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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2019 12:00am-12:15am CET

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you. know. this is deja vu news live from berlin days of unrest forced she laid to pull out of posting 2 major global summits she lays president still struggling with massive protests says the calm 25 climate summit and apec trade summit will no longer take place in his country also coming up the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump gathers steam investigators and by former national security advisor john bolton to testify. plus policing in online hate speech the german
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government announcing new proposals to stop the spread of extremist views on the internet. i'm called aspen welcome to the program chile has called off 2 major international summits it's a new setback for embattled president sebastian pinera who says he needs to focus on restoring calm amid days of mass protests at least 18 people have now died during the unrest now new venues will need to be found for the cop $25.00 climate summit and the apec trade summit which was scheduled to bring together world leaders including u.s. president donald trump and china's xi jinping. days chile's capital santiago has resembled a war zone. protesters throwing rocks and stones at police.
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they responding in kind with water cannon. tear gas and more. it's against this backdrop that chile's embattled president has taken a decision he must regret. to cancel hosting not one but 2 upcoming international summits sent the most 11 that will throw food we deeply lament the problems and the inconvenience that this decision will have on apec as well as for the cup 25 summit. that all of us the as president of all chileans have to always put the problems and interests of the chileans their necessities and their hopes 1st. middles beloved.
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president pinera has already replaced a 3rd of his cabinet in his latest attempt to quell the unrest. but surely in this continue to take to the streets. up to a 1000000 marching against inequality poor public services and a struggling economy. few are bothered by the decision not to host either the apec summit in november or the un climate meeting a month later. reverend wright yes it's true these kinds of summits bring some benefits but as long as there are no laws or a new constitution to distribute those benefits it's fine to council them you know buy from magazines. and so the mass protests go on as chileans demand what they see as a brighter and fairer a future. what's the design juggle now that's for correspondent john bartlett as
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has been tracking those protests now john there's of course are 2 high profile events i mean do we know what exactly led to this cancellation we were hearing just days ago that the president said they were going to hurt. yeah i think the only think the president saying that these were going to go ahead was the only thing he really could say i think that kind of calm nerves both here and internationally as well but i think that it was just never really seen this process going to go to scale that they did. stood up now i think the only really one of which was to come . it's a huge shame. i mean chile has been working and people been working for a year to get this to get this event so it's it i think in terms of security i think it was almost almost impossible for him to kind of i think he probably could have guaranteed the security people but it's just not worth the risk and i think the other thing is the terms of public relations the public image of chile it would
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have been an absolute nightmare to have people kind of world leaders in their own 2 russians coming to chile and seeing what it was like on the ground and you know giving interviews and saying saying what they've been saying i don't think i've been particularly favorable so i think from both points of view i think that he pretty much had to pull out of this if the question let's talk about these these events now briefly i mean the cop $25.00 climate conference is just over a month away the apec meetings were supposed to be in just a few weeks do we know anything about what happens now with these 2 conference conferences there must be a lot of things up in the air. yes i think saying to take a pic 1st i think that was it's looking like they're going to try to find a replacement venue in a couple weeks away it's going to be difficult caught but i think it's a slightly different matter i mean that takes a huge amount of organization cost to recruit on the front runners to replace brazil when they pulled out with a person not being sick in favor of the climate talks. because the cost was too high a chilly tacl not burden and like i say it's been a year of preparation been
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a lot of a lot of work is going into this so i think it's a great shame but it seems like chile is going to find some kind of replacement venue for us so it seems like at the moment but what we know about this is not very much and it could even be pushed into next year and president piñera he's already placed a 3rd of his cabinet as we heard but lands they are still on the streets i mean what can he do in his government do to try to survive this yeah i think it's difficult i don't think that him being deposed as a sort of democratically elected president is really really a really viable course of action i think that you still got 2 years left to run in his in his term he's been in power for just over 2 years now so it's definitely a step in interesting i don't know what he can really do apart from propose some more kind of fundamental reforms and i think other than a kind of superficial cabinet reshuffle which is a we've seen so far so i think there are death in the options available to him but
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it's going to be difficult to see him kind of getting out of this with anything other than you know kind of incredibly low popularity ratings which is why he's got the moment in the meantime those meetings up in the air as well correspondent john bartlett and she lays capital santiago thank you very much thank you. here's a check now on some of the other stories making news around the world twitter has announced a ban on all political advertising beginning of ember 22nd the company said that targeted advertising brought quote significant risks to politics the decision puts pressure on other social media platforms to follow suit amid increasing concern that they're being used to present misleading information to voters. in cameroon at least 42 people have died in a landslide in a village in the western part of the country the landslide hit monday following massive downpours that flooded the area the governor of the province said many of the homes were built in an unsafe area and that several people have been rescued.
