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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2019 6:00am-6:15am CET

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this is e w news live from by a car bomb test through a marketplace in a town only syria turkey border killing more than a dozen people the syrian town of tel aviv was captured by turkey last month in an offensive to drive out kurdish forces with locals forced to flee also coming up police in hong kong used tear gas and water cannon to disperse rising crowds of protesters returned to the streets in what they say is an emergency call to protect the territories autonomy. and tears cheers and dancing across south africa as the
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national rugby team crowned well champions the springboks put on a dominant display facing england to capture their 3rd world cup title. i'm at home for a glad you could join me at least 13 people have been killed in a car bomb attack on a syrian town bordering turkey and was captured by turkey last month when i incur no action offensive to push kurdish forces out of northeastern syria it wants to set up a buffer zone in the border region where it plans to resettle syrian city refugees who are currently living in turkey. soon after the car bomb tore through a marketplace in tel aviv thought the turkish defense ministry laid the blame with kurdish fighters. it's one of the front mines of the turkish military incursion
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launched last month an incursion that's driven kurdish militias and residents from the area. turkey says the operation is necessary to secure its borders and enable the safe return of syrian refugees. but it means an uncertain future for the syrian kurds who took to the streets of their defacto capital commish lee on saturday to voice their opposition. among that we'll call on the international community to help us bring back the displaced to the villages and to the towns of russell lying and tell thomas and to dr taqi from all and it is by jodi meant that given let them have a good buddy of. syria's kurds are concerned the turkish plan to resettle refugees in northern syria is actually an ethnic cleansing operation designed to push them out of the area they've now lost control of their some a autonomy this region and fear what may come next.
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well police in hong kong have used tear gas to break out writing by black clad pro-democracy protesters demonstrators set fire to street barricades in metro stations and attacked the local office of china's should hardly news agency protests against china's perceived meddling in hong kong's freedoms have now entered a 22nd week asian has indicated it may now tighten its grip when it said you told him this territory. her. clothes of tear gas fill central hong kong as pro-democracy protesters gathered 1st 22nd week they were met with forceful police responds. oh. you wanted to get behind the mob again get right on some people what i think it makes more people hate the police i know my. it creates more hatred and off i just got out. and that animosity was clear as the 2 sides clashed in the central business
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district with officers firing tear gas and rubber bullets and some demonstrators destroying public property the chaos has battered hong kong's reputation as a secure financial hub. for the feeling to know the truth of home god today. was fun to look at the. blue shopping district coming right down on you today though to look at us not to occur to people not in. saturday's rally although not legally sanctioned started out peacefully in victoria park but police were showing no toller ends the clashes then moved to the central business district police arrested dozens of people fulfilling beijing's promise to tighten controls mainland china is showing no sign that it will meet calls for greater democratic freedoms while hard core demonstrators are adamant they won't
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leave the streets until their demands are met 7. well she lays government backing away from a plan to cut corporate taxes the follows more than 2 weeks of protests calling for far reaching reforms demonstrators are demanding higher wages improved health care and better pensions and even oldish lanes are joining the protests that have shaken the country and led to the cancellation of 2 major international summits in the capital. angry senior citizens have joined the protest on the streets of santiago they say their pensions are too low to live on. i want better pensions for my children and grandchildren it's sad to think about their future now chileans are upset because the politicians don't know how we feel . it is simply not fair look i support the protest but not the violence one of the junta has much to order not. clashes have broken out
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between demonstrators and police in the 2 big since the protests began. 17 year old maria luis navarro is among those who want to see an end to private pensions she's calling for public investment in retirement funds instead. them up and similarly that are my pension is so low that i have no choice i have to keep working so i can't go out much or take a vacation you know no peaceful twilight years for me. chilean president sebastian piñera is launching social reforms as an antidote to the protests but a majority of demonstrators are calling for his resignation and a change to chile's constitution now south africa have won the men's rugby world cup in japan the springboks sprang a surprise by defeating favorites england 32 to 12 in the final in yokohama sparking celebrations across south africa and this was the scene in johannesburg as
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people celebrated the country's 3rd world cup where. there was joy in a so wet a township where the victory had a special significance off to see a car lisi became the 1st black captain to base the men's trophy for south africa. correspondent spoke with jubilant fans in cape town after the match. what a performance of the springboks during that waltz cup and what a clear victory in the final in the end of the day and kept on but also throughout the country the celebrations have now started because this is the good news that south africa was this with me waiting for. the iraqi. wounds 6 but suddenly wouldn't you got. this.
