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plane. last. lap. oh. this is e.w. news live from bahrain to see him for shootings in the u.s. china trade war german chancellor angela merkel arrives in india to talk trade and security good side see potential to boost trade before out from trunks our deal with china also coming up full steam ahead for the impeachment process is u.s.
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lawmakers vote to make their inquiry official and talk like what does it mean for president trump. now on their on the front line on that good old women meets involved ways female only and keep pushing a bit. plus one of the toughest sports on the planet past the gates world cup final england's rugby players are the favorites against south africa but the springboks have a new caption do they hope to make history on saturday. i'm at home free glad you could join me german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in india for a 3 day visit that will focus on boosting trade and business ties merkel was welcomed in delhi with military honest she'll be holding talks with indian prime minister nuri andhra modi on a wide range of bilateral ish. small cities are new about energy and mobility will
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be on the agenda both sides will still see potential in the fallout from the trade war between the u.s. and china germany is india's largest trading partner in europe to the tune of $20000000000.00 u.s. dollars last year. well for more on this i'm now joined by our chief political editor me here she is in delhi following a visit good to see german and indian leaders have met regularly in recent years so what's special about this one. special thing about is that she's brought part of her cabinet also including the foreign minister here and these government consultations as they're called who are set up to sort the after germany started consultations with india there was a strong feeling that both countries should be on a par when it comes to thinking about future relationships also particularly in terms of trade but having said that germany feels that this is a quite
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a way to go to actually find enough common ground here with india to have something like a free trade agreement with the european union that something germany is very keen on and also this is the kind of big picture stuff but also the agriculture minister here as well she wants to talk about things like farming and safety standards particular that comes to instance for food stuff that is being exported to the european union so it's from the small detail but also to the geostrategic of course always with a view on china now on another topic india president there and he has been criticized for his increasingly nationalist policies chancellor merkel going to address any of these issues. what one could expect her to do so if you ask for an official statement you will get pretty much standard from the german side saying that issues like human rights and global standards and international law. and german chancellor talks to world leaders at
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the same time there's a sense here of having a kindred spirit in terms of having the largest democracy after all india is the largest democracy in the world foreign minister mark said he considers the issue of kashmir an internal affair for instance but also that people's rights should be preserved so be very interesting to hear whether there's any kind of official recognition of a frank exchange on that largest democracy and of course india the 2nd most populous country on the earth as well i mean compared to germany that is relatively small what is india hoping to achieve with these consultations. germany is a partner who's seen as someone one can learn from the german education training system is always one of the big exports. in terms of business leaders and small medium enterprises that are here in the delegation this time round not the big
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shots from the big companies so there's an appetite here for exchange and at the same time india knows that in terms of population it is almost always has a race with china who is the most populous country in the years to come but a large population also means very very large potential and here germany said he wants to make sure it's one of the 1st partners when india decides to open up and talk more significant trade with the e.u. . chief political editor in delhi thank you very much. and some of the other stories making news around the world. clashes broke out in hong kong on thursday night after police fired tear gas at pro-democracy protesters many of the demonstrators. to defy a ban on face masks the asian financial hub is facing another mass protest on saturday. north korea has confirmed it has test 5 what it calls
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a super large rocket launcher when it comes off to south korea and japan said they detected to project or launches some from some way on korea's latest weapons test comes amidst talks with the u.s. . the risk posed by california is fine as is lessening as high winds across most of the state over 200000 residents have been allowed to return home but forecasters caution that no rain is expected and an elevated fire danger could remain throughout this coming weekend. part. to a historic vote in the u.s. congress now where democrats in the house of representatives have taken a major step in their efforts to impeach president donald voting to proceed formally and publicly with that investigation now the resolution sets out the ground rules that lawmakers will use and paves the way for public hearings on whether trump misused the power of his office. the weather on capitol hill
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couldn't have been more symbolic the vote in the house of representatives means an uncertain future to the trump presidency this 232 yes to 196 nays the democratic controlled house adopted a resolution allowing more transparency in the impeachment inquiry the vote came after a heated debate this is soviet style rules baby in the soviet union you do things like this where only you make the rules there are no kings or queens in america that is what separates this country from so many other nations no one is above the law at the heart of the impeachment inquiry is president trump's july phone call with ukrainian president below the mirrors a lenski a whistle blower accused trump of pressing ukraine to investigate against a political rival democrats see that as an act of abuse of power from now on there
