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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm CET

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generations one family on a journey through recent german history. channeling and starts november 6th on d w. this is the news after coming up on the program what would you rather wear local all foreign made government workers in kenya have been directed to wear it locally made outfits to boost the country's going to factor in industry. also coming out. going to rock nice fast black caps and seems relaxed ahead of something these walk of finals how much have things changed since nelson mandela one of the comp to the 9095 springbok steve.
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i'm eddie michael jr you're welcome to the program government stuff in kenya have been directed to where locally made outfits on fridays on public holidays it's meant to boost the kenyan manufacturing industry a spot of president of lieutenants as so-called beg for agenda the 2 of you hit the streets of nairobi and it looks like it will take more than a directive to get things going. again david has been a tailor for 20 years nairobi's kenyatta market has been his retail home for 12 of those years in this shop selling african garments what's going to take as they do appreciates. his fabric and garment shop and now the kenyan government are banking on a resurgent appreciation for african attire to boost the manufacturing industry.
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create jobs trust the president's directive that all public servants wear locally made clothes on fridays and on public holidays on the streets of nairobi the directive has gotten a mixed reception. it's still more natural and when you don't listen to it it's because a lot of african fabrics are made from platinum and i guess it's mine is a mix of them and cotton and the african prints and then the color says this it's its color as a wallet in mexico was a better place yes i kid you know looking good that's on the way to be able to get killed for that you create jobs fabric supply and if. it was looks look in my place. to. launch a bob. yeah my 2nd time. i like it there we may just. be very into
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a. new clothes. and with people sticking to their preferences like buying 2nd hand clothes do the words of the president's directive actually really have an impact ok but might not be money. for you what the truth is even if someone has a locally made outfit it may not be made of locally manufactured material. we bought fabrics probably. china and. the long time ago we still have a path to put to use to make the best fabric. and unfortunately it's gone and it's close to the best safest we used to be that great. look but. the president's directive for government workers to wear locally made clothes on fridays is not the 1st of its kind in turn u.s. previous governor. it's have tried something similar for taylor david. why wait for
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a directive from the government and why wait for friday to wear kenyan made brands start on monday and wear them through friday maybe even through sunday. joining me now is i can you do move from kenya she's a fashion designer and i'm busted out for the friday way initiative on the chair of kenya fashion council. thanks for your time now why is it so important to moods kenya where. i think this is something that we've done as a fashion industry for a long time and quite some time that it hasn't really been like an ounce of fish in it with the government then with the president to say that you officially need to wear an african. outfit made. on fridays and we had a discussion about 2 years ago as fashion design as. a meeting that we had together
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and see we need to speak with one voice on one of the things the one of the outcomes of the meeting work that we need to start selling products and initiated fashion fridays which has been running on for quite some time about 23 s. right now and for the president to announce that all the government officials are going to wear a local produce outfit every friday i think that's a lot for us ok now this is not the 1st thing that is not in the right it's previous governments have made such directives before it didn't really work so what makes you believe this will work. i think this is going to to walk me through there's already a lot of uptake for locally produced products. and starting with the government even if you look at $10000.00 the government is also taking in there's a apportioned of of what's going mentors taking has to be locally produced so i think because we have the support of the government this time around then even the
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people working with the government are able to take it seriously because when the president speaks and saves in a form that this has to be done i think people are going to take it very seriously and fashion designers think it's very very very important for us as an industry because then it's an opportunity for us to keep talking about it and producing i know a lot of people will see design as maybe not affordable as much of it and remember even in the smallest parts of the village there's a woman sitting somewhere doing some thoughts nobody is walking naked clothing is part of the system it's important for everybody to be closer to the prising again will be will be a virus so it's i think it's a very important thing coming from the president and and also making sure that he's on the government of his i doing this it's a good direction yeah exactly just just to be clear one can wear out the material be not be produced how do you address that. i think even fall
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a nation right now if you look at the manifest the fabric model fracture of that we have available in kenya they may not be able to produce that they're not in the capacity or don't have the capacity to produce the fashionable fabrics that design as it may be used so i think many designers have to import fabrics that we are using locally so again for me it still applies because even if you are importing fabrics elsewhere that we are using we are still having it produced out that is being produced in kenya and that's a plus for us it may not be we may argue it's not it's not locally made but i think it is still locally made maybe the romance you know is not locally produced by the alpha it is produced in yes. income you see in the huge amounts of my decision made in the country yes ok talking about fits you look good in your i can you don't go kenyan fashion design i am laughing the knuckle. ride and. now it's time to separates the men from the boys because on saturday set off
