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after the fall of the berlin november 9th 2 w. . this is the w. news live from berlin the days of unrest forced chile to pull out of hosting major of global summits chile's president still struggling with massive protests says the comp 25 climate summit and apec trate summit will no longer take place in this country also coming up as russia remembers the victims of the stalinist purges 80
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years ago we meet a man who has unearthed in mastering his backyard. plus a hero's welcome for a record breaking climber after he conquered the world or team highest mountains in just 6 months. on call assman welcome to the program has called off 2 major international summits it's a new setback for embattled president sebastian pinera who says he needs to focus on restoring call amid days of mass protests at least 18 people have died in the end rest now in new venues will need to be found for the cop $25.00 climate summit and the apec trade meeting which was scheduled to bring together world leaders including u.s. president donald trump and china's teaching paying. days
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chile's capital santiago has resembled a war zone. protesters throwing rocks and stones at police. they responding in kind with water cannon. tear gas and moral. it's against this backdrop that shelly's in battle president has taken a decision he must regret. to cancel hosting not one but 2 upcoming international summits send the most 11 profile we deeply lament the problems and the inconvenience that this decision will have on apec as well as for the cup 25 summit. that all of us the as president of all chileans have to always put the problems and interests of the
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chileans their necessity to spend their hopes 1st. the middles beloved. president pinera has already replaced a 3rd of his cabinet in his latest attempt to quell the unrest. but surely in this continue to take to the streets. up to a 1000000 marching against inequality poor public services and a struggling economy. few are bothered by the decision not to host either the apec summit in november or the un climate meeting a month later. reverend wright yes it's true these kinds of summits bring some benefits but as long as there are no laws or a new constitution to distribute those benefits it's fine to counsel them you know buy from magazines. and so the mass protests go on as chileans demand what they
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see as a brighter and fairer a future. what's her designs are going to others for correspondent john bartlett has been tracking those protests now john is of course are 2 high profile events i mean do we know what exactly led to this cancellation we were hearing just days ago that the president said they were going to have. yeah i think just to break that down i think the person saying that these were going to go ahead was the only thing you really could say i think not going to call both here and internationally as well but i think that she's never really seen this process going to go to scale that they did. stood up now i think the only really one of which was to come. it's a huge shame. i mean chile has been working and people been working for a year to get this to get this event so it's it i think in terms of security i
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think it was almost almost impossible for him to kind of i think he probably could have guaranteed the security people but it's just not worth the risk and i think the other thing is the terms of public relations the public image of chile it would have been an absolute nightmare to have people and world leaders and their own 2 russians coming to chile and seeing what it was like on the ground and you know giving interviews and saying saying what they've been saying i don't think i've been particularly favorable so i think from both points of view i think that we pretty much had to pull out it's a question let's talk about these these events now briefly i mean the cop 25 climate conference is just over a month away the apec meetings were supposed to be in just a few weeks do we know anything about what happens now with these 2 conference conferences there must be a lot of things up in the air. yes i think saying to take a pic 1st i think that was it's looking like they're going to try to find a replacement venue in a couple weeks away it's going to be difficult the cult i think is a slightly different matter i mean that takes a huge amount of organization cost to recruit on the front runners to replace
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brazil when they pulled out with a person not being sick in favor of the climate talks. because the course we see heidi chile took on that burden and like i say it's been a year of preparation been a lot of a lot of work is going into this so i think it's a great shame but it seems like chile is going to find some kind of replacement venue for now so it seems like at the moment but what we know about that is not very much and it could even be pushed into next year and president pena he's already replaced a 3rd of his cabinet as we heard but the lands they are still on the streets i mean what can he do in his government do to try to survive this yeah i think it's difficult i don't think that him being deposed as a sort of democratically elected president is really really a really viable course of action i think that you still got 2 years left to run in his in his term he's been in power for just over 2 years now so it's definitely a step and interesting i don't know what he can really do apart from propose some
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more kind of fundamental reforms and i think other than a kind of superficial cabinet reshuffle which is a we've seen so far so i think there are death in the options available to him but it's going to be difficult to see him kind of getting out of this with anything other than you know kind of incredibly low popularity ratings which is why he's got the moment in the meantime those meetings up in the air as well correspondent john bartlett and she lays temple santiago thank you very much thank you. all right now let's get you caught up on some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. department of defense has released the 1st video of the operation that killed the chief. it shows us special forces storming into his compound in northern syria and its subsequent destruction baghdadi family members and loyalists were reportedly killed in the special forces raid them. twitter has announced a ban on all political advertising beginning of ember 22nd the company said that
