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it was 77 percent. this weekend on. the at. the end. this is the dead really is coming to you live from berlin and german chancellor angela merkel talks trade insecurity in india most sides agree to increase industrial cooperation and some kind of wide ranging agreements to deepen strategic cooperation we get the latest from delhi. also coming up forced to seek sanctuary in the church after police crackdown reassured about the plight of refugees trying
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to escape xenophobic attacks in south africa. and the onc and they are on the front line and all need zimbabwe is anti poaching unit. laos was the toughest on the planet or presence for its was cup final england's rugby players are the favorites against south africa but the springboks have a new captain they hope will make history on saturday. putting a warm welcome to you. chile's has been holding trade talks with the indian prime this is not in their war the in delhi and germany's india's largest trading partner in europe so the 2 leaders signed one. why dream to agreements to deepen
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strategic cooperation in agriculture cyber security and artificial intelligence more they said the 2 countries would also bows to ties to combat terrorism and extremism. heavy small hung over the indian capital delhi as prime minister narendra modi welcomed german chancellor angela merkel and members of her cabinet merkel made it clear from the start that she sees india as an important partner. we will talk about every aspect of our intergovernmental approach we must sign memorandums and in so doing it will become clear that there is a very deep and very broad cooperation between india and germany. but india faces major difficulties the flow of traffic frequently comes to a halt in the mega-cities pollution is a huge issue and now the economy is slowing down india is looking to germany for help finding solutions. india has huge potential we have
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a young population we have a lot of very very smart people have the potential to become a very dynamic and amazing economy at the moment we are facing a lot of difficulties and i think those are being compounded by economic mismanagement a meeting between the chancellor and young entrepreneurs the german government sees opportunities to further develop economic ties by strengthening india's medium sized companies. deja news chief political and it to me is reporting on macas visit to india i asked if the subject of india's increasingly nastiness policies or the situation in kashmir had been released during talks with modi. but there was no word of criticism from the german chancellor as he was in the room and press they've been there and remotely at the same time today there's a new paper interview with them former part of the government consultations
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cabinet consultations between india and germany and he basically restated pretty much what a european concert it's an internal matter but also appealing to all by not to. the flames of the situation but to also make sure that people's individual by god is. rather modest chris about the level with yet another statement from the german chance but come so far more seafood so far clearly the 2 countries are very keen to deepen and strengthen their relations to what extent is this a fall out from the us china korea dispute. well 1st of all if there's no interest or germany is the key for the whole of europe to be any such trade will take place because if there's one thing that germany and the kids afraid of is being caught in the middle if there was to be a full blown trade both between china and united states it's quite clear that it is
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seen as a potential alternative is a country that includes many experts is under performing on the east its own potential and this is something that modi now voiced by his atheist reelection victory wants to tackle to create and do it again he says make in india is the slogan and germany wants to have had to be at the core of the defect can pushing for a trade agreement between india and the european union for now the reluctance to hear new delhi. we should have proof is coming a german chancellor angela merkel visits to india and to all systems and letting them already thank you very much for this update from delhi. let me now bring you up to date but some of the stories making news around the world the so-called islamic state has confirmed the death of its leader. baghdad the american special forces attacked baghdad these hideouts in north western syria on saturday he's been
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on the run since 2017 the terrorist group has named him. as but daddy's success. in pakistan the 1st of some of the victims of this train fire have taken place 74 people died after the blaze broke out on a passenger train in the province and many of the victims are members of an islamic teaching crew. turkey and russia have launched a joint. syria they're part of a deal struck by the allies to end turkey's offensive against kurdish militia on the border. the step cements the power shift in syria a month after president daryn tromping through u.s. forces from that. to a vote in the u.s. congress where democrats in the house of representatives have taken a major step in the efforts to impeach president donald trump voting to proceed
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formally and publicly with the investigation that resolution sets out the ground rules lawmakers will use and paves the way for public hearings on whether trump misused the power of his office. the weather on capitol hill couldn't have been more symbolic the vote in the house of representatives means an uncertain future to the presidency with 232 yes to 196 nays the democratic controlled house adopted a resolution allowing more transparency in the impeachment inquiry the vote came after a heated debate this is soviet style. baby in the soviet union you do things like this where. only you make the rules there are no kings or queens in america that is what separates this country from so many other nations no one is above the law at the heart of the impeachment inquiry is president trump's july
