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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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this is d.w. newsline from ballet in tears cheers and dancing across south africa as the national rugby team world champions the springboks put on a dominant display outclassing england to capture their 3rd cup title also on the program. police in hong kong used tear gas and water cannon to disperse rioting crowds as protesters for terms of the streets and what they say is an emergency call to protect the territories autonomy. and the germany's funders they get champions find in munich take a 51 thrashing in front for the world's last but 10 years least coach nico coach
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under increasing pressure. i'm still got welcome to the program. south africa have won the men's rugby world cup in japan the springboks sprung a surprise by defeating favorites england 3212 in the final in yokohama sparking celebrations across south africa this was the scene in johannesburg as people celebrates the country's 3rd world cup when. there was joy in this town shared rather victory had special significance after c. a can lease he became the 1st black captain to lift the men's trophy for south africa the springboks and had the game as underdogs but 100 palatka. penalties to
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give them. subdued england themselves in the contests 2 tries from south africa 2nd sealed the way. correspondent i do increase spoke with fans in cape town after the match. what a performance of the springboks during that 'd waltz cup and what a clear victory in the finals in the end of the day and kept on but also throughout the country the celebrations have now started because this is the good news that south africa was desperately waiting for. the i. read. room 6 but suddenly good look at. this. weekend's united we shall be. out of it the way you. know it is a very big picture because you have so united country it's kids. looking live you
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can see you need to. do that as only to the moment because the economy's not do very well i think this will have on you know 3 people to get up and come to know. such that it's simply civic saw. how we did it. what he has long been seen as the sports of whites people of the white oppress us during the apartheid sign but a 9951 year after the end of apartheid the team won the title here in south africa and nelson mandela gave them the cup it was a huge celebration and the broader the nation together and many people are hoping that now in 2019 the same saying could happen again and the symbol the person of the victory. the 1st black captain off the springboks a role model for a lot of young people in this country and right after the end of the match. she
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addressed the crowd and said look we have so many problems back home in south africa we have trying to show you what we can achieve if we are all united if we all stand together. to. uphold called weapon nice of use tear gas to break up rising by black clad pro-democracy protesters demonstrates a set fire to street barricades around metro stations and attack the local office of china's news agency protests against china's perceived meddling in hong kong freedoms of now and today 22nd week beijing has indicated that it may now tighten its grip on its semi autonomous territory. clouds of tear gas fill central hong kong as the democracy protesters gathered for a 22nd 2 week they were met with the forceful police response.
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to the mob i think it frightened some people what i think it makes more people hate the police i know my. it creates more hatred and or up i took out a loan. and that animosity was clear as the 2 sides classed and the central business district. officers firing tear gas and rubber bullets and some demonstrators destroying public property they chaos house battered hong kong's reputation as a secure financial hub the feeling to know all of. the money the loot are you got to do something that's true right now are you that don't look at our notes will come up to the people that. saturday's rally although not legally sanctioned started out peacefully in victoria park but police were showing no tolerance firing tear gas on the cloud. the clashes then moved to
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the central business district police arrested dozens of people to filling beijing's promise to tighten controls mainland china shows no signs that it will meet calls for greater democratic freedoms while hard core demonstrators are adamant they won't leave the streets until their demands are met. to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 13 people have been killed in a car bomb attack on a syrian town bordering turkey the turkish defense ministry has blamed kurdish fighters for the attack on i've been at the time was captured by turkey last month when i launched its offensive to push kurdish forces out of northeast and send. an attack on the militia post in northeastern mali has left $53.00 soldiers and one civilian dead authorities believe the assailants a link to the so-called islamic state and unlikely to have fled to towards the nearby border with news yeah this is the 2nd major assault on the country's
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military inside of months. protesters in iraq have taken over a deserted building in baghdad as a focus for their dissent the growing movement began weeks ago on social media fueled by anger against and government corruption and has in mind for basic services. and israel has carried out air strikes against the militants a training camp in the gaza strip said the rates were in response to 10 rockets fired at israel from gaza most of which were intercepted palestinian say one man was killed in the israeli strikes. now the government in chile is backing away from plan to cut corporate taxes the move follows more than 2 weeks of protests calling for a far reaching reform demonstrates is that amount higher wages improved health care and better pensions an increasing number of senior citizens and joining the protests which have shaken the country and led to the cancellation of 2 major international summits in the capital santiago. angry senior citizens have joined