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targeted advertising brought quote significant risks to politics the decision puts pressure on other social media platforms to follow suit amid increasing concern that they're being used to present misleading information to voters. the swedish teenage climate activist greatest soon burke has declined an environmental prize it's worth the around $50000.00 euros from a scandinavian enter parliamentary body to emerge who is currently on a tour of north america said quote the climate movement does not need any more prizes. britain's snap election campaign is kicked off with prime minister boris johnson clashing with his main challenger and their late in their last parliamentary battle before the ballot there are 6 weeks of campaigning before u.k. citizens make their choice in a votes which could end up deciding the fate of breast. in just 6 weeks time it
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might not be boris johnson walking through this door to cabo probably so. coverage you could wait no answer but johnson does appear confident of victory at his 4th attempt he finally got the election he craved next week the parliament that has been a continual thorn in his side will be no more. it's the end to the rope 2 for its speaker john bercow stepping down after 10 years in the child. thank you mr speaker i have never met him this place without you and i think it will vary it is going to be different from applause from both sides but then back to business and a taste of the election campaign ahead the 2 biggest parties setting out that competing vision will sink our standing up for our economy and for all wealth creators but above all it means getting bricks it done i think the did and the delay this is big
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here no for the 1st time the prime minister is talking nonsense thanks to the prime minister's plan so deal with donald trump the fight for votes has already begun all russians have been remembering the hundreds of thousands of people killed in the stalinist purges of the 1930 s. close to the chinese border our correspondent yuri were shadow met a man who discovered chilling evidence of those killings in his own backyard. well what if so look at this hole here says we tally kasha and shows us the grizzly find on his property. the one i want to do is stand my house here while i was digging the hole for the foundations i found 1st one skull then a 2nd a 3rd and so on. in the meantime fatality has more than 10 sacks of human bones in his garden. a government commission says they come from
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a mass grave dating back to the 1930 s. . bitterly lives with his family in the far east of russia. the city on the chinese border saw mass executions during the stalinist purges the period known by people as the great terror. 'd of the same time 8000 kilometers where the people of moscow are remembering the victims of terror. they tell the stories of their fathers and uncles grandfathers and great uncles the stories of their families persecuted by stalin between 1936 and 938 a supposed enemies of the regime. my grandfather was arrested and tortured says this woman they knocked his teeth out. flooded may have been the cause ski he was 76 years old rest in peace. with. one and a half 1000000 soviet citizens were arrested in only 2 years half of them were
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killed the ceremony is part of a national event which was instigated by the human rights organization memorial 12 years ago. i'm happy that a lot of people have come here especially young russians to remember the terror of the soviet regime we should never forget our terrible history look at that and when he does there's a bill was. many see the fact that the commemoration is taking place in front of the headquarters of the russian secret service the f.s.b. a symbolic. critics of russian president vladimir putin a former head of the f.s.b. fear a return to a more autocratic government a more and more people who commemorate the crimes of the past faced intimidation they would not believe 3 years ago we were accused of being foreign agents but we kept on anyway because a lot of people depended on us that's the most important that. we said a clash
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a has repeatedly asked the authorities a block of ashamed for help in dealing with the remains in his garden. because before there was life asked them for the past year for much of the birth and they say they don't have the money or the stuff. the only thing they promised was to come and pick up the remains and only after i broke them out myself. a small local undertakers business has helped with the burial of a small number of the victims of italy crash a complains they've been buried anonymously and without dignity. are changing gears now in an appalling ballet. and climber who scaled 14 of the world's tallest mountain peaks in record time has made a heroic return to the nation's capital katmandu nirmal poor journey took just
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a little over 6 months to complete the remarkable feat breaking the previous record by more than 7 years. back on solid ground normal persia received a rock star's welcome on his return to katmandu on wednesday the nepali climber scaled all of the world's mountain peaks over 8000 meters in just 189 days a record breaking feat which required enormous sacrifice i give him a pension a lot of money. but this was a. consumer how was. this what the project were nobody believed it could be done. when i 1st started talking about this they were making a joke out of the purges expedition began back in april taking in everest k 2 and 12 other death defying climbs before culminating at the summit of china's shipping a mountain on tuesday. because they said you know there was no prudence prosaic
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there was no selfishness in exposing the pros it was never about the rich. it was truly about the human endeavor while happy to have completed the challenge persia want to be celebrating too long and plans to return to work as a mountaineering guide in the next few days. some folks it seems just can't get enough of the high life. all right you're watching t.v. news coming up next a look at women's football in kabul on con ass but i'll be back shortly. with them to the foot is the game here for d.w.i. translates to talk about. this country's. 3 more people. as a little we have. let's have a look at some of the company so you don't want to miss.
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