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phone call with ukrainian president billowed emir zelinsky a whistleblower accuse trump of pressing ukraine to investigate against a political rival democrats see that as an act of abuse of power from now on there is no return for the democrats but the way forward is a risky one today's vote some are concerned that impeaching president trump might eventually backfire in excuse election those are some of the hopes of the republican party and minority leader kevin mccarthy sees the inquiry as a partisan power battle they face doubt about the credibility of the whistleblower and the motivation of the democrats ask me every single member of congress that now has a transcript of the phone call what is the impeachable offense so i'll make you this one promise. republicans believe in the constitution we believe in the rule of law
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and that's why we're standing here today. democrat congressman al green as an outspoken supporter of impeaching president trump he stresses the democrats have no other choice when it comes to impeachment and balance the power of the constitution protecting your preserving the republic you have to put principle politics you have to make sure that you do not allow your personal ambitions to become an impediment to protecting the country. the impeachment inquiry will now take place in the open despite the political risks involved in trying to remove president trump from office the democrats clearly feel the time for caution is over. that of both body doubt because all of us salat to south africa where more than $300.00 refugees and migrants have sought shelter in a church after police evicted them from an encampment outside the un's refugee
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office in cape town about a 100 people were arrested for a one on wednesday for resisting police orders to leave the site the refugees are mostly from african countries and are demanding that they be relocated by the un this is a recent wave of xenophobic violence so south africa is no longer safe for them. some of the refugees to produce crease in the church in cape town but here in the church where about 300 people are seeking shelter refugees you can see it is completely overcrowded so many people have the space it is not smelling very well of course of the stress level is very high the tensions are very high and people have experienced very terrible things on wednesday when there was a crackdown on their protests and the police was expecting them to just talk to sylvie one mother who was a witness of what happened and she actually got injured herself. i'm sorry i feel that. they had to it's. because whether everything is today
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is the 5th in a 4 because in south africa because that was done by the government. because that is the new money that i saw with my sister if a policeman can support it to mark the cards there is no future for much of that in this country i want to go and you want to go anywhere as long as we are out of this country a place that we're going to be safe where we're going to feel that we've been as a human being not like cockroaches or not like cheek because we're not going to be slaughtered every day you can see there's a really fine thank you there's no better place than home and then is because i was forced to leave my country i did not choose to come to suffer i did not wake up one day and say let me thank you before only that south africa i was forced to leave my country and then go to the u n c and this country knows not. but if there was a peace i did that but you could there's no peace that's why i told them to look
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for a place where i can hear. outside the church as you can see a lot of people are gathering as well there is some south africans who are coming here to give food help to bring diapers for the children who are trying to help because they also embarrassed of what has happened one of the attacks in the past but also of the police brutality that everybody has witnessed yesterday and most people here don't really know what is going to happen next it is very unlikely that there were demands will be met because most of them want to be relocated to a certain country they don't want to go back to their home country because they say it is not safe but we have to recall that there's 270000 refugees in south africa that's the official number it is likely that even more and if this little group of people will be relocated to a 3rd country does likely that other people will be interested and also get. location offer of the right office of the church there's a market for cheerios and most of the traders here are foreigners as well from
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african countries and many of them they don't agree that south africa is not a safe place before interest in my business but just to stop people here because the customers need to come. now there's. this morning that it is. because of those things it's not my business but. even yesterday we didn't make any and today we didn't make anything of the protesters here are saying that they will be staying in this church as long as the church allows it and afterwards they will move to the streets to remain here and the solution is found. you're watching the news coming up ahead we find out why sassed is rugby world cup final could be a historic moment for this man and his country south africa. but 1st to his offensive against kurdish militia in northern syria has created
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countries like germany what should they do about the citizens who joined the support islamic state and are now being held in kurdish run prisons authorities say many of those eyes fighters are dangerous and would pose a threat if they came home but leaving them in syria is also risky as we hear in our next report. more and more mass graves of people killed by islamic state are being found in syria thousands of soldiers and civilians were murdered while i asked controlled territory that often for allegedly breaking islamic law many i asked fighters and their families have been held in detention camps run by syrian kurdish forces day in the united states have been calling on germany to take back a german i has detainees. americans under syrian kurds have removed. desiderius threat to our domestic security if they ask germany to take it back 25
