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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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let me. in. despite being on opposite sides of the syria conflict turkey and russia have launched joint patrols in the area of northern syria that turkey wants clear of kurdish fighters despite sporadic outbreaks of fighting the kurds have mostly gone they cease fire agreed between russia and turkey as mostly held so what's next well turkey really sent millions of syrian refugees to live in this protected area i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day.
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every. single civilian. casualty is one casualty to watch these will be the 1st step towards a political solution to these threads. we must ensure that we don't turn taking into an enemy by the their need for preventive diplomacy and peaceful resolution of conflict. to be issues have been resolved rather effectively on the growth. thanks to russia. falls are coming up soon russia's sovereign enter net law comes into force the kremlin says it's designed to better protect the country's internet against foreign cyber attacks activists say it could give rise to a great fire wall of russia. by giving up all of these laws will give the
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government more control over the internet in russia they were adopted under the pretext of defending the country against cyber threats. to our viewers on the p.b.s. in the united states round the world welcome the drones in the air troops and armored vehicles on the ground turkey and russia have launched joint patrols in northeastern syria military vehicles patrolled a 10 kilometer deep zone. the border between turkey and syria as part of a deal struck between the 2 countries to force kurdish fighters out of the area the step marks a major power shift in syria a month after president donald trump withdrew u.s. forces from the region. until he's president wants to establish a buffer zone along his country's southern border with syria and that he plans to resettle up to 2000000 syrian refugees who currently live in his country many observers regard this as a human catastrophe in the making we have this report from meat town of act chakka
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which is home to many syrian refugees who've already been caught in the crossfire and they're fearful for their future is shortly after take he made its incursion into northern syria 3 weeks ago from the white b.g. militia in the region hit back returning fire at turkey. and his brother work was hit both men a syrian refugees living in the border town of. we've lived here in peace but then they started firing rockets at us everyone ran for cover we wanted to carry away the wounded but then i was also hit by a shell. i wanted to be it. says the kurdish militia who wanted to take revenge on ticky and instead hit refugees he has a piece of shrapnel in his abdomen and another in his cheek he and his family fled to turkey from syria's civil war 5 years ago he still worried about the power of
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the syrian regime. i took off from the syrian army my problem is president assad because i deserted if i return i will be publicly executed because i am going to surge or. not only are i asked terrorists so are assad's soldiers we don't want the assad regime there even stronger than i asked. and now the turkish president wants the refugees to go back to the syrian side in the buffer zone where assad's troops have moved in the brothers don't want to return but fear they have no choice this is what else can we do there's nothing we can do against them if they decide that we should go back as you know a lot of you may not know. today more than half of the inhabitants of act jacqueline are syrian refugees many like this month have lived in turkey for years he was injured in the fighting and is now taking combat leave feisal is
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a syrian fighter who was sent in by ticky to battle the kurdish y.p. gene his unit is supposed to have massacred many of them feisal says he's really fighting for his homeland for him living together with kurds is unthinkable. before i joined the free syrian army the kurds ended our village in expelled us from our homes they've stolen land and forced us to flee. no i cannot return to our village as long as the wiping genie is there. the kurds have reason to be concerned about pfizer's free syrian army just as pfizer has reason to fear the kurds of the y.p. ji still others are worried about assad's troops it's a complicated situation involving multiple sites where no one is innocent and where there are no simple solutions. so we expect you to do next well iraq in powell is head of the beirut office of the heinrich berg foundation an independent green political think tank welcome to day doubly so let's let's let's
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start with this political situation with different powers acting together and against each other for different purposes so we'll start with the why why are russia who support the assad regime in turkey who want us to have gone why are they working together like this. i suppose russia doesn't want to see another conflict involving in evolving in syria in the north east of syria and help to help the assad regime to extend. its forces and its grip on the region in the northeast and as we see the forces of the assad regime are already claiming territory and are already present again in the in the northeast of the country and so these patrols will do what. they deserve at least war the turks and the russians who want to demonstrate that they're able to keep the
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fighters and the military personnel off the s. the f. and the the y.p. ji the kurdish forces out of the area which is close to the turkish border and. why doing this if the forces of the other regime have the opportunity to enter again the territory they have they haven't been before just refuse is everything in this let's take a look at that very of syria that he wants to clear clear of kurds will bring them if their plan works how will they then keep it clear this is does this mean that you will maintain a military presence in this region this is war what is to expect there was also other areas in syria like the area of rain with the where there is already it took presence military presence and presence of turkish services
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so all of this seems to be the plan. of this operation and we're going to bring up another mountain i was going to look at take a look at the the wider region because america's recent actions of left a lot of people stunned so if you if you look at where we have syria you know half years into a civil war with russia now the de facto power in the region lebanon in political crisis where the prime minister having resigned israel of course constantly a war with an under threat from its arab neighbors of iraq also suffering a popular political unrest and iran as well at a time like this it seems odd that the united states would choose to effectively allow russia a free hand in this region indeed it seems odd and is the american decision of this withdrawal seems to be motivated by internal