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is no return for the democrats but the way forward is a risky one today's vote some are concerned that impeaching president trump might eventually backfire in next year's election those are some of the hopes of the rich . publican party minority leader kevin mccarthy sees the inquiry as a partisan power battle they face doubt about the credibility of the whistleblower and the motivation of the democrats ask me every single member of congress that now has a transcript of the phone call what is the impeachable offense so i'll make you this one promise. republicans believe in the constitution we believe in the rule of law and that's why we're standing here today. democrat congressman al green is an outspoken supporter of impeaching president trump he stresses the democrats have no other choice when it comes to impeachment and balance the power of the constitution
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protecting you know preserving the republic you have to put principle of politics you have to know. that you do not allow your personal ambitions to become an impediment to protecting the country. the impeachment inquiry will now take place in the open despite the political risks involved in trying to remove president trump from office the democrats clearly feel the time for caution is over . well to talk through this now i'm joined here in the studio by. good morning to you william 1st of all how does this change the impeachment process over going from a private phase a closed door phase to a public phase which probably means that democrats think they have the evidence to go public with this to convince americans to even convince maybe the if other people in congress that there's enough evidence to impeach donald trump so what
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we're going to see now is a lot of the witness test testimony that has been taking place behind closed doors might happen again now in front of t.v. cameras for all of us to see and also the testimonies that have already been done behind closed doors those are going to be printed and be made public for us all to read the full details so far we've only heard little chips and drabs coming out of these closed door meetings now we're going to see the full picture when if there's one thing we know about washington is probably set to be a spectacle but why now it could potentially be risky this is a very partisan environment it's so partisan that the fact that only 2 democrats voted with republicans against continuing the impeachment inquiry and yet. their press conference yesterday saying this was a bipartisan vote as a result of that shows just how partisan this is when all they need is just 2 democrats that have 200 plus to go with them that's not really a bipartisan vote and yet it's seen as bipartisan in this environment let's not forget that pelosi and other top democrats have not wanted to go down the
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impeachment route and it was only after evidence that they saw as overwhelmingly against donald trump for suggesting he's abused his office the power of his office that they finally caved to what many of their colleagues in the democratic party wanted so this they saw as a huge risk going into elections and also there was the idea that well there's an election anyway going coming up americans can decide for themselves if donald trump is fit for office or it's a press conference is the holes of power all of that aside i mean what do the american people actually feel about impeachment proceedings right now already for a few weeks the majority of americans have been ok with an impeachment inquiry slightly less support but still majority support for even impeaching donald trump possibly even removing him from office but the important part is to say the majority of americans the majority of republicans the vast majority of republicans are still standing like they're elected the republican elected representatives with donald trump that something that we're likely not to see change too much unless
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there's some overwhelming evidence that donald trump used his political office use his power for his own personal gain and undermine national security or u.s. foreign policy or so that the american voters that talk then about trump's republican base any chance though that we could see some of the republicans pete away from giving their support to the president which certainly been hearing republicans unhappy with donald trump's behavior. surprised by some of the evidence that's been coming out so far in the closed door testimony but we saw yesterday republicans can whip their their their people together to vote down a party line on the party line. this is. nothing unusual for republicans republicans are very good at towing the line so they'll need 20 democrats and 20 republican senators to change sides if this were to go to the senate to basically convict donald trump of crimes that's not looking likely to happen no i think it's not it's not it's exactly it's a it's a it's quite
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a big number especially in any situation and especially in this hyper partisan environment with the election coming up though even if they can't make impeachment an actual in the actual issue in the senate it could become an election issue where voters will see the evidence and get to decide for themselves is this a put is this a man i want to be leading the country into a 2nd term while reviewing it all for us. to talk to. the german president has been marking the end of a year noma set of ration of german american friendship a cold one together to stylize visit to the united states comes at a difficult time for us german relations with tensions say the trade and defense spending. it was a glorious new england full welcome for the german president yet a tour of a park that commemorates the 18th century american revolutionary war was just one stop in a packed schedule. next president dropped by the former home turned museum of
