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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin hong kong police strike early with tear gas to disperse an unsanctioned protest is comes after demonstrators take to the streets in what they say is an emergency call to preserve hong kong so ptolemy our correspondent is in the middle of those protests also coming up a new partnership for india and germany chancellor angela merkel and prime minister narendra modi and now it's a raft of deals as they seek to build closer industrial and strategic ties.
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and as germany gets ready to celebrate 30 years of the wall came down a massive art project is unveiled here in berlin it's made up of thousands of colorful streamers the messages of love and peace. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us police have fired tear gas to break up a fresh round of mass protests in hong kong protesters as some bearing the flags of democratic states had originally planned to build look as an emergency call for otani from china but authorities quickly cracked down on the band gathering this is the 22nd straight weekend of anti-government demonstrations in hong kong.
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database around the chelsea hill is in hong kong covering today's protests so surely we can see you were prepared for the tear gas fired by police you have your mask on but what about the demonstrators did they expect those so early in the day . i think a lot of people taking to the streets marianna none of that there is always the risk of tear gas being kind of police well you know put up the flag of the youth when they're warning that to be going up things about because i think it came as a surprise to a lot of people that they were filing directly into this not a public park particularly since a lot of the protesters what they were doing with still no photo they tried to circumvent the fan on the current us by saying that it was an election meeting out of district council election but i don't think they do that mum thinks that the bill that is such what they were doing remains no full police clearly don't so it
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differently sorry not to go out into the public we saw the number of children what if either to cast people as you are the way the clones running eyes streaming coping with love and the effect of that think as we often name that as well so it's that people have discussed with that part of the mouth and marching down to the streets just behind me at the moment is very quite kelson no one really knows exactly where that should be headed next as police fired tear gas in various different locations usually busy bustling shopping area or quite uncertain at the moment we've seen water kind of falling through the streets as well you do got the sense that police all trying to crack down on this protest as soon as possible before it could even got underway and previous week was only in the evenings that we really saw huge amounts of 2 cars that has now changed police very quick to trying to spur me on thing as possible for a show so it does. seem like this is
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a new tactic by the police striking much sooner that we've seen over the past few weeks but is it going to work are protesters going to be deterred with this very swift and very harsh response by the police. tells us done so far and are going to think he will heal or are used to take out a lot of people come to power the lot of people. like the ones that we're wearing knowledge protect them from the idea that how about taking our local i don't have to cut you off the hook i want to come out of a coming to atlanta to talk to them. all right that was our correspondent charlotte shells and pulled reporting from hong kong where things are starting to get very chaotic and as always for all of our correspondents safety comes 1st so we will be checking in with charlotte's later in the day. moving on to some other news and german chancellor angela merkel and indian prime minister narendra modi have been
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holding trade talks in delhi the 2 leaders signed a series of agreements strengthening industrial and strategic links modi also announced that the 2 countries would work to combat terrorism and extremism but despite the show of unity there are divisions. india's prime minister. hopes of the german chancellor the woman he likes to describe is a great leader he's calmed down in kashmir would remain the elephant in the room for much of the day. modi's decision to strip the region of its semi autonomous states as has sparked outrage there and in the bring pakistan of that only doing press conference both sides appear keen to stress what they have in common. rather than what divides them horrible gentlemanly energies and germany's friendly relations are based on core values like democracy and the rule of law this is why
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we have similar views about the great challenges that face our world or to fight the dangers of terrorism and militancy we will strengthen bilateral and multilateral ties all going to. not be critical while out for mackerel for the unapologetic nationalist modi as both sides exchanged more than a dozen bilateral memoranda ranging from farming to joint development of artificial intelligence. the only mention of kashmir is when merkel meets the german press before heading to dinner with the prime minister. i 1st like to hear the arguments of the prime minister on this situation for the people there is not sustainable and not good something that surely needs to be improved. i'm going to machall visited the site of last my gandhi's cremation as well it's 150 years since the birth of india's father of the nation but this the bali look into the past is in contrast to
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the tangible commitment from both sides to be driving forces of a multilateral future. well chief political editor mission filed that report and she sent us this update on the german chancellor's last day in india the german chancellor has chosen a car components silence solar powered metro station as a last stops before she heads back to its symbolic for germany's focus on the lawsuit on top business potential japanese seas here in india the issue of kashmir is something i'm going to raise as well that caused quite a stir when she described the situation of people that as unsustainable she also made it clear he's fun event the nose at the joints he remains unapologetic about his clampdown. in these times which india is competing with to become the most
