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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CET

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this works in an old museum. and in our continuing series baking bread all man matters is making rope lidsky from the czech republic. bots we begin with a new martin scorsese movie the irish one which has a star studded cast like no other indeed rather unbelievably this is the 1st time that a triumvirate of scorsese robert de niro and albert chino have collaborated together add to that mix joe pesci and harvey keitel this has the potential to be quite a movie not only that there is some more than they did it will trickery that is quite time standing to see as well. frank here the center right. under the contract management can only fire driver on very specific charges so.
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if a moving violation. you drink on the job says no you haven't hit anybody on a job. i don't think i want and will have nothing to worry about. the irish man is based on the true story of frank sherrill a truck driver turned hitman for philadelphia mobster russell buffalo. played by joe pesci. put him on a fall 8 ok pepsi's character once sheerin played by robert de niro to take out the powerful union leader jimmy hoffa played by pitino. well glad to meet you too even if it's over the phone the irish man is a milestone in movie history the 1st time ever that the great italian american actors have all teamed up together with the great italian american director martin scorsese. it's like being at war and you know get up there you know you haven't met with martin scorsese and so you take chances
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which i like you about these movies and they have been times when i come out 15 years in the making a lot of that is getting the scripts right getting the actors getting everybody available and then it got to a point where we would have someone with our schedules doing other films and other commitments that by the time we got to do it they could play younger so we have to get into this. digital age which is experimental not to sit down and that's right this is not just good makeup it's what it is aging technology let's course a.z. make the film with flashbacks spanning about half a century with the stars sometimes looking 30 years younger. i do my best. the techniques been in limit. the use for over a decade with impressive results on will smith in gemini man released earlier this month ringback. michael douglas in atlanta and turning a 54 year old johnny depp into
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a young jack sparrow it was the aging is expensive so expensive that it ran up the budget on the irish man to 160 $1000000.00 no hollywood studio would touch it so scorsese took the project to netflix and they agreed. and that that. that there was nobody in this country who. was i. wouldn't go what a night so you charge but again when i feel there's already speculation be academy will be running to nominate the irish man for oscars ok we're going to. make no difference to me i'm here to defend your right. you have to see the movie the no wage earner of over canals god is best known for
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his 6 autobiographical novel is called by struggle but he's also written a definitive book about norway's most famous artists and wagner monk monk is best known for his picture of the screen but he was a very prolific artist there are over 1700 works by him a museum and double door be bright idea of asking canals god to curator an exhibition of monks works in cooperation with the monk museum in oslo. karl over can also go it has achieved worldwide fame as an old firm by divulging intimate details of his life and now he's face to face with another norwegian icon so is this about a movie or about janelle scored or about something completely different so what i have experienced as a writer of course i used to understand and then the question is do you really understand could you understand why i don't know. what he does know is that he
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wants to avoid actually showing there's no screen but rather rooms relating to colors and even landscapes filled with people large portray strange forests and in a black room called chaos and power daca mental states with the radical intimacy. the one rule is that it has to interest him or better still to touch him existential me that's so simple just it's just a cup of spill because we're fast stuff to look at it i feel this so at the start going to relate it to somehow it's like watching something on most where you don't exist just so it's like it's the printing of stuff that's interesting because it's not me or is it the painting or what is this. the same time the sparrow conference and the hope. this behind their headlights get in you know. the norwegian royals are of course fans oh post the painter
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and the writer crown princess mehta moderate and husband prince hardcore and dropped in on the opening. how khan's prize was almost too much for the writer. you know our most well known paper. glasgow is you know a contemporary writer superstar so it's nice to have you don't like that over the last. but it is but it's great that the 2 come together and i think now scott has that same thing in his literature where he really goes deep into the details and tries to show people how he sees them the monk museum and also 1st invited to choose his favorite milk works 2 years ago the writer was given full access to the museum and the thousands of works that have
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never been shown publicly avoiding the movie icons was a conscious decision i've seen it a 1000000 times and so have you been so i've reported that's a problem with a comic paintings you have always seen them before you know for us in a moment where you see that's the problem. transcode visited monks summerhouse and telly a in attempt to get closer to the painter the 1st half of monks life was full of pain and loss the artist became an alcoholic as did canal scott's father. later years after a spell in a clinic the artist painted out of doors where the pictures would get increasingly weathered he died at the age of 80 in 1944 and left his pictures to the city of austin. we see ourselves right in the book that accompanies the exhibition. but is it actually him sound that he
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see perhaps the rights is mirrored in the painter more than he would like to admit . pursing it would be a matter of completely different life i have managed. and it's them but i'm not her so she. signed for that interesting mix of baking combined with a humorous look at local politics that is our series baking bread our europe correspondent gail matters set him self the task of baking the traditional bread of all 28 european union countries today it's the turn of the czech republic and is going to make a rock lidsky a very popular bread roll that. for this recipe your butter needs to be soft so take it out of the fritsch
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a few hours before baking you'll need 35 grams to make applique but check bread rolls. start by mixing together 218 miller liters of milk 6 grams of fresh yeast 520 grams of plain flour 15 grams of liquid baking malt one egg yolk and 10 grams of salt. mead in a stand mixer for 10 minutes. now at the soft butter which will give your dough a silky feel something. that's ingrained in check history think of the smooth transition from communism to democracy the so-called velvet revolution in 1989 for the current protests against all those czech politicians who for greece their way to the top of a heap of me. because shannon gilbert was actually what billionaire
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and prime minister under a barbara schwarz a is he baked his way to the top for example by making mountains of toe through his aquaculture all coco marut. chief of the number no bounce ing tracks with this guy. our don't know needs to proof for 30 minutes then shape it into 8 balls. and leave them to rest for 90 minutes next flatten each ball into a triangle shape like the blue part of the check flag. then curl them up which is an art check people mastered under communism in the face of soviet oppression they shoot violence and totaled up. after a night in the french you can now bend their walk make into a crescent shaped for what for now this is the face of
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a legend has it the crescent shaped bread rolls were invented in 1683 to mock the ottoman empire for failing to invade the next place the dough crescents on a sheet of paper covered them with a tea towel and leave them to rise at room temperature for 90 minutes. b. ack and place the rock flick with it bake the match $230.00 degrees celsius for 16 minutes. they are ready when they're as cold as the $500.00 plus gilded domes that graced the skyline of the czech capital rock. check it out. and that's it for this edition but i'll leave you with further comment re delights well kind of the 25th. bad open to choose day in
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paris it got away with this on the usual fashion show featuring lots of chocolate dresses thanks for watching and bowl after. the. match. little bit.
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into the conflict zone with the incident. is just 3 months since india decided that it all had to change in kashmir my guest this week here in london is james caan duff national vice-president and one of the chief spokesman of the ruling b j t obviously also the charges of widespread human rights violations in kashmir. told. him how as a view of the world. where i come from but all of that glitters just go it's just like this chinese food doesn't matter where i am supposed wisdom eyes me
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a coke after decades of living in germany china's photo is one of the thing i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things can you tell a difference when knowledge benefits of person as an articulation that exists to other parts of the law which haven't been implemented in china that's me but i'm not a child of people wondering if their forties say that but if i have a ride to another cold. sadly. this is their job just understand how i see it and that's why i kept my job because i tried to do it exactly. by name. and i want to add to. 2 2
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this news live from berlin tonight the consequences of violent protests in chile says it will not be able to host 2 major global summits chile's president is struggling to end days of unrest that have swept the country he says the c o p 25 climate summit and apec trade summit can no longer take place in his country
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also coming up tonight a damning indictment of the emergency response to the inferno when the fire brigade .


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