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this is you know we news live from berlin chile pulls out of hosting 2 major global summits the president's struggling to end days of violent protests that have swept the country he says the calm 25 climate summit in apac trait summit can no longer take place as scheduled also coming up building trust among warring syrians talks start in geneva aimed at overcoming divisions in the country by drafting a new constitution and the grand felt our disaster in london
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a damning indictment of the emergency response a public inquiry accuses the fire brigade of serious shortcomings in tackling the blaze which killed 72 people. on my lark thank you so much for your company everyone chile's president sebastian pinera has withdrawn his country from hosting the apec trade summit and the calm 25 climate meeting his decision comes after weeks of demonstrations and violent unrest which have left 18 people dead and seen thousands arrested in a street as are demanding greater economic equality and better public services the apec gathering in november was expected to bring together world leaders including u.s. president donald trump and his chinese counterpart xi jinping. all
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right let's get you more on the this developing story we can go to chile to the capital santiago where correspondent john that bartlett's is standing by john 1st off this is quite a climb down for the presidents because just days ago he insisted that these 2 high level profiles will go ahead no matter what what changed. yeah i think i think you're right it's a kind of draw the draw the kind of the sense of not that she did this decision i think it was coming out i think this is massively a surprise i think that the you can kind of break the division down into 2 factors this the kind of political in the kind of public image of chile which i think is suffering anyway because it would have suffered hugely and also security as well i think that i think that the security situation here has been pretty desperate now for at least the week and it's showing no signs of facing whatsoever i think last night down on one of the main streets quite close to love when they are the
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presidential palace one of the human rights observers from human rights institute was shot 7 times by kind of models sort of bullets that the police use to. injure protesters so it does seem that the goalposts move somewhat and everybody seems to be being treated as a criminal at the moment it's quite frightening really but i think politically as well in terms of public image i think that the president really couldn't really have any choice i think that if world leaders coming here and i think the you mentioned in trudeau there were lots of kind of high profile leaders if anyone's kind of stuck a microphone under their noses while they were here and said what do you think of the situation i don't think it will go a particularly favorable on in terms of what the government's looking for here in chile and so i think in the end there wasn't really an option because there wasn't really an option at which which leads me to my next question which is this is the beginning of the end for president sebastian pinera and his government how tenable or untenable is his current political position and situation. but it's
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a good question it's very difficult to answer i think i think that the moment the. movement from the opposition to hold a plebiscite on a new constitution it's kind of how we've managed to protest as most of the still all of that the mall is down to this kind of request for a new constitution there's no universally popular need 2 thirds of the senate. votes in favor which would mean getting a lot of the people from the chile about what's the ruling coalition on board in those to replace the constitution which states and they take the ship in chile it was sudden $180.00 so there's a lot of kind of feelings towards that whether that would lead to some kind of some kind of impeachment i think again that the opposition of troy to bring forward some kind of motion is a more realistic motion being being brought against andries chadwick who's now the interior minister here a lot of the ira's been directed towards him and he remarkably absolved himself any
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political responsibility in congress so i think that the in terms of the president in there i'm not sure that it's really likely that he's going to fall over the next year is over the next 2 years ok correspondent john bartlett to reporting from chile's capital santiago thank you. very much want to say now about some of the other stories making news around the world facebook says it has suspended 3 networks of russian accounts that were attempting to interfere in the politics of 8 african countries the now smith comes on the same day that facebook agreed to pay a 500000 pounds fine in the u.k. related to the use of data analytics for political purposes facebook did not admit any liability. police in cape town have arrested about a 100 protesters while dispersing a sit in white refugees and asylum seekers is they have been camped for weeks outside the united nations refugee agency asking to be resettled abroad following
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a wave of attacks on foreigners this year. turkish president richard tayyip erdogan has condemned a u.s. resolution that recognizes the mass killings of armenians by ottoman forces during world war one as genocide he said turkey does not recognize the vote calling it worthless u.s. house of representatives is also calling for sanctions against turkey for its military incursion into syria. and the war in syria has raged now for 8 years despite numerous peace initiatives aimed at ending the conflict there a political solution has remained elusive but one promising proposal to emerge from those talks is a new constitution for syria delegates from the syrian government opposition and civil society have now started work on a draft in geneva the process is being described as syrian own and syrian led and it's hoped it can help to build the trust needed for
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a future peace deal. i'd like to welcome now here in the studio on a flesher sea she is a syria expert at the beirut office of the foundation which is associated with the german were germany's green party a very warm welcome good to have you here with us what a month it's been for syria. let's start about the let's start talking about the process that's going on right now in geneva there have been previous attempts to jump start peace talks or talks before the talks they've all either went nowhere or petered out what makes this one different. i think it's important to keep in mind that we're not actually looking at peace negotiations at the moment which was always the aim often even in the un backed process for syria we are looking at a constitutional committee which is tasked reworking the already existing syrian constitution which in and of itself is not the problem the rights laid out in the