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years and a few women we shouldn't dismiss very quest that is exactly what the german government is doing. foreign minister heiko mass says readmitting german i asked members would represent a danger to germany if there's not enough evidence to charge them with any crimes. of informants or we need information about the relevant individuals in order to launch an investigation of criminal proceedings or keep them in detention it's a difficult process for experts argue that u.s. and german investigators have already gathered plenty of evidence in syria by questioning witnesses and suspects to informants who wonder if there should be enough information but perhaps the government is frightened that any resulting prison sentences would be so brief that those individuals would soon be free again . the turkish offensive in syria has raised the pressure on germany to take back
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a german i asked members suspected of crimes. a number of them have reportedly escaped from detention camps in recent weeks. it is an enormous security risk. and people escape and come back to germany at will but the danger is much greater if an orderly repatriation is organized and just as with the knowledge of the security services. that it's especially german women detainees who've renounced their allegiance to islamic state who are hoping for a back kind of repatriation they faced abuse and threats from other detainees still loyal to i asked among them is they not gear came from berlin as schrecklich plus the eases it's terrible what crimes i ask has committed in the name of islam and that all i want is to be allowed to come home to my beloved germany it's.
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whether or not zainab here again has committed any crimes she so far not been allowed to return home. but for her and her 2 year old son that's all she hopes for . in the other news we turn to 11 and the banks have the movie opened for the 1st time in 2 weeks following a wave of protests that forced the government to resign small lines of formed outside some banks but they are no reports of panic there was concern depositors would rush to rejoice this. clashes broke out in hong kong on thursday night after police fired tear gas at pro-democracy protesters many of the demonstrators use halloween to defy a ban on face masks the asian financial hub is facing another mass protest on saturday. and not to zimbabwe they are called the or the brave ones and they make up the ranks of an all women anti poaching unit
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the group was set up in 2000. 17 addicts in marginalized women who freeze hardship and abuse and tells them into elite ranges the founder says a project is changing attitudes towards gender conservation and corruption. this is hell week a brutal physical and mental challenge designed to leave only the best game rangers standing. among the strictly female group is chief of it so material married at a young age she moved with her husband and small child to serve africa where she was physically abused by her mother in law she of it so eventually returned to rule zimbabwe with very few prospects last 20 years in south africa and now she joins has been sending money for the child and we're going to take care they took my documents. my initial idea and message if it's made it so difficult battle now i'm here to empower myself to kill to kill off my child. the
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22 year old is one of $160.00 women picked from an initial $500.00 to take part in the ranger selections ultimately only around 80 will make it into the ranks of the wildlife rangers known as the aka shingo or the brave one started in 2017 the programme aims to turn disadvantaged abused and off and young women from local communities into wildlife advocates despite breaking her finger she evades keep going. that's why i'm going to claim. i'm going to be x. king. 'd in the end of it so made the cut to become an actor singer ranger the initiative inordinate zimbabwe is run by the international anti poaching foundation created in 2009 but straight back doing in mandurah dangerous job after spending time in the special forces and working in private security rock he
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found a new purpose in conservation what we found with this program is the women's ability to naturally deescalate tension and work with the communities they come from we're not having a war with the local community and the government has hasn't had to make a choice between conservation or communities in so many ways women have become the bridge that conservation had to build into these communities in the 16 years before the program was launched 8000 elephants were killed in this area since the ranges arrival 2 years ago elephant poaching has dropped by 80 percent in this time the women made $115.00 a race without a single shot fired. to sport and to rugby the world cup finals takes place on saturday with south africa facing angry then yokohama japan england on a high after defeating 2 time champions astray as well as holders new zealand in the
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last 2 rounds south africa on the other hand have had an easier route to the final but they are want to welcome back a keep clear from injury. it's finally crunch time at the rugby world cup after the tournament spread over 3 months england coach eddie jones will send his side out just clear favorites for the final against south africa we just want to imply the great thing for us is that we've now done the preparation we know we've done the preparation we're ready for this occasion you know we have spent 4 years getting ready for this occasion so that's why the players can be relaxed can be relaxed because we now have done the work rugby can be a brutal business 2003 winners in the end have been forced to do it the hard way this time around and victory in your karma will therefore feel extra special according to one former player. trainee with a call to follow these even the 74 from the father anyone could. probably
