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i am. coming to you live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel top screened in security in india both sides agreed to boost industrial cooperation and sign a wide ranging agreement to deepen strategic concerns we get the latest from delhi also coming up. turkey and russia have joined launching joint patrols in north east in syria the operation as part of a deal struck by moscow and uncorrupt to force kurdish fighters out of the turkish border. and speaking out for cyber freedom in russia
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a new york allows the authorities to switch off the internet critics fear the kremlin could use the measure to silenced its critics. plus all the toughest sports on the planet appropriate choice was cup final england's rugby players are the favorites against south africa but the springboks had made a habit of grinding out and win it just back. home a very warm welcome to you on the touch germany's chancellor angela merkel has been holding create talks with the indian prime minister not in that of the delhi germany's india's largest trading partner in europe the 2 leaders have signed wide ranging agreements to deepen their strategic cooperation prime minister letting them or the also said they would work to calm. but terrorism and extremism.
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heavy small hung over the indian capital delhi as prime minister narendra modi welcome german chancellor angela merkel and members of her cabinet. merkel made it clear from the start that she sees india as an important partner. we will talk about every aspect of our intergovernmental approach we will sign memorandums and in so doing it will become clear that there is a very deep and very broad operation between india and germany that's not good but india faces major difficulties the flow of traffic frequently comes to a halt in the mega-cities pollution is a huge issue and now the economy is slowing down india is looking to germany for help finding solutions. india has huge potential we have a young population we have a lot of very very smart people have the potential to become a very dynamic and amazing economy at the moment we are facing
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a lot of difficulties and i think those are being compounded by economic mismanagement a meeting between the chancellor and young entrepreneurs the german government sees opportunities to further develop economic ties by strengthening india's medium sized companies. political editor is reporting for us on chancellor merkel's visit she sent us this assessment of the visit so far. german chancellor angela merkel arrived in new delhi meeting a prime minister beaming with confidence narendra modi was just reelected into a 2nd time in office with a resoundingly lection victory for his speech a tea party he wants to create a new india and germany clearly wants to be part of that but there's tension in kashmir also concerns that the climate also in civil society might be changing these are issues germany sees as worthy of criticism but nothing that will stop
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germany or europe from seeking closer cooperation with a country of 1300000000 inhabitants at the same time the largest democracy in the world so the hope is that india can one day become an economic but also a political counterweight to the present china. the. chief political editor reporting from delhi let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the wind in pakistan the 1st few hundreds of some of the victims of this train fire have taken place 74 people died after the blaze broke out on a passenger train in eastern punjab province many of the victims were residents of a single town. iraq's top clerics used friday prayers to warn international powers against interfering in the country's politics as protests against the government and the 2nd month the protests have been to one have seen 250 people killed by
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security forces and thousands. the so-called islamic state has confirmed the death of its leader. the american special forces attacked by deedes hideout in northwestern syria on saturday and he'd been on the run since 2017 the terrorist group has named baghdad his successor his. turkey and russia have launched joint patrols in north east in syria the operation is sponsor of a deal struck by the countries to force kurdish fighters out of the territory turkey's border patrols will begin or within a 10 kilometer zone along the border. marks a power shift in syria a month after president governor trumbull drew the u.s. forces from the area. for more and i'm joined by our correspondent in
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istanbul you know what are these patrols all about. well the deal struck there between and to moscow last week provided for the withdrawal of syrian kurdish fighters some 30 kilometers from the turkish border considers these fights as terrorists with the links to the local p.k. k. insurgency so the withdrawal was the take government's condition for pausing it said deadly offensive there in north in syria now russia said some 34000 fighters have indeed left the area but turkey wants to use these joint patrols to confirm this and present edwin has repeatedly threatened in the past days to restart this military operation if necessary. and you have syrian president bashar assad has been talking about russian cooperation let's 1st take a listen to what he said on syrian state t.v.
