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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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13 years after the fall of. november night w. . this is g. w. news a live from berlin 2 years cheers and dancing across south africa as the country's rugby team is crown new world champions the springboks put on a dominant display out fasting england to capture their 3rd world cup title also coming. hong kong police fired tear gas and deployed water cannons to disperse an unsanctioned protest demonstrators again take to the streets in what they say is an emergency call to protect hong kong's autonomy our correspondent is in the middle
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of those protests. and has germany gets ready to celebrate 30 years since the wall came down and a massive art project is unveiled here in berlin thousands of colorful streamers with messages of love and peace. a michael thanks for joining us south africa have won there the men's rugby world cup the team known as the springboks sprung a surprise by defeating favorites england 3212 in the final in yokohama japan sparking celebrations across south africa in johannesburg south africans came together to celebrate the country's 3rd world cup win and there was joy and so went out township where the victory had special significance after he became the 1st.
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black captain to lift the men's trophy for south africa the springboks came into the game as underdogs but 100 pala kicked 4 penalty to give them a 1st half lead a subdued england kept themselves in the contest but 2 tries from south africa in the 2nd half sealed the try and. our correspondent. in south africa where he met fans right after the net. what a performance of the springboks during that wall stop and what a clear victory in the finals in the end of the day and kept on but also throughout the country the celebrations have now started because this is the good news that south africa was desperately waiting for. the you. were. wounded 6 but suddenly wouldn't you. can see united we shall be. out of it the way you.
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know it is a very big picture because you have so united country it's keeps. looking loves you see you need to. do doesn't need to be a moment because the economy's not do very well i think this will have on you know 3 people to get up and come to know. such that it's simply civic saw that a nation needed because we did. what he has long been seen as the sports of wides people of the white oppress us during the apartheid signed but and 9951 year after the end of apartheid the team won the title here in south africa and nelson mandela gave them the cup it was a huge celebration and have brought the nation together and many people are hoping that now in 2019 the same saying could happen again and the symbol the person of the victory. the 1st black captain off the springboks a role model for
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a lot of young people in this country and right after the end of the match she addressed the crowd and said look we have so many problems back home in south africa we have trying to show you what we can achieve if we all united if we all stand together. hong kong police have fired volleys of tear gas to disperse protesters filling the streets with clouds of noxious gas pro-democracy demonstrators set fire to street barricades in metro stations and vandalized targets linked to china protests against china's perceived meddling in hong kong's freedoms have now entered their 22nd straight week beijing has indicated it may now tightening its grip on the chinese territory. you have these protests as a furious even off to 22 straight weekends of demonstrating this protest was dubbed an emergency coolth increased autonomy. that beijing says it will not
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tolerate any challenge to hong kong system of government. the unrest started in victoria park on saturday a traditional venue for rallies and vigils all thought i think it is all about the 5 demands we cannot accept one less. on a peaceful rally like today the police should not fire tear gas. but police work quickly used to gas which pushed thousands on to government protesters towards the central business district and streets lined with banks and top end jewelry and fashion shows became a battlefield. this rally was not given official police commission as is required by lol dozens of arrests were made and yes another weekend protest in hong kong descended into chaos.