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domestic policy. policies of the tramp administration and i do think also that. the military establishment it did not believe actually it would have so. i think this this the withdrawal was driven by domestic policy considerations. if president. russia and turkey now patrolling this this this this is the next phase as far as it tells us is that they will move. $2000000.00 syrian refugees out of turkey into this region if that happens is how will that affect this area that we're be terrible demographic change we could be even say an ethnic cleansing moving people forcing people though the turks say they would be voluntary return
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and i doubt that there will be a voluntary return of syrian refugees who originate from totally different parts of the country. being settled in the north east of where they are not where they do not come from and how does that help how does that help and how does that help. turkey has a substantial refugee population about 4000000 syrian refugees like other neighboring countries lebanon for example in the 1500000 refugees so. is under pressure domestically. the it to send syrian refugees back to their country and this seems to be way the turks trying to do this. i doubt. it is it will be
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implemented the way. they say it would but if syrian refugees would be forced to set the in area like a predominantly could issue area and refugees who come from other parts of syria that would be a disaster for for the syrians and violates the rights of those refugees who seek refuge in interview but we support we see at least 2 purposes for president when he gets it gets a couple of 1000000 refugees out of out of turkey and elsewhere what he say he may be doing and it displaces it it sort of makes more permanent the displacement of the kurds from from that area the kurds who have caused him such problems in the past secondly ok and all this as the international community looks passively on as the curia there the kurds are forced out of the area under president assad
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appears to just be sitting by allowing his country to be did the fate of his country to be divided decided on by external players. for us it seems this works for him and it is this other russians who played a major role in the russian and. the assad regime to come back to this part of the country out of the country which they had only very limited presence so. for me it seems that. this is what motivated us i don't see it in the interview that was quoted in the international media over to make this remarks. supporting the turkish russian ukrainian it sounds like a win for everyone except the kurds you know how you say the syrian population of
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the civilians in that area. of the 100 both foundation thank you so much thank you very much. issue of. these laws are about making sure that the internet in russia remains stable and the events of outside attempts to influence it that we need to figure out through electronic online state services in internet banking will be fully available in various online commercial services which citizens use will work reliably and without fail. so russia has introduced a new law giving the government the power to switch off the internet the kremlin says it's protecting itself from cyber attacks and critics see it as a step towards more censorship media rights organization reporters without borders says the goal violates fundamental freedoms. well yulia kruger from the internet news site said next polity can take us through what the sabines welcome to d
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w. let's start with the irony of ironies in this that give me evidence that it's russia it's troll farms that of attempted to interfere with so many foreign elections or so many countries political agendas it's ironic that they say that this is about defending mother russia from foreign cyber attacks. and i had to laugh at it as well because i immediately thought about russian that hackers getting unemployed immediately but of course the interference into internal affairs by external forces is mediated by social media platforms so. it's not russia directly with in charge but google and facebook that doesn't out of map data and research and can russia actually do this can i mean so the law has passed a law in the government the power to do this but can russia technically achieve this isolation of its own internet i mean the law or includes the set of a national address registry that national debt and. national internet access
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points and the control of any data and which devices it's the internet service providers all that has to be set up has to be developed i think 2 years is really short and makes all the developments really prone to security issues. but in general of course it would be possible to stick to to control and to censor and stop information communication we know that from fire wars and deepika inspection of course ok so at the moment it could do some of what it's looking to do but you think it's minimum of 2 years before russia could turn around and and switch itself off i think in the moment it's clans that say's a lot about the leadership that obviously lost control over things and has a deep feeling to get back control and the feeling to use all old lived up to
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nations all external enemies to yet to bring up some developments that are used to all men in security offices but i think. it damage can be really disastrous and of course all the resources the tech people are missing in other developments late so we have a situation here where what you hear this news in the 1st thing you think of as world that's what china has already done what what what are the parallels how far ahead is china of russia in this well i'm not an expert for china but i think china has managed to control infrastructures devices like mobile phones and web services in china so the control is really high and we should all think about what does it mean when we introduce 5 key based upon chinese infrastructures
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in germany but i think russia is heading into the same direct. so who controls the infrastructures has control over people. i think it's a bit generally with the people and not with states and i just talk about the people because thousands of people have demonstrated against this move but not tens or hundreds of thousands so i wonder how much do russians care that this is happening or perhaps they believe that president putin is actually just doing his job and protecting mother russia well i've been to moscow last week and i was really shocked by the by the state of the trees so they like water there are hundreds of problems people miss people who suffer from and i don't know if it interests you most immediate ones so that and this is this is no end of people uproars are used to be oppressed and it's better to leave so there are political protests. so that if this is not about protecting
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russia from cyber attacks what is it about well i have been working the bonus hard and also in the internal affairs committee and i know that most of the of the proposals pleasants come up with come from with a high level of emotions like a new some control influence of the. of the industry who just wants to sell products or wants to we sell products again and of course it usually was the legislation of. old used friend enemy perception so i think and it's very easy to say where we are we want to control people and who want to control the internet. infrastructure is the problem is that we currently suffer from incidents like c heck of the saudi arabian industry but the oil industry.
