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brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production. is monitoring the subcontractors. and investigative documentary goes to italy and sure enough and looks behind the glamorous facades of. the curious. stores november 5th t.w. . this is d w news asia coming up that you and would like malaria eradicated in southeast asia by 2030 but is that more aspirational than actual. and the growing climate consciousness in many muslim countries is leading to what some call eco islam. plus the super seen years of japan never give up what you love doing revisit this $10000.00 strong.
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i'm melissa chan you're watching news asia thank you for joining us we take a look at southeast asia and its fight against diseases such as malaria and dengue fever along with its efforts to be polio free consider the mosquito it's probably the deadliest animal for humans not the tiger or shark 1600000000 people in the region are at risk and the w.h.o. says there were 1240000 cases of malaria in 2017 the latest figures but new drug resistant versions have emerged in cambodia laos thailand and vietnam southeast asia has also been hit with a dengue fever outbreak this year the cilla penes saw the biggest spike 300. grid
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and 60000 cases but neighboring countries have felt the impact now the region has largely been polio free the last 5 years but not anymore for the 1st time in 1000 years the philippines confirmed a case and none more had bad news as well for more you had the chance to speak to me on mars health minister mitt twee he was in berlin this week for the world health summit and i started out by asking him about the work to eradicate polio in his country and very recently in may 22nd repeated. you for practical purposes for your child in one of the. states which is correct you know when you meet action and people are free countries who. are from my country you know and we immediately take it because our service in system is very good. immediately report to us and we examine this and it is. fiction derived live virus
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type one and to further confirm it was sent to bomb the and the identify there is said nuclear attack changes and if the pattern changes and this virus exactly came out from the vaccine the vaccine that we use i live attenuated at any point in time they become active you know but even if they become a deer in the coverage is high we do not need to worry about you but in that particular area where the childhood bore you that is less than 40 percent of the children will be infected which knitted why because the people living there he do not know the value of fixing the protective value of a scene that is why although we have you know people over there the are not dummies and the most i think. you can not good this is someone like you in security area i have stuff to not go inside so i want to talk a little bit more about this the fact that military conflicts complicate your
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ability to provide public health for people in the country. that is issued not necessary for my country but any countries all of the world if there is undress stuff going to go there you know and all the help a given piece will be done and all the money that it invested will be down the drain for if we have a very peaceful nation has to be dramatically improved expression while believed in living in remote under sop hard to reach the other people who are suffering and on top of that. the headed for sea level of the population living in it is very low they do not even know the the benefits of vaccination you know eating salt and lead do you know hypertension and did not know for that is why i want to say one thing you know i didn't we had to say we are going to be 29000 separate food 8 inch tablet for you all the p.c.
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has had his book a midwife public assist in one public assistant to helices and did he have visitors in these debates for older and guidelines issued by the ministry of insight your mention of the tablets is very interesting and i really want to pick up on that because essentially you're talking about preventive health now myanmar doesn't have a universal health care system a people have to pay out of pocket and essentially there isn't much support what are you doing what is your ministry doing to try to improve public health and also try to get people to be better with preventive health generally speaking our public health care system is very good we have a very good infrastructure very good that is what i would like to see very strongly you know. i'm quite satisfied with the way we have different strategies ducat different diseases we have a different program manager of 43 programs dealing with all the health issues and
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occurring in my country your country has actually been quite a standout in terms of its ability to combat malaria what lessons do you think you have to offer to other countries in the region. malaria we are doing very well we are on the road map road to elimination very soon because we have many we had train malaria work with us and we will very closely with the private general practitioners once they have malaria the refer the case and we keep straight retreatment almost that number of dead trust ikey reduced to a few people only you know very much browed of the expression malaria hiv program going on very well but you know as you know there are still room for improvement in any program no we are doing all out to input to improve the situation is minister miter thank you very much thank you ma'am thank you very much for this. in recent years religions has increasingly taken up the case of climate change and conservation connecting the act of protecting the planet as
