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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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not fried time entrepreneur pushes in stings as the healthy snack of the future fancy a pet. i mean physical and let's see business the future of tech is seeing the world's biggest economies teaming up germany and india busy signing agreements today for research and development out official intelligence of immobility both lag regional heavyweight china in many fields is what german chancellor angela merkel had to say about the 2 nations tie up in. india has huge potential especially when it comes to digitalisation. development is very fast so when it comes to 5 g. and a i it's a challenge but if we work together this will be a wonderful means of cooperation. meclizine india for today's talks with prime minister narendra modi of focused on issues like smart cities and renewable energy while the leaders are keen to strengthen business and trade ties last year trade between germany and india was worth over 18000000000 euros but that figure is
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dwarfed by germany's trade with china 10 times as much india's economy has been growing rapidly in recent years though the country has been keen to encourage investment from abroad but obstacles remain infrastructure the country's legal system which is seen as lacking transparency and a big one bureaucracy every trade deal between the e.u. and india could smooth out some of those issues but that won't happen any time soon let's go over to dave charity he's following this story for us from mumbai. a germany and india really a good match. absolutely they're both countries a perfect match for each other and they're made for each other for a long long time to me you may be aware that germany companies are operating in india $167.00 so we have a long history as far as the business relations and. i mean to the. businesses and
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now of the present and i go in get me into a lot of investments specially in the high tech areas like artificial intelligence . and of course india would be selling its spectrum next year forcefield generation because of violence telephony so we would require a large infrastructure telecom infrastructure and of course north specially in the high end technology and this is religion companies coming and can help us that are manufactured in unison india and as you may be aware will become a growing and visiting years factory going to go in new delhi and that is because india is i think a metro rail in almost every city then there's a huge huge demand for underground rivers in india and we need both are there really with and so on and also for the infrastructure they have just really briefly what are their chances of catching up to china on the tech front oh but china is like a huge to
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a difference in the room for all the countries china is offering equipment to action on the part of what germany is offering as far as artificial intelligence and concern you may be aware that india have got some of the best code writers in. billy connelly that is in bangalore and of course germany is having a very high presence in enter quality and that is where both the countries can come together and. take on the rest of the world to challenge for us in mumbai thank you . the german chancellor received a toxic welcome earlier in the day modi treating merkel to a military parade instability polluted the air ignoring medical advice both leaders review the god of honor without mosques schools and shut until november 5th the pollution also has its economic consequences it reduces productivity and crop yields while increasing health costs and is a plan to restrict the movement of private cars in the capital and only 2 weeks
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from monday to ease the situation. the z.b. has a new boss christine legarde of stranger to international finance the former head of the i.m.f. finds herself in a tricky situation though many expect she'll continue druggies course of high liquidity and super low interest rates that won't make everyone happy. the new head of the european central bank hasn't given too much away about how she intends to proceed in her new job but she has given some indication of what she thinks the institution needs to do the z.b. needs to listen to and understand markets need not be guided by market but it certainly needs to listen and understand but it also needs to listen and understand people. because a currency is off the role of public good that belongs to the people we can let go and is widely expected to maintain the loose monetary policy spearheaded by her
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predecessor mario draghi the combination of super low interest rates and a massive bond buying program helped stabilize some of the eurozone weakest and most indebted economies in the wake of the financial crisis but those policies have of course been bad news for savers who feel there is no longer an incentive to park their money in the bank and fear they could soon be even punished for doing so christine legarde previously served as finance minister of france before taking over as the head of the international monetary fund both jobs demanded some degree of crisis management experience that could well come in handy in her new job as e.c.b. head. some of the other business stories making news japan's jobless rate inched up in september to 2 point 4 percent still relatively low the number of wholly paid temporary in part time workers rose many companies they're trying to cut labor costs and made growing economic uncertainty. a spokesman for the malaysian finance
