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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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it is known as. the banks. and to watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. preaching for help in a time of changing reality just yet chrysler want to great the world's 4th largest automaker to confront big shifts in the future of mobility also coming tanzanian farmers try swapping their crops with vanilla to cash in on tasks are not market prices but it's not an easy switch and dressing up yourself just isn't enough americans go on the hunt for the best halloween costumes providing
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a boon to. the program as the automotive world is going through profound changes the response of some of the biggest name in the business is take the car pool if you have chrysler and p. as a pushover have confirmed they intend to merge a tie up worth $50000000000.00 which would create the world's 4th largest automaker the move comes as car makers grapple with a downturn in demand of pricey investments in electric and soft driving vehicles. the future looks bleak for the internal combustion engine car makers worry about getting left behind. chrysler has failed to invest in new technologies such as all thomas driving and electric power that's why it's been looking for a partner for a long time. enter. the french company has plenty of modern technology but it's completely absent from the north american market together they
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could become a dream team. the french government itself a shareholder and peugeot has already given the green light and this is good news this is good news for you because you know that we have to face the challenges of electric cars. and to face that kind of challenges you need to have champions who will live. the combined company would have turnover of over $180000000000.00 euros and it would have around $410000.00 employees and making $9000000.00 cars each year would put it in a different league. after folks toyota and the renault nissan alliance chrysler together with peugeot citroen would be the 4th largest car maker in the world. workers reaction to the deal were mixed. up with well there's already been one merger with opel and now this will bring jobs so it will be
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a very big company lots of jobs are going to be outsourced and that worries us that management hopes the merger will generate savings of more than 3 and a half 1000000000 euros but for employees hearing about cost saving sets off alarms many plants for example at fi at in italy are under utilized and peugeot's german subsidiary opel and british folks whole have been losing money for years even so the 2 sides say their merger should be completed without factory closures. chinese officials have doubts about reaching a comprehensive long term trade deal with the united states that's according to a bloomberg report earlier u.s. president said the 2 sides would soon choose a new place to sign a phase one trade agreement in november he originally hoped to finalize the deal at the apec summit in chile but that was cancelled after mass demonstrations which saw
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all deaths and arrests. let's get more on this from the man on wall street conflicting news there about the u.s. china trade deal how much did it spook investors. well i'm not sure if the trade talks were the main reason why we traded to the downside here at the last day of october we also got some weak economic and new was from the industry sector in the broader area of cargo then also the federal reserve meeting from the day prior where jerome powell pretty much hinted that we won't see any more rate cuts anytime soon i guess those were probably the main reasons but you mentioned the conflicting signals that we get from the trade talks on one side we got reports from private conversations from chinese officials that they're doubtful about a long term deal between the 2 biggest economies in the world and then on the other
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side donald trump and tweeting that there will be a signing of the phase one deal pretty soon so pretty conflicting environment overall as court in new york thank you. and now to some of the other business stories making news mall the owner says it's taken a $4500000000.00 hit on its investment in the cigarette maker jewel to paint nearly $13000000000.00 for a 35 percent stake in the vaporing firm only last year but the deal has gone sour thanks to a crackdown on v.p. by u.s. regulators boeing says cracks have been found in up to 15 of its popular 7 $37.00 planes after global inspections 2 of quantas jets are reportedly affected but the airline has so far rejected calls to ground its entire $737.00 fleet saudi arabia expects its budget deficit to widen to 6.5 percent of gross domestic product next year that to about $50000000000.00 that's from 4.7 percent this year government
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income has been hit by no oil prices as the pro-democracy protests continue official data confirms that hong kong is now in recession gross domestic product tranq by about 3 percent in the last quarter months of unrest have piled pressure on an economy already reeling from the u.s. china trade with. now you'd think vanilla would be fairly common it at flavor to so many products ice cream chocolate and coffee for example but most producers rely on artificial vanilla flavor because the real stuff is hard to come by that's why prices are astronomical and that last to be good news to the farmers who grow dim places like tanzania but it's anything but easy money. vanilla is delicate and very valuable to harvest pods of the highest quality it takes a lot of care and
