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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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come to. discover your concept discovered with the boss. a school. teacher after 100 years as the ideals of the bombs are more relevant today than they were a. 100 years ago visionaries reshaped things to come because
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people understood design is a way of shaping society. about half a dozen cassella current. with ideas that are part of our future somehow a part of. a. small part documentary starts november 14th d.w. . let's begin with match day kids fans were hoping the all berlin derby would be a classic because the book is the good stuff like has never had it in the class in the capital city. oh see here to. bear the race to the top of the table is all on with lots of lead heavy way. as with toe to toe table leaders club pot has
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to be thirsty for 3 at labor couzin if they wanted to maintain pole position and will stop in germany's financial capital frankfurt where the eagles were looking to appraise all their old coach pico kovach and buyer will the defending champions bring their a game. welcome to the but as they get here or d w i'm chris harrington buyer munich's thomas newlove was expected to make his 500 appearance for the club against the frankfurt eagles but byron at the moment have more on their minds than milestones nico kobach called byron's attitude all wrong after their last outing we all know their defense is damaged and frankfurt have a conflict case hit a collective noun for eagles looking to exploit buyers weak spots the eagles have scored in every league match this season and have yet to be defeated at home could
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frank for push biron further from the throw. niko kovac has been feeling the heat lately with byron off the pace in the league so it was hardly the ideal time for a trip to his former club frankfurt and try to have the best darn record in the league going into the game and just 9 minutes in by and we're already in trouble gonzalo past the n.c.r. head through and drew a foul from jerome bowen saying the veteran sense about it was the last man so the referee had no choice but to show him a red card a man down and in the 25th minute by and were a goal down to thanks to phillip cost it. the serbian wing of pounced on a deflection and placed a perfect 1st time finish past month while neuer. about 10 minutes later it was 2 nil when a stunning move ended with jabril so firing into the back post. thanks again profited from a deflection but stories finish was clinical that word almost always applies to
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robert leaven dusty 2 and by and 0 got them back in the game the poll showed phenomenal skill and strength to continue his record of scoring in every bundesliga game this season and half the deficit before half time. but after the break frankfurt made the extra man count 1st that it ever had made it 31. the sense about scoring his 1st goal of the season after by and again at the back post on guardian then just after the hour mark frankfurt made it for one martin hints at converting a corner to put frankfurt injury in land and with 5 minutes to go buy ins humiliation was complete. the fans could hardly believe their eyes but frankfurt had taken by in a parts and very silver dance through the box and set up hacienda. the 51 scoreline made this by and worst defeat since 2009 and their supporters let the players know
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exactly how they felt. but while it was a day to figure. then for the hosts this much will live long in the memory. by you know in berlin in the head so are familiar foes that have faced each other a few times in the 2nd division but never on germany's main stage you know a newly promoted side fueled by unwavering spirit have already proved they can punch above their weight but there's more to stake than 3 points here potentially this fixture could help convert berlin into a football tell but there have to be fireworks on the pitch to spark that interest . you and by then fans brought out the best fan as far give me the biggest game in the history that is zajac to slay city rivals hats taking a page out of greek mythology just 3 minutes into the 1st top flight davi between the teams christof and then struck the post it stayed the best chance of the 1st
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half. both teams were cancelling each other out in an encounter but the hosts were generally on top. but in the 2nd half unsavory scenes spoiled the bill in davi it appeared to be had a fancy 5 flairs on the pitch the referee was forced to hold again temporarily and technical teams back down the tunnel to safety. once the situation of come down slightly it was time for football again that is dedrick but yet it was adjudged to a final kristie and. i did think it will one even after a video review. substitute sebastian post i didn't care he took his chance on 87 minutes to become the hero of the evening for the own fans wasn't the best of penalties but no one in the home stands at the outset 1st of all i can add was shortly afterwards the whistle blew with me own
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celebrations were overshadowed more for. as rain down on the pitch from the hats and. then when you players were forced to pacify that own insurance plans. it was still time for a poxy we'll have the $1000000000.00 the bragging rights. have less on their plate after being kicked out of the german cup thanks to dog made the foals only let the but as they get tabled by a nose but at labor couzin the leaders did enough to increase that lead 18 minutes in blockbuster marcus to romp teed up oscar vent to tap into an empty net an open the story but 7 minutes later lucas a loreal put kevin fall and threw it he got the better of you on summer to equalize for labor cruising well above the regained the lead before half time thanks to
