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this is tito be unusably live from berlin hong kong police strike earlier firing tear gas to disperse an unsanctioned protest demonstrators again take to the streets in what they say is an emergency call to protect hong kong's independence our correspondent is in the middle of those protests also coming up a new partnership for india and germany chancellor angela merkel and prime minister nuri. announcing a raft of deals as they seek to build closer industrial and strategic times. and
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france are jubilant as south africa or the new rugby bowl champions the spring box put on a dominant display outclassing england 3212 in the final in south africa's 3rd world cup time. a michael ok thanks for joining us police have been firing tear gas in multiple locations in a bid to break up a fresh round of mass protests in hong kong authorities had banned a protest today that was originally billed as an emergency call for autonomy from mainland china police quickly crackdown on that gathering and then did so in other parts of the city as well this is the 22nd straight weekend of anti-government demonstrations in hong kong. is in hong kong covering today's demonstration troll. police started cracking down early on the
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rallies how have protesters from yeah. yeah the 1st rally of the day had been going less than an hour when riot police moved in firing tear gas into a playground a lot of people one really expecting that to happen and they thought that they circumvented the police found on on the march there and that playground by by reframing it by calling it a political meeting a lot of candidates running for this the district council elections later this month were taking part in not rally police those story very differently they made very clear that the protests was on with their eyes and began firing not take us the protesters then spread very quickly through the streets in all directions they were then marching through some of the city's usually biggest shopping area police then met them with another firm response firing tear gas at those prices in multiple different locations
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a lot of policies by bystanders with have been caught up in the take even if we would get we've been walking around here in the last couple of minutes the as still thick with smoke take us make in certain areas now police said that they were firing that a gas they were cracking down in response not only to the father the process was an authorized but they've been saying the protests have been throwing pecial bomb setting fire to barricades we know there's been some vandalism of the prey beijing shops as well including. the offices of the chinese state run news agency shin wa that's been something that people here are talking about a lot to days so again another another violent night on the streets of hong kong. it's become routine to report about these protests $22.00 straight weekends almost half a year the movement still have momentum. we use a routine and yet people. still coming on to the streets weekend after weekend one
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of the reasons for that is that the press has organizes. numerous protests organize this is of course the need of this movement they are always trying to come up with a different reason a different path for protesting on that particular day whether it be a protest against the police handling of this crisis whether it be the pro-democracy protests there is always a different reason one in fact has been protesting against said cats in fact being hit by take is that kind of ability to come to reinvent themselves every weekend that is still drawing crowds on to the street having said that they the numbers of people who are taking to the streets have window there for the last few months a few months ago we saw up to 2000000 people marching through the streets of hong kong we haven't seen anything like that recently a lot of people being put off by the violence on the street the fact the police on authorizing these processes frequently is they as they used to say they are now staying away but this of course is now in its 5th month and
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a lot of people are feeling that they've been out on the streets for so don't now have been so many arrests that they simply cannot give up now a lot of people saying this is a fight for their future is a fight oh fight for the kids they need to be you keeping up as the clock ticks down to 2047 when when hong kong. loses some of it we're told me say they still think it's important to take to the streets if not now then when. hong kong thank you. german chancellor angela merkel and indian prime minister narendra modi have been holding trade talks in delhi the 2 leaders signed a series of agreements strengthening industrial and strategic links also announced that the 2 countries would work to combat terrorism and extremism but despite the show of unity there are divisions. india's prime minister pulls out all the stops of the german chancellor the woman
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he likes to describe as a great leader his clampdown in kashmir would remain the elephant in the room for much of the day. modi's decision to strip the region of its semi autonomous status has sparked outrage there and in the evening pakistan at that only doing press conference both sides appear keen to stress what they have in common rather than what divides them horrible gentlemanly energies and germany's friendly relations are based on core values like democracy and the rule of law this is why we have similar views about the great challenges that face our world or to fight the dangers of terrorism and militancy we will strengthen bilateral and multilateral ties all going to. not a critical word from machall for the unapologetic nationalist modi as both sides exchanged more than a dozen by natural memoranda ranging from farming to joint development of
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artificial intelligence. the only mention of kashmir is when merkel meets the german press before heading to dinner with the prime minister. i 1st like to hear the arguments of the prime minister on this situation for the people that is not sustainable and not good something that surely needs to be in pretty good i'm going to machall visited the site of law as my gandhi's cremation as well it's 150 years since the birth of india's father of the nation but this the bali look into the past is in contrast to the tangible commitment from both sides to be driving forces of a multilateral future. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a raid on a military post in northeastern mali has left $53.00 soldiers and one civilian dead officials are describing it as terrorism if so it would be one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in a country that has suffered years of jihad assaults protestors in iraq have taken