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you want to be one m.p. be scandals as he's been offered asylum abroad is accused of plundering the nation so from wealth fund the purchases including this super yacht u.s. officials say he's agreed to full for the property including a beverly hills home and private jet. apple is taking its 1st big bite out of the streaming market with the launch of apple t.v. plus the service has already signed up mega stars such as oprah winfrey and steven spielberg but what does the tech giant's entry mean for its rivals on netflix remains the dominant force in streaming but it's a promise he has been challenged in recent years by the likes of hulu and amazon prime video now the big studios are taking matters into their own hands meaning even more competition warner media has just launched the service h.b.o. max disney and comcast the getting in on the act and what does this mean for you even more subscriptions feel favorite shows let's bring in martin bateman and he
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joins us from the university of central lancashire to talk a bit about this. first of all i'd like to know if apple is in your opinion a little late in its game. well there it was there are little lights so things like netflix and amazon prime a large share of the market at the moment but with things like disney close coming on you're releasing later this month. it's expected to that the disney streaming services are going to be able to get a large quantity of the market mainly because they have a lot of contacts so it's awful ha's lots of content that people want to watch that and they should be able to take some of the markets well it doesn't sound like they are going to have a lot of content i mean all of it's going to be a regional and they're only offering handful of programs as does apple expect people to leave the competition or or have multiple subscriptions i think
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it's unlikely that expecting people to release the all the subscription services so you mentioned they have limited content as far as i'm aware of launch they going to have 9 it's the content of all they will be t.v. shows and all the original they're not going to be kind of the reasons that netflix of the gulf or the silos and the amazon those goals so it's more likely that the amazon streaming services is going to be a 3rd or 4th streaming service that people are going to subscribe to. the way only if i wish i had a subscription just because we're running out of time and it's author of the year for free if you buy an i phone i find that quite funny considering how expensive an i phone is well it's monthly subscription is only going to be for $99.00. it's i think it's just a way of getting subscribers they have very limited content unless they have content that people want to watch people are going to switch to their streaming service that way so people already switch between streaming services getting things every so often all kind of amazon subscribe for
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a month and subscriber subscribe to netflix and subscribe and that's when they have thousands of shows to watch. apple is kind of on the back foot with only one left to leave it there thank you very much for joining us from lancashire. ok thank you instead of salted peanuts potato chips would you grab a bag of crispy crickets is next tony entrepreneur reckons bugs in a bag will be the futurist snack. these crickets must feel pretty special after all humans housed them and feed them delicious food what more could a cricket ever want but its latest at this point that the crickets realize that their hotel keepers are actually the grim reaper crickets are a delicacy in thailand and that means they're also big business ties have always eaten them but one visionary businessmen not shantytown had the idea of backing up insects like potato chips. i heard on
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t.v. about how the un said insects were a good alternative source of protein for the future in the jiffy of the world's growing population so i thought well thais eat a lot of insects already and eat them mistreat food has anyone put them in a bag if not how can we do it and we mean what sort of flavors do we use do we make them similar to the taste from street vendors what different. chanted time decided on barbecue flavor and flavor a favorite of thais everywhere he also sells silk worms and bamboo worms they become a popular high protein alternative to a bag of chips among young people there and the united nations food and agricultural organization confirms the do traditional value of insects they have an incredible high content of protein but they also minerals and for example also by 12 to tons of insects are packaged and shipped from this bangkok factory every
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month that represents $100000.00 u.s. dollars in bugs. and just briefly in lebanon on private banks have funny because i've been up to 2 weeks a close during weeks of antigovernment protests branches that just reopened when full protest is the locked themselves in the headquarters of the lebanese association of banks barring others from leaving or entering still many locals are believed just to get their hands on some needed cash for the 1st time since the middle of october. nice doing business with.
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play. play. play play. this is it every news life or girl in joining forces church and worship begin joint patrols in northeast and see. area the operation aims to move kurdish militias out of the reach of turkey's president's airtel plans to resettle some 2000000 people opponents say it's a human catastrophe in the making also coming up with german chancellor angela merkel talks of trade and security with indian prime minister narendra modi on the table closer and just real as strategic ties plus one of the toughest.


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