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including using it for the last 8 years probably the best world cup achievement i've already got but south africa still have a chance a team forged in the image of the rainbow nation have produced a series of dog displays in japan. the springboks tilt at a 3rd world cup title has also been given a boost by the return from injury of one of their top stars. always keep in mind that they will go on the field. pursuing better just being selfish i think as a player. the stage is set for an intriguing final in one of the trophy schools on the planet but only one team can reach their goal. and that report by mark mad is from did obvious 49 joins me in the studio welcome ox and mighty or blacks
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from new zealand the defending champions have to be defeated brits in this final tomorrow maybe as easy as we think given the. last weekend they know another surprise could happen this weekend is ruby after roll so they won't be taking anything for granted but yes england have been the team in form they have better players in south africa they should win the game but normally ruby world cup finals a very tight affairs might come down to want to keep here all day so they know they've still got a lot of work ahead of them and what a year would be english sport in the players managed to win because of course the cricket has won the cricket will cope a few months ago so when the rupee woke up in the cricket world cup in one year amidst all these brick bricks the chaos is pretty impressive from being the sportsman but will the good do it. is there any hope then for south africa given that england is in such good form but we have to remember that south africa did beat england for the world cup title back in 2007 indeed they did and the stats
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a kind of into that because favor because every time they've been in a world cup final they've won it well in the last 2 of the free world cup finals they've been in so that gives south africa a bit of hope but yet i think even the most ardent south african rugby fan knows that this team is nowhere near as good as the 2007 version of bryan habana tearing down the wing the best player in the tournament they've got to keep it tight if south african can be a few points with an england coming to the end of the game maybe they can just nick it at the very end as they did against wales in the semifinal that south africa's best hope to try and win this trophy so south africa. as underdogs what it means for the nation if they want to win this title it would be massive for south africa i mean i think it's fair to say that ruby is the one sport in south africa that has brought the races together football is generally a sport for the blacks and cricket generally for the whites but ruby is different partly because of what nelson mandela did in 1905 when so that when the 1st world
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cup in south africa there was a white captain then francois pienaar is a great photographs of him and mandela mandela waving the springboks jersey jews. been the symbol of white south africa up until that point and north lies of course in the film if you invictus well now south africa have their 1st male black captain so if he gets to lift the trophy tomorrow that will mean a massive thing for south africa is this is a guy see if the lucy has come from the time ships from a very humble background he was actually born a day before the apartheid laws were repealed in south africa in 1901 so according credible story from a fairy tale perspective maybe they could make a sequel just then but actually if we're talking pure rugby and england are probably going to win but so many people in south africa are excited about this game the national broadcaster is going to show it to where the 1st game of the tournament is free to air so the whole can watch it and hope maybe against hope that they can do it you certainly got me very excited watch that final if i can.
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split thank you so much. and the phonics part of the location of turkey has a limp next year has finally been took who has reluctantly agrees to the marathon being moved to the northern city of. instead off to head in the capital and the international olympic committee made the decision after concerns of a took a sweltering summer heat and all biggest. wanted the decision reversed but has now given in after days of talks. here's a recap of the top stories that they're following for you. jim macklin india's prime minister noting that or more have signed a wide reaching agreement to deepen strategic cooperation in agriculture cyber security an artificial intelligence the said the 2 countries would also bows to efforts to combat terrorism and extremism. and u.s.
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lawmakers have approved the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump the resolution passed by a comfortable majority in the democratic controlled house it sets out the ground rules for the inquiry and takes its topic. coming up next and in good shape on the 4th of sleep just for that if you can see the half an hour with more news and information look forward to that the bat.
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out. that's all that ok bob i might. join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word published in the group. is in germany to learn german why not play with simple online on your mobile and free shop for d w z e learning course nikos free german made easy. welcome to in good shape. the american comedian w.c. fields said more than 100 years ago the best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep well that of course was a joke the best cure for insomnia is for this show.
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that's just because as always i have great experts by my side.


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