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this is g w news why for from berlin tonight the consequences of violent protests chile says it will not be able to host 2 major global summit chile's president is struggling to end days of unrest he says the cop 25 climate summit and apec trade summit can no longer take place in his country also coming up tonight i've damning indictment of the emergency response to the brimful tower inferno in london the fire brigade
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accused of serious shortcomings 72 people died in that fire and a raucous home crowd in kathmandu celebrates the return of the dipali mountain climber who's still seeing of the world's tallest mountain peaks in record breaking tell. i'm off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight chile has called off to international summits in a new setback for the embattled president sebastian pinera he says he needs to focus now on restoring calm to the country which have seen days of deadly protests at least 18 people have died in the unrest new venues now have to be found for the
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cup $25.00 climate summit and for the apec trade summit which was scheduled to bring together world leaders including u.s. president ellen trump and china's president xi jinping. days chile's capital santiago has resembled a war zone. protesters throwing rocks and stones at police. they responding in kind with water cannon. tear gas and more. it's against this backdrop that chile's embattled president has taken a decision he must regret. to cancel hosting not one but 2 upcoming international summits send the most 11 that will be deeply lament the problems and the inconvenience that this decision will have on a topic as well as for the cup 25 summit. that will go up as the end
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as president of all chileans have to always put the problems and interests of the chileans there necessity to spend their hopes 1st. the middles beloved. president pinera has already replaced a 3rd of his cabinet in his latest attempt to quell the on the rest. but should be in this continue to take to the streets. up to a 1000000 marching against inequality poor public services and a struggling economy. if you are bothered by the decision not to host either the apec summit in november or the un climate meeting a month later. reverend wright yes it's true these kinds of summits bring some benefits but as long as there are no laws or
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a new constitution to distribute those benefits it's fine to counsel them you know by fanaticism bend and so the mass protests go on as chileans demond what they see as a bright and fair a future. for no let's go to santiago we're correspondent john bartlett is standing by good evening to you john i mean this is quite a climb down for the chilean government just a few days ago the president was insisting that these 2 high profile events that they had to take place and then of course the future. yeah i think it's it's interesting it's the more you kind of let it percolate sort of think about what this decision means the more it makes sense it seems that the only broke was about. i think if you look from a security point of view it's not safe at the moment and i think it's probably the last place you want to be sending a load of world leaders and their own sororities and i think that from that point
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if he said it makes sense you're right there is a huge climbdown i think the other with the other way of looking at it it's the kind of public relations side of things. a journalist to ask questions of a world leader who would come to. the court 25 some of what they thought of the situation now that they're on the ground i think they would be unlikely to get a favorable answer from the chilean government but if you so i think this really was something that was being coming but. it does still seem pretty dramatic looking at the number of people who spent a year of their life going to putting the preparations in place and the number of volunteers and things that they've already hired ready to do. but it's also quite dramatic to be able to say that it's simply not safe to have people from around the world coming to chile what is driving these protests in the violence that seemingly do not want to stop. yeah i mean i don't have any doubt that
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the chilean government would have been able to would have been able to hold the event i don't know if it's too dangerous for me to to do the group but it certainly seems at the moment the situation on the streets is is pretty pretty desperate and it isn't going away you are right i was out last night and the demands are still the same it was a big protest and people are basically looking at these kind of entrenched socio economic inequalities and really wanting a kind of systemic change in a real change in the model which is something it's very hard to come by those demands is not coalesced into a call for a new constitution so it is a movement from the opposition a plebiscite on a constitutional assembly or some kind of constitutional process which actually 2 ways of doing here in chad it. is very difficult to comment on at the moment whether that comes to anything and whether the new constitution is indeed viable anyway i think it's a different thing so i think those are the main concerns i think most of them can be can be kind of rooted in the constitution to some extent or correspondent john
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joining us tonight from santiago john thank you well now to the middle east syria's civil war has been raging for 8 years despite numerous initiatives aimed at ending the conflict one promising proposal that could pave the way to peace is now underway in geneva delegates from the syrian government opposition and civil society have started talks on a new constitution it's hoped that the process can build trust among the warring factions in create a solid foundation for a future peace deal it's the 1st time the main rivals in syria's civil war have met to discuss a new constitution representatives of the asset government opposition groups and civil society have gathered in geneva for talks at the scene by u.n. special envoy get paid to send he described it as a historic moment. the fact that you are here today sitting together face to face reduced to start a dialogue and negotiations. there is i believe
