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the fact that. this is did every news lie for girl in joining forces turkey in or should begin joint patrols in northeastern syria the operation aims to move kurdish militias out of the reach of turkey's president sarawak plans to resettle some 2000000 people opponents say it's a human catastrophe in the making also coming up with german chancellor angela merkel talks of trade and security with indian prime minister narendra modi on the table closer and just real and strategic ties plus one of the toughest force on the
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planet prepares for its world cup final in england or at least players are their favorites against south africa at the springboks played abit of running out weeks in japan. on level rocket surgery to have you along everyone turkey and russia have launched joint ground patrols in northeastern syria the operation as part of a deal struck by the countries to force kurdish fighters out of the territory near turkey's border while the patrols will begin within a 10 kilometer zone along the border the step marks a new major power shift in syria a month after president donald trump would drew u.s. forces from the area i'm joined now by our correspondents that yulia han in istanbul yulia 1st off what are these patrols about what are they trying to achieve
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. well the deal that you mentioned there between him. and moscow struck last week provided for the withdrawal of syrian kurdish fighters some 30 kilometers from the turkish border now ankara considers these fighters as terrorists so it was a condition for the ticket government to end its a deadly military offensive there in the north and syria so from what we understand there are ground troops now on what they calls and drones patrolling the area now an area from which russia has said some 34000 fighters have with a drawn but to turkey doesn't quite seem to believe it they said they want to use the joint patrols to confirm this and prison edwin in the past days has repeatedly threatened to restart the whole military operation if necessary all right and in the meantime yuliya president assad addressed the turkish joint turkish russian
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joint operation on syrian state television this is what he said. this agreement is a positive step it does not achieve everything in the sense that it will not pressure the turks to leave immediately however it limits the damage and paves the way for the liberation of this region in the future will be a muted future. so you'll hear is that a ringing endorsement from president assad for this joint operation. he appears to feel like he is the vaiko winner of everything that we have been witnessing there in north in syria in the past week since early october since u.s. prison donald trump announced the withdrawal of american forces from the area that's when turkey started its military operation the kurds the kurdish forces there then turned to the syrian regime and its most powerful ally russia for help and this allowed us to swiftly deploy forces to the area to reclaim territory there
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in within syria that he had essentially lost in the early years of the syrian war so now the crowds hope for some kind of political solution with some kind of self rule deal but he said in his speech yesterday also that he aims to restore state to soroti over the kurdish controlled areas in the north and syria so he made huge steps towards winning the syrian war and that's why now expectations are very low that he'll make any kind of concessions in the u.n. brokered talks aimed at coming up with a new syrian constitution that are currently under way in geneva and speaking of the u.n. yulia u.n. secretary general antonio guterres was in turkey today and met incidentally also with the turkish president erdogan do we know what they discussed.
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we haven't heard any public statements emerging there from this meeting but we do know that present edwin want to talk about his so-called safe zone plans for north and syria with antonio good tariffs let me remind you this is a major objective of this turkish military offensive add on ones to resettle some of the 4600000 syrian refugees living here in turkey to these areas he wants to build houses police stations hospitals schools and so on and this is of course a hugely costly project and it would cost an estimated at least $26000000000.00 u.s. dollars according to turkish state media so add on needs money and he said he would ask a good terrorist to come up with some kind of an international tone as a conference the big question here is what the u.n. what the terrorist a get on board because the so-called safe zone plans that by the turkish president have received huge criticism outside of turkey internationally some say this is turkey trying to occupy territory in syria or trying to change the demographics of
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that area and then of course the other question is how many refugees would feel safe enough to return to these areas they are giuliana reporting from istanbul thank you and yes point many observers fear that president plan to resettle nearly 2000000 people is a human catastrophe in the making but we have this report from the turkish town of a it's home to many syrian refugees who've already been caught in the crossfire and are fearful about the future. shortly after turkey made its incursion into northern syria 3 weeks ago kurds from the y p g militia in the region hit back returning fire at turkey the upholstery store where her little and his brother work was hit both men a syrian refugees living in the border town of. how. we've lived here in peace but then they started firing rockets at us everyone ran for
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cover we wanted to carry away the wounded but then i was also hit by a shell. into the. house says the kurdish militia who wanted to take revenge on to and instead hit refugees he has a piece of shrapnel in his abdomen and another in his cheek he and his family fled to turkey from syria's civil war 5 years ago he still worried about the power of the syrian regime. i took off from the syrian army my problem is president assad because i deserted if i return i will be publicly executed because i am a desert or. a hand that not only are i asked terrorists so are assad soldiers we don't want the assad regime there even stronger than i asked. and now the turkish president wants the refugees to go back to the syrian side in the buffer zone where assad's troops have moved in the brothers don't want to return but fear
