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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CET

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using interactive content to inspire people to take our show the audience the series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. cut. play . this is d.w. news live from berlin a new partnership for india and germany chancellor angela merkel and prime minister narendra modi and now a raft of deals as they seek to build closer industrial and strategic ties also coming up on kong demonstrators defiance police ban on protests and issue they say is an emergency call to preserve the city's autonomy are poor spondon is in the
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middle of those demonstrations. and has germany gets ready to celebrate 30 years since the wall came down to match this park project is unveiled here in berlin made up of thousands of colorful streamers with messages of love and peace. played. played. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us are. german chancellor angela merkel and indian prime minister narendra modi have been holding trade talks in delhi the 2 leaders signed a series of agreements strengthening industrial and strategic links modi also announced the 2 countries would work to combat terrorism and extremism but despite the show of unity there are still divisions.
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india's prime minister pulls out all the stops for the german chancellor the woman he likes to describe as a great leader. has come down and kashmir would remain the elephant in the room for much of the day. modi's decision to strip the region of its semi autonomous aetas has sparked outrage there and then they bring pakistan about only doing press conference both sides appear keen to stress what they have in common. rather than what divides them horrible gentlemanly energies and germany's friendly relations are based on core values like democracy and the rule of law this is why we have similar views about the great challenges that face our world or to fight the dangers of terrorism and militancy we will strengthen bilateral and multilateral ties all going to. not be critical while out for mackerel for the
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unapologetic nationalist modi as both sides exchanged more than a dozen by natural memoranda ranging from farming to joint development of artificial intelligence. the only mention of kashmir is when merkel meets the german press before heading to dinner with the prime minister. i 1st like to hear the arguments of the prime minister on this situation for the people that is not sustainable and not good something that surely needs to be improved. i'm going to machall visited the site of 100 my gandhi's cremation as well it's 150 years since the birth of india's father of the nation but this is a ball they look into the past as in contrast to the tangible commitment from both sides to be driving forces of a multilateral future. g.w.s. chief political editor michelle the questioner is covering chancellor merkel's visit she sent us this update on the chancellor's last day in india the german
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chancellor has chosen a car components balance onto the solar powered metro station as a last stops before she heads back to that it's symbolic for germany's focus on the log on top business potential somebody sees here in india the issue of kashmir is something i'm going to raise as well because quite a stir once you describe the situation of people that is unsustainable she also great stick with figures on the event the mode that choice to be remains unapologetic about his clampdown back in these times which india is competing with china to become the most populous state the german approach is that it will take on more responsibility in the future on that the world's largest democracy the wealth of counterweight in times of you political trade. now activists are gathering in hong kong for antigovernment protests today it's the 22nd straight
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weekend of demonstrations today's rally has not given official police permission as it's required but that hasn't deterred thousands of people from taking to the streets police have been stopping and searching those arriving what for what had been billed by organizers as an emergency call for autonomy in the city. the charles and paul joins us now from hong kong where she's covering today's demonstrations so sharlee we can see you are wearing once again a gas mask have the police responded with tear gas already. in the off couple of minutes from the church but to go out into a puck on him so he can tell the people. now murtha welcome the earlier model of the one that's in the pentagon up that many of them have that they didn't cover the lot of walking around me a lot of people having to watch that all the other day about the cold being it
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still illegal and you won't know. what it was but it was the police that have been taking part in all parts of the protests were knocked out a bit today. charged. on protests by think that they would just. sit there at the polls the district council election campaign like it's money that the that made this. gathering local but the more we can come to pick up the fun police see this very different. now charlotte's as we've mentioned it's the 22nd straight weekend of demonstration that's almost half a year is the movement still maintaining its momentum. not only have to point out the number of people the protests like this attract on to the 70 cannot pull from some of them not so much several months ago although
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it's a one rally in particular so that they have talked to 2000000 people out on the streets we haven't seen those numbers still cold a lot of them piss off but yes plates in bottles that we're seeing things like this for example to take out that's been used so different of course father on the side for justice well it's all part helping turn it all by present something that we're seeing today now of course protesters are taking possibly got to like personally i can find the lighting and so i must want to thank you. both so how can we tell the full amount of people with the amount owed money and to the protest movement if they don't keep up among some of them don't keep talking to the street. so close a little over what you're probably conscious that he took the cooking chicken broth and up to 20. soda bottle in the car in the for more autonomy ho hum hum come time
