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this is due to reviews line from berlin chile pulls out of hosting 2 major global sides the president struggling to end days of violent protests that have swept the country he says the comp $25.00 climate summit and a fact trade summit can no longer take place as scheduled also coming up policing online hate speech the german government announces new proposals to stop the spread of extremist views online. and the grand folks have our disaster in london a damning indictment of the emergency response
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a public inquiry accuses the fire brigade of serious shortcomings in tackling the blaze which killed 72 people. on my lawn rock thank you so much for your company everyone we begin in chile that country's president a substantial and yet out has withdrawn his country from hosting the apec trade summits and the comp 25 climate meeting is this isn't comes after weeks of demonstrations and violent unrest which have left 18 people dead and seen thousands arrested demonstrators are demanding greater economic equality and better public services they paid gathering in november was expected to bring together world leaders including u.s. president donald trump and his chinese counterpart xi jinping. while just days ago president's been yet. system that the top 25 climate summit and apec trade summit
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would go ahead as planned i asked john bartlett a correspondent in the capital santiago if this was a major climbdown for the president. yeah i think i think you're right it's a kind of draw the draw the kind of the sense of magnitude of this this decision i think it was coming out at this is not simply 'd a surprise i think that the you can kind of break the decision down into 2 factors is the kind of political in the kind of public image of chile which i think is suffering anyway but would have suffered hugely and also security as well i think that i think that the security situation here it's been pretty desperate now for at least a week and it does it showing no signs of basing whatsoever i think last night down on one of the main streets quite close to love when they are the presidential palace one of the human rights observers from human rights since she was shot 7 times by kind of marble sized sort of bullets that the police used to. injure
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protesters so it does seem that the goalposts have moved somewhat and everybody seems to be being treated as a criminal at the moment it's quite frightening really but i think politically as well in terms of public image i think that the president really couldn't didn't really have any choice i think if world leaders coming here and i think the you mentioned. trudeau there were lots of kind of high profile leaders if anyone's kind of stuck a microphone under their noses while they were here and said what do you think of the situation particularly favorable onset in terms of what the government's looking for here in chile and so i think in the end that wasn't really an option because. and that was correspondent john bartlett in santiago well back here in germany the government wants to get tougher on online hate speech the new proposals were drawn up after a spike in far right attacks including the murder of a politician and the attempt by a heavily armed man to storm a synagogue officials see a dangerous connection between violence ideas spread on the internet and violent
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acts carried out in real life. hate speech challenge around the world across the web and one germany is taking seriously the country has reason to with officials pointing to one case out of many the murder of volatile luka a local politician shot dead earlier this year allegedly for his pro immigrant stance by a suspect found to have far right links he's believed to have carried out the crime alone but officials blame the hate filled web platforms he was part of for giving him the push to do so that they say makes online speech more dangerous than equivalent statements made in real life and under the cloud it carries a different weight depending on where they are insulted at a bar well only you and maybe a few other people hate it or if it's online where everyone in the well attends it like that even if you supply. the proposals agreed to by cabinet include giving authorities more power to control investigate and prosecute
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extremists online that would go beyond legislation passed in 2017 which compels internet companies to delete or block certain kinds of offensive content now they'd have to report it to german law enforcement politicians have been at odds for more than a year over how to tighten regulations the government has also been frequently criticized for downplaying the far right threat but they say far right violence like the new have given them a newfound awareness. i can't say it enough our eyes are fully open. it's imperative we step up our efforts to confront far right terrorism and extremism and anti-semitism because we haven't viewed this in the same way as islamist terror and other things. now it's up to the buddhists to turn the proposal into law they'll have to figure out how to enforce new rules against multinational companies and finance expanded law enforcement oversight of
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online hate speach. all right well for more on this i'm now joined by our chief political correspondent melinda crane melinda gently of course already has legislation in place that puts the burden on the internet companies to delete or block offensive content how will these new and more stringent measures take on on line hate speech well this is a whole raft of measures which is the reason that you saw 3 ministers presenting them together today the central ones and the ones that were also outlined in your report do relate to these new requirements for online platforms to report to the german authorities and the police on any hate speech content on their platforms and also to disclose the ip addresses of users if those users appear to be inciting violence online and those measures do go further than the ones that are currently
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in place they would then also be buttressed by additional measures that include for example stricter gun control laws denying any gun control gun license to anyone who is on the authorities list of right wing extremists and thirdly financial measures that would aim both to essentially provide more support for de radicalization programs and also for prevention designed to educate especially younger users on how to detect and avoid hate speech online how has this been received melinda. well it's gotten a mixed reception i think the opposition did say it's a step in the right direction but there's a lot of concern both by opposition parties like the greens and also by by civil.
