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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2019 7:00am-7:15am CET

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me to. play. oh oh. oh. this is do w. news live from berlin thousands of anti-government demonstrators take to the streets across lebanon they're calling for the resignation of the country's president with more mass protests planned today and one artist who's hoping for a lasting change also on the program a car bomb tears through a marketplace in a town on the syria tricky border killing more than a dozen people the syrian town of tal beyond was countered by turkey last month in an offensive to drive out kurdish forces. and tears cheers and dancing
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across south africa as the national rugby team are crowned world champion the springboks put on a dominant display beating england to capture their 3rd world cup title. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us. lebanon has seen another day of nation of wine protests as demonstrators continue to demand reforms and political change thousands of people turned out in the northern city of tripoli calling for president me shadow own to step down alan has meanwhile set a date for lawmakers to start the process of picking a new prime minister that's following the resignation of saeed al hariri earlier this week that. protests have been less intense of his resignation but they show
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no sign of letting up completely. 26 year old artist even dead is fighting for survival in a country where corruption is so widespread that it's threatening its very existence he portrays his view of lebanon in this painting the fire of the revolution killing the evil serpent their corrupted their lives the story the money we just want our money but we want we want a good future for us for our children lebanon is currently in the grip of its worst ever financial crisis. the country faces extreme social inequality and has to contend with poor infrastructure power outages occur almost daily and billions of euros are lost the financial machinations powerful cliques and religious groups are adding to the financial pressure on the government economists
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warn that the country could soon face insolvency due to spiraling national debt. many companies grow and many people are tired from the business and i do think. this station really. for 17 days now even has been taking part in protests in beirut along with thousands of other frustrated young lebanese they're demanding jobs equality and a new beginning promises of reforms and a government reshuffle of cool tensions on the streets but the protesters say they're not going home yet. we started going to finish we're going to fight for our rights until the end mohamed cover of the powerful ruling party amal dismisses talk of revolution he thinks if you reforms and some fresh faces will smooth things over . there will be
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a few changes in the cabinet some in significant positions but we're not going to replace everyone. there are a few ministers in good standing in the current cabinet why should they be replaced . but yvonne and his friends are holding out for serious change christian sunni's and shiites they're all unified in anger at the ruling class. for more we're joined by d.w. correspondent bussell r.a.d who is in the lebanese capital beirut hello to you basel so tell us what nobody has traitors are planning today. today we have. the 1st one the. main squares and all over the major cities and then in an 18 days. it's through that number decline after that is the mission of the government. to join. a
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mass demonstration similar to the one last sunday the. president president michel on. the minister of foreign affairs. movement which is the largest party and lebanon. will reach it and. its a. to the east. the presidential look at the. 2 different signs 2 different sets of goals tell us what each side i was hoping is hoping to achieve. the 1st one. since 18 years even as the nation of the government. it's. gone today no. huge. first of all to achieve to push hard on the
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authorities to form a. government made of experts and technocrats while the 2nd the 2nd of the 2nd part of the scene. the seeking. to. show on prime minister for to japan to see the negotiation of. the new government all right so what does that mean for the lebanese authorities what would be their next steps with these protests planned today. no all of them be part of the. showing their strength in the city so. just seen in general speaking. streets against. another city by the authorities according to the terms and conditions of the lebanese constitution the president president
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michel and it's meant that's a real blood. i mean that's really parliamentary consultation to rename the new prime minister according to his office yesterday that he didn't set up a meeting a date. until he finished his. office necessity contacts with all parties soul be a formation of this government will be negative in fact. thank you very much. thank you. to syria now where at least 13 people have been killed in a car bomb attack on a town near the turkish border. was captured by turkey last month when ankara launched an offensive to push kurdish forces out of northeastern syria ankara wants to set up a buffer zone in the border region where it plans to resettle syrian sunni refugees
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who are currently living in turkey. soon after the car bomb tore through a marketplace in tel aviv the turkish defense ministry laid the blame with kurdish fighters. it's one of the front lines of the turkish military incursion launched last month an incursion that's driven kurdish militias and residents from the area turkey says the operation is necessary to secure its borders and enable the safe return of syrian refugees. but it means an uncertain future for the syrian kurds who took to the streets of their defacto capital commish lee on saturday to voice their opposition. among the call on the international community to help us bring back the displaced to the villages and to the towns of russel honore and tell thomas and to dr taqi from all that and that is by jodi magnetic of humanity mitigated by jodi of what syria's kurds are concerned the turkish plan to resettle
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refugees in northern syria is actually an ethnic cleansing operation designed to push them out of the area they've now lost control of there some a ton of this region and fear what may come next. let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world. leaders from southeast asia china japan and other regional powers are meeting in bangkok for the annual summit participating nations are hoping to reach an agreement over an economic partnership and set a code of conduct regarding disputed waters in the south china sea. an indigenous land defender has been shot dead and another wounded by illegal loggers in brazil's amazon paulo polina watch a jar of was reportedly attacked and shot on friday it was part of a group formed to combat logging gangs the killing increases concerns about escalating violence against amazon forest protectors.