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a lot of time so she was. here on pemba island in tanzania has only been grown since the 1990 s. many farmers here switch to vanilla hoping to capitalize on booming demand for the fragrant spice and the high prices how mighty how do you who cares for more than 7000 plants he has to protect them from harmful insects as well as from thieves when the harvest season approaches. the time from planting to harvesting depends on the quality of the soil. if the soil is good it will take 3 to 4 years to start producing. any. but it also depends on the seedlings you want to give me if you live big looking guy. vanilla grown on plantations has to be pollinated artificially and. it's a difficult task but on pemba island there are now $250.00 vanilla farmers. this
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is farmers slim health fence entire annual production it's about half a kilogram that in the name i have already started benefiting last year i made over 250000 shillings or $110.00 u.s. dollars and this year i'm expecting over 500000 shillings. we'll keep earning more money in the coming years. and. the world market price for the spice has exploded from about $30.00 u.s. dollars per kilogram a few years ago to around $600.00 u.s. dollars now. this is also due to bad harvests and drought and that's something the farmers in pemba worry about think join together in a cooperative to protect their crops. we do not discriminate between our farmers that we give the seedlings to all our members. but if one does not take
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care of them we do not give them more and the people in the year see what you have done as you are all the farming activities through our agricultural officers. everything that is produced on these plantations and goes to britain they're a cosmetics company uses a lot of vanilla in its products for now it's willing to pay a lot for this rare commodity. now it is this time of year so bear with me here this halloween season is going to the dogs as more and more people in the united states have turned to address their pets up in costumes according to the national retail foundation almost $30000000.00 americans have gone to buy the strangest and spookiest halloween pet costumes. one dog turns into a buzzy be another into it glitzy pumpkin. there's even
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a fearsome lion. to scare the neighbors. it seems there are just as many costumes for pets as there off of people still as in the us a full live cute and creepy petted the turn his love to buy for that dogs one year he was a one year he was a pirate one year he went in drag last year he was a spider he loved his 8 legs this year he's going as a hot dog because he's have to all i have talks and he's 13 now says you got to be kind of more refined as an old man slash changer according to the national retail foundation americans will spend almost $9000000000.00 on how to wean almost half a 1000000000 on pet costumes and. canine pics of big on facebook instagram whatsapp and pinterest. these days we're placing all halloween orders as early as june or july we're finding that our distributors are selling out of halloween
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costumes months before halloween is even here we have to get in early and dissipate a lot of sales and it's hard to predict what customers are going to buy but you can always bet that superheroes in your standard harder movie characters are going to be a hit. sales of pet costumes have doubled since 2010 says the national retail foundation where the dogs find them creepy is anyone's guess but one thing is for sure the little canine costumes will like to have any halloween celebration. i'm sure there were thanks for.
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cut. average cost is printed into active exercises i think about it d w dot com stash donation and on facebook in the uk still. jenman for free devaney. and. one of france's top choreographers males of key it started his career dancing hip hop in the streets on this arts and culture will look at this a claim to work by male zuki a gravity defying dance called 50 cows. also coming up. why this german photographer wishes more of the berlin wall had stayed up after communism collapsed. but 1st another story from here
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in germany about music neo nazi music because it turns out the far right music industry here is growing and concert organizers have all kinds of tricks for getting around germany's strict laws on hate speech they even get public funding for their events by registering as political demonstrations there's a new documentary just out on german television about the neo nazi roxy and we've got this short look at it. the quiet town of taman in eastern germany is home to just around 3000 people but 2 years ago tame became notorious as the location of one of the biggest nazi gathering since germany lost world war 2 the far right music festival with 6000 visitors. reason for some of us who have these nazi rule cuban sort of sort of he's who of organized neo nazi groups who he who identified.


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