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that these measures may wind up being largely symbolic and there's a particular concern that by imposing new requirements on online platforms the government in a way is delegating the business of fighting hate speech to them and possibly putting such a burden in terms of the sheer scope of this that it will prove unworkable in practice and briefly if you can melinda i've got 20 seconds left how can a thaw worries ensure that the media platforms social media platforms play ball well that's the point the fact is that the volume here is absolutely enormous and it will be very difficult for the authorities to detect whether the online platforms are in fact meeting their reporting requirements now we saw an immediate response today from facebook saying that it will make its processing of requests
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from the german police much quicker than it's been in the past but it must be said it has taken up to a month in the past so there's a lot of room for improvement there all right melinda crane reporting thank you i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. turkish president rich of time of arab want has condemned a u.s. resolution that recognizes the mass killings of armenians ottoman forces during world war one as genocide he said turkey does not recognize the vote calling it worthless the u.s. house of representatives is also calling for sanctions against turkey for its military incursion into syria. and speaking of syria talks have begun in geneva between the rival factions in that country's civil war there ain't a drafting a new constitution and delegations include the syrian government various opposition groups and civil society it's hoped the process can build the trust necessary to
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work towards a peace deal in the country from. the public inquiry into the ground for the tower fire in london as said the emergency response had serious shortcomings 72 people died in the apartment block blaze more than 2 years ago today's report only covers emergency response which the judge led inquiry says has systemic failures it was gravely inadequate our london correspondent bigot mosse has more than you know the people i am friend felt how inflamed use the fire loss to all night people jumped out of the windows in a desperate attempt to feed the blaze joe delaney lived by and filmed the toll just as he said the firemen couldn't get in because their key didn't fit and they seemed overwhelmed to get one for any 2. speakers. you could just
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see the very thought. that this was all sort of pause. and some of them when even without breathing apparatus on. breathing apparatus some of them didn't have helmet so you can see that joe delaney provided his video to the inquiry he says he wants to see the people responsible for the safety lapses brought to account. just getting inside the tower. you know people in handcuffs people in courtrooms people in jail cells. you know people in print where it says what they're done wrong because what you say. the inquiry has had about a catalogue of failings that led to the fire spreading uncontrollably such as fire lifts for the emergency services not working but also that the building itself did not comply with fire safety regulations any criminal convictions that the residency
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is so desperately want to see are not expected any time soon they can only come out of a separate investigation that's being led by the police they inquire report criticizes the fire brigade for a series of bad decisions on the night of the fire with disastrous consequences but many people blame the local council they say complaints made before the fire were ignored and that they didn't feel safe. when the facts were neglected totally neglected for decades they had intention to sell it and therefore they were just probably waiting to phase us all out spent minimal money on it and gave it minimal attention because it was of minimal worth to them at the time as well we were in full occurred in a context of cuts in the context of privatisation in the concepts of deregulation and in a context of. residents of social housing will not listen to. local
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people hope that there will be real change in the future and they want to see faults like those in grunfeld tower remedied in other buildings to avoid a repeat of the disaster. the us federal reserve has cut interest rates for the 3rd time this year the central bank lowered the benchmark rate by a quarter of a percent to a range between 1.5 and 1.75 percent of fed chairman jerome powell has been under pressure from president donald trump to cut rates to 0 even lower on the federal reserve told in bed. it would cost to reassess the economy before any further cuts. let's go to the stack of change that he's a young accord to to get the latest news on the training flow good to see you say yes is this a decision that you were expecting. it was widely expected and you could call it didn't prevent a 1st strike go we have seen some signs that the u.s.
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economy is still growing but not as the pace in the recent past and therefore this decision to cut interest rates for a 3rd consecutive time and if you look at it a bit closer we do see. business investments and exports struggling a bit and then on the other side we still have a rather strong labor market and was that solid consumer spending yes read the tea leaves for us what do you expect the fed to do in the coming months. you know what the most important part was that they actually did change the wording a bit everybody expected to cut but the writing was changed a bit and that makes it less likely that we're going to see another cut in the near future right now bets are that may be around april depending on how things develop we might see another cut but for now that could be a 2 year people on wall street are talking about a so-called mid cycle can we have seen something similar in the ninety's under
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greenspan on wall street in general there isn't that much of a reaction we're hoping to get more clarity what that work being changed means was the press conference was held in a bit. of financial correspondent yes quarter reporting from the trading floor in new york thank you. and thank you for spending this part of your day with us. i'm not going to think out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but most end up in which the company. thinks the printer jemma culture of looking at stereotypes because in your sink you see these are the countries that are not. needed seem ridiculous drama there you go it's all about. bob i'm rachel join me from the germans on the w. .


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