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a guy warlock holmes with england in the final of the rugby world cup the 6 week long total men's takes place every 4 years this time. ok but you can bet that a great many south africans will be watching including reports out there's a commando in johannesburg wow i see already in your springboks as they do so so. what's the mood like ahead of the game the mood is just ecstatic people are so excited about the right to know our presidents and i'm opposed to these origin just pound to watch the team play from the terraces you can imagine how excited the countries when you go around people are already wearing shirts and they have what they are supposed to think makes the time when their cars just waiting for that to begin the black white come out everyone is just united behind the team and people are so hip if you go to sports because they have voted to put speak screens where people are going to be watching the games and everybody is so excited and you need
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to be behind the springboks ok that's what he sounds big hold on a bit come back to you now let's check out the report that previews the big match. c.-a khaleesi is on the brink of history he could become the 1st black captain of south africa to lift the men's world cup but for the moment he's concentrating solely on beating england no 5 in. march of course if you know the most important thing to morrows making sure that. the team you notice official do. police it was born just one day before south africa's apartheid laws were officially repealed in 1991 and rugby is the sport which has best help to bring the rainbow nation together no rugby fan can forget former president nelson mandela donning the springboks jersey then a symbol of white south africa when they won their 1st world cup in 1995. their 3rd
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country with a lot of pride in their. identity birds. the history of made for the country. created a new opportunity for people in africa and i suppose the spring work is is the. year the tool that which people use as a symbol of hope but south africa underdogs this time england are in a confident mood after eddie jones knocked out this trailer and fabled holders new zealand. we just want to get. the great thing for us is that we've done the preparation we now have done the preparation we're ready for this occasion you know we have spent 4 years getting ready for this occasion so that's why the. can be relaxed because we now have done the work the stage is set for an intriguing final in one of the toughest spots on the planet but only one
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team can reach that goal. in johannesburg so. the national teams. why is that a big deal. this is a big thing in so the off the cuff because robbie is taken as a privileged sport you find it mostly in those expensive schools where if it a few blacks can afford to give it if you remember the 9095 team during monday last time that won the will copy to us 100 percent white and the government has been fined by order to force. that to try and introduce more politically as the good news is that in the present team such as in japan you have what about 5 players that are going to be playing so big that the captain is also blake it is also a shortened that they have visited us in bringing that equality between the playoffs and the white blouse this off and on to 5 blick excited as well that ok for the 1st time to move by black person hoping that they'll bring the cup back
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home ok. there's been allegations of racism in the springboks compound has this effect that general support yes they spike to talk about the recent incidents that have happened to nor one of the best play as it been has been it is alleged that to us pot a food group that assaulted some people after some night putting some time in august and this just came up when he was there and there were calls that he should come back to some of that but when you talk to south africans when you talk to those that a following to springboard support does their own behind black and white i've not seen one black was saying i'm not supporting because of these races i'm incidents maybe they're saying ok this is i want to this is the chance was offered let's focus on the game and do when the blast come back we might talk about their resumes today and before you go what's your prediction for the game obviously the springboks upbringing becomes home but you know the england team is
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also a very good team and therefore to home advantage down there so it's going to be a tough one but with all presidents right there on the case isn't this a tough play quite kind of indians behind the team we want to come with come home. thank you for your time. that's a fun hour from v.w. news out of a good weekend see you next time. take a look at her slowly. with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans my. mum because more than football mom line claimed the cell go to the girl next new to check.
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the gold mine of stories. with exclusive insights. and a must see concerning parts of the turkey in your own. place to be curious might. do it yourself networkers it looks so subscribing and don't miss out on. artist and composer rob missouri create soundscapes and take a listeners to the brazilian rain forest texas desert or even some mars. rob's my guest on this very musical edition of arts and culture we'll be chatting about his work in just a moment and also on the show. a sneak preview of w.'s new night groove series host international stars grooving and
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jamming including the 1st southerner. and lithuanian punk rockers sama tells us how the fall of the berlin wall changed his life. the 1st my guest is composer rob missouri he was getting ready to perform at the jazz fest here in berlin he's got 3 new albums out that he released just an artist's welcome to ours and culture pleasure to be here in a moment i want to look at a clip of some of your visual arts because you're also a visual artist and before we do i'm curious to know if you have the same goals in both of these practices the visual art i mean music absolutely i mean i make make our music the music stuff is all about resonance the work is also about resonance for creating a life force a spirituality that. has the possibility of believed.


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