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they have no choice this is what else can we do there's nothing we can do against them if they decide that we should go back last you know a lot of you may not know that. today more than half of the inhabitants of act jacqueline are syrian refugees many like this month feisal have lived in turkey for years he was injured in the fighting and is now taking combat leave phaseout is a syrian fighter who was sent in by ticky to battle the kurdish y.p. jean his unit is supposed to massacred many of them feisal says he's really fighting for his homeland for him living together with kurds is unthinkable. here before i joined the free syrian army the kurds entered our village and expelled us from our homes. our land and forced us to flee. no i cannot return to our village as long as the wipe is there. the kurds have reason to be concerned about 5 free syrian army just as pfizer has reason to fear
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the kurds of the y.p. ji still others are worried about assad's troops it's a complicated situation involving multiple sites where no one is innocent and where there are no simple solutions. what to say now about some of the other stories making news around the world. iraq's top clerics used friday prayers to warn international powers against interfering in the country's politics as protests against the government and to their 2nd month the protests have seen 250 people killed by security forces and thousands injured. there have been more violent clashes in the bolivian capital up past oh ponens are disputing the official presidential election result of this confirmed the incumbent evo morales as the winner without a runoff critics say the vote was rigged morales denies any irregularities. and
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russia has introduced a new law that gives the government the power to switch off the internet the kremlin says it is protecting itself from cyber attacks but critics have condemned the law as a step towards more censorship. germany and india are forging closer ties shirts on the american prime minister narendra modi have been holding trade talks in delhi the 2 leaders have signed a series of agreements strengthening industrial and strategic links germany is india's largest trading partner in europe modi also says the will work to combat terrorism and extremism chancellor merkel and prime minister modi want to advance their economic ties today the 2 leaders signed 22 agreements to this effect between . the. indian that some of the areas in which we wish to cooperate artificial intelligence and digital transformation. india has huge potential in digitizing the
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but the branches developing quickly and we face challenges when it comes to 5 g. and a i can see against it one of the very good if we could work together in these field doesn't that some of it and could in the villages. merkel has been accompanied by a number of german ministers and an economic delegation india wants to tackle the problems of its mega-cities such as the toxic air pollution in delhi which has reached a large levels that has forced schools to remain closed germany can help with renewable energy and waste management. about $1700.00 german companies are already involved. near india in their market in 3 years india will mark 75 years of independence that we want to take complete with renewal of the country but in dollars that are really good therefore we're hoping for help from germany. are the economic powerhouse of human buyer india's economy is in the
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doldrums it desperately needs new jobs. davies chief political editor became a questionnaire is reporting for us on america's visit she sent us this assessment of the visit so far. german chancellor angela merkel arrived in new delhi meeting a prime minister beaming with confidence narendra modi was just reelected into a 2nd time in office with a resoundingly lection victory for his b j p party he wants to create a new india and germany clearly wants to be part of that but it is tension in kashmir also concerns that the climate also in civil society might be changing these are issues germany sees as worthy of criticism but nothing that will stop germany or europe from seeking closer cooperation with a country of 1300000000 inhabitants at the same time the largest democracy in the
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world so the hope is that india can one day become an economic but also a political counterweight to the present china. there reporting from delhi next the men's the rugby world cup final takes place on saturday with south africa facing england and yokohama japan where england are on a high after defeating 2 time champions australia and holders new zealand in the last 2 rounds south africa have had an easier route to the final and welcome back a key player from injury. it's finally crunch time at the rugby world cup after the tournament spread over 3 months england coach eddie jones will send his side out as clear favorites for the final against south africa we just want to imply the great thing for us is that we've done the preparation we now we've done the preparation we're ready for this occasion you know we have spent 4 years
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getting ready for this occasion so that's why the players can be relaxed can be relaxed because we know we've done the work rugby can be a brutal business 2003 winners england have been forced to do it the hard way this time around and victory in your karma will therefore feel extra special according to one former player. if they were to be training with the call to follow these even the 7 for those who after the fall of the anyone could. probably including new zealand's efforts you know for the last 8 years probably the best world cup achievement ever really got but south africa still have a chance a team forged in the image of the rainbow nation produced a series of doggy displays in japan. the springboks tilt at a 3rd world cup title has also been given a boost by the return from injury of one of their top stars. always keep in mind that he will go on the field. to be seen. as being selfish if i
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think as a player. the stage is set for an intriguing final in one of the toughest schools on the planets but only one team can reach their goal. i must watch all right thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us so do you have your news africa is up next. take a trip on us go christmas market hopping with d.d. . well you know in cologne and a lot more go up that. airfare and hotel are included for you and a guest. just tell us which german state is your favorite. what's the most beautiful place in germany. what would you like to explore most to enter check in at g.w. dot com slash travel good luck and enjoy some.


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