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firefighters in southern california are battling a new blaze that threatens thousands of homes as well as the reagan presidential library near los angeles fires in southern and northern california have forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of residents. well staying in the united states and the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump u.s. house committees have summoned trump's former national security secretary john bolton to testify next week bolton departed the white house last month after a reported policy disagreements with president trump 2 other national security council aides have also been asked to testify several house committees are looking into whether president trump pressured ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden and his family in exchange for military aid. ok to d.c. now that's where correspondent oliver salat is standing by for us he's been
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reporting on the impeachment inquiry for us now oliver what do democrats hope they can learn from bolton's potential testimony. well john bolton was president trump's former national security advisor and of course he will be one of the most senior figures to testify if he decides to do so in the impeachment inquiry so he was very close to the president and could therefore play a vital role in the inquiry now they have been many testimonies the inquiry is really picking up speed these days and according to other officials that have already testified john bolton was alarmed by f. ford's taken by the wide tells to pressure the president of ukraine to investigate joe biden who of course could be a president trump political rival his potential contender in the 2020 election come pain wide tells has urged officials not to testify but of course joe biden was fired so he didn't really even friendship he was openly critical over ukraine and
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the hopes of the democrats are that he might have something substantial to add to the ongoing inquiry now we're also learning the democrats in the house of representatives will will hold a vote to formally authorize this impeachment probe walk us through that i mean what's the significance here given that the inquiry has been going on for a few weeks now right and that's an important aspect caldo this will be of tomorrow on thursday the next big step moving forward in the impeachment inquiry that it'll be also the 1st official vote that the house of representatives takes on the process and they will introduce formal rules on the impeachment inquiry so what that means is that the process in itself will become more transparent there will also be more rights for a president trump the republicans complained a lot about many meetings taking place behind closed door and this is a major step for the democrats to move forward in the inquiry all right our correspondent all over someone washington for us thank you very much. well the
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german government has drawn up new proposals to get tougher on online hate speech should follows a spike in far right attacks including the murder of a politician and the attempts by a heavily armed man to storm a synagogue earlier this month the government says there is a connection between violent ideas spread on the internet and violent acts carried out in real life. hate speech at challenger around the world and across the web and one germany is taking seriously the country has reason to with officials pointing to one case out of many the murder of volatile luka a local politician shot dead earlier this year allegedly for his pro immigrant stance by a suspect found to have far right links he's believed to have carried out the crime alone but officials blame the hate filled web platforms he was part of for giving him the push to do so that they say makes online speech more dangerous than
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equivalent statements made in real life and under the cloud it carries a different weight depending on whether you are insulted at a bar well only you and maybe a few other people have it or if it's online where everyone in the well attends it might lead. to supply. the proposals agreed to by cabinet include giving authorities more power to control investigate and prosecute extremists online that would go beyond legislation passed in 2017 which compels internet companies to delete or block certain kinds of offensive content now they'd have to report it to german law enforcement politicians have been at odds for more than a year over how to tighten regulations the government has also been frequently criticized for downplaying the far right threat but they say far right violence like the have given them a newfound awareness. of i can't say it enough our eyes are fully open. it's imperative we step up our efforts to confront the far right
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terrorism and extremism and anti-semitism because we haven't viewed this in the same way as islamist terror and other things. now it's up to the buddhist to determine their proposal into law they'll have to figure out how to enforce new rules against multinational companies and finance expanded law enforcement oversight of online hates. beach. well britain's snap election battle has kicked off with prime minister boris johnson clashing with his main challenger in their final parliamentary battle before the ballot there are now 6 weeks of campaigning before the electorate will make their choice and it's a vote that could end up deciding the fate of brett in just 6 weeks time it might not be boris johnson walking through this door campbell prime minister. coverage you know where no one but johnson does appear confident of victory at his
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4th attempt he finally got the election he craved next week the parliament that has been a continual thorn in his side will be no more. it's the end to the rope 2 for it speaker john bercow stepping down after 10 years in the job. thank you mr speaker i have never known this place without you and i think it will be yeah it is going to be different from applause from both sides but then back to business and a taste of the election campaign ahead of the 2 biggest parties setting out that competing vision was standing up for our economy and for all wealth creators but above all it means getting bricks it done and being the big and the delay this is big here no for the 1st time the prime minister is talking nonsense thanks to the prime minister's plans to deal with donald trump the fight for votes has already begun.
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you're watching d.w. news coming up the tiny sets the flying and the parasite that carries together they've overshadowed a wildlife success story in malawi. better more up next on news africa with eddie micah jr on cross aspen thanks for watching. it's all happening to children. who are linked to news from africa the world story link to exceptional stories and discussions continue and we'll come to the day of his after coming program tonight from for an exam the c.z. town i would say down to the group's much africa.


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