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a way to honor its creator this discussion is happening in hinduism christianity and also islam known as eco islam and. i was in jakarta to find out more so we had this event eco islam this is a conference which was supported by the foreign office from germany the whole basic idea is that to search for on says on climate change in islam and i was very surprised to know that there are 23 verses in poor on which actually talks about to how to prevent. the change and how to actually purify water and this was amazing session with these and koran and they were taking statement from all of that you know of course the traditional hindu ism even have values and talks about conservation also environment when we started this project you know we wanted to not talk about. the negative side of islam. is that my station in this muslim
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countries and indonesia is one of the i mean the largest muslim country in the world so what's good want is that they want to engage the youth and i see that there are many youth there are. objects which are made by sustainable energy and sustainable production there will be sessions that will be explaining how important is to actually save our planet because it's you know it is high time you have to start separating our garbage with germany's actually an example and take always bottles not plastic bottles do not take short distance flights and so on. the red sea world cup wraps this weekend in japan so we thought we'd have a. look at one amateur league in japan for those players who can't let go and don't want to leave the pitch it serves those over 40 and some much older than that these
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men have done the math this is the way for them to stay fit even at the cost of broken bones. protein for the bones can't hurt the old timers from the talky watch to presidents rugby team point out that they're no longer in their twenty's the veteran steam trains 2 or 3 times a week tackle and maul. anyone over the age of 40 can join there are 150 senior teams across japan. going to cheeky 3 hours north of tokyo a couple of temples rice paddies hunter engine factory. not much else is going on but right now the turf has to be tightened up tropical storm had best flooded the
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entire playing field and parts of the clubhouse. have lots of injuries on my knee. that of the moment i broke a rib. and could go on for 53 chief got knocked out and the skin on my job was ripped open. the oldest player here today is cut to toshiko bari he's 81 which is why he wears purple. for the players cancer deal their age yellow for the 70 somethings and red for those in their sixty's was a screw up though i do 20 need. 20 pushups. 30 minutes of high bar exercises. oh no that's too generous i mean when i run every day. is also important. 3 eggs a day meat cheese told food not all or fermented beans kind of my age that.
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things are getting started. one of the. very. word. was world but sometimes aches and pains forced the seniors to leave the playing field. otherwise no mercy. you're only as old as you feel is the prevailing belief here. oh. my god did it. work. in the end the other team wins by how many points exactly no one knows it doesn't matter they all celebrate together at the nomi chi a japanese drinking party the local 101 because there are few women here
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many of the men are single another reason why they play rugby to combat loneliness . was a little more than what it was. there and it there. guys. now they are looking forward to the rugby world championship final here in japan their national team has been shut out but for the tokyo walker president the show must go on they will play rugby until their bodies give up. that's our show for today you can find more on our website w dot com for its flash asia and on facebook and twitter as well please tell us
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what you think about what we cover and what you like to see we need you in pictures from german chancellor angela merkel's trip to india there mostly to discuss trade have a good weekend until next time and goodbye. to . take. us with all the wonderful stories that make the game so special. for all true for. more than sort. of more on. the present europe that's most
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fascinating and it's most exciting. most creative. clearly trying to taste. really charming. thank you. elizabeth. cohen w's. germany and india pledged to join forces on the take front mechelle and most the ones we cooperate on digitization an artificial intelligence a field in which neighboring china leaves. god takes over at the e.c.b. the banks 1st when she promises to listen to the markets and to the people. apple is the streaming was it tries to peel viewers away from its rivals in an already
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saturated market and she may not fright the time entrepreneur pushes instincts as the help snack of the future and see if. i've been fizzling place to business the future of tech is seeing the world's biggest economies teaming up germany and india busy signing agreements today for research and development out official intelligence urban mobility both lag regional heavyweight china in many fields is what german chancellor angela merkel had to say about the 2 nations tie up in. india has huge potential especially when it comes to digitalisation. development is very fast so when it comes to 5 g. and a i it's a challenge but if we work together this will be a wonderful means of cooperation. in india for today's talks with.


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