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phil is in hong kong covering today's crackdown charlotte police started firing tear gas pretty early on what's the effect been. at this 1st round to take and came to our own city fans rally of the day but on the way they fired straightens with calm when people were gathering they believe that the president has tried to flee and that is the reason behind the rally the police didn't run mission for it they said that they would take part in the political gathering of that meeting at a district council elections later this month the police believe that story very differently now wouldn't that it was on the on the rise phrase aspiring to take us sitting down people is united on the street to keep the shopping district plan i'm standing right now for that on the caps announced a bully think it's the police and protesters is a huge amount of tear gas on the streets here at 6 o'clock and he praises you it
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still has something taken as a spy just a short time ago it's to clear this area really has been quite strong crackdown from police state very keen to china and stop its praises to having the forward either really go that's not going to play. there's been almost fired. months of disruption in hong kong at this point are there any signs the pro-democracy movements losing any momentum. the streets that you have people coming out of sequence in the streets every weekend just a few months ago when i won my set up 60. 4 on the street not the place not like it seems a lot of people think they don't buy that but that is happening. and the police will say to the rising here it is a lot of priests getting crazy concerned about the coming arrested she should be
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arrested she should have been arrested she's crazy become out on saturday it is easy and the message is dying down and still loves people that we fight for the free democracy that was a lot of people running to place to support the movement without being on the front lines without taking on some of the clashes happening on the streets a lot of these prove democracy protests to safety they went by plunged into this protest rally now this is the flight from hong kong egypt they fear that if they continue now when they. lose the chelsea and fill in hong kong thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world an attack on a military post in northeastern mali has left $53.00 soldiers and one civilian dead authorities believe the assailants have links to the so-called islamic state and are likely to have fled toward the nearby border with it's the 2nd major assault on the country's military in a month. protesters in iraq have taken over
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a deserted building in baghdad as a focus for their dissent the growing movement began spontaneously weeks ago on social media with anger against government corruption and a demand for basic services. chancellor angela merkel has wrapped up her 2 day visit to india on saturday to merkel spoke to the indows german chamber of commerce the chancellor's trip focused on furthering economic cooperation between the 2 countries germany is set to spend over 1000000000 euros on green mobility projects as part of a partnership with india. chief political editor. is covering anglo-american visit she sent us this update on the chancellor last day in india the german chancellor has chosen a car components palance on the soda powered metro station as a last stops before she heads back to its symbolic germany's focus on the losses on
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top business potential somebody sees here in india he's here with me is something i'm going to raise this well that caused quite a stir when see despite the situation of people that as unsustainable she also did with india's money in the end the nobody at that point did that he remains unapologetic about his clampdown that in these times with india competing with china to become the most populous state the german hope is that it will take on more responsibility in the future on that the world's largest democracy will overwhelm the counterweight in times of do you political change. in the business leaders late game on saturday the 2 teams from berlin will lock horns in across town darby west berlin who have been a familiar presence in the top flight for decades will pay a visit to east berlin on the hosts are playing in their 1st ever season in the
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bundesliga making this showdown something truly special for the german capital. only on berlin's training ground has been abuzz with activity the newly promoted team is ready for the showdown with cross-town rivals herit. they beat fribourg in the german cup on tuesday and now it's time for the darby. derby eastland mall i don't be is a dumpy but the city's top is a bit more special i'm expecting an awesome encounter. kolisch feel i think it's important to find the right balance. being being aggressive and staying cool. coolness 30 years ago just days after the fall of the berlin wall thousands of fans from the east made the pilgrimage to olympic stadium to see 2nd division side hair among them many only on supporters at the time it was
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a special east west fan friendship but what happens on the pitch will be the main focus in the 1st one just league clash between the 2 clubs. despite all of the tension in both camps but at the end of the day it's all about keeping a cool head about trying to put in the best light as a city city at least to get. on saturday night at the altar 1st of all i wear lin we'll find out whether oneone or hair are number one in the german capital. it's been almost 30 years since the berlin wall came down bringing the divided city together celebrations are planned across the german capital for next weekend's anniversary and the centerpiece has just been unveiled. it's gonna take fishing nad full of hand-written massive ships contending memories and hopes and demands this art installation visions in motion at darlene's
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brandenburg aides commemorates the fall of the berlin wall the basic idea there's a physicality of it which is to create a surface that is the lightest possible that floats on the wind that creates this this feeling of. something happening that's bigger than yourself you know we're all aware of the wind on our on our skin and you feel it in your hairs in your skin and you know it's happening but become if you become used to it it's like that's just what's there but when you can see it and sense it and hear it and feel it coming. and all of a sudden you're aware of a bigger presence around sharon was eager to involve as many people as possible in the work force installation the organizers collected massachusetts on line on the streets and then workshops with students. this piece of art here is made out of fair 2000 masses just from people from all over the world extending what the fall of the virgin wall 30 years ago means to them and what they think should be
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different today. visions in motion seeks to honor the protest in east germany and 989 through the massachusetts demonstrators put on their posters demanding freedom and the demolition of the barrier that for so long divided this city that call is one the overnight as this of this art installation feel has to be expressed loudly again but even from it often are not we're doing this because we're living in a time when walls are going up again in other parts of the world and because we want to and must confront what we are ready to stand up for today that's morning according to many of the mass it's just people want to fired from our mutual understanding around the world individual thoughts that like here turn into a wife that will bring some color to a typical november. and before we go there's just enough time to show you pictures of the 1st meeting of twin panda cubs since their birth the siblings were born at berlin zoo at the end of august staff say the baby bears which each now
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wait just a little over 3 kilograms have already made their 1st attempts at cloning keepers have been helping their mother main man with childcare duties since pandas normally nurse only one cup you're all caught up on news more news of course as always at the top of the hour thanks for watching the. markets.


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