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a pov of food sign of hope for syrians everywhere through to the talks of back by russia and are aimed at finding a political settlement after 8 and a half years of civil war although some kurds are involved a political delegation from the kurdish syrian democratic forces in north eastern syria was excluded the asset government's chief representative expressed guarded optimism well of us this is a starting point for a political process to solve the crisis that has ravaged our homeland opposition and some civil society groups are advocating a constitution which would include a division of power and would be for all syrians including those living in exile or violent conflict. 3 in syria means achieving justice and peace not winning the war . for the heart of no one is expecting the talks to be easy political analysts question whether the assoc government will be prepared to make concessions after recent minute tree gains. we'll hear some of the other stories now that are making
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headlines around the world the turkish president richard pryor fair to one has condemned the u.s. resolution that recognizes the mass killings of armenians by all the forces during world war one as genocide he says turkey does not recognize the book calling it worthless the u.s. house of representatives is also calling for sanctions against turkey for its military incursion into syria. in cameroon at least 42 people have died in a landslide in a village in the western part of the country the landslide hit monday following massive del boards that flooded the area the governor of the province says that many of the homes were built in an unsafe area and that several people have been rescued. of the german government has drawn up new proposals to get tougher on online heat speech it follows a spike in far right attacks including the murder of a politician and the attempt by a heavily armed man to storm
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a synagogue earlier this month the government says there is a connection between violent ideas spread on the internet and violent acts carried out in real life. hate speech at challenge around the world across the web and one germany is taking seriously the country has reason to with officials pointing to one case out of many the murder of volatile luka a local politician shot dead earlier this year allegedly for his pro immigrant stance by a suspect found to have far right links he's believed to have carried out the crime alone but officials blame the hate filled web platforms he was part of for giving him the push to do so that they say makes online speech more dangerous than equivalent statements made in real life and under the cloud it carries a different weight depending on whether you are insulted at a bar well only you and maybe a few other people hate it or if it's online where everyone in the well attends it
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like that disobliging and the proposals agreed to by cabinet include giving authorities more power to control investigate and prosecute extremists online that would go beyond legislation passed in 2017 which compels internet companies to delete or block certain kinds of offensive content now they'd have to report it to german law enforcement politicians have been at odds for more than a year over how to tighten regulations the government has also been frequently criticized for downplaying the far right threat but they say far right violence like the new have given them a newfound awareness. i can't say it enough our eyes are fully open. it's imperative we step up our efforts to confront the far right terrorism and extremism and anti-semitism because we haven't viewed this in the same way as islamist terror and other things. now it's up to the buddhists to
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turn their proposal into law they'll have to figure out how to enforce new rules against multinational companies and finance expanded law enforcement oversight of online haiti. speech. and for moral does i'm joined now by our chief political correspondent linda greene good evening to you melinda germany already has legislation in place that puts the burden on internet companies to delete or block offensive content how are these new and more stringent measures how are they going to take on online he speech well primarily by requiring the same online platforms to go a step further and to report any content that is either inciting violence containing death threats or otherwise part of that general category known as hate speech and they would also require the online platforms to disclose offenders ip
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addresses so that is a significant step further beyond that there were a number of other measures introduced today as well including the establishment of a new hate crime unit in the security authority and and also increased funding for dea radicalization and prevention as well as for protection of local politicians and tighter gun control measures and always be received i mean are these new proposals are they popular well there is a commendation both from civil society groups from n.g.o.s and also from some members of the opposition saying this is a necessary step in the right direction but that mild praise is mixed with a lot of concern about whether this goes far enough and also about the feasibility of implementation particularly when it comes to holding those online platforms to account and held him the authorities ensure that social media platforms are going
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to cooperate. well that's the central issue obviously by imposing fines german law does already impose fines on companies that don't take hate speech down when they encounter it the opposition is saying any fines that are imposed are not large enough and don't contain strict enough measures and the fact is it will be very very difficult for the authorities to really oversee to what degree the online platforms are complying and let's say they do comply again a huge burden on the authorities which presumably then would be swamped with various notifications that they would have to pursue and many many experts say the authorities absolutely are not equipped to comply with the likely mass of notifications they would then receive now in the past we know that