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the protest on the streets of santiago they say their pensions are too low to live on. i want better pensions for my children and grandchildren it's sad to think about their future now chileans are upset because the politicians don't know how we feel. sorry look i support the protest but not the violence that what happened at the moment. clashes have broken out between demonstrators and police in the 2 beaks since the protests began. 17 year old maria luisa navarro is among those who want to see an end to private pensions she's calling for public investment in retirement funds instead. that might have been similarly that my pension is so low
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that i had no choice i have to keep working so i can't go out much or take a vacation you know when you know peaceful twilight years for me. to lay and president sebastian pinera is launching social reforms as an antidote to the protests but a majority of demonstrators are calling for his resignation and a change to chile's constitution. of the bundesliga football now because of the 5 warm defeated i'm trucked to frankfurt it's their worst loss for 10 years while many of the 4th is to tell us what welcome voc that biotin a bit of a mess yes they are i mean the down and forethought now and things are not right there's been 2 defeats so far this season after only 10 games 3 drawls nico coverts the coach yeah he's under a bit of pressure i mean that's done his self you know the worst defeat in 10 years but also that conceded 16 goals in 10 games that's the most in 11 years we can have
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a look at the match highlights now and see how bad it was about a minute today. byron coach nico cove could not believe his eyes jerome boateng was sent off after just 10 minutes to continue his sorry run of form. frankfurt took full advantage of having a man moore and philip cost which gave the hosts the lead on 25 minutes some strike from the serbian. the eagles kept up the pressure and less than 10 minutes later it was 2 nil djibril so with his 1st goal of the campaign. champions byron could not get in the game until the red hot striker robert leaven doff ski cut the deficit the pole has netted an incredible 14 league goals already . but frankfurt came out
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for the 2nd half with renewed vigor and it was 31 through to have it up by and kept him manuel neuer again with no chance and just after the hour mark martin hinted a guy increased frankfurt's lead with a header. the end surrounded out the 51 win in the 85th minute which some find work from andre silva laying it on a stunning victory for the home side as byron suffered their worst league loss in 10 years after such a heavy defeat by his former side coach kobayashi is now under increasing pressure . yeah tell us about this pressure yeah i mean what's count against in is that. the president is a big fan of nico. stepping down in just a few weeks and. is then going to be a power broker and it's kind of well documented that he doesn't have
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a great working relationship with kovacs so that could make things difficult for the croatian on the plus side for him he was in exactly the same situation this time last season. everyone thing always going to be fired oh are all over the place and at the end of the season he won a league and cup double which was pretty nifty in his 1st season in charge so he can say look i got a mess last season i can do it again this campaign and also what is kind of going for him is that things are going well in europe they've won all 3 games so far and they'd be illin p.r. course on wednesday they will qualify for the last 16 of the champions league booked if that game goes badly then the pressure will intensify and if we go back to the blunders they got the probably has is that he's 3 main rivals for the title one today we can actually bring up the results now to see how the of the teams did in the blunders they get and the glass back on top and they got a tight win overlay because in their dortmund most of those with books 1st defeat
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avi like to absolutely tranced mind 8 mill so it's very tight at the top but by and not at that top and things are not right there but i think they will give him time just because he managed to turn things around last season there were so there were we've also seen that in the 1st top flight to darby between the. lead that was won by a mule but there were some unsavory scenes yes indeed there with led's frona on to the pitch actually directed seemingly at the bench is where the coaches and substitutes are sat and the players actually had to go off the field for a number of moments and then there was some scenes at the end where some fans came on to the pitch with masks it's not something we see very often in gym football this is the 1st top flight darby between these 2 burly inside so it's a very big thing and the only is the 1st of the year in the top flight bundesliga so their fans were very much hope for it and they won the game with a late controversial penalty but there will definitely be some sort of comeback
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some follow up to what happened at the union stadium tonight because it was very unsavory indeed movement of a dubious thank you. so. coming up next world's soras the week in the local displaced kurds calling for a home run the bases names the information. website that's dot com for. more world news at the top. of the.
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