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. is a positive step it does not achieve everything in the sense that it will not pressure the turks to leave immediately however it limits the damage and paves the way for the liberation of this region in the future. future. so you assad is sounding very upbeat there what do you make of his government's. well yes it appears as feels like he's the big winner after everything we saw happening there in north and syria since the early october since u.s. president trump and now the withdrawal of american troops from the area as we know off to turkey sausage its military operation the ca's have turned to the syrian regime and its most powerful ally russia for help against the turkish attacks and this in thailand allowed. to swiftly deploy forces and reclaim territory there in
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north and syria where he didn't have a foothold in many years now the cats in the area are still somehow hoping for a political solution for some kind of self rule deal with the syrian regime but yesterday in his speech. said that he aims to restore state authority over the kurdish controlled areas so for him overall this is a huge step towards winning the syrian war there and that's why expectations are very low that the syrian regime will make any concessions concessions for example in geneva where currently we have talks going on about a new syrian constitution brokered by the united nations. the u.n. secretary general good to issue a message to accuse president that's of dawn today what did they talk about. well nothing has emerged yet publicly from the meeting but we know that president
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ad on wanted to talk with the terrorist about his plans for establishing what he calls as a safe zone there in north and syria this is one of the main objectives of turkey's military operation add on ones to resettle many of the 4600000 syrian refugees currently living here in turkey to this area he wants to build houses schools police stations hospitals so whole cities basically and this is of course a very costly project state media here in turkey have reported an estimated $26000000000.00 u.s. dollars at least this woods would cost so everyone was going to ask a terrorist for setting up an international donors conference because he can't pay for it alone the big question is what the u.n. really get on board because that these so-called safe zone plans have received a lot of criticism internationally outside of turkey some say this is turkey trying
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to occupy parts of north and syria off syria or trying to change the demographics of this area and then of course the big question is what do syrian refugees themselves say what they will in terri voluntarily return to this area. in the turkish city off istanbul thank you very much for that. and many observers fear the president's plan to resettle nearly 2000000 people is a human catastrophe in the making we have this report from the turkish tang of. it's home to many syrian refugees who've already been caught in the crossfire and are fearful about the future. shortly after turkey made its incursion into northern syria 3 weeks ago kurds from the y p g militia in the region hit back returning fire at turkey the upholstery store where her little and his brother work was hit both men a syrian refugees living in the border town of act. we've
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lived here in peace but then they started firing rockets at us everyone ran for cover we wanted to carry away the wounded but then i was also hit by a shell. to be. says the kurdish militia wanted to take revenge on 2 and instead hit refugees he has a piece of shrapnel in his abdomen and another in his cheek he and his family fled to turkey from syria's civil war 5 years ago he's still worried about the power of the syrian regime. i took off from the syrian army my problem is president assad because i deserted if i return i will be publicly executed because i am a desert or. a hand that not only are i asked terrorists so are assad's soldiers we don't want the assad regime there even stronger than i asked. and now the turkish president wants the refugees to go back to the syrian side in the buffer zone where assad's troops have moved in the brothers don't want to return but fear
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they have no choice this is what else can we do there's nothing we can do against them if they decide that we should go back last you know let you know that. today more than half of the inhabitants of ak jacqueline are syrian refugees many like this man pfizer have lived in turkey for years he was injured in the fighting and is now taking combat leave phaseout is a syrian fighter who was sent in by ticky to battle the kurdish y.p. gene his unit is supposed to have massacred many of them feisal says he's really fighting for his homeland for him living together with kurds is unthinkable. here before i joined the free syrian army the kurds entered our village and expelled us from our homes store land and forced us to flee. no i cannot return to our village as long as the white paint genie is there. the
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kurds have reason to be concerned about 5 free syrian army just as pfizer has reason to fear the kurds of the y p g still others are worried about assad's troops it's a complicated situation involving multiple sites where no one is innocent and where there are no simple solutions. russia's introduced in the usual way that gives the government the power to disconnect the country from the global internet the kremlin says is doing this to protect itself from cyber attacks but critics have slammed the law as a step towards moral censorship did on these reported or the us is here to tell us will welcome will nice to see you 1st tell us what this new law is all about so this new is known as the sovereign internet law and in essence it's part of a bigger plan in russia to create its own internet that can operate separately from the rest of the internet now russia is saying that they're introducing this law to protect itself from foreign cyber attacks but critics disagree with that now there
