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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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voters in afghanistan head to the polls to elect a new president the tight security. after the. security concerns. and security forces. in the impeachment process gathers steam. the 1st casualty of the fallout over whistleblower on the president's contacts with
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. a huge illegal. a my thanks for joining us. people in afghanistan are voting today in presidential elections amid a wave of violence and concerns about legitimacy the taliban is opposing the election and has vowed to attack polling stations that's after peace talks between the taliban and the us collapsed more than 100 civilians have been killed in a spate of bombings in recent weeks the last elections in 2014 were mired in allegations of fraud and ended with the us stepping in to appoint
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a power sharing government the main contenders are the incumbent president ashraf ghani and his long term rival. other candidates have already alleged the process has been manipulated and warned of chaos and violence if this election result is discredited earlier i spoke to journalist latif feet in kabul for the latest on the situation there. i just voted myself earlier today but the atmosphere is it's kind of quiet it's kind of slow i went to the voting center where i cast my ballot at the polling center where i cast my ballot you know there was a very minimal say turnout there was a delay of almost an hour until the election workers actually election commission workers arrived until they got prepared now i'm here at another voting center that they voted out in 2014 and again i talked to. an advisor for one of the campaigns and he said you know that the voter turnout
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seems to be kind of low and slow people seem to be afraid of the security situation this is a major concern for people is whether or not they can actually go out and vote and this is only in the city of kabul which should be the safest area in the country you talk about those security clearance concerns we know already that 150 people have been killed either by the taliban or by u.s. drone strikes is that in fact keeping people from voting today. that's a big problem it's a huge problem because people don't know for instance an awful every street leaving 2 meter ballot center is shut down the police will only let you have a national id with a voting sticker in the back but at the same time there's just no guarantee right and then the other issue is i've been speaking to several people who essentially their names weren't on the list they were turned away because at this point in the last 2 elections you can only vote in the place where you're registered and so
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people were coming here and literally their names were not found on the list and they were turned away or told to go to the election commission which going to the election commission means passing several security checkpoints going at least an hour out of their way with all of the blockades and checkpoints and so it really puts you know that their chance to vote because they are going to make it back in time and is the issue going to be resolved. independently. commission going to be able to talk to the ballot centers and say that this person is able to vote this is a major issue i've seen that these 56 people so far in all of these voter centers being turned away just because their name is anonymous to the extent that you can look into a crystal ball at this hour. what can you tell us about what's expected from this vote today who's likely to win. it's hard to say who is likely to win the i mean obviously in all lections around the world incumbent is usually the victor and definitely you know the president's team is very hopeful you know they feel like
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they have the election in the bag and they because they aren't waiting for what donald trump said about the peace process they were able to begin you know really seriously campaigning much earlier than the rival team. but we have to remember that his rival dr up the law is actually you know a lot of steam and he's really trying to make up for lost time now the biggest issue the biggest albatross for both candidates is this idea of the national unity government which you addressed earlier this idea that they would have to somehow in some way share power and that that may have hindered what they were able to do over the last 5 years so they have to prove that you know we made that concession for a specific reason but this time we will deliver on the promises that we made journalists. in afghanistan thanks so much thank you. the taliban or a resurgent force in afghanistan after 18 years they were ousted from power they already knew exactly is about their return in the capital kabul many young people
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fear they could lose the freedoms they've grown up with. a pop concert delighted fans clamor to take pictures it looks like any pop concert almost anywhere in the world but this is afghanistan. much in the country has truly changed since taliban rule ended cafes and restaurants have sprung up and young people live in a way that would have been unthinkable under fundamentalist rule. when i was talking to my mom about the situation out of 30 years ago and when taliban were here it was horrible like all these stories are horrible and i am not i am not very young i am afraid for fluent english is thanks to the american school she attends savvy hula opened a movie rental store recently and it's doing well his films range from hollywood
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action to romantic drama the taliban would never have allowed it of buying but if the taliban were to rule again my store wouldn't be here. they would simply shut it down. flowers music and intertainment in general would see the same fate this kind of amusement doesn't fit taliban dogma outside kabul in the countryside much less has changed in the past 18 years hardly any education high unemployment and bitter poverty a brickmaker here earns less than a year 0 a day young people are lucky if they find work at all what will happen when taliban fighters want to return to a normal life and start demanding work and an income. there is nothing in this entire region except this brick works. and i mean what will happen if more and more people want to work here which is. only