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chance united we shall be. out of it that way you. know it's it's a very big picture because you have so united country it keeps. looking live in see you need to. do that is only to the moment because the economy's not do very well i think this will have you know 3 people to go to come. see pick sides. should need it and we did. what he has long been seen as the sports of whites people of the white oppress us during the apartheid signed but and 9951 year after the end of apartheid the team won the title here in south africa and nelson mandela gave them the cup it was a huge celebration and have brought the nation together and many people are hoping that now in 2019 the same thing could happen again and the symbol the person of the
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victory is. the 1st black captain of the springboks a role model for a lot of young people in this country and right after the end of the match she addressed the crowd and said look we have so many problems back home in south africa but we are trying to show you what we can achieve if we are all united if we all stand together was me. just. now it's a combination of extreme sports and climate activism canadian ice climb the we'll get is using his skills to tell the world about melting glasses united nations has dubbed him a mountain here i. will get is on a mission ever since the canadian ice climber noticed that the world's biggest glaciers are melting he's been determined to spread the word from kenya's kilimanjaro to the ice sheets of greenland he's seen the same trend.
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take people to the mountains and i show them on the map where the questioner should be and then we stand there and there's no glacier and it's really amazing to them and that's what we have to do is show people quite a change not just talk about graphs and the science which is very important but i think we need real in your face this is happening now. the united nations has designated will gather a mountain hero and his task and his passion is to show the world what he sees. he grew up near the athabaskan glacier in north western canada that's where he learned to climb through all this was under a pole with 50 or more meters of ice on her where we are right now when i was a kid it's his car ovation if they got it ice was right here 13 years ago now it's a desert it directly impacts both my profession as a guide and that also impacts my family and just the fact that my kids probably will not see this in the same way as they are adults they're going to say oh dad
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remember it was wasn't too far of a hike from the parking lot now the glaciers god. gads outlook is bleak but he woke i'm still involvement of young activists like gratitude back who are mobilizing against climate change even so no extreme winter or immediate course of action can stop the glaciers are melting he finds it hard to believe there are still climate change skeptics in abundance. don't think people are going to take climate change seriously until things like hurricanes are ripping through their place or it's just simply too hot to live there and then people get very interested in climate change but i think we're going to have some fairly cataclysmic events before people get to that point. these photographs that show how the ice has retreated over the past century. in recent years the process has accelerated. this has given rise to a new form of tourism for those who believe the climate science you want to
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experience it for is all gone. climate change and how much it's receded there's just a this is a wonderful resource and and for it to be good to spirit as fast as it is is because something when i get up there and then you realize how fast it goes you know it's a shock when we are 70 years old it will be gone so it was until we were on the glacier debris said well it will be gone so 1st it was a nice site and when we were on it and it was or. what was believed to be eternal ice is melting away it will gad says it's time to take this seriously everybody. in our environment is changing and just like the animals other animals here it will affect us this is not some kind of voter so this is like really straight up that is that is happening i think we're going to have real problems and we're going to have
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real change we better start preparing for that. it's clear to will gather that our planet will look very different 50 years from now. whether future generations can withstand the effects of climate change or be doomed to suffer the consequences of our inaction he says is up to us. if you're watching the news i'm headed home for a we'll leave you now with some pictures from rio de janeiro in brazil where hundreds of people have been limping and growl made their way around copacabana beach in a zombie walk as part of celebrations for the day off the debt thanks for joining us. for. looking. like a mug in.
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the morning. also crave. mud. the cost. of. the. show. the moms oh my. god this. blood. among them a. good. job. in
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a timeless way discover the. house work starts nov 14th fun to dublin. luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered.


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