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platforms like facebook have taken some measures to comply with german law and they were very quick to say today that they plan to process any requests from the authorities here in germany much more quickly than in the past that being said however in the past they've taken up to a month to process such such requests so there is a lot of room for improvement here. in the green on the story force you're in berlin melinda thank you. fure watching v.w. news coming up after 39 people died in a truck trailer near london we ask is the business of people smuggling booming we'll take you to the port of save them since see how easy it can be to ship secret human cargo that's coming up in just a moment. but it is a damning find in the investigation into the grim full tower fire in london investigators say the emergency response had serious shortcomings 72 people died in
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the apartment block blaze more than 2 years ago the report only covers the emergency response which the judge led inquiry says had says stimac failures and was gravely inadequate our london correspondent as. needed to be. friends inflame the fire lost it all night people jumped out of the windows in a desperate attempt to feed the blaze. and filmed it just as he said the firemen couldn't get in because that key didn't fit and they seemed. to get one tiny to. speak because. you could just see that they felt they really. so they all sort of pause. and some of them went in even without breathing apparatus. breathing apparatus some of them didn't have helmet saving you see that
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joe delaney provided his video to the inquiry he says he wants to see the people responsible for the safety lapses brought to account. just getting inside the tower. you know. people in handcuffs people in courtrooms people in jail cells. you know people in print where it says what they're taught in wrong because what you say. the inquiry has had about a catalogue of failings that led to the fire spreading uncontrollably such as fire lifts for the emergency services not working and also that the building itself did not comply with fire safety regulations and the criminal convictions that the residency is so desperately want to see are not expected any time soon they can only come out of a separate investigation that's being led by the police they inquire report
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criticizes the fire brigade for a series of bad decisions on the night of the fire with disastrous consequences but many people blame the local council they say complaints made before the fire were ignored and that they didn't feel safe. in the facts when it collected totally neglected for decades they had intention to sell it and therefore they were just probably waiting to phase us all out spent minimal money on it and gave it minimal attention because it was of minimal worth to them at the time as well we grenfell occurred in a context of cuts in the context of privatisation in a consists of deregulation and in a context of. we residents of social housing will not listen to. local people hope that there will be real change in the future and they want to see faults like those in grunfeld tower remedied in other buildings to avoid a repeat of the disaster. the discovery last week of 39 bodies in
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a truck trailer near london has turned the spotlight on security at european ports that is where millions of tons of freight pass every week most of the victims reportedly came from vietnam and their journey to the u.k. took them through the belgian port of zabel where now questions are being raised about security procedures they are. reporters. and monks pick up the story from there. it's the end of a long work day. truckers prepared to spend the night in years able to go port they'll be driving again tomorrow. they've been on edge since last week when 39 bodies were found in a truck that passes through here they worry that smugglers could use their containers to send migrants to the u.k. without their knowing truck or nickel that's going to cuccia claims that happened to one of his colleagues 6 people got inside his truck yeah 6 people and i'm
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according to police cars going to. program but this hasn't happened to you i am not denying is me no no no no just shows us the seal that he attaches to the back of each container he moves. you know the back door can't be opened without destroying the bolt along still the gadget isn't foolproof and others at the truck park told us smugglers can always get around the security measures. as truckers settle in for the night dock workers continue to load the next ship bound for the u.k. . it's hard not to wonder whether one of these containers might be full of people. is able to get is one of the busiest trucking container ports in the world with 40000000 tons of goods passing through here annually security here is tight but authorities say that with so many containers coming and going it's impossible to make sure that humans are not being smuggled across these waters to england. every
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truck delivering a container to the dock must pass through this kind of control point officials take several photos of the truck as well as of the driver and the license plate they checked the photos but no one here checks the seals that's up to the shipping companies and only about one out of every $100.00 trucks is x. rayed to check the cargo. harbormaster peter dakota says the port authority cannot have an overview of what the trucks are carrying with zabel of his budget and personnel that would create massive delays he says it's good if you would be able to scan every single continue but where do you do that if you don't in the port is that the only responsibility of the port or is the whole chain of logistic events involved in this i ask if he believes there are ways to stop the human smuggling and the deaths that often result i think 1st of all we should do everything that it's possible to avoid and that's one main thing but of course we're dealing with connectivity and connectivity and they had always one step ahead