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and people in the dog's fault come across a crack now then one more about right charlotte's health until reporting from hong kong we do hope that you stay safe thank you so much for your reporting. all right let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world and israel has carried out air strikes on a militant training camp in the gaza strip authorities said the raids came in response to 10 rockets fired at israel from gaza most of which were intercepted palestinians say one man was killed in the israeli strikes russian and turkish troops have begun joint patrols on the syrian border this comes after turkey invaded northern syria to drive kurdish militia out of the region and the national says turkish authorities are cracking down on critics of the operation. the temple
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in cave in thailand has reopened one year after 12 young boys and their soccer coach were trapped inside the 3 week plight of the wild boars soccer team gripped the country in the world some 2000 tourists were present for the caves reopening. bosnia has been struggling with an increase in migrant arrivals since neighboring member states sealed their borders more than 7000 migrants mainly from the middle east and asia have settled in the north west to be hunch area many living in the makeshift camp well most of them are hoping to cross the border into croatia and from there travel on to richer countries in north western europe. the red cross has warned about the inhumane conditions in the camp and those could soon worsen with other migrant centers set to close just as winter sets in. this unofficial refugee
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camp serves just one meal a day and to get it means standing in line for hours camp in northern bosnia lies on old landfill whoever isn't housed in the official refugee camps is sent here most of the 700 migrants are men one of them. has often tried to cross the border into croatia but each time he's been caught and sent back to work a problem we don't have enough drinking water and it's so cold here that we can't sleep it rains all the time. the bosnian government plans to build a new official camp to resettle the refugees at camp which 2000000 euros are allocated for the project but no minutes a pallet has been willing to accommodate it so no cite has been found the red cross warns of a dire situation. it's hard to get food into the camp and maintain order one can't guarantee security for our staff any more the situation could escalate because conditions are so stressful for the migrants especially in this cold weather.
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there's no letup to the dispute and 2 communities announced they're about to close the official camps in their regions in mid november besides those stranded in which that means another 2000 refugees on their own including women and children. it's been almost 30 years since the berlin wall came down bringing the divided city back together celebrations are planned across the german capital for next weekend's anniversary and the centerpiece has just been unveiled it's a huge art project that commemorates the many people who made their voices heard in 1989. gansett fishing that full of handwritten massachusetts contending memories and hopes and demands this art installation visions in motion as barlow unsprung book guides commemorates the fall of the book the basic idea there's the physicality of it which is to create
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a surface that is the lightest possible that floats on the wind that creates this this feeling of. something happening that's bigger than yourself you know we're all aware of the wind on our on our skin and you feel it in your hairs in your skin and you know it's happening but become if you become used to it it's like that's just what's there but when you can see it and sense it and hear it and feel it coming and all of a sudden you're aware of a bigger presence around sharon was eager to involve as many people as possible in the workforce installation the organizers color. massachusetts on line on the streets and then workshops with students. this piece of art here is met out of 30000 masses just from people from all over the world explaining what the fall of the virgin wall 30 years ago means to them and what they think should be different today. visions in motion seeks to honor the protest in east germany and 989
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through the massachusetts demonstrators put on their posters demanding freedom and the demolition of the barrier that for so long divided the city that call is one the overnight as of this art installation feel has to be expressed loudly again president somebody often are not we're doing this because we're living in a time when walls are going up again in other parts of the world and because we want to and must confront what we are ready to stand up for today that's more and according to many of the massachusetts people once it fired from our mutual understanding around the world individual thought stud like here turn into a wife that will bring some color to a typical november. first ports news now and tennis currently in a place called one of the czech republic is thought through to the last 4 of the w t a finals after defeating reigning wimbledon champion simona halep over $0.03 of a jones lena in the semifinals after the ukrainian defeated american sophia kennett
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on friday pushed over a quarter of a thrilling 602664 victory over romania's halep to set up a showdown with australia's world number one ashley barty on saturday earlier this year to alina came from a break down and both sets to post a 7576 win over canada should take on a swiss several seed belinda bench also on saturday. well the rugby world cup final gets underway in just under an hour when england take on south africa england are favorites after beating you zealand and australia in the last 2 rounds the fans are making their way into the stadium of the japanese city of yokohama for the big game england are aiming to win their 2nd world cup title a win for south africa would see them lift the trophy for the 3rd time. don't forget you can always get d.w.
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