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constitution as it is right now are not the main issue right who gets to have a seat at that all important table and who has been excluded. this committee is made up of regime representatives of opposition and of civil society representatives the process of the picking of the members of the committee was indeed quite opaque for most syrians and was not very clearly laid out so we know for example that kurdish players have been excluded from participating fully in this committee ok. of course this comes at a time when mr assad has the upper hand i mean he basically controls 2 thirds of the country right now. is he really interested in a political solution i mean if he was when you have done it before is this just spin. indeed i would agree with reading the situation that this is not actually working towards
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a political solution in syria the assad regime has no reason to make any concessions at this point quite on the contrary the constitutional committee actually constitutes a way for him to normalize relations to sit at the table again with players such as the opposition and civil society and to make it seem in fact that they are moving into the right direction when really it is all about process and not about outcome the ongoing human rights abuses inside syria the oppression and the war indeed are the problem and the main cause for suffering of syrian civilians and this committee sure they will not change that ok well let's talk a little bit more about this committee because this committee has a daunting task so it is tasked with building the political framework for reconstruction of syria. let's just a look now at how daunting we want to illustrate how daunting a task that is take a look and we'll continue our conversation after that. but thomas is enormous 80 years of war have taken a savage toll more than
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a 3rd of syria's houses are damaged in some places entire cities are as good as destroyed schools hospitals roads all need to be repaired or rebuilt. the united nation estimates that it will cost $250000000000.00 of the say it will be closer to $400000000000.00 yet the syrian government's entire budget last year was less than a $9000000000.00. damascus has launched its own reconstruction programs but so far it has yielded little not only that the vast majority of what money is available is spent in areas that supported the government position strongholds have been left in ruins. you can have syria needs international back is to rebuild but its closest allies russia and iran do not have the money the russian economy is struggling under western sanctions over its aggression in ukraine tehran has its
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own sanctions to deal with. russia wants the west to pay for the reconstruction but both the united states and the european union have said that as long as bashar al assad remains in power they will take no part in the rebuilding of syria. so that you're in the u.s. they're not going in business with mr assad who is going to pay for this reconstruction that is indeed a very good question and i think a question that is on everybody's minds at the moment i do believe it's important to hold the line that the has taken we have seen different attempts of the member states to normalize relations with the syrian regime so it is important for the e.u. to hold this very important decision no reconstruction without political transition . surely we are looking at a situation where. the syrian regime is looking for ways to finance that was meant as was mentioned in the piece but it is not clear at this point do you think it was a good decision by the e.u.
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to normalize to try and seek normalize relations with a man who is responsible for war crimes. i mean so far the has the e.u. as a player has not more or less we have seen different attempts and as i said member states however it does not a good not a good decision in my opinion to normalize relations with a regime that is killing a civilian population that is causing massive suffering among the civilian population as syria a mass of i.d.p.'s internally displaced population living in dire circumstances surely this cannot be the way to on a flasher syria expert at the foundation thank you for coming in. the report of a public inquiry into the grenfell tower fire in london has said the emergency response has serious shortcomings 72 people died in the fire more than 2 years ago also this report only covers the emergency response which the judge led inquiries
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says had systemic failures and was gravely inadequate a lot of our london correspondent mass has this report needed to be. run felt inflamed use the fire lost it all night people jumped out of the windows in a desperate attempt to feed the blaze joe delaney live by in film to talk he said the firemen couldn't get in because their key didn't fit and they seemed overwhelmed. because. you could just see the very thought. so they all sort of paul did not want and some of them went in even without breathing apparatus. breathing apparatus some of them didn't have helmets so you can see that joe delaney provided his video to the inquiry he says he wants to see the people responsible for the safety lapses brought to account. just getting
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inside the tower. you know people in handcuffs people in courtrooms people in jail cells. you know people in print where it says what they're done wrong because. the inquiry has had about a catalogue of failings that led to the fire spreading uncontrollably such as fire lifts for the emergency services not working and also that the building itself did not comply with fire safety regulations and the criminal convictions that the residency is so desperately want to see are not expected any time soon they can only come out of a separate investigation that's being led by the police the inquiry report criticizes the fire brigade for a series of bad decisions on the night of the fire with disastrous consequences but many people blame the local council they say complaints made before the fire were
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ignored and that they didn't feel safe. when the facts were neglected totally neglected for decades they had intention to sell it and therefore they were just probably waiting to phase out spent minimal money on it and gave it minimal attention because it was of minimal worth to them at the time as well we heard in a context of cuts in a context of privatisation in the conses of deregulation and in a context of. residents of social housing would not listen to. local people hope that there will be real change in the future and they want to see faults like those in grunfeld tower remedied in other buildings to avoid a repeat of the disaster. you're watching t.v. news coming up. how people smugglers ply their trade we go to the port of say in belgium to see how easy it can be to shift their hidden human cargo.
