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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2019 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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well you. get. this is d.w. news live from above then the tears cheers and dancing across south africa as the national rugby team a crowd of world champions the springboks put on display tossing england to capture the world cup time also on the top of the program police in hong kong use tear gas and water cannons to disperse rationing crowds as protesters return to the streets in what they say is an emergency call to protect the territories all taught. from the wrongs of iraq bring extremism in the eastern german city just dressed and
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prompts the council to declare i not see emergency. i'm phil gal welcome to the program. south africa have won the men's rugby world cup in japan the springboks sprang a surprise by defeating favorites england 3212 in the final in yokohama sparking celebrations across south africa this was the scene in johannesburg as people celebrated the country's 3rd world cup when. there was joy in so as a township where the victory had special significance after see a can he see became the 1st black captain to lift the men's trophy for south africa the springboks and to the game as underdogs but 100 pollak kicked for penalties to give them a 1st half lead a subdued england kept themselves in the contest for 2 tries from south africa in
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the 2nd half sealed the win. you know because one and i do increase folk with fans in cape town after the match. what a performance of the springboks during that waltz cup and what a clear victory in the finals in the end of the day and kept on but also throughout the country the celebrations have now started because this is the good news that south africa was desperately waiting for. the river. reading. room 6 to do good when you. can see united we shall be. out of it the way you. know it is a very big picture because you have so united country it keeps. looking at lives you see you need to. do that is only to the moment because the economy's not do
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very well i think this will have on you know 3 people to get up and come to know. that it's simply. nation needed we did. what he has long been seen as the sports of wides people of the white oppress us during the apartheid sign but in 19951 year after the end of apartheid the team won the title here in south africa and nelson mandela gave them the cup it was a huge celebration and the broader the nation together and many people are hoping that now in 2019 the same saying could happen again and the symbol the person of the victory is. the 1st black captain of the springboks a role model for a lot of young people in this country and right after the end of the match she addressed the crowd and said look we have so many problems back home in south africa we're trying to show you what we can achieve if we all united if we all
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stand together. during creation of forcing police in hong kong have used tear gas to break up rising by black clad pro-democracy protesters and demonstrators set fire to street barricades in metro stations and vandalized targets linked to china protests against china's perceived meddling in hong kong freedoms have now entered their 22nd week beijing has indicated that it may now tighten its grip on its semi autonomous territory. have these protesters a furious even after 22 straight weekends of demonstrating this protest was dubbed an emergency cool for increased autonomy. that beijing says it will not tolerate any challenge to hong kong's system of government. the unrest started in victoria park on saturday the traditional venue for rallies and vigils. i think it
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is all about the 5 demands we cannot accept one less. on a peaceful rally like today the police should not fire tear gas. but police work quick to use tear gas which push thousands phantom government protesters towards the central business district and streets lined with banks and top end jewelry and fashion stores became a battlefield. this rally was not given official police commission as is required by law dozens of arrests were made and yes another weekend protest in hong kong descended into chaos. d.w. correspondent charlotte chelsea tell was in the middle of the protests and witnessed the police crackdown at 1st hand these riot police just behind me just go on through the 3100. nothing stopping district they were clearing out any
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remaining protesters who were thrown on the 13th thank fired multiple rounds and to make afghanistan to go look. at the night it was the one for a good but a good record was to grab the crowd to the gun to their own very quick to crack down on the kurds are a lot of them also to the world trying to guard into a park not in can quote character in. story who are looking you know right the people who are taking part in on all the wrong rollo plato because i think we're going to turn to dr all of love we brits were though forgot that you are you know them also thank. god the power comes on during. the love story was that night we were not. challenged. at least in german city of dresden has become known in recent years for hunting muslim protest and xenophobia this week the city council passed a resolution stating that it was dealing with
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a nazi emergency it was proposed by a member of a satirical party but was it a serious political initiative or a symbolic stunt. dresden capital of the state of saxony is famous for its cultural attractions but the city is also known for images like this is. a far right racist organization called piggy has held protests here for the past 5 years attacks on foreigners and a mosque have prompted the debate about a so-called nazi emergency a satirical political group called simply the party has filed an official motion with the city council to address the situation. since every chance to address this problem even though they've known for years that it can't be denied. we say down with right wing extremist ideas we won't talk to nazi i say. that's out of the question. the initiative has been controversial
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in the city council many members agree with the motions intent but not the way it was formulated. only after the document was completely rewritten was accepted by a majority of political parties in the council but the heading not see a merchant with a question mark could not be changed for legal reasons. it's provocative but our committee does take a clear stand to support people who are against racism and anti-semitism we don't want these far right agitator so in our city any more. as of. early have something undesirable here. these protests come from the far right fringe and have an extremist background. that concerns us.