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are 2 parts to this law 1st of all russia is aiming to round out all of its web traffic through state controlled service that would give them the ability to basically switch off the entire internet should they wish to do so the 2nd part is that they are forcing internet service providers to install equipment on then networks that will make it easier for the state to monitor the traffic basically they could it's a tool that would make it easier for you to block individual sites for example so of course critics are outraged by these moves what does this say well the organization reporters without borders they've come out and condemned it they called it a dangerous step towards comprehensive control and monitoring of digital communications you also have a tweet from the europe and asia director director of human rights watch tanya look she now she says russia $77.00 internet law allows for colossal extrajudicial
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blocking of speech and information without transparency proper judicial authorization or meaningful oversight now russian internet users have also over the last year come out and protested against this law this last time and not when the rovers when the bill signed into law. and what all of these critics agree on is that this law will make surveillance and censoring much easier in russia nosh can expect to see changes anytime soon with the system the one system that aims to round all internet traffic through state control points that is being set into effect from general 2021 so that's still a year and a bits away but once that is in effect we can see things like if there is a protest they could for example shut down the internet in one area to make jews purchase the cons communicate with each other. this other system. the tools that
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the internet service providers will install that will help monitor the system that has run into some technical hurdles there are media reports that a recent test didn't go well but that is likely just a. matter of time until that is of money right when on talk of thank you very much for that information. to other news in lebanon banks have reopened for the 1st time in 2 weeks following a wave of protests that forced the government to resign most banks are operating normally but protests are still in the headquarters of one bank chanting anti capitalist slogans. now a course in barcelona has found 5 men accused of a gang rape of a 14 year old girl not guilty of sexual assault equivalent to rape and it spanish the court convicted the men and set off a lesser charge of sexual abuse on the grounds that the victim was under the
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influence of drugs and alcohol. the risk posed by california's fires is decreasing as high winds across most of the state over 200000 residents have been allowed to return home but forecasters caution that no rain is expected and an elevated fire danger could remain throughout the weekend. we stay in the u.s. and to a vote in the u.s. congress the democrats in the house of representatives have taken a major step in the efforts to impeach president voting to proceed formally and publicly with the investigation the resolution sets out the ground rules lawmakers will use and paves the way for public hearings on what the tramp abuse the power of his office. of a sign it sent this report. the weather on capitol hill couldn't have been more symbolic the vote in the house of representatives means an uncertain future
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presidency with 232 yes to 196 nays the democratic controlled house adopted a resolution allowing more transparency in the impeachment inquiry the vote came after a heated debate this is soviet style. baby in the soviet union you do things like this where only you make the. rules there are no kings or queens in america that is what separates this country from so many other nations no one is above the law at the heart of the impeachment inquiry is president trump's july phone call with ukrainian president billowed emir zelinsky a whistleblower accuse trump of pressing ukraine to investigate against a political rival democrats see that as an act of abuse of power from now on there is no return for the democrats but the way forward is a risky one today's vote some are concerned that impeaching president trump might
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eventually backfire in exterior lection those are some of the hopes of the republican party minority leader kevin mccarthy sees the inquiry as a partisan power battle they face doubt about the credibility of the whistleblower and the motivation of the democrats ask the every single member of congress that now has a transcript of a phone call what is the impeachable offense so i'll make you this one promise. republicans believe in the constitution we believe in the rule of law and that's why we're standing here today. democrat congressman l. dream is an outspoken supporter of impeaching president trump he stresses the democrats have no other choice when it comes to impeachment and balance of power of the constitution protecting your preserving the republic you have to put principle politics you have to do that you do not allow your personal ambitions
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to become an impediment to protecting the country. the impeachment inquiry will now take place in the open despite the political risks involved in trying to remove president trump from office the democrats clearly feel the time for caution is over. news from the world of sports and the public spat over the location of took as a limp ignite the next year has finally been dissolved till q. has reluctantly agreed to the marathon being moved to the northern city of support instead of the capital the international olympic committee made the decision after concerns of a took sweltering summer heat in august tokyo's governor wanted the decision reversed but has now given in after days of talks. we stand japan but few move to rugby the men's world cup final takes place on saturday with
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south africa facing england in yokohama england are on a high after defeating 2 time champions australia and new zealand in the last 2 rounds south africa have had an easier routes the final and welcome back a key player from injury. it's finally crunch time at the rugby world cup after the tournament spread over 3 months england coach eddie jones will send his side out as clear favorites. for the final against south africa we just want to imply the great thing for us is that we've done the preparation we now have done the preparation we're ready for this occasion you know we have spent 4 years getting ready for this occasion that's why the players can be relaxed can be relaxed because we now have done the work rugby can be a brutal business 2003 winners england have been forced to do it the hard way this time around and victory in your karma will therefore feel extra special according