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the founder of the 5 school copius where he was shown around by the granddaughter of the famous german architect it's the emigrated to the united states and the 1930 minute thing. in boston politics was on the agenda with the president focusing on the positives of germany's relationship with the united states. the environment. with our presence here we want to show that despite the current big disagreements we are still working hard on our long standing relationship that we investing in culture in science and off all in human relationships funding of all in dimension but soon. the good to institute was behind the together initiatives in collaboration with germany's foreign office and the federation of german industries at a time when the political relationship between germany and the us has been fraught
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all 50 us states have hosted a number of different events to celebrate the 2 countries longstanding friendship. the media the media right to concentrate on big politics so that's why sometimes people forget that the foundations on which our relationship stand is solid and far reaching is something we realized across the country to come out. of the combined to top off the day presidents time i address the audience at the boston symphony hall where he stressed the need for germany and the u.s. to remain together now and in the future. at a briefing now some other stories in pakistan the 1st funerals of some of the victims of thursday's train if i have taken place 74 people died after the blaze broke out on a passenger train in east in punjab province many of the victims were members of an
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islamic preaching group. the so-called islamic state has confirmed the death of its leader abu dhabi american special forces assaulted baghdad's hideout in northwestern syria on saturday he had been on the run since 2017 the terror group has named his successor. 2 is in barbara now and they are called the cashing go all the brave ones of a make up the ranks of an all women anti poaching unit now started in 2017 this unique unit takes marginalized women who have faced hardship and turns them into elite ranges its founder says the project is changing attitudes to gender conservation and corruption. this is hell week a brutal physical and mental challenge designed to leave only the based game rangers standing. among the strictly female group is cheered it so much married at a young age she moved with her husband and small child to some africa where she was
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physically abused by her mother in law give it so eventually returned to rule zimbabwe with very few prospects. doing tests have been sending mine for they showed and were going to take care they took my documents. my initial idea myself if it's. just gets back to now i'm here to employ myself to kill to kill off my child and. yet the 22 year old is one of $160.00 women picked from an initial $500.00 to take part in the range of selections ultimately only around 80 will make it into the ranks of the wildlife rangers known as the aka shingo or the brave one started in 2017 the programme aims to turn disadvantaged abused and often young women from local communities into wildlife advocates despite breaking her finger she evades keep going.
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that's why i'm going to claim. i'm going to be killed. in the end of it so made the cut to become an acquisition a ranger the initiative in old in zimbabwe is run by the international anti poaching foundation created in 2009 but strayed in sniper damien miranda a dangerous job after spending time in the special forces and working in private security in iraq he found a new purpose in conservation what we found with this program is the women's ability to naturally deescalate tension and work with the communities they come from we're not having a war with the local community and the government has hasn't had to make a choice between conservation or communities in so many ways women have become the bridge that conservation had to build into these communities in the 16 years before the program was launched 8000 elephants were killed in this area since the ranges arrival 2 years ago elephant poaching has dropped by 80 percent in this time the
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woman made $115.00 a race without a single shot fired. the men's rugby world cup final takes place on saturday with south africa facing england in yokohama in japan now england are on a high after defeating 2 time champions australia and holders new zealand in the last 2 rounds south africa have had an easy route to the final welcome back a key player from injury. it's finally crunch time at the rugby world cup after the tournament spread over 3 months england coach eddie jones will send his side out as clear favorites for the final against south africa we just want to imply the great thing for us is that we've now done the preparation we now we've done the preparation we're ready for this occasion you know we have spent 4 years getting ready for this occasion so that's why the players can be relaxed can be
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relaxed because we now have done the work rugby can be a brutal business 2003 winners england have been forced to do it the hard way this time around and victory in your karma will therefore feel extra special according to one former player. if they were to be trying to recall the father who's in the semifinals and after the father anyone could. probably including new zealand's efforts you know for the last 8 years probably the best world cup of. south africa still have a chance a team forged in the image of the rainbow nation have produced a series of doggie displays in japan. the springboks tilt at a 3rd world cup title has also been given a boost by the return from injury of one of their top stars. always keep in mind that facility will go on the field. but it is seen. as being selfish i
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think as a player. the stage is set for an intriguing final in one of the toughest schools on the planet but only one team can reach that goal. well mark meadows who brought us that report joins me now from sports good to see mark now off the all blacks last weekend i mean england are clearly the favorites going into this game going into the final but what are your expectations for the game ruby has a happy it springs. prizes i mean we saw that last weekend with new zealand the twice defending champions being completely over rose by the way which no one really expected so so that record still have a chance but yes england are the better team i mean they've really grown in this tournament and i think if you look at it on paper every single position apart from maybe the winner as you heard the south african guy england a better man to man so i'm saying you're going to win but i will also say that