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just forts now and south africa have won the men's rugby world cup in japan the springboks frank a surprise by defeating favorites england 32 to 12 in the final in yokohama sparking celebrations across south africa. well this was the scene in johannesburg as people celebrated the country's 3rd world cup win. and there was joy and so wait a township where the victory has special significance after sierra cole lisi became the 1st black captain to lift the men's trophy for south africa. correspondent dan krishna spoke with jubilant fans in cape town after the match. what a performance of the springboks during that waltz cup and what a clear victory in the finals in the end of the day and kept on but also throughout
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the country the celebrations have now started because this is the good news that south africa was desperately waiting for. the world. was. wound 6 starts or rewarding wake up. this. fictional scene etc we shall see and we love each other by the way you. know it is a very big picture because you have so united called true it's keeps. book you live to suit your needs. i think was only too much of the moment because the economy's not do very well i think this will have on you know 3 people to get out and come to know i think we started it simply super excited that maybe shouldn't you did post how we did it. what he has long been seen as the
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sports of wides people of the white oppress us through. apartheid sign but in 9951 year after the end of apartheid the team won the title here in south africa and nelson mandela gave them the cup it was a huge celebration and the broader the nation together and many people are hoping that now in 2019 the same thing could happen again and the symbol of the person of the victory. lisi the 1st black captain of the springboks a role model for a lot of young people in this country and right after the end of the match she addressed the crowd and said look we have so many problems back home in south africa we are trying to show you what we can achieve if we are all united if we all stand together. all right to vote in this league as soccer now where by and munich knew they faced a difficult task away at frankfurt well the game began badly for the german
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champions but it got much much worse have a look. niko kovac has been feeling the heat lately with byron off the pace in the league so it was hardly the ideal time for a trip to his former club frankfurt and try to have the best time record in the league going into the game and just 9 minutes in by and we're already in trouble gonzalo past the n.c.r. head through and drew a foul from jerome bowen saying the veteran sense about was the last man so the referee had no choice but to show him a red card a man down and in the 25th minute by and were a goal down to thanks to phillip cost it. the serbian winger pounced on a deflection and placed a perfect 1st time finish past month while neuer. about 10 minutes later it was 2 nil when a stunning move ended with jabril so firing into the back post. thanks again profited from a deflection but so is finish with clinical that word almost always applies to rob
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11 dusky 2 and by and 0 got them back in the game the poll showed phenomenal skill and strength to continue his record of scoring in every bundesliga game this season and half the deficit before half time. but after the break frankfurt made the extra man count 1st that it ever had made it 31. the sense about scoring his 1st goal of the season after by and again left the back post unguarded then just after the hour mark frankfurt made it for one martin hints at converting a corner to put frankfurt injury mind and with 5 minutes to go buy ins humiliation was complete. the fans could hardly believe their eyes but frankfurt had taken by and apart andrei silva danced through the box and set up a c.n.c. . the 51 scoreline made this binds worst defeat since 2009 and their supporters let
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the players know exactly how they felt. but while it was a day to fit. get fit then for the hosts this much will live long in the memory. you're up to date now on d w news up next is reporter american abstain from me and the entire team here in berlin and thanks for watching.


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