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populous state the german hope is that it will take on more responsibility in the future to combat the world's largest democracy the wealth of counterweight in times of you political space. let's get a quick check now of some of the other stories making news around the world israel has carried out air strikes on a militant training camp in the gaza strip authorities said the raids came in response to 10 rockets fired at israel from gaza most of which were intercepted postilion say one man was killed in the israeli strikes. russian and turkish troops have begun joint patrols on the syrian border this comes after turkey invaded northern syria to drive kurdish militia out of the region amnesty international says turkish authorities are now cracking down on critics of the operation. the town long cave in thailand has reopened one year after 12 young boys and their
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soccer coach were trapped inside the 3 week plight of the wild boars soccer team gripped the country and the world some 2000 tourists were present for the caves reopening. to chile now where around a 1000 women have taken to the streets in the capital go to demand justice for those killed in social unrest triggered by a proposed economic reforms chilean government says it will now scramble controversial plan to cut corporate taxes but demonstrations are continuing with more violent clashes between security forces and protesters in rest is fueled by a deep sense of anger over inequality in the latin american nation. a silent but powerful protest chile's women demanding justice for the 120 people who have been killed in the last 2 weeks and the more than 1300 others
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who've been injured. decided march started off another day of demonstrations on this long weekend in chile demonstrations that quickly escalated as tens of thousands on said social media cools to take to the streets and you know from what we are trying to make our pain visible and our inability to continue supporting a system that has also absolutely subjugated an alienated without the possibility of growing as human beings. clashes soon broke houses. the security forces tried to disperse protesters with tear gas and water cannon. the central plaza tahrir square has been the epicenter of the protest movement a place to gather for people who are angry about low salaries and pensions poor public health care and education and a wide gap between the rich and the raised. thank you
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i'd rather die here in the streets fighting than paying off my credit card debt i work in retail because i can't find work in the area i studied i studied audio visual communication and i've never been able to find a job in that area. chile is latin america's wealthiest country on a per capita basis and billionaire president sebastian pinera is the target for many of these angry protesters were there are no words that we can't take this anymore this savage capitalist system. 30 years of savage capitalism's killing us death by starvation where. the government has announced a series of social measures on the cabinet reshuffle to try to appease the demonstrators that cools for president pinera as resignation are growing.
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it's been almost 30 years since the berlin wall came down bringing the divided city back together celebrations are planned across the german capital for next weekend's anniversary and the centerpiece has just been unveiled it's a huge art project that commemorate the many people who made their voices heard in 1989. gansett fishing that full of handwritten massive just contending memories and hopes and demands this art installation visions in motion at bar lines brandenburg aides commemorates the fall of the berlin wall the basic idea there's the physicality of it which is to create a surface that is the lightest possible that floats on the wind that creates this this feeling of. something happening that's bigger than yourself you know we're all aware of the wind on our on our skin and you feel it in your hairs in your skin and you know it's happening but become if you become used to it it's like that's just what's there but when you can see it and sense it and hear it and feel it coming.
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and all of a sudden you're aware of a bigger presence around sharon was eager to involve as many people as possible in the workforce installation the organizers collected massachusetts on line on the streets and workshops with students. this piece of art here is made out of 30000 masses just from people from all over the world explaining what the fall of the virgin wall 30 years ago means to them and what they think should be different today. visions in motion seeks to honor the protest in east germany and 989 through the massachusetts demonstrators put on their posters demanding freedom and the demolition of the barrier that for so long divided the city that call is one the open eyes of this art installation feel has to be expressed loudly again but don't stop it often enough we're doing this because we're living in a time when walls are going up again in other parts of the world and because we
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want to and must confront what we are ready to stand up for today and so i know that's the morning according to many of the mass it is people want to fired from our mutual understanding around the world individual thoughts that like here turn into a wife that will bring some color to a typical november. to soccer now in the friday night when this league a match hoffenheim had no trouble posting a 3 nil victory against struggling pattern bar and roberts golf fired into a free kick from 25 yards less than 2 minutes into the game to put the hosts hoffenheim in the lead to more 1st half goals rounded out the scoreline. oftentimes stay in the top half of the table while potter born remain mired in last place. and before we go there's just time to show you pictures of the 1st meeting since their birth twin panda cubs the siblings were born at berlin zoo at the end of
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august stop say the baby bears which now we just a little over 3 kilos each have already made their 1st attempt at crawling. keepers have been helping their mother mingling with childcare duties as pandas normally nurse only one cup. very cute and cuddly thanks for watching the 30 w. needs. to have. sustainable way. starts november 14th t.w. . look behind the mirror. humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production. but who is monitoring this.


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