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but 1st the german government wants to get tougher on online hate speech the new proposals were drawn up after a spike in far right attacks including the murder of a politician and the attempt by a heavily armed man to storm a synagogue officials see a dangerous connection between violent ideas spread on the internet and violent acts carried out in real life. hate speech at challenger around the world and across the web and one germany is taking seriously the country has reason to with officials pointing to one case out of many the murder of volatile luka a local politician shot dead earlier this year allegedly for his pro immigrant stance by a suspect found to have far right links he's believed to have carried out the crime alone but officials blame the hate filled web platforms he was part of for giving him the push to do so that they say makes online speech more dangerous than equivalent statements made in real life events and under the cloud it carries
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a different weight depending on whether you are insulted at a bar well only you and maybe a few other people hate it or if it's online where everyone in the well attends it like that to supply. the proposals agreed to by cabinet include giving authorities more power to control investigate and prosecute extremists online that would go beyond legislation passed in 2017 which compels internet companies to delete or block certain kinds of offensive content now they'd have to report it to german law enforcement politicians have been at odds for more than a year over how to tighten regulations the government has also been frequently criticized for downplaying the far right threat but they say far right violence like the new government or have given them a newfound awareness. i can't say it enough our eyes are fully open. it's imperative we step up our efforts to confront the far right
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terrorism and extremism and anti-semitism because we haven't viewed this in the same way as islamist terror and other things. now it's up to the buddhists to turn their proposal into law they'll have to figure out how to enforce new rules against multinational companies and finance expanded law enforcement oversight of online hate speach. the discovery of 39 bodies in a truck trailer near london last week has turned the spotlight on security at european ports through which millions of tons of freight passed every week most of the victims are thought to have come from vietnam and their journey to the u.k. took them through the belgian port of say to him well now questions are being raised about security procedures there to be a reporter's cif zonder sent this report from say that ahau. it's the end of
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a long work day truckers prepared to spend the night nears able to go port they'll be driving again tomorrow. they've been on edge since last week when 39 bodies were found in a truck that passes through here they worry that smugglers could use their containers to send migrants to the u.k. without their knowing truck or nickel that's going to claims that happened to one of his colleagues so 6 people got inside his truck yeah 6 people are now i'm according to police coast guard. program but this hasn't happened to you i am not on yours meanwhile no no no just shows us the seal that he attaches to the back of each container he moves. you know the back door can't be opened without destroying the bolt. still the gadget isn't foolproof and others at the truck park told us smugglers can always get around the security measures. as truckers settle in for the night dock workers continue to load the next ship bound for the u.k.