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and it was neither. neither iran nor america but it was pacts in the computer systems. right so i think it would make sense to seriously go into defense of i t. infrastructure so that they can move systems and not into anything else. from internet news site and that's policy thank you so. this month marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall celebrations of that historic event taking place across germany one of the most eye catching is that the year landmark brandenburg gate here in the capital 30000 people have left messages saying what the fall of the war means to them what they believe is still worth fighting for today. it's gonna take fishing nad full of handwritten messages contending memories and hopes and demands this art installation visions in motion
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at garland sprung book gates commemorates the fall of the berlin wall the basic idea there's the physicality of it which is to create a surface that is the lightest possible that floats on the wind that creates this this feeling of. something happening that's bigger than yourself you know we're all aware of the wind on our on our skin you feel it in your hairs in your skin and you know it's happening but become if you become used to it it's like that's just what's there but when you can see it and sense it and hear it and feel it coming and all of a sudden you're aware of a bigger presence around sharon was eager to involve as many people as possible in the workforce installation the organizers collected masochists on line on the streets and workshops with students. this piece of art here is made out of 30000 masses just from people from all over the world extending what the fall of
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the virgin wall 30 years ago means to them and what they think should be different today. regions in motion seeks to honor the protest it is jam. and $989.00 through the massachusetts demonstrators put on their posters demanding freedom and the demolition of the barrier that for so long divided this city that call is one the organizers of this art installation feel has to be expressed loudly again but when somebody often are not for doing this because we're living in a time when walls are going up again in other parts of the world and because we want to and must confront what we're ready to stand up for today that's more and according to many of the mass it is people want to fired from our mutual understanding around the world individual thoughts that like here turn into a wife that will bring some color to a typical november. japan
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post the fall of the men's rugby world cup on saturday when south africa and england battle it out for the trophy to fans also home to an amateur rugby league for players who can't quite bring themselves to one of their boots it's open to anyone over the age of 40 though some of the players are much older than that. protein for the bones can't hurt the old timers from the talky watch to presidents rugby team point out that they're no longer in their twenties the veterans team trained 2 or 3 times a week tackle and maul. anyone over the age of 40 can join there are 150 senior teams across japan. right. winter chickie 3 hours north of tokyo
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a couple of temples rice paddies hunter engine factory. not much else is going on but right now the turf has to be tied up. tropical storm had best flooded the entire playing field and parts of the clubhouse. i have lots of injuries on my knee . the moment i broke a rib. and could go on to 53 teeth got knocked out and the skin on my job was ripped open. the oldest player here today is cutting toshiko bari he's 81 which is why he wears purple. players panspermia their age yellow for the 70 somethings and red for those in their sixty's with a screw up though i do 20 need ben's. 20 push ups. 30 minutes of high bar exercises i do this 40 times a day you won't know what's going to miss me when i run every day. is
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also important. 3 eggs a day meat cheese tofu not all or fermented beans mij of. things are getting started. one of the. word. was with you but sometimes aches and pains forced the seniors to leave the playing field whatever. otherwise no mercy. you're only as old as you feel is the prevailing belief here. oh. my god. i'm not in the end the other team wins by how many points exactly no one
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knows it doesn't matter they all celebrate together at the know me chi a japanese drinking party the 101 witnesses there are few women here many of the men are single another reason why they play rugby to combat loneliness . was in order to. go. there and that there. go. now they are looking forward to the rugby world championship final here in japan their national team has been shut out but for the tokyo walker presidents the show must go on they will play rugby until their bodies give up.
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the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter at steve wus or you can find me at don't forget to use. the day. so that i have a good day. to
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the point strong opinions from clear positions from international perspectives. there's a growing sense of war torn syria censoring a new face with for us apparently ambivalent about its role in the region russia and turkey have stepped into the vacuum so what now lies ahead for syria to find out also the point. of its 90 minutes on the road.
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welcome to the but is the game here. triplets to talk about some. countries. 3 more. slowly have. let's have a look at so many of them at least look so you don't want to miss. the w. . it's all happening dutch of it coming. your link to news from africa the world story link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to the debut suffocating program tonight from one example from the news of easy to our website dedicated to come smash africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa it's coming. sunday adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the from the books from 250. working on the for each of
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discovery. expedition in blood on. after the fall of the berlin wall now from a night job. this
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is why from. joint patrols in northeastern syria. to move kurdish militias out. of his present. about 2000000 people that voted say it's a human catastrophe in the making also on the program german chancellor merkel talks trade security with indian prime minister. seeking to build closer industrial . complex or mosques the day after day may sound like.


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