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unfortunately and if you tighten controls in the border then they will move somewhere else the local and national police declined to comment on their role in enforcing security i'd say booka. for now it seems that smugglers will continue to operate using this port as a key point in their clandestine and sometimes deadly industry russians are remembering the hundreds of thousands of people killed in the stalinist purges of the 1930 s. close to the chinese border our correspondent yury rachet a met a man who discovered it chilling evidence of those killings in his own back garden . spill what ifs look at this hole here says we tally crusher and shows us the grizzly find on his property. the one i want to do is stand my house here while i was digging the hole for the foundations i found 1st
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one skull then a 2nd a 3rd and so on. in the meantime fatality has more than 10 sacks of human bones in his garden. a government commission says they come from a mass grave dating back to the 1930 s. . bitterly lives with his family in the far east of russia. the city on the chinese border saw mass executions during the stalinist purges the period known by people as the great terror. 'd at the same time 8000 kilometers where the people of moscow are remembering the victims of the terror. they tell the stories of their fathers and uncles grandfathers and great uncles the stories of their families persecuted by stalin between 19361938 i suppose enemies of the regime. my grandfather was
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arrested and tortured says this woman they knocked his teeth out. flooding may have been a cause ski he was 76 years old rest in peace with. one and a half 1000000 soviet citizens were arrested in only 2 years half of them were killed the ceremony is part of a national event which was instigated by the human rights organization memore ial 12 years ago. i'm happy that's a lot of people have come here especially young russians to remember the terror of the soviet regime we should never forget our terrible history look at that and when he does there's a. many see the fact that the commemoration is taking place in front of the headquarters of the russian secret service the f.s.b. a symbolic. critics of russian president vladimir putin a former head of the f.s.b. fear a return to a more socratic government
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a more and more people who commemorate the crimes of the past faced intimidation they would know that the police 3 years ago we were accused of being foreign agents but we kept on anyway because a lot of people depend on us that's the most important. bitterly clash or has repeatedly asked the authorities in black of ashamed for help in dealing with the remains in his garden. where there were so i've asked them for the past year for much of the birth as they say they don't have the money or the stuff. the only thing they promised was to come and pick up the remains but only after i dug them out myself he was a bitter and sweet lord. a small local undertakers business has helped with the burial of a small number of the victims of italy crash a complains they've been buried anonymously and without dignity. or from
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below the ground as to why. a milton climber from nepal who scaled 14 of the world's tallest mountain peaks in just 6 months he has made a triumphant return in kathmandu near persia broke the previous record by more than get this 7 years. back on solid ground. persia received a rock star's welcome on his return to katmandu on wednesday the nepali climb a scaled all of the world's mountain peaks over 8000 meters in just 189 days a record breaking feat which required enormous sacrifice i give them a pension a lot of money. but it was a. pipe assume a house. this was the plaza where nobody believed up which could be done. when i 1st started talking about this people who are making a joke out of the. expedition began back in april taking in everest k $2.12
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other death defying climbs the full culminating at the summit of china's ship panga mountain on tuesday. because they said you know there was no prudence prosaic there was no some prisoners exposing the pros it was never about the rich. it was truly about the human endeavor while happy to have completed the challenge persia want to be celebrating too long and plans to return to work as a mountaineering guide in the next few days. some folks it seems just can't gets enough of the high life. they must have good long break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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or. dear friends dear antonia here's a sea of. my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble when i was in france is ages germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades when your mother was born in 1969 the
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world was already 8 years old. and my grandchildren were born after the war fell morning by. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. our. cars starts nov 6th on d. w. . you may write to me down in history but you get a twist in that you may turn of me in the very dear but still night down. did you want to see me broken out of hand and. sold and found i'm down. in the back so. there's a nation. from a pass through to.
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me. at the start of the 20th century one and a half 1000000 armenians were slaughtered by the ultimate empire today's turkey this week the u.s. house of representatives overwhelmingly voted to give it a name genocide and now the u.s. and turkey both nato members well they seem more like enemies than allies who in the world would a well something like that to have a.


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