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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2019 12:00am-12:15am CET

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you. think that. this is news live from berlin turkey and russia begin joint patrols in northeastern syria the operation and aims to move kodesh militias out of the region turkish president further one plans to resettle about 2000000 people there but apart and saying it's a human catastrophe in the making also on the program. german chancellor angela merkel talks trade and security with the indian prime minister narendra modi seeking to build a closer industrial and strategic ties. and mexico marks the day of the day
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it may sound like a gloomy affair but the festival is actually a joyous celebration the souls of the departed up to leave to come back and visit their families. great welcome turkey and russia have launched joint to ground patrols in northeastern syria the operation is part of a deal struck by the 2 countries to 1st force his out of the territory need turkey's border military vehicles are patrolling a sign that's 10 kilometers deep along the border mocking a major power shift in syria it's a month off to u.s. president donald trump we drew his country's forces from the area. russian and turkish troops have been carrying out joint patrols on the turkish syrian border
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since midday local time these images come from a region near the small turkish tion of. with the joint patrols ankara wants to prevent the kurdish why p.g. militia returning to the border driving the white p.g. out of the border region was one of the aims of turkey's incursion into northern syria which germany said was against international law. amnesty international says that turkish authorities are cracking down on critics of the military offensive and have made hundreds of arrests turkish officials have not confirmed the number amnesty says human rights activists journalists members of the opposition and private users of online networks have all been affected its findings were confirmed by the turkish human rights association. they need to commit sin against the crackdown is working lots of people have deleted their posts online and stopped writing people who have written something critical have had their homes raided
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shalom led to the. procured issue opposition h d p party says that more than 200 of its politicians have been arrested and more than 60 imprisoned since the beginning of the incursion into syria. we're earlier we spoke to g.w. correspondent dorian jones in istanbul and we asked him to explain the purpose of these ground patrols by turkey and russia before trolls are a key part of why on court did sign up to greenland with moscow there's a great deal of skepticism from the syrian kurdish militias have withdrawn which moscow claims they have and they see that these patrols will verify the withdrawal of these kurdish forces 1st patrol is believed of last around 4 hours covered around a 120 kilometers of syrian territory but we have heard now in the last 24 hours from the key syrian kurdish commander saying that they are going to totally withdraw back to 30 kilometers even though they noted that they were part of the
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agreement that was hatched out between for most go but there is a resignation of the resignation that if they don't withdraw it would lead to a further military operation by turkey leading to server refugees adding to the already 200000. to being displaced so there is these patrols are seen as key to verifying that withdrawal but he does believe that withdrawal is taking place or has taken place daryn joins in istanbul there to iraq now where at least $250.00 people have been killed in anti-government protests over the last month religious leaders have condemned attacks on peaceful demonstrators but clashes with security forces are continuing the protests are fueled by anger at corruption unemployment and poor public services thousands of returned to the capital baghdad for the busy biggest mass demonstration since the fall of saddam hussein. what might look to the world like another anti-government protest movement asking for democratic change ease according to these iraqis actually
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a new form of independent local government for and by the people the people who feel let down under her look at that could i was going to be respectable among respectable people as far as we're concerned we have the worst passport in the world the worst nationality they say were at the forefront of the most corrupt countries where one of the top countries with oil reserves and yet we're a whole nation they are less important to them is that they are taking a democratic message to the streets they goals are more tangible like simply cleaning the streets sick of whiting they are doing it themselves. in the last 7 days we've been able to paint sidewalks bring water we restore electricity we are just like a small country in this area so tell us about. the clashes between law enforcement and the people have been deadly on friday more than 300 wounded on the front line is people power was stopped before it could cross
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a bridge from tahrir square toward a well fortified green zone where government is housed and it's a lot of it. i've been here for 8 days to you since last thursday we've been here until now they said on friday there will be demonstrations we took part in peaceful demonstrations however they threw tear gas and sound for nate such as it is the president bar him sally says prime minister adel abdul mahdi will step down but only when a successor has been identified a potentially months long process when iraqis want action measured in days. when we don't have an honest government not only a muddy is corrupt all politicians who have been ruling iraq are corrupt we don't want to i was a beloved we want all corrupt politicians to be uprooted. but if i. he was fired the next will be worse. to clear timelines for reform have