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a few young people have actually experienced the taliban's rule themselves but they have lived through the group's attacks. sue rush lost his father just one week ago in such an attack. anything just not the taliban they will keep killing they are murderers that's all i have to say. the bigger threat or from a little more tricky of misandry conciliation are difficult to imagine here even for the young people who haven't lost anyone. i am i afraid i don't trust taliban at all i don't. because right now woman and the situation of women have been improved and especially young generation. afghan youth are fed up with terrorism they want to live like other young people without mistrust and violence moving from that will be afghanistan's most difficult task. to washington now
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and the u.s. special representative on ukraine has resigned in the midst of an impeachment inquiry against the us president kurt volker stepped down after being named in a whistleblower report of bitter about a phone call between president donald trump and the ukrainian president volcker was named in the report as somebody who tried to quote contain the damage after trump allegedly tried to pressure the ukrainian president into digging for potentially damaging information on a political rival democratic presidential hopeful joe biden congressional investigators are set to interview volcker and 4 other state department officials next week they have also subpoenaed secretary of state mike peo for documents concerning contact with the ukrainian government trump says democrats have launched a politically motivated witch hunt. the show is carrying on as normal at the white house president trump meeting with leaders of the hispanic community a key voter group he needs to woo for 2020. crisis what
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crisis. but away from the cameras the president is raging his anger is directed at the man now leading the impeachment inquiry against him on twitter trump wrote adam schaeffer must resign and be investigated he's been doing this for 2 years he's a sick man chairmanships committee is now in overdrive the california democrat has signaled he's keen to hear from key witnesses as soon as possible and they're from the president's inner circle if if we know there are many other witnesses to this conduct that we need to bring. we. had others involved. giuliani the president's personal lawyer has been leading the efforts to prove unverified allegations against trump's rival joe biden for months he's met repeatedly with ukrainian oligarchs and officials the committee wants to know if his freelance efforts damaged u.s.
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interests also in the inquiry cites mike pompei a state department they want to know if giuliani used pompei as diplomats to make contact with ukrainian officials active american diplomats are supposed not to political parties and on thursday might compile denied they had done so to the best of my knowledge from what i've seen so far each of the actions that were undertaken by state department officials was entirely appropriate congress is poised to scrutinize that claim the intelligence committee will continue work through its current fall break the speculation articles of impeachment may be drawn up against the president by the end of the year. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. nigerian police have rescued more than $300.00 people held in chains in a building in the northern city of kut doona most of the captives were children a police spokesman said the building how it's an islamic school and that several teachers had been arrested. haitian police have used tear gas and live ammunition
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to disperse looters in the capital port au prince at least 4 people have been killed in the latest wave of street violence which is being driven by nationwide shortages of food and fuel protesters are demanding that the government resign over the crisis. egyptian security forces have sealed off cairo square to prevent expected protests against president. several nearby subway stations have also been shut for alleged maintenance the closures come amid a harsh security clampdown following anticorruption demonstrations across egypt last weekend. german police say they have smashed a powerful criminal cyber network during a raid in the western part of the country 7 people were arrested on suspicion of trafficking weapons drugs and images of children being sexually abused the raid follows 5 years of investigations it looks like the set of a hollywood movie
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a former nato bunker converted into a. 500 square meters of service exclusively used for a multi-million euro criminal enterprise police seized $200.00 service here in a major operation. the bunker was hidden 5 stories below ground in the small town of carbon target in germany's southwest. it wasn't just that we had to secure the physical location we also had to crack the digital storage at the data center. the solution turned up it was likely from this location that an attack on doited telecom customers routers was carried out in 2016 this was also the home of illegal online stores like wall street market selling millions of euros worth of drugs illegal documents and even tiled pornography the investigation was complex and lengthy lasting more than 4 years. at the. data
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center like base in germany isn't illegal say 1st you have to prove that online crimes are being committed by 3rd parties then you have to prove that the people running the center and you have voted and supported it. the main suspect is a 59 year old dutch man the investigation and analysis of the dots which could include customers could take months if not years. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you voters in afghanistan are going to do the poster elect a new president and made tight security the taliban has warned voters to stay away threatening attacks on polling stations and security forces. you're watching news up next hour arts and culture show and a trip to the circus live animals for 3 d. hologram i'll be back at the top of the hour with more headlines as always don't
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