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approved by the city council isn't going to change anything. based on the. the christian democrats reject the initiative as does the far right alternative for germany party both call for a condemnation of every kind of extremism including from the far left they say nazi emergency is an exaggerated term and they're not alone in this response the city's tourist dissociation says the declaration is a heavy blow to dresden. let's get more on this from the piece of pizza so the city council declared this nazi emergency now but right wing extremism is no a new problem. that's exactly right and you know we're coming up on the 30th anniversary of the fall the wall and we're seeing kind of what should've been a cause for celebration here in germany being overshadowed by the rise of the far right as we're seeing right now it's triggered a spirited debate about how this was possible you know germany has been
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a lot of time and money and energy trying to learn from mistakes of the nazi era but for many germans of my generation the nazis never went away you know they put on different clothes and then they started patrolled the streets with baseball bats terrorize people look different and that different believe and that is a story that's been told right now here on german twitter using the hash tag baseball actually that translates as the baseball bat years so we have journalist from the german weekly did cite who shares her account of a night of a clip of brandenburg outside of berlin saying when i was 18 in a club in britain working within seconds i was around a group of blondes and skinheads a woman began hitting me then the others followed minutes later i was thrown out of the club injured. another german journalist christian folks sharing his experience growing up in eastern in the eastern german state of the ranges saying via 1907 early evening a friend and i are cruising through the desperate zone in a rickety bike suddenly a group of scared that's appeared square pulled me from my bike and start hitting
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a kick kicking me while i'm on the ground scared to death so. dozens and dozens of stories like this that make clear that this is not a new phenomenon this happened throughout the ninety's early 2001 of a lot of these stories have in common is a refusal by the authorities by the people in charge to acknowledge the scope of the problem and to really act on it and take it seriously but a lot has changed since the ninety's so why is it this this right wing violence making a comeback now. well i think it's a combination of many things obviously one of the. defining moments that a lot of people have been pointing to is obviously i call americans friends of americans decision to let in hundreds and thousands of refugees in 2015. a lot of germans particularly as to who. they felt left behind in the wake of the fall of the wall saying well if germany can now you know take care of them that why
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can't they take care of that so in a way this believe that that legitimized basing a phobia and hostility and racism. but i think that is one of the one explanation what we're seeing obviously is germans mimicking something that we've been seeing unfolding throughout europe in the u.s. which is the far of the rise of the nationalist movements in france and denmark where i'm from and so i think germans have maybe if anything been a bit late to the game if you will this is certainly not something that is new in germany but it is something that germans have taken. where it's not been seen as respectable in a sense and i think a lot of the movements that we've seen across europe have made that more respectable and that's given rise to this to this movement to pizza dough thank you .
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5 defeat. for the. creasing pressure after 3 title rivals. could not believe his eyes tang was sent off after just 10 minutes to continue his sorry run of form. frankfurt took full advantage of having a man more and philip cost it gave the hosts the lead on 25 minutes some strike from the serbian. the eagles kept up the pressure and less than 10 minutes later it was 2 nil djibril so with his 1st goal of the campaign. champions byron could not get in the game until red hot striker robert leavened off
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skeet cut the deficit the pole has netted an incredible 14 league goals already. but frankfurt came out for the 2nd half with renewed vigor and it was 31 through. byron kept in manuel neuer again with no chance and just after the hour mark much in him to increased frankfurt's lead with a header. rounded out the 51 win in the 85th minute which some fine work from andres laying it on a stunning victory for the home side as byron suffered their worst league loss in 10 years after such a heavy defeat by his former coach is now under increasing pressure. to back. national football
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player time to make sure that so women get to take part in school i'm going to. come ah. it's all happening coach of a free country tour linked to news from africa the moral code your links to exceptional stories and discussions genuine love comes after going program tonight from one gentleman from the news of the zito i would say do demos come smash africa the 1st join us on facebook at g.w. africa.


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