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. it's hard not to wonder whether one of these containers might be full of people. is able to get it is one of the busiest trucking container ports in the world with 40000000 tons of goods passing through here annually security here is tight but authorities say that with so many containers coming and going it's impossible to make sure that humans are not being smuggled across these waters to england. every truck delivering a container to the dock must pass through this kind of control point officials take several photos of the truck as well as of the driver and the license plate they checked the photos but no one here checks the seals that's up to the shipping companies and only about one out of every $100.00 trucks is x. rayed to check the cargo. harbormaster peter de halter says the port authority cannot have an overview of what the trucks are carrying with a bogus budget and personnel that would create massive delays he says it's good if you would be able to scan every single continue but where do you do that is it only
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in the port is that the only responsibility of the port or is the whole chain of logistic events involved in this i ask if he believes there are ways to stop the human smuggling and the deaths that often result but i think 1st of all we should do everything that is possible to avoid that's one main thing but of course we're dealing with criminal activity and criminal activity and. they had always one step ahead unfortunately and if you tighten controls in the port then they will move somewhere else the local and national police declined to comment on their role in enforcing security adds a parka. for now it seems that smugglers will continue to operate using this port as a key point in their clandestine and sometimes deadly industry. protesters in lebanon are removing their camps and roadblocks after the resignation of prime minister sad ahead hearing their protests fueled by anger over rising living costs
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and corruption have brought the country to a standstill for the past 2 weeks the president has asked the government to stay on in a caretaker role until a new cabinet can be formed and some clear who will take over from haiti as there's no obvious candidate to succeed him as prime minister. traffic flowing freely for the 1st time in a fortnight this major highway linking beirut to northern lebanon is now open again after protesters lifted their roadblocks though some in the capital were determined to stay put demonstrators largely cooperated with the army to clear their camps saying the resignation of the prime minister fulfilled one of their key demands but they made it clear they were ready to return at a moment's notice but it's a little bit of they asked us to open the roads after they fulfilled an essential and important demand that's a start and we are clearing the roads for
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a few days will so if they don't form a technocratic government as we are asking then we will move again and block the roads have no doubts about that is what we did today is only for the army and because we need to rest. career resubmitted his resignation on tuesday but could well return us the head of a technocratic government it would face the mammoth task of staving off economic collapse to keep thousands of protesters off the streets. kerry's resignation has left a power vacuum in a complex sectarian system his announcement came after supporters of the shiite muslim group hezbollah attacked the main protest camp in beirut. on wednesday hezbollah's back iran weighed in apparently concerned that protests in both lebanon and iraq could undermine its influence in the region. the people of iraq and lebanon have some legitimate demands but they should know
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these demands can only be realized within the legal framework. i mean but foreign warnings are unlikely to deter the protesters here if they don't soon see the change they want they will be heading back to the streets. in the united states college sports are popular and lucrative but despite generating plenty of revenue student athletes can't be paid but that's about to change college sports governing body has taken the 1st step towards permitting students to make money from the use of their name and image rights. it's hard to imagine a university in the u.s. without sports and their popularity has made college athletics a $14000000000.00 industry student athletes have long been strictly prepared and from receiving compensation that means the 1 point one $1000000000.00 of revenue the national collegiate athletic association raked in last year was on the backs of
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unpaid athletes. after years of campaigning the n.c. double a has given the green light for compensation to student athletes which a former player believes couldn't have come soon enough. it's happening right on time and i think it will be good for the next generation of football players to come out the way to be able to look back and like we did. athletes still can't receive a wage for their play but will now be able to profit from marketing opportunities. now the board took a big step today to say that it is indeed within their policies and they want the schools to go on and promulgated rules that will allow students to be able to take advantage of their name image and likeness but do that in a way that's consistent with the collegiate model of sport so it's a big step change has been a long time coming this is also a response to new developments in opportunities for athletes over the last couple of years the impact of social media on the internet and different ways that one might think of name image and likeness monetization that weren't really even
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possible 5 or 10 years ago that new space has come and put a maybe a much more compelling thing for us to think about with the new rules coming in 2021 student athletes will soon have plenty more than pride to play for. you washington news coming up next a news asia. a young woman in china inspired by gratitude she's working to save the world and to inspire a 1000000000 others to do the same. and india's capital dili launches a new scheme making bus travel more attractive for women but is it taking the weight approach. that an all out war coming up next cindy w. news asia with my such and you're watching the news from berlin for more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock by heading to our web site at. commonly allow rock
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77 percent. are younger than 65. and need. to know what this time all voices. in the 77 percent. from politics to class from calls a good start this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend g.w. . to you from durand tony here's a scene of. my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble when i was in. germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades when your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years old you know my grandchildren were born after the war for
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born to me 3 point. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. starts number 6 on t.w. . this is news asia coming up inspired by brett turn brings the movement but very much on her own how one woman in china works to save the earth hoping to inspire the other 1000000000 to do the same plus india's capital delhi launched a new scheme making bus travel more attractive for women but is it taking the right approach. and.


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