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to one former player. trainee with a call to follow use it in the summer for those who after the fall of the code. were probably including new zealand's efforts for the last 8 years probably the best. but south africa still have a chance a team forged in the image of the rainbow nation have produced a series of doggie displays in japan. the springboks tilt at a 3rd world cup title has also been given a post by the return from injury of one of their top stars. always keep my. neighbor girl on the field. that's just being selfish and i think as a player. the stage is set for an intriguing final in one of the toughest schools on the planets but only one team can reach that goal. and that report by
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mark mad is from joins me in the studio welcome ox and mighty all blacks from new zealand the defending champions have to be defeated brits in this final tomorrow maybe as easy as we think we'll give them a surprise last weekend they know another surprise could happen this weekend this robi after role so they won't be taking anything for granted but yes england have been the team in form they have better players in south africa. they should win the game but normally ruby world cup finals a very tight affairs might come down to want to keep here all day so they know they've still got a lot of work ahead of them and what a year would be english sport in the players managed to win because of course the cricket has won the cricket will go a few months ago so when the rupee woke up in the cricket world cup in one year amidst all these brick bricks the chaos is pretty impressive from being the sportsman but will they go to do it for us let me hold them for south africa given
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that england is in such good form that we have to remember that south africa did beat england for the world cup title back in 2007 indeed they did and the stats a kind of into that because favor because every time they've been in a world cup final they've won it well in the last 2 the 3 world cup finals they've been in so that gives south africa a bit of hope but yet i think even the most ardent south african rugby fan knows that this team is nowhere near as good as the 2007 version of bryan habana tearing down the wing the best player in the tournament they've got to keep it tight south african can be a few points with an england coming to the end of the game maybe they can just nick it at the very end as they did against wales in the semifinal that south africa's best hope to try and win this trophy so south africa going day as underdogs what it means for the nation if they were to win this what it would be massive for south africa i mean i think it's fair to say that ruby is the one sport in south africa that has brought the races together football is generally
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a sport for the blacks and cricket generally for the whites but ruby is different partly because of what nelson mandela did in 1905 when so that figure when the 1st world cup in south africa there was a white captain then francois pienaar there's a great photographs of him and mandela mandela waving the springboks jersey jersey been the symbol of white south africa up until that point and not lies of course in the film invictus well now south africa have their 1st male black captain so he gets to lift. the trophy tomorrow that will mean a massive thing for south africa because this is a guy see if the lucy who's come from the time ships from a very humble background he was actually born a day before the apartheid laws were repealed in south africa in 1901 so according credible story from a fairy tale perspective maybe they could make a sequel to invictus then but actually if we're talking pure ruby then the probably going to win but so many people in south africa are excited about this game the national broadcaster is going to show it to where the 1st game of the tournament is
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free to air so the whole can watch it and hope maybe against hope that they can do it you certainly got me very excited watch the final if i can. thank you so much. it certainly should be a very exciting match you're watching indeed of the news here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel and indian prime listening that are more the have been holding talks in delhi to discuss and trade and security and have signed several deals on a range of issues. to give russia have drawn joint patrols the north east and syria the operation as part of the deal struck by moscow and unka to force kurdish fighters out of the turkish border still. coming up next on news asia malaria dengue and even polio but more affect more than a 1000000000 people at risk across southeast asia health minister does the what his
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country is doing to protect the public. and does religion have the answer to earth's climate crisis we take a closer look at. islam. all that and more coming up on news from me on the thought she really is bye for now it was a pleasure to be with you. igo
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indiana. roads factories cities their numbers are increasing while the forests are decreasing how can they be protected how can reforestation be done right. for the climate for wildlife for humans the
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forest is a dire importance. in 60 minutes d.w. . 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall nov 9th w. luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production. but who is monitoring the some contractors. and investigative
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documentary goes to italy and china and looks behind the glamorous facade of fashion house a. luxury behind her starts no. oh b.t.w. . this is news coming up that you and would like a rat is created in southeast asia by 2030 but is that more aspirational than actual. and the growing climate consciousness in many muslim countries is leading to what some call eco islam. plus the super seen years after patch.


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