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a mooched the slower constitutional route to newly promised elections proposed by a government accused of deep seated corruption and the fastest street by street self-determination by an impatient people shaping and meeting their own standards of living in lieu of what they say has not been provided in the 16 years since regime change. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today and british police say they now believe all 39 people just got that date in a truck container last week were vietnamese citizens some of the victims have been identified and police are in contact with their families in vietnam and the u.k. several arrests have been made in britain island and vietnam. heavy flooding in somalia has killed at least 10 people and forced a quarter of a 1000000 more to abandon their homes and livelihoods much of east africa is bracing for tropical storm which is likely to worsen an already dire humanitarian
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situation rains are expected to continue for another 4 to 6 weeks. and russia has introduced a new law that gives the government the power to disconnect the country from the global internet the kremlin says it's protecting itself from a cyber attack but critics of condemns the law as a step towards more censorship. for german chancellor angela merkel and india's prime minister narendra modi have been holding try talks in delhi the 2 leaders signed a series of agreements strengthening strengthening industrial and strategic links mr modi also announced that the 2 countries would work towards combating terrorism and extremism but despite the show of unity there are divisions. india's prime minister pulls out all the stops of the german chancellor the woman
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he likes to describe as a great leader his calm down in kashmir would remain the elephant in the room for much of the day. modi's decision to strip the region of its semi autonomous status has sparked outrage there and in neighboring pakistan at the only doing press conference both sides appear keen to stress what they have in common. rather than what divides them horrible. it isn't germany's friendly relations are based on core values like democracy and the rule of law this is why we have similar views about the great challenges that face our world or to fight the dangers of terrorism and militancy strengthen bilateral and multilateral ties. not a critical word for machall for the unapologetic nationalist modi as both sides exchanged more than a dozen by natural memoranda ranging from farming to joint development of artificial
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intelligence. the only mention of kashmir is when merkel meets the german press before heading to do know with the prime minister. i 1st like to hear the arguments of the prime minister on this situation for the people but is not sustainable and is not good something that surely needs to be improved. i'm going to machall visited the site of my gandhi's cremation as well it's 150 years since the birth of india's fall of the nation but this is a ball they look into the past is in contrast to the tangible commitment from both sides to be driving forces of a multilateral future germany wants to be part of india's rise both economic power and us political counterweight to only present china internal tensions like kashmir are seen as something that's worthy of criticism but outweighed by the economic and political potential india offers in the future. just bought now and in
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the game on saturday the 2 teams from berlin wall lock horns in across town derby west berlin herter have been a familiar presence in the top flight for decades will pay a visit to east berlin zone yawn the hosts are playing in their 1st ever season in the bond that makes this showdown something. truly special for the german capital. training ground has been abuzz with activity the newly promoted team is ready for the showdown with cross-town rivals heritage. fribourg in the german cup on tuesday and now it's time for the darby. b. is a dumpy but the city is a bit more special i'm expecting an awesome encounter. i think it's important to find the right balance between being aggressive and staying cool.
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this 30 years ago just days after the fall of the berlin wall thousands of fans from the east made the pilgrimage to a lympics stadium to see 2nd division side heritage among them many only on supporters at the time it was a special east west fan friendship but what happens on the pitch will be the main focus in the 1st just league clash between the 2 clubs. despite all of the tension in both camps and at the end of the day it's all about keeping a cool head about trying to put in the best light as a city as the city at least to get. on saturday night at the out there 1st of all i wear lyn will find out whether oneone or hair are number one in the german capital. well mexico has been marking the day of the dead despite its gloomy name it's actually one of the most colorful festivals of the year the souls of dead
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children believed to visit their families on the 1st of november adults souls visit a day like. there's nothing dark about dia de los muertos or day of the dead in mexico. this national holiday has dance music. and a whole lot of flair. everyone always has a fear of death and in mexico it's a part of a celebration of a ritual of color in the whole world that something would target frightening something to more but here it's filled with joy because dimity something wonderful . this remembrance attracts tourists from all over the world and it's been recognized by you know asco as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. traditional tributes include colorful costumes and offerings placed on altars commemorating the lines of family and
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friends. as you can see on the altar there are many meanings it's a celebration for loved ones who are gone but. some altars on multiple levels high and topped with pictures of the person honored mourners crowd simmer terry's where graves and tombstones are decorated with miracles and candles . on this day we come to light their way with lights which are the candles and flowers to show them the way home. a way to connect with loved ones and to remember death is nothing to fear. don't forget you can always get news on the go by downloading from google play all the apps store give you access to all the latest news from around the world and
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push notifications for breaking news you can also use the d w up to send us your photos and videos. up next tuesday w. news africa with my katrina state that i'm jarred by. the present bureau at its most fascinating and its most exciting. most creative colorful cliff trying to taste innovation. and charming.


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