the u.s. embassy in kabul on saturday evening president trump took to twitter to announce that he had canceled a secret meeting at camp david with taliban leaders after the insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack twitter users were angry when they heard of his plan to host members of the taliban on american soil so close to the anniversary of the september 11th attacks by al qaida it was those attacks 18 years ago that prompted the u.s. to invade afghanistan to go after the taliban who were harboring al qaeda leaders
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more than 2400 u.s. troops have been killed since the invasion. afghan leaders including president ashraf ghani have been increasingly critical of a draft deal reached between u.s. special envoy. and taliban representatives in doha this week while those talks were going on tell a ban fighters have launched a fresh offensive is tentatively to strengthen their negotiating position. trump has pledged to withdraw the remaining 14000 u.s. troops from afghanistan but the president has been under pressure from the afghan government and some u.s. lawmakers who mistrust the taliban and think it's too early to withdraw american forces. and for more on this i'm joined by the. man who's been covering the afghan conflict for us since 2001. president says he's cooled off a secret meeting with taliban leaders have we heard from the afghan government yet
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what's their reaction they totally support this move they were very apprehensive of these emerging framework agreement between the united states and the taliban and they have even go as far as saying look at can only be yes the electic afghan government that needs to own these negotiations with the taliban and they also made it very clear that they will push forward with elections presidential elections scheduled for september 28th because they say you know we need leverage at the conference table once we get back there so this is obviously quite a turnaround bearing in mind that the u.s. afghanistan envoy said recently that the trumpet ministration was on the threshold of an agreement with the taliban how close were they really i think the fact that we might have seen this whole camp david meeting is indicating that we were actually very close of course rather sickly to a lot of allies who are completely kept in the dock it's that secretive and now we
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see it's being called off and done my holiday that the u.s. special envoy is very quiet at the moment usually like the president he's tweeting quite a bit on how we go she ations are going but. we still you know need to hear from him what he has to say about it looks like this is going to be you know leaving the road that was taken and now we need to see what is going to be the new road which is a. stop off negotiations is it off the table or will we see a new round of negotiations at some point in an attempt by you know to regain strength at the negotiating table from his sight right as a negotiator in tactic whatever it is it's clearly a step backwards and yet the president did make a campaign promise didn't he to withdraw american troops from afghanistan as soon as possible so can he still deliver on that given what's happening now i think he still wants to be seen as the godfather who made
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a possible deal with the taliban possible but maybe he also realized that he was rushing too much that negotiating peace in fact does take time because what we have seen is framework agreement talks we still needed to see at some point the afghan government joining the talks and that's maybe why we would have seen this camp david initiative which is now completely off the table and i think now he needs to sit with his advisers and try to figure out where do we go from here in his tweet he peculiarly asked the taliban how long do you intend to fight and my answer to that would be probably longer than you are prepared to fight for it many questions still to be answered they don't use and update us and thanks so much. now turkish and u.s. troops have conducted their 1st joint ground patrol in north eastern syria it's part of a planned so-called safe zone the neighboring turkey has been pressing for in the washington region anchor of hopes the buffer zone will keep syrian kurdish fighters
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which it considers a threat away from turkey's border the u.s. sees the kurds as allies in the fight against islamic states turkey also says some syrian refugees could be resettled in the. ok let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today police have begun to disperse crowds in hong kong off to thousands of protesters marched to the u.s. consulate and urged president donald trump to quote liberate the city demonstrations of calling for help from foreign governments as they press for more democratic freedoms beijing meanwhile has alleged that hostile foreign crit groups have been fermenting the unrest. china's trade has shrunk in august as the tariff war between beijing and washington worsens beijing's global exports fell by one percent from last year while imports were also down chinese trade with the u.s. was badly affected exports to washington sank 16 percent while imports of u.s.