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marcus to rob patrick a monster in the ball for to rob to get his 5th goal in 6 games simply put the french mint is on fire. now let's get to the other games on saturday starting with 2 teams in the top half to open and will spur the 2 sides had a different german comeback story leading into this match the wolves were still licking their wounds after their 61 defeat to rb live 6 while dortmund were all smiles after squeezing past glove box if momentum matters will spur could be on the verge of their 1st defeat. 5th place hosted 4th as dortmund welcomed an unbeaten will spur to the west challenge study on despite the wolves ferocious form so far this season it was dortmund who drew 1st blood have been hazards composed strike giving the black and yellow the 2nd half lead and they pounced again just 6 minutes later rafael guerrero squeezing this every team from the tightest of angles
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a coolly taken mario goodes a penalty wrap things up in the 88th minute 3 nil the final score was spurred finally peter. piot flying freiburg got off to a nightmare start in braman meal reshoots or curling home with composure in the 9th minutes. because of an winner's 4th goal of the campaign. but a goal keeping blunder gave freiburg a way back in on the 28th minute. meals pietersen the beneficiary of an absolute howler from his you have lanka. brush it so it was at the heart of things again when braman regained the lead on the hour mark taylor dog every selassie with a pinpoint header. and things went from bad to worse for friday when yannick cabrera put his marching orders for this elbow on davey class nevertheless freiburg would stun the is
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a study on with the latest of equalizes mills pietersen the hero again in the 93rd minute she point surrendered for flooring who failed their brain and. it was smiles all round between the coaches ahead of light 6 clash with minds that's was about to change for one of them. it took just 5 minutes for leipsic to score marcel submits a poking home a team of yellow cross. it was to nil after half an hour then are applying the finishing touch this time by a christopher pile driver made it 3 off to 35 minutes. god and marcel house them bag slots 800 soon after the full meal was the 5th arrived just before half time you should house and this time god and vanna grabbed a 2nd soon after the restart was 6 nailed to light seeing butts light went on then nobody will care he's had an 87 to 50 minutes was before i defensive mix up gifted
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like seek and i am final goal was to cut the biggest if you will or here's a look at all of the results so far from bad states in frankfurt preyed on by our big time 51 winning that when the berlin darby with the home side you knew own way laver couzin failed to glide by dortmund down the walls perk as you just saw life molly whopped mights by 8 goals brave may share the spoils of freiburg on friday night hoffenheim had a cakewalk victory against regulation part of born. here we see possible cutter of big feet in the long ball the year get a look at dia in the dutchman scored in phones home to tell his family about it make it 3 nil with only 26 minutes gone to him that have rounded out the scoreline in a dominate win for hoffenheim. or in 2 more games on sunday to superpose cologne
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and shell to go to out for to complete the match day let's take a look at the table to see what's changed gladbach get a bit more cushion in the hole go into the number one spot for the 4th straight match day dortmund and life's a climb to 2nd and 3rd buyer drop down so to freiburg and the wolves but frankfurt and hoffenheim are now as you can see in the top path down at the bottom nothing has changed but things could if these sides 3 from the bottom with the exception of part of boyd pick up maximum points on sunday. well you told us what you like the most and your play of the day is you know in berlin sebastian porter thanks to your vote on twitter with 40 percent. to converge at the berlin darby's only go from the spot giving you all the victory on their homepage and pure pandemonium as you can see everywhere as if they just won the title called penalty is your play of the day
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that's full time for us from here on the ball as they go will be back on sunday to close out the match day we'll leave you with the best saves from the games so far for me and the rest of the team handball and darko appealing.
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deals in crash fox wagons can be oakum top function of its popular crossing of the s.u.v. . time emissions free show me to my way and i'm going to eco friendly supermini. trying to. come. teetotally. personally with wonderful people and stories that make the games so special.
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that such. 30 minutes on d w. after the fall of the berlin wall nov 9th on d w. hello and welcome to drive with a d w motor magazine this time we go off road with a mitsubishi l 200. take a spin in a rare classic they're all magic lawrence. and look at who shows new tool.


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