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normally ruby world cup finals a very very tense affairs there's not much flowing robey going on there is a lot at stake so it will be probably quite dour but i think in a more just emerges champions why they're i mean what are the qualities of the english side do you think and i mean the qualities of that well straining coaches should say eddie jones yes indeed they've got instead in coaching he's a very level headed gaiety jones he doesn't get too excited when they win you don't get too distraught when they lose but actually was quite bold in the year ahead of this tournament he kind of had his team ready for who he wanted to play in the world cup and then you realise some of his older players were out of form and he very boldly brought in a lot of young players and that was a surprise that was not really what eddie jones normally does but it's worked perfectly and against new zealand the defense was absolutely super the key thing in rugby is to not give away penalties i mean gave away very few against new zealand and didn't give them a chance so if the defense plays that again they'll be fine that said i mean the
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last time both teams met in a world cup final i think it was 12 years ago right south africa won that i mean could that be perhaps for the springboks maybe to have that in the back of their mind yeah i mean every single time so africa have been in a review world cup final they've won it the england have been in 3 finals and lost 2 so yes so that definitely have a have a chance and that will be certainly in their mind but even i think the biggest south african rugby fans will say this team is nowhere near as good as the team that won. and b. england in 2007 and had bryan habana. tearing down the wing the best player in the tournament they haven't really got that class this time but. they still got a chance it's roku what do you think i mean taking the rugby world cup title that could mean for south africa coming slightly as the underdogs perhaps well it is a massive thing for south africa mainly because people remember they won in 2007 but they also won in 1905 relatively recently after the end of apartheid and people
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have seen the film invictus might remember nelson mandela there with the captain francois pienaar holding up the webb ellis trophy and mandela really used that to an inside africa to bring the races together in the rainbow nation he was there in the springbok jersey which up until that point had only been a symbol of white south africa and nelson mandela really showed his kind of conciliatory element of his character with that great performance in in johannesburg and what will make this extra special for south africa if they can somehow do it is they have a 1st male black captain c. of police e now he has come from a very humble background he was actually born a day after the apartheid laws were 1st repealed in south africa in 1901 and he comes from a tentative and he said i would love to lift that world cup trophy to show young black men from the townships that they can achieve anything in the modern south africa even with all the economic and political problems that have been of late so
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as a fairy tale sporting fairy tale neutrals may well want so that's good to win but if you're talking pure rugby into the better side and if they can pull of the southern hemisphere slam as it's being called that's beating australia new zealand and then south africa that is something very very special all right. thank you. well the public spat over the location of take years an impact marathon next year has finally been resolved turkey has reluctantly agreed it to the marathon being moved to the northern city of sapporo instead of the capital international olympic committee made the decision after concerns over tokyo's sweltering summer heat in august 10th used governor want to the decision reversed but has now given in after days of talks. and staying in japan where one of the world's top good in competitions is underway and already it's creating a whole lot of hot air now it is known as the saga balloon if yes they were getting
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a 1st look at some of the competitors in the 2 main events a beauty pageant and a more traditional balloon race the fiesta takes place every or to meet kyoto is asia's largest and behind its most colorful as well. and they reminded out of the top stories we are following for you joe johns lang going to muckle arise in india to talk trade and security already big business partners both sides the potential to be restrained in the fall out from trump tower with china. and us to make use of a proofing peach clinton party to president trump the resolution passed by a comfortable majority in a democratic controlled house it sets out the ground rules for the inquiry into place of public and. now coming up next tuesday w. science magazine tomorrow today don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website at his d.w.
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dot com i'm humphrey everybody impacts your company and see farsi.
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good to. be. in constant. holiday adapting to the climate crisis. scientists are looking into the intelligence of plants to see what they can learn. plants and that amazing abilities.
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to borrow today next on g.w. . you know aziz every goal is an act of liberation succor means and columnist. many people in afghanistan think it's wrong for women to do sports don't try to stuff a. lot must be that continues to come to girls team players not deter the team by the 1st since the 5 minutes on d w. oh boy or. slave. listen carefully. don't know if they're simply being true to the good. old
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fashioned. discover the old. place. subscribe to documentary on you tube. debate about the. welcome to tomorrow today the science program on d w. they stand silent and still only staring occasionally in the breeze. as they see it's on their fruits all use their lives and roots woman to smell purposes. the plants are not just
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