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over an abandoned building in baghdad as a focus of their dissent the growing movement began spontaneously weeks ago on social media with anger against government corruption and a demand for basic services. israel has carried out air strikes on a militant training camp in the gaza strip authorities said the raids came in response to 10 rockets fired at israel from gaza most of which were intercepted palestinian say one man was killed in the israeli strikes the time alone cave in thailand has reopened one year after 12 young boys and their soccer coach were trapped inside the 3 week plight of the wild boars football team gripped the country and the world some 2000 tourists were present for the caves reopening. to chile where around a 1000 women have taken to the streets in the capital santiago to demand justice
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for those killed in social unrest triggered by proposed economic reforms the government says it will now scrap a controversial plan to cut corporate taxes but demonstrations are continuing with more violent clashes between security forces and protesters the unrest is fueled by a deep sense of anger over inequality in the latin american nation. a silent but powerful protest chile's women demanding justice for the 20 people who have been killed in the last 2 weeks and the more than 1300 who have been injured. the silent march started off another day of demonstrations on this long weekend in chile demonstrations that quickly escalated as tens of thousands on said social media calls to take to the streets and you know them we are trying to make our pain visible and our inability to continue supporting
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a system that has lost absolutely subjugated an alienated without the possibility of growing as human beings that will sort of. clashes soon broke out after security forces tried to disperse protesters with tear gas and water cannon. the central plaza tahrir square has been the epicenter of the protest movement a place to gather for people who are angry about low salaries and pensions poor public health care and education and a wide gap between the rich and the raised. thanks i'd rather die here in the streets fighting than paying off my credit card debt i work in retail because i can't find work in the area i studied i studied audio visual communication and i've never been able to find a job in that area. chile is latin america's wealthiest country on a per capita basis and billionaire president sebastian pinera is
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a target for many of these angry protesters were there are no words that we can take this anymore this savage capitalist system. 30 years of savage capitalism is killing us here death by starvation where. the government has announced a series of social measures and a cabinet reshuffle to try to appease the demonstrators that calls for president pinera as resignation are growing. sports news now south africa have won the rugby world cup the springboks defeated england 3212 in the final in yokohama japan. south africa took an early lead in the 1st half with 100 kicking through penalties however the english side made it tight with their own penalty kicks a south african 126 half times in the springboks then took control in the 2nd half to win by 32 points to 12. and joining us now from
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cape town to discuss the rugby world cup is g.w. correspondent adrian krishna adrian i imagine the party's been full throttle for about an hour now how important is this title to south africans absolutely maybe you can hear it's hooting people moving around celebrating motorcades moving around all over the place this was such an important victory for the contract at the end of the day quite clear when i'm just coming from one of the many props and bars that were totally overcrowded today and the mood there was of course very good people told me that this is exactly what this country needed after weeks of rather negative news that economy xenophobic attacks this is finally something positive getting out of south africa and it is a reason to celebrate and the captain of the team has said it's right after the match quite clearly said we have so many problems back home but we are showing the people now what we can achieve when we all stand together give us a sense of how this sport ranks compared to say football.
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i mean football still has a bigger supporter base i would say but rugby has been going through an interesting transformation it's been seen as the sports of the white minority of the white oppressed us during the time of apartheid but then in 1995 when nelson mandela was the president already the walls kept took place right here in south africa and south africa one this was a unifying moment for this country that brought people together and many people are hoping that today is a similar situation. originally the perception is of the white sport but south africa is looking more and more like a truly multi-racial squad do people there talk about the. well they do and still whites dominated but really as i said there was a tremendous transformation to the still ongoing but there's one person one character who really shows the this transformation and that is clearly the captain
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of the team the 1st black captain off the springboks sees such a strong role model for the kids he's somebody who stands for this new south africa not for the old one the young generation he's married to a white woman but he doesn't even want to talk much about this white black things anymore he says we just have to look forward and work together as a country and i think this is a very powerful and important message that this country needs at this point of time . in south africa for us thank you so much. and before we go there's just enough time to show you pictures of the 1st meeting of twin panda cubs since their birth their siblings were born at berlin zoo at the end of august staff say the baby bears which each now wait just a little over 3 kilometer kilograms i'm sorry have already made their 1st attempts at crawling keepers have been helping their mother mainak with childcare duties since pandas normally nurse only one cup.
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coming up next night grooves this week veteran german band city performed the biggest rocket to come out of east germany they're joined by internet sensation american violinist lindsey sterling i'll be back at the top of the hours always with more news see you soon. coming. to the adventures of the famous naturalist and explore. jerusalem the bridge of some fun while it's 250th birthday. barging on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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