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goods also took a severe hit. iran says european policies have failed to fulfill their commitments under. deal with world powers the country's nuclear chief made the remark during a visit by the acting head of the international atomic energy agency this comes just a day off to terror on announced it would begin using centrifuges prohibited by the 2015 deal. hundreds of thousands have turned up in madagascar capital on 10 and they were evo to hear pope francis say nots previously on his visit the pontiff encouraged the country's use not to lose hope despite financial difficulties francis visited mozambique earlier in the week he's due to visit nourishes before ending his african. now russians are heading to the polls for regional and municipal elections today with some observers have a saying that the vote is neither free nor fat president vladimir putin cost his
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votes in moscow where demonstrations erupted in recent weeks this came off the authorities rejected several allies of opposition leader let's say developing as candidates the protest sparks a police crackdown there around 2000 people detained. ok let's bring in our correspondent our until today who's in moscow ira know these regional elections of being seen as a serious test for the russian president vladimir putin and his united russia policy tell us why this is. well it really has to do with some simmering popular anger that we saw a manifest itself in the demonstrations we've seen in recent weeks and it really comes at a very inopportune time for you know you know a c.e.o. which is the party that backs president putin it's facing historically low polling numbers with only around 30 percent of the population saying they support the ruling party and similar regional elections last year actually shown that unlike in the past where just being on the go to see a ticket was
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a guarantee of election electoral success many candidates lost in surprise last opposition candidates now when it comes to that brand you deny to see in the major cities we're talking about moscow and st petersburg it's become so toxic that many of the candidates running on me in the midst of a ballot here have distanced themselves from the party are actually running as independents for fear that association with the party could actually cause open them up to a net an attack from the opposition candidates now that's not to say that in the big picture that vladimir putin is maybe in danger of losing power here in russia but it seems that the apparatus that he's built up over the last 20 years that guarantees his support is starting to lose some of its support among the but the electorate ok now what outcome is the opposition campaigning for considering that many of its candidates have actually been barred from running. well the electorate are i'm sorry the opposition rather isn't expecting a surprise win here instead some of the opposition members who support alexina
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volumnia who is the most prominent opposition representative here and moscow are pulling forth they're calling smart voting they're attempting to get people that will support them to back a list of candidates that they feel have the best chance of defeating candidates were backed by eugene assia basically what they're saying is even if members of their own party aren't getting elected to the minutes at the municipal level or at the the regional level if they can prevent candidates from you know to see it getting elected it's still a victory long term and could provide a model on. for future electoral of success in upcoming elections but many of the experts i'm talking to here actually say that this smart voting scheme is an interesting one but actually not really what the opposition be focusing on and said they're saying that the opposition has already had extreme success because they've managed to mobilize their base in a way that we haven't seen here in russia in the last 6 or 7 years all right until 10 and most i think say much. he now the venice film festival is one of the
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highlights of the year for cinema lovers and this year the award of the coveted golden lion marked a step away from the more traditional house when it has the best film went to joka a dark sake on the batsman comic. one of the audiences favorites turned out to be the big winner of this year's venice film festival todd phillips is juka took the golden lion staring kwok in phoenix the film is a dramatic take on the origins of batman comic book villain the joker. this is the last time we'll be meeting. the homeless in the here. is this one question the server. has to try out. do you have really good or fast. i'd like it.
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or are audio likely to be deleted. in the. guardian and news. shared the art critics are celebrating joker as a daring reboot of the d.c. comics antihero and pricing hawking phoenix's performance. this festival has always been known for bold decisions i think they did that this year with a lot of the movies and we're just happy that we're one of them because we took a really bold swing with the film. roman polanski's military drama and officer in a spy won the silver lion grand jury price his wife accepted the award on his behalf polanski didn't attend the event in person because he feared extradition to the us for 978 statutory rape conviction festival organizers faced criticism
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for including to direct his work in the program in the wake of the me too movement but jury members defended the award seeing it was to film not the man being judged . another winner of tonight roy anderson the swedish filmmaker took to civil law and for best director for his film about angeles this. some tennis news now and bianca who has beaten serena williams in straight sets to win the u.s. open in new york a 19 year old canadian had a stronger start to the match taking the 1st set 63 she then storms to a 51 lead in the 2nd and looked certain to win but williams fought back to tie the set at 5 and held her nerve and won the set claiming her 1st grand slam title. is a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you this hour u.s.
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president donald trump has counseled secret peace talks with afghanistan's taliban leaders at camp david the news came after the insurgent group claimed responsibility for an attack in kabul that killed 12 people including an american soldier on thursday. you're watching t.v. news coming up next with violence against police on the rise here in germany will be asking all body cams the onset remember you can always get the latest headlines around the clock on our website that student you don't call me a minute keeps mackinnon thanks so much for your complete. absence of. food over from